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A/S abbr.

for "aksjeselskap" = share company aar (see "r") aarlig (see "rlig") aandelig takkalter spiritual altar of thankfulness aanne (see "onne") aasde (see "sete") absolvere to give absolution (religious) absolverte absolution adel nobility adelig noble adelsmann nobleman adjunkt secondary school teacher adkomst (see "tilgang") adkomstbreve letters of admission adlet to be raised to the nobility adoptere to be adopted adoptert adopted adresse address adtschilligt (see "atskillig") advare to caution advokat lawyer, solicitor, attorney Aebleskiver (Poffertjes)see Danish pancakes bleskiver (Danish) Epleskiver (Norw.) aegtefaelle (see "ektefelle") aegteskab (see "ekteskap") aetten (see "tten") af of, by, at, from (archaic) afdde (see "avdde") aften evening afgange (see "avgang") (archaic) afgaaende (see "avgende") afgaar (see "avgr") afsked (see "avskjed") agent agengt, representative, general agent, commercial agent, mercantile agent agentur agency, operation agerland (see "kerland") agronom graduate of an agricultural college akantusskurd literally "acanthus converted timber", but probably mean s "acanthus carving" in this case. This is a kind of (imit ated) decorative carved motifs used in classical Greek and Rom an architecture. aksjonrar shareholders aktivitetar activities (nn) ald. abbr. for "alder" alder age alderdom old age alderdomssvakhet weakness of old age aldersheimbestyrer Manager of Old Peoples Home aldri never alfarvei road open for public alle all alle fra all from alle i faderens brd all in the father's bread"; which simply means that all ar e supported by the Father alle til hobe both of them together, all of them, the whole lot alltid always allmenning common, common or commonable land

(see also "almenning") can also be a street. ref in Bergen e.g. Torgallmenninge n almenning to access and use almisse almisselem almueskolen alts alter altergang alvorlig amanuens ambulansesjfr amme amt antkommune amtkommunens amtingenieurposten amtmann forest og grazing land that several farms have the right The land may be public or privately owned (see also "allmenning") charity or alms indigent, poor, charity recipient person who receiving charity public school consequently, therefore, accordingly you say then, so, well, do, ergo alter communion serious assistant ambulance driver to nurse administrative district / county (archaic) since 1918 the word "fylke" has been used (see "fylke")

county's (as in belonging to the county) county engineer position chief county administrator (archaic) county governor county magistrate (see "fylkesmann") amtsforvalter District Revenue Officer county administrator amtskole county school anden (see "andre") (archaic) andregutten the other (second) boy = andre gutten anciennitet (see "ansiennitet ") ansiennitet seniority, length of service ane ancestor andre others, other, next second anetavle pedigree chart anfall seizure, attack anfre record anfrte entered, mentioned ankomst arrival anledning cause, reason anleggsarbeidar (see " anleggsarbeider) anleggsarbeider working on foundation anlgger constructs anmaerkning og kundskap notes about knowledge andmeldt notified anmelderens navn reporter's name anmerkning remark, notice, note anmrkning (see "anmerkning") annen gang second time annen, annet second, another annet (also ymse) misc. anlegg construction, plant, set-up anno (Latin) year annonsere publish, announce

ansat (se "ansatt") ansatt ved employed by anse consider ansett of (high) standing, well thought of, respectable ansette appoint, engage ansikt face ansjos anchovy anskaffe get, obtain anslag estimate, valuation ansvar responsibility Antagelig i sindsforvirring Probably in a fit of insanity." antall number, count antfam number in family (abbr used in several sources) AOF (Arbeidernes Opplysningsforbund) = League for Workers Education AP (Arbeiderpartiet) = Laybor party apostelgods land that originally belonged to the Apostel church in B ergen and leased out to farmers apostelgogset (see "apostelgods") apotek pharmacy apoteker pharmacist april April arb abbr for "arbeider" arbeidar (see "arbeider") arbeide to work arbeider laborer, worker arbeiderske female worker arbeiderkone worker's wife arbejdskarl (see "arbeidskar") arbeidskar (see "arbeidsmann") arbeidsleder supervisor arbeidsmand (see "arbeidsmann") arbeidsmann male worker or laborer arbeidsterapeut occupational therapist arkiv archive arkivinformasjon archive information arkitekt architect arm poor arm armod poverty arrestant amthuusgaarden prisoner in the county jail artelerist Soldier arv inheritance arveavgift inheritance tax arvegods hereditary estate, heirloom arvejord inherited land arvelodd share of inheritance arvels disinherited, without right of inheritance arvesak probate proceeding arveskatt inheritance tax arveskifte distribution of probate estate arvestykke heirloom arving heir arvtagere heirs assessor assistant judge (archaic) astma asthma at that atskillig considerably

