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Applied Language Course: English: Translation and Interpreting
Write short notes ( 5 marks each) 1. Key issues in ‘Translation and Gender’ 2. Translation of Advertisements 3. Translation and Technology 4. Literal translation 5. Semantic Translation 6. Dubbing as Translation 7. Models of translation 8. Transference or equivalence in translation Write a long answer for any one of the following. (10 marks each) 1. Is equivalence possible in translation? Support your answer with appropriate examples. 2. Explain in detail how is transcreation different from translation? 3. What are the pros and cons of using English as the language for the translation of literary texts from Indian languages? 4. What are the various types of translation and its steps? 5. Importance of translation as a cultural and literary practice in contemporary times. 6. Critically reflect on the issues of gender and translation 7. Translation as a cultural transmission 8. Briefly elaborate the history of English translation 9. Outline the professional beginning of Indian translation and its connection with British colonialism. 10. Discuss the role of translation in a society which is at least bilingual. 11. Do you think the translator should be closer to the meaning as conveyed by the sourced text or as it is understood by the target audience?