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Prostatectomy Robotic Card

Prostatectomy Robotic Card

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Published by Michael Lester
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Published by: Michael Lester on Dec 08, 2013
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Prostatectomy Robotic Surgeon: Greenberger, MD, Special Instructions Start every case with 0 degree 10 mm scope 16 fr. 5cc/20 fr.

5cc standard Foley on every case (20 fr. To be inserted after case) Have 2 perforating towel clips to start every case 4th robotic arm position to patient’s right 3.0 monocryl one dyed, one undyed. Dyed suture cut at 7’’ and undyed cut to 6’’ these are to be tied together. 0 vicryl sutures will be cut to 8’’ to 10’’ 3 X 12mm unbladed Excel trocars 1 X 5mm unbladed Excel trocar 3 X 8MM Robotic trocars (2 in access. Pan and 1 pill pack) Equipment Yellow fin stirrups Robot, console and vision cart 2back tables 2prep tables 2 mayo stands Position Supine, deep tendelenberg 29 degrees Put large blue egg crate mattress on top of bed (No sheets on pad) except draw sheet which should be folded lengthwise x 1 Placed across middle of bed After anes. Pt. needs to be pulled down on bed and legs go into stirrups Arms placed at side wrapped in egg crate, sheets and taped to bed Give anes. Shea headrest Install and lock shoulders with blue shoulder locking pads Prep Betadine scrub and prep solution below and chloraprep at ABD. (Nipples to pubic area) Drapes – Linens

ROUND (have on hand don’t open) DRESSING Derma bond x2 .0 Monocryl RB1 needle x2 (1 dyed 1 undyed) 0 Vicryl CT1 0 PDS CT1 4. ROUND 15 FR.0 Monocryl PS2 0 Vicryl UR5 X2 DRAINS 10 FR.Universal pack. leggings. 4 arm robotic pack Instruments Disposable scope warmer 2 long suction tips 0 degree robotic 10mm scope Robotic accessories pan Urology robotic arm pan Robotic SSI pan Minor plastic (have on hand don’t open small general) Purple 10mm hemo clipapliers Surgeon’s gloves 7 ½ Bio gels Central supply ALP boots Suture 3.

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