atten attende attest attunder attverande attvrende attt atttnring audn or audne as august auk. auksjon auksjonsprotoll av avbrote avbryte avdeling avdelingssjef avdi avd avdd avdde avddes arving avgaaet ved dden avgang avgangen avgift avgrensa avgrense avg avgende avhandling avhold avis avisforvalter avkom avling avmnstre avsked (f avskjed) avsked (ta avskjed) avskil avskjed i nde avskjed avskedsord avskriftene avslog avtale

eighteen eighteenth, back certificate back under (see "resterende") (see "resterende") in addition, additionally subsidiary income, extra income abandoned farm (frequently used as name of a farm that w abandoned during the Black Death) August abbr. for "auksjon" auction auction records of, at, by, from (see "avbryte") (nn) break off, interrupt part, division, department department manager (see "fordi") die dead, deceased, departed, late the deceased the departed beneficiary of the deceased the person is dead death, demise departure departed duty, (monetary), fee (see "avgrense") (NN) limited retire depart departed or resigned thesis, dissertation temperance/abstinence newspaper newspaper manager offspring, issue harvest to sign off (maritime use) be discharged retire (see "avskjed") be honourable discharged, retire take leave resign, quit, departure parting word copy, transcript refused, denied agreement


B__________ b. beststed. bg. Bg. or Ber. bl.a. br. br. br. heile g. bs. B.F. bill. bet. baadsmand badedrakten baaret bage bager bageri bagerdreng bagermester bagersvend begge forldre bakbygning abbr for "barn" abbr for "bestemmelsessted" abbr for "bondegods" abbr for "Bergen" city on the southwest coast of Norway abbr for "blant annet" abbr for "bruk" abbr for "bruker" abbr for "bruker hele garden" abbr for "busett" abbr for "barnefader" (see "billett betalt") (abbr.) (see "btsmann") swim suit (see "bret") (archaic) (see "bake") (archaic) (see "baker") (archaic) (see "bakeri") (archaic) (see "bakerlrling" (archaic) (see "bakermester") (archaic) bakerapprentice both parents. back building, an additional residence behind main building bake bake baker baker bakeri bakehouse, bakery bakerlrling assistant on a backery bakermester master (master in the bakers guild) baketter back in time, previously bakke hill barmhjertige Samaritan Good Samaritan baneformann foreman at the railroad banevaktar (see "banevokter") banevokter lengthman bank bank bankkasserer bank cashier bankbogholder bank accountant bankfunksjonr bank clerk banksjef bank manager bannlyse excomminicate baptist Baptist bar carried bar barnet held child (at baptismal font) bare only bark bark/barque (type of vessel) barn child barn u.e. (utenfor enkteskap) illigetimate child, child born out of wedlock barna children barndom childhood barnamme a woman who helped taking care of small children ?? Would not this indicate that she gave milk to the new born when the mother did not (or if it was high class; would not) produce mil k for the newborn baby herself barnebarn grandchild barnebarnsbarn great-grandchild barnedp baptism, infant baptism, christening

barnefader barnefar barneflokk barneflokkane barnefordelingssak barnehjem barnesanger barneseng barneskole barnesykdom barnet barneviser barnerene barnlaus barnls barsel barselfeber barselseng barskog basketak bauta bautastein be bebodde bebodde hus beboelseskontrakt beboer bebyggelse

bebygd omrde bededag bedehus bedekammer bedekke bedendis kjede bedervet bd bedrive hor bedste bedstefader befatte seg med befestet befolkning begavet begravede begge begges 1. L begge i 1ste gteskab begges 1te gtesk begges 1te leieml begges stedson begikk leiermal begivenhet begrave begravelse Se also "bisettelse" begravet begynnelsen

