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Caron Yarns Simply Soft® Simply Soft® Chunky Simply Soft® Eco Simply Soft® Heathers Simply Soft® Light NEW Simply Soft® Paints Simply Soft® Party Craft & Rug Yarn Natura® One Pound

Oceanic Cables Wrap


Caron Latch Hook Kits Shaggy Caron® Classics Natura® WonderArt® Krafty Kids™ designed by Cari Clement TECHNIQUE USED: Knit

click images to enlarge SIZE 11”/28 cm wide by 44"/111.5 cm long MATERIALS Caron International's Simply Soft (100% Acrylic, 6 oz/170g, 315 yd/288 m): #0014 Pagoda (A): 1 skein Caron International's Simply Soft® Paints (100% Acrylic) #0006 Oceana (B) 2 skeins

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*P2. P2. Work until there are 10 full repeats of Pat II. decreasing 1 st at base of each of the 3 cables--37 sts. place next 2 sts on cn and hold in front of work. P2. cast on 37 sts.S.5mm) needles or size to obtain gauge Cable needle (cn) Yarn needle GAUGE In Pat st with double strand yarn. 5. 19 (RS): * P2. Bind off in Pat I. K1. Continue in Pat II. 15. 9.One pair size U. P1. repeat from * twice. K1. WRAP Using 1 strand A and 1 strand B held tog. 10. K1. Row 2: Knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts as they face you. begin Pat II with Row 2 and work 32 sts. repeat from * twice. P4. 17. K2. repeat from * to last st. repeat from * twice. 20 row repeat) Rows 1. K1. 7. All even-numbered rows: *K5.40 sts. K1. Rows 3. K2. Pat II Wrap Cable Pattern (9 sts + 5. P2. || Yarns || Free Projects || Where to Buy || Links || Learning || Contact Us || Caron Connections || Latch Hook || Visit Bond America online ©2012 Caron International . Work 5 rows Pat 1. K1. 12 sts and 18 rows = 4”/10 cm STITCHES USED Pat I Seed (aka Moss) stitch Row 1: *K1. K5. P2. repeat from * twice. ending with Row 13. end last 4 sts Pat I . M1. K4.11: *P2. 13. Repeat Rows 1-20 for Pat II. work Pat 1 on last 4 sts. K1. K2 from cn. Row 7 (RS) (cable set-up row): Pat I for 4 sts. K1 P2 .5 (6. P2. Row 8: Work Pat 1 on 4 sts. P2. P2. Rows 1-6: Work in Pat I for 6 rows. P2.