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About the Market Leader placement tests There are two placement tests.

The first is a quick placement test which contains fortyfive questions and tests vocabulary, grammar and functions. It will provide you with an immediate indication of the student’s level in relation to the Market eader !ourse at Intermediate, "pper Intermediate and #dvanced level. #llow students between $%-&' minutes to complete. (or a full placement test, administer the quick placement test followed by the supplementary skills test. (or sections $-) *reading, writing, listening+ of the skills test allow $%-&' minutes to complete. (or section , *the speaking section+ you will need to interview each student and allow $' minutes per interview. #s well as being used to assess the four skills as a whole, each section in the skills test can also be used as stand alone in order to test individual skills. (or e-ample, if speaking is the student’s priority you may choose to use the quick placement test followed by the speaking section of the skills test only. (or a complete breakdown of the scores in relation to the three levels see the answer keys.

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