(see "barnefar") alleged father, putative father, child's father crowd of children, family children groups custody proceedings orphanage, orphan home see Children songs childbed, cot, crib school, starts at 6; grades 1 thorught 7 childhood disease the child (see "barnesanger") childhood (see "barnls") (nn) childless confined to bed childbed fever birthing bed coniferous forrest (fir and spruce) brush, tussle, scuffle stone monument (see "bauta") (old viking) pray, request occupied, inhabit inhabited houses (see "fderd") occupant, resident settlement, built-up area, development buildings, houses, estate hypertrophied regions built-up area, urban area, urban district developed area, built-up area prayer day chapel, bethel oratory cover serve chain of prayers damaged boat commit adultery (see "beste") (see "bestefar") occupied with / deals with fortified, consolidated population, people gifted buried both (see "begges 1te leieml") both in first marriage (see "begge i 1ste gteskab") the first child born out of wedlock by both parents stepson of both parents commited adultry event, occurence bury funeral, burial, The coffin was burried n the graveyard. buried beginning

belg belte behandle behjelpelig bekrefte bekreftelse bemerkning ben benekte bensinstasjon benyttet bende beordre beregningsgrunnlag berettiget bergarbeider Bergenskanten gen Parish" bergrd bergverk bergverksarbeider besetning besigtigelse besittelse beskrevet beskrivelse beslektet besta beslaegtet i 3die led t bestaainde beste bestefar besteforeldre besdstemoder bestemor bestemt besten bestende bestemmelsessted bestyrer besvangre besvangret av/av besk beskende Bet. i Amerika ) betale betaling bevillings seddel betalte betenkelig betiene betjene betjens betjent betler bevilge bevilgning bevis

bellows, skin, hyll belt, girdle handle, treat, manage helpful, be of assistance to (see "stadfesting") (see "stadfesting") remark leg, bone deny filling station, service station, petrol station used pardon commanded, ordered basis for the calculation entitled mine worker means the area around Bergen and is not the same as "Ber ??? pit, mine worker at a mine, miner livestock, crew examination possession described description related (see "bestemor") nickname or shorten name meaning that they were sharing the same great grandparen (see "bestende") the best grandfather grandparents (see "bestemor") grandmother appoint, fix / decide, degre, destine (see "bestefar") nickname or shorten name existing place of destination manager impregnate, get with child, m made pregnant by visit visitor paid in America (information connected to the emigration pay payment licence note paid serious or unsafe (see "tjene") (see "tjene") (see "tjene") servant beggar grant, permission grant, permission proof

bevitne vitne bibliotek library bibliotekar librarian bikube beehive, hive bil car Bilder pr. side pictures per page bilmekaniker motor mechanic bilulykke car accident biletet (see "bilde") billede (see "bilde") bilde picture billedhugger sculptor billett ticket billett betalt ticket paid Billet fra Amerika ticket paid in Amerika bind volume (book) biografi biography biologisk (far snn...) biolgical father, son etc birkebeiner Birkebeiner, Birchleg, Birchlegger (historical) bisette read the furneral sermony bisatt interred bisettelse funeral service, when there was most was followed by a C remation. When the coffin was downloaded to a grave, it was called "begravelse" biskop bishop bispedmme diocese, see The Norwegian Church bishopric = A ecclesiastical district of administration which comprises all parishes (prestegjeld) within a geog raphical area. Headed by a bishop. bisme see Roman balance, steelyard and How to use bjelkehugger This was an occupation that was common before one had ac cess to saws. The timber beams in a house 200 - 300 years ago cut by t he axe - Beam - Bjelke then Bjelkehugger. The beams upstairs in my 1780 year ho use has been cut by axe. And they are linked together with wooden pegs. BjrnEskytter Bear Hunter, Bear shooter blakk which is the usual color of the Norwegian Fjord horse translates in English to *dun*. Blakken usual the name of a horse. blandkorn mixture of two type of grain, usually oats and barley blant annet among other things ble lest den was read the... (date) blei (see "bli") (nn) bli become blikkenslager tinsmith Blikkenslagersvend journeyman tinsmith blind blind blindgate blind alley, dead end, cul-de-sac blod blood blodforgiftning septicemia or bloodpoisoning blodgang dysentary blodskam incest blokkedreier a turner (maker) of blocks, as in block and tackle. bltkake cream gateau French pastry, tea fancy layer

bnr. bo bodde bodeling bodkemester boede boets bogtroker bok bokbinder bokhandler bokholder boks boksen gr boksel bokstav boktrykker bolig bonde bondegods the church bopel bopl bor bordarbeider borgarkrigssoldat borgeimister borger ssion or trade borgerbok borgerbrev

