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Furnace Design: a) Combustion Rate: Heat releases in the furnace is advisable to be about 25,000 Btu/cu.ft.

/hr and should not go above 40,000 reckoned on GCV. Furnace area heat release should be within 600,000 to 900,000 Btu/ft2/hr of grate area. (Handbook by Hugot p. 895) JTA boiler furnace dimensions: Grate area = = Furnace volume = = = 15.916 ft X 30.687 ft 488.41 ft² Grate Area X furnace height, cu.ft 488.41 X 31.5 15,384.9 cu.ft

Total heat of bagasse based on GCV, Hb Hb = = = GCV X Bagasse consumption, Btu/hr 4,086 Btu/lb X 92,342.3 lb/hr 377,310,637 Btu/hr

Furnace volume Heat release, FVHR FVHR = Total heat of bagasse based on GCV / Furnace volume, = = Btu/cu.ft/hr

377,310,637 / 15,384.9 24,524.7 Btu/cu.ft/hr (This figure is within the value acceptable for combustion rates)

310. For the boiler as given by the following formula. FAHR FAHR = Total heat of bagasse based on GCV / Grate Area. Of 175. (Handbook Hugot p. preferably should not exceed 175. but still ok since suspension firing is employed) .528 Btu/ft²/hr (This figure is also within range) Weight of bagasse burnt per unit grate area. β For spreader stoker furnaces operating at continuous rating.41 = 189 lb/ft²/hr (slightly above the recommended value.3/ 488.342.Furnace area heat release. = = Btu/ft2/hr 377.41 772.637 / 488. combustion rate per unit grate area for high rate is between 160-200 lb/ft2/hr.898) β = Weight of bagasse burnt per hour / area of the grate = 92.