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Annapurna Pranam Mantra:

Annapurna Gayathri Mantra:


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Chandi Pranam Mantra: Durga Mantra: Durga Gayathri: .

. shining divine fire of the Great Yajña.Om Hrim Chum Chamundayai Svaha ॐ oṃ hrīṃ cū ṃ cā muṇḍ ā yai svaha Oṃ Hrīṃ Cūṃ Infinite Beyond Conception Maya. Objects of Perception She Who Moves in the Present Circumstance. blazing. In the burning. has made the forces of unity victorious and continues to purify us as the divine fire still burns and we move into a new creation of the universe. along with all of the other Divine Mothers. Moves in the Head or the Paradigm of Reality Yai Svaha Grantor of Boons I am one with God Cāmuṇḍā moves in the present circumstance in perfect harmony and balance and thus takes away Anger and Passion. Stuff of Consciousness. Cāmuṇḍā. in Perfect Harmony and Balance Cāmuṇḍā Slayer of Anger and Passion.

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