abbr for "bruksnummer" to live at probate estate in placenames it means farm lived statutory share of joint estate division of property (see "bkkermester) lived (archaic) etate's (see "boktrykker") book bookbinder bookseller bookkeeper can, box Kick the can (game) (see "bksel") letter, character bookprinter residence, house farmer (the profession) land owned by the farmers themselves, not by the king or residence, domicile (see "bopel") (archaic) lives, living works in a sawmill soldier in the Civil war (see "borgermester") citizen resident of a city who had permission to engage in profe listing of all "borger" certificate of bourgeois status, see borger (archaic) certificate of matriculation (present) civil marriage (see "borgerlig ekteskap") mayor citizens, middle classes (see "brje p") (see "barn") (see "barna") (see "bosetning") settlement or taking up residence contracted out

borgerlig ekteskap borgerlig vielse borgermester borgerskap borje p born borna bosetting bosetning bortfestet Bortliciteret for fattigkassens regning placed there at the home of the farmer offering the lowe st price. Kind of a bidding. bortreist away from home bortrmt escaped bortgang death (of) bortsatt replaced in a new home bortsett (see "bortsatt") apart from bosatt settled, resident, risiding in, living at bosette seg to settle bosted residence bostedets navn name of residence bot fine

botsskatt engjerden", 1520/21 and 1521/1522,

This refers to the confiscatorial tax by the name of "gj levied on Bergenhus len by king Christian II in 1519/20, every time claiming 10 percent of the tax-payers net wor

th. brann brannmann brannmester branntakst brannskatt braut brennevinsbrenner brennevins-kjele pper. brenneri breandev.hdl brev bro Brockmanns huspostil brod broder brodersnn broderdatter broktilflde brokk bror brordatter brorenke brorsnn bru brud brudesvenn brudgom bruk over the centuries into

fire fireman fire chief, fire company officer fire insurance value in 1730 fire tax broke distiller of spirits a kind of big kettle used for distilling of spirits. These kettles were valuable because they were made of co Still or distillery liquor dealer letter (correspondence) bridge Brockmann's Collection of sermons (for home use) (see "brd") brother (archaic) brother's son (archaic) brother's daughter (archaic) (see "brokk") hernia brother brother's daughter brother's widow brother's son (see "bro") bride sponsor of bride bridegroom use farm (note: the Norwegian farms were usually subdivided smaller "bruk". Each of these "bruk" were numbered 1, 2,

3, etc. bruka garden brukar brukarar bruker bruker heile garden bruket brukets navn bruksfolk bruksnavn bruksnummer farm bruksnr bruksparten bruksrett brun brystduk sh word. Many "bruk" were only about 5 to 15 acres in size) was the user of the farm (see "bruker") plural of "brukar" user of a farm farmer use using the whole farm the farm the name olf the farm those on a sub-farm Subfarm name subfarm unit number - Official number, part of the farm/ (see "bruksnummer") ???? the right to use a farm or part of brown a part of a national costume. There is probably an Engli

erted inside the tunic bruttomidelen bruttoformue bryggen bryggearbeider brygger bryggeri bryggeriarbeider bryllup brd brdre brndevinsbrnderi budde budeie buffetjomfru bukk bukker Bukkehorn rn) bukse bunad bumerke Norway dn't read.

It is a square cloth, usually embroidered or beaded, ins - 'breast cloth' "the gross fortune" or "the gross value of property" gross property dock or wharf dockworker brewer brewery brewery worker wedding bread brothers a destillery (see "bodde") milkmaid woman serving at a buffe male goat male goats Pictures and information about Bukkehorn (ram or goat ho pants Norwegian national costume or Norwegian national costume branding iron, branding mark or Property Marks in Rural was used instead of signature, often by people that coul

