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2 2-liter bottles (Clean & dry, with lid) 1 1-liter bottle (Clean & dry, with lid) 1 20oz

bottle (Clean & dry, with lid) Approx 18" aq ari ! t bin" #eedle-nosed pliers $!all pipe% tter (&r snips) 'eas rin" % ps (1() and 1 % p size) * nnel $!all t pperware %ontainer with lid +a""ies ,tility -ni.e or razorblade .ilters /n"redients 10 1() % p A!!oni ! #itrate (1et by % ttin" open %old pa%-s0 /t2s the little white balls0 +e %are. l what yo b y, so!e %old pa%-s are a!!oni ! nitrate-.ree0 &ther !aterials %an be sed, b t we2re "oin" to do it this way0) 20 1(2 % p 1003 4ye (a-a $odi ! 5ydroxide0 A6ailable at hardware stores in the drain %leaner se%tion0 - 7rano Crystals, or any other powdered lye wor-s) )0 ) % ps Cole!an Ca!p * el (8n"ine startin" .l id 9diethyl ether:, or ;'&< naphtha %an also be sed) =0 )x 4ithi ! strips (1et by % ttin" open 8ner"izer AA 4ithi ! batteries - >his ?&,>,+8 t torial 6ideo shows 8@AC>4? how to "et yo r 4ithi ! strips) A0 100!l #< sol6ent o. yo r %hoi%e (@ylene or '8B is re%o!!ended - easily .o nd at yo r lo%al hardware store in the paint se%tion) C0 )-= boxes 120!" 12-ho r pse doephedrine 5Cl (<$8)0 >he hi"hest %o nt yo %an .ind0 ($ da.ed or a "eneri% eq i6alent0 'AB8 $,D8 <$8 /$ >58 &#4? AC>/;8 /#1D87/8#>0)

E0 abo t 1() % p iodized salt 80 = %ap. ls s l. ri% a%id (A6ailable as liq id drain %leaner0) &D ! riati% a%id (Also sold at hardware stores) F0 7enat red al%ohol or /sopropyl al%ohol 100 1(8 % p o. distilled water (<oland $prin" or any bottled water %an also be sed) <rep 10 >a-e the 20oz lid and % t a hole in it bi" eno "h to .it the aq ari ! t bin"0 /t sho ld be sn "0 20 C t one o. the 2-liters in hal.0 7is%ard the top0 )0 Cr sh the pills into a .ine powder0 ,se a "rinder, blender, or i. worse %o!es to worse, hand %r sh the! with a pair o. pliers or so!ethin"0 < t the powder into a ba""ie0 >he bea ty o. "sha-e n ba-e" is yo don2t ha6e to %lean yo r pills to extra%t <$80 G st %r sh and toss inH =0 'eas re o t and %r sh the a!!oni ! nitrate (optional)0 /. it is dry eno "h, "o ahead and %r sh it0 #ot i!portant that yo do this, tho "h0 /t helps ens re e6en %oo-in", b t is not i!perati6e0 < t it in a ba""ie0 A0 'eas re o t the lye0 +e %are. l not to to %h this st ..0 /t eats anythin" or"ani% (?&,) and also rea%ts with !etal0 < t in a ba""ie0 C0 'eas re o t the Cole!an . el or #aphtha0 < t it into the 1-liter0 E0 C t open the batteries0 ?o ! st do this q i%-ly be%a se lithi ! rea%ts with !oist re in air and will be%o!e hot, possibly %at%hin" .ire i. it is 6ery h !id o tside0 ,se the pipe% tter to % t the o ter ho sin" o. the battery0 ,se the needle nosed pliers to peel down the ho sin" to expose the strip0 >here will be a bla%- strip in between 2 pie%es o. paper0 >his is the one yo want0 +8 CAD8*,40 4/>5/,' $>D/<$ 'AB8 A $<ADB I58# >58? C&'8 /#>& C&#>AC> I/>5 '8>A40 7& #&> >&,C5 >58 $>D/< I/>5 ?&,D +AD8 5A#7$ /* ?&, CA# A;&/7 />0 7& #&> 18> /> I8>HHHHH &n%e yo "et the strip o t o. the battery, it %an be stored in denat red al%ohol, and will no lon"er rea%t with air as lon" as it is %apped0 4ithi ! strips b rn ;/&48#>4? when they %o!e into %onta%t with water0 +e CAD8*,4HH 1o ti!e 10 <o r the a!!oni ! nitrate into the 2-liter bottle (the one yo didnt % t in hal.)0 20 Add pills0 $ha-e p to !ix the! to"ether0