It was fully approved in official contracts etc. Often c arved out of wood, or made as a signet ring. bundtmager (see "buntmaker") buntmaker furrier bur lives (nn) cage bureisar (see "bureiser") bureiser settler buret (abbr for "stabburet") busetjing (see "bosetting") busett (see "bosatt") busette seg (see "bosette seg") buskap live stock buskbeplantningen the shrub planting bustad (see "bolig") butikk shope, store butikkdame saleswoman (in a shop) butikjomfru saleswoman, shopgirl butikksjef store manager butiksvend (see "butikkekspeditr") (male) butikkekspeditr shop assistant by town, city bydel part of the town bygd small community, village, rural district, parish bygdeallmenninga community public bygdebok rural chronicles see How to use a Norwegian "bygdebok" in your genealogy research (John Follesdal) see Bygdebker - Bygdeboks (John Follesdal) see A 'bygdebok' - what is that? (Johan I. Borgos) see Newbies notes see Bygdebker - Bygdeboks (John Follesdal) an other bygdeborg parish fortress

bygdefolk bygdevei bygdelag bygdesoge bygg bygge bygget bygmester byggmester bygning bygningsarbeider Bygningsmand bygningsmann bygningstmmermd bygningsneker bygningssnekker bygningsstein bygsel bygseltomt bygselbrev bygselmann bygselen bygsla bygsle bygslet land byksle byll bygrd byhus bymuseum byrjinga byr bystyret byxle bytte bre bdker bgger bker bkker eider) making (?).

country people, villagers country road, lane regional society (see "bygdebok") n.n. barley to build buildt (see "byggmester") Master builder, building contractor, builder building construction worker, builder, building worker (see "bygningsmann") builder or carpender building carpenter (see "bygningssnekker") joiner (in the building trade building stone particular leasehold, lease leashold site written contract for the lease of land. leaseholder the lease past tense of "bygsle" lease, let on lease leased land (see "bygsle") abscess block of flats, US: apartment building, apartments townhouse city museum (see "begynnelsen) department city council (see "bygsle") change to carry (see "bkker") (see "bker") (archaic) books (plural of "bok") A bdker is a cooper or barrel maker. Barrel worker (bdkerarb might denote a specialty within the occupation of barrel The wooden staves had to be curved, or bowed; the metal

straps needed to be added after the wood was cured which would denote some talent with blacksmithing; lids for top and bottom had to be ma de. In old days they did not use metal. There was several steps to making barrels in those days. About "tnne" see tnne (see "bkkermester") (see "bkkerks") master cooper copper's shop rounding el. hollow adze (see "bygsel") wave

bdkermester bdkerks bkkermester bkkerverksted bkkerks bksel blge

bnn bnder og gaardbrugere brje p brn bssemagerdreng btelagt bye bxel bxelmand bxelbonde bxle bre bd bde bdsmann bret bs bt btbygger btbygjar

prayer farmers started with (see also "barn") Children (in Plural) (archaic) riflemaker's apprentice to have been fined buoy (see "bygsel") (see "bygselmann") (see "bygselmann") (see "bygsle") to carry (see "bt") (archaic) both, either boatswain carried stall, box, pen boat, ship ship builder (see "btbygger")


C__________ cammerraad litterally: chamber councillor, originally a title from the royal court depicting a nobleman close to the king, later on a pure honorific. cancellierd Cand. juris Bachelor of Laws cathechismesanger songs praphrasing the contents of he cathechism-book (Lu ther). caut abbr for Cautionister (see "vitner") (see "forlover") cautionister (see "vitner") (see "forlover") cellulose chemical pulp, which is the base for paper production Chjirurgisk (see "kirurgisk") cirka approximately ca. approx. Cicelrlrling (see "siselrlrling) civilstand (see "sivilstand") Comunen (see "kommune") communion communion confirmeret confirmed conduite confirmerede constitueret contorist contrastefne copie cop. Copist copulerede copuleret (see "snarrdig") confirmed (see "konstituert") (see "kontorist") (see "kontrastevne") (see "kopi") abbr. for "copulerede" (in churchbooks) transcriber marriage (see "copulerede")


(see "kur")


D__________ d. abbr. for "dd" d.e. abbr. for "den eldre" abbr. for "dde omkring" d.y. abbr. for "den yngre" d.s.s. abbr. for "det samme som" d.s.. abbr. for "dd samme ret" d.y. abbr. for "den yngre" d..e abbr. for "dd ret etter" d.. abbr. for "det r" dl. abbr. for "dalar" dlr. abbr. for "dalar" dvs abbr. for "det vil si" d.v.s. abbr. for "det vil si" da then, when Da var i Amerika When I was in (visited/stayed in) America (dialect) daab (see "dp") (archaic) daap (see "dp") (archaic) DaabsAttest (see "dpsattest) (archaic) dag day dagen fr the previous day dagligstua the living room daglnnet day pay earner dagleie (see "daglnnet") dagsarbeide One days work dagarb. (see "dagarbeider") dagarbeider day laborer; One who hasn't a steady job - takes what he finds from day to day dagsarbeider (see "dagarbeider") dagarbeiderske day laborer (female) dagsregister daily register (index) dal valley dalar old currency, see Old measurements damask dornick damefrisr ladies' hairdresser dampskib steamboat (archaic) Danmark Denmark dannekvinde gentlewoman dannemand gentleman danse dance danselaerer male dancing teacher dansk Danish dass (see "utedo") datamaskin computer datere to date (as in setting a date to something) dato date datter daughter datterdatter daughter's daughter dattersnn daughter's son datum (Latin) date