)0 Add yo r 100!l @ylene or '8B sol6ent At this point, yo will see the in"redients startin" to rea%t, it will prod %e b bbles in the botto!0 =0 Add the lithi ! strips0 >a-e the! o t o. the denat red al%ohol, tear the! into s!aller pie%es, and add the! to the !ixt re0 A0 Add yo r lye 'AB/#1 $,D8 to %o6er yo r 4ithi ! strips0 C0 Add the 1(= % p o. water0 >he water -i%-s o.. the rea%tion, b t ?&, ',$> 18> >58 CA< &# /''87/A>84? A*>8D A77/#1 >58 IA>8D0 De!e!ber 4ithi ! rea%ts intensely with water and is potentially dan"ero s0 >he lithi !-water rea%tion at nor!al te!perat res is bris- b t not 6iolent, tho "h the hydro"en prod %ed %an i"nite0 7o not add the water i. yo r 4ithi ! has not been b ried and is ,#78D ?&,D 4?80 E0 Add the Cole!an . el or #aphtha to this !ixt re0 >he !ixt re will be rollin" now (it will loo- li-e it2s boilin" real hard)0 #&I >5/$ /$ >58 >D/CB? A#7 '&$> /'<&D>A#> <AD>J >he rea%tion b ilds p ne%essary press re inside the bottle, don2t worry - yo will need to let this rea%t I/>5 >58 CA< &# .or at least 2 !in tes0 4et the 4ithi ! do it2s thin" .or a . ll 120 se%onds0 ;entin" or releasin" press re within the .irst 2-) !in tes will "reatly a..e%t yo r .inal yield0 A.ter 2 or ) !in tes yo will see the 4ithi ! startin" to "et s!aller, shri6elin" p into s!all +ronze .oil loo-in" balls with holes thro "ho t0 >his is when yo ',$> ;8#> by sli"htly ns%rewin" the %ap to release the "as0 KKKA*>8D >58 4/>5/,' >,D#$ +D&#L8 'AB8 $,D8 >& B88< A# 8?8 &# >58 <D8$$,D8 /#$/78 >58 +&>>48H /> CA# 8A$/4? +,/47 ,< M,/CB4? A#7 8@<4&78 /* #&> ;8#>87 <D&<8D4?HKKK ?o %an "ently swirl (not sha-eH) the bottle side-to-side i. yo want, yo don2t ha6e to0 $wirlin" %an only help the rea%tion0 +e %are. lH >he "as %o!in" o t o. the bottle is strai"ht a!!onia0 7o not breathe it and -eep it away .ro! yo r eyes0 A;&/7 B88</#1 >58 CA< &** &D ;8#>/#1 >58 +&>>48 A$ ',C5 A$ <&$$/+480 ?o !ay ha6e to add !ore lye thro "ho t the pro%ess to -eep the !ixt re rollin"0 &n%e e6ery 20 !ins or so0 ?o !ay not ha6e to, tho "h0 /. yo do, add abo t hal. o. the a!o nt as in the be"innin", and do it q i%-ly0

*or at least =A !in tes -eep 6entin" and swirlin" the !ixt re ntil it stops rollin" and yo ha6e hard whitish balls (%alled bones) in the botto! o. the bottle0 >his is a si"nal that the rea%tion is o6er0 4et the %ontents rea%t ntil yo noti%e the whitish balls - so!eti!es will ta-e 1-2 ho rs0 < t a %otton ball in the . nnel hole and 2 .ilters o6er and .ilter the liq id into the 2-liter (the one yo % t in hal.)0 7ispose o. the trash a%%ordin"ly0 ,se %a tion, the bottle and trash are noti%eable waste ite!s0 >ry to dispose o. it in di..erent lo%ations0 >he trash %an still be .in"erprinted0 ,$8 ?&,D 58A70 1assin" the liq id #ow that the dan"ero s part is o6er, on to the 7&<8H All ready s!ellin" s %%essN wait and see0 KKKK>his is a s!elly and 6iolent pro%ess so yo sho ld do it o tside i. possible0KKKK KKIAD#/#1KK KKK5Cl 1A$ /$ #A$>? $>,** A#7 I/44 D,$> A#?>5/#1 /# $/15>H 'a-e s re yo r t bin" is %o!pletely airti"ht be%a se yo do not want lea-sHKKKK >a-e the 20oz bottle and p t abo t 1() % p salt in it0 Add = %ap. ls o. s l. ri% a%id (or ! riati% a%id) and p t on the lid yo !ade with the aq ari ! t bin"0 'a-e s re it2s ti"ht0 >his is yo r "assin" "iz!o0 < t the end o. the hose O st nder the s r.a%e o. the liq id and sq eeze the "as into it0 ?o will see the !eth droppin" or "snowin"" to the botto! o. the liq id0 $ %h a bea ti. l si"ht0 < ll o t the hose and let the 20oz .ill ba%- p with "as a"ain0 Depeat this ntil the !eth stops droppin" as ! %h0 *ilter the powder o t o. the liq id0 >his pro%ess is -nown as a 2p ll20 A.ter the dope is .iltered, yo %an do p to ) !ore p lls .ro! the sa!e liq id0 ,s ally the se%ond p ll is the best (!ost prod %t, hi"hest q ality)0 ?o will ha6e to re-!ix the salt and s l. ri% a%id in the 20oz sin" .resh in"redients, be%a se it won2t last lon"0 'a-e s re not to s %- p any o. the liq id into the 20oz, or yo will ha6e to !a-e a new one0 >he "as inside the 20oz is a bad little d de itsel., so se a twist tie or a r bber band to -eep the t be %losed (.old it in hal. and tie it)0 >hat2s it0 4et the !eth dry on the .ilters, s%rape it o.., and 6oila0 ?o %an e6en se the .ilters in drin-s to "et hi"h0 >he hi"hest the dinosa r2s e6er been is o.. .ilters0 #oteJ Dinsin" yo r !eth with 7D? AC8>&#8 (dry yo r a%etone by ba-in" 8pso! $alts at =00. .or = ho rs, po r the ba-ed epso! salts into yo r a%etone %ontainer and let sit o6erni"ht) /. yo r !eth b rns lea6in" resid e in yo r pipe and tastes nasty, a d al sol6ent re%rystallization is hi"hly re%o!!ended0

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