de degn dei gamle deira dekkmann dele deling delt delta

they, those, the parish clerk the old ones (their) (nn) deckman, a workman employed on the deck of a vessel to divide, to share partitioning, dividing partitioned, divided take part, share, participate attend a meeting compete deltatt taken part deltagelse participation, attendance sympathy deltager (see "delta") competitor participator, participant partner (in buisiness) deltaget (see "deltatt") delvis partially dem them, they demitert resigned, retired den the, it, that Den barmhjertige Samaritan The Good Samaritan den eldre the oldest den lille the small one, the young one (refering to small, young c hildren) Den Norske Kirke The Norwegian Church; is a state church, and its clergy are senior officials. The country is divided into 10 bishoprics and the church is governed or guided by a Church Council or Consistory. den yngre the younger den yngste the youngest denge (see "sl") denne this der there deres their deretter subsequently derfor therefore derimod against (him) desember December dessutan in addition, besides, moreover det it, that, the Det bibelske regnebret The biblical calculating board Det nye testamente The New Testament det samme som the same as det samme ret same year det r that year det vil si i.e. dette this dexelmand (see "dikselmand") diakon deacon, male nurse Diakonissehus An originally monastic nurse school, still in existence in Norway. difteri diptheria diksel (see "bkkerks") adz(e) dikselmand was an educated barrelmaker who controlled the fish barr els.

But ok, he was an educated barrelmaker, but with a contr oller function. A barrelmaker (see "bkker") gift of writing disharged from military service your your message manager, director board of directors these their children is a person that is a member of an other church society Lutheran Church of Norway. These persons are baptised in a dissenter chu rch, eg. the Methodist church. distrikt district distriktsjef district manager disktriktslege medical officer of health. (In norwegian the english tit tle sounds like something military, but it's not) ditto the same as above (in i.e. taxlists), se also "do" diverse various dixelmand (see "dikselmand") dixelmann (see "dikselmand") djevel devil do toilett privy the same as above (in ieee taxlists), se also "ditto" (see also "utedo") dodfodte (see "ddfdt") dode (see "dde") dosent associate professor doktor (see "lege") may have a "Doktorgrad" in anything else but medecine doktorgrad doctor's degree, doctorate, PhD, DPhil (UK), Ph.D., D.Ph il. (US), doctoral degree dokument document domb (see "dom") dom judgement (legal term) ("see also "dum") domkirke cathedral dommer judge domprost catherdral dean domstol court of law dorg trolling line (used in fishing) dotter (see "datter") dra to travel to pull draaps (see "drops") dragon dragoon, light cavalryman dragoon (see "dragon") dram (see "drink") dreiv ran, operated dreng boy drengebarn male child drengestubygning servant's quarters drepende fatale, mortal drev ran, operated driftsjef manager, leader of a company or an enterprise driftsleiar (see "driftsjef") diktargivnaden dimmitert din din melding direktr direksjon disse disses brn dissenter than the official State

drink drive driver sjbruk dronning drops drosje druknede druknet drbende du du er ute Du var en mand dugmager dum dydig dyr

snifter run, operate running a fishing business queen candy taxi (cab) (see "druknet") drowned (see "drepende") you you are out! You were a Man (see "seildukmaker") dumb, idiot, retarded virtuous animal expensive dyreste the most expensive dyrket areale cultivatet area dyrlege veterinarian dksmand (see "dekkmann") d to die d ut die out dbe (see "dpe") (archaic) dbenavn (see "dpenavn") (archaic) dbt (see "dpt") (archaic) dd dead dd samme ret dead the same year dd ret etter dead the following year, dead the next yerar dd av died by dde died dde etter died after dde fr died before dde omkring died about ddfdt stillborn ddfdte stillborn ddsaarsag (see "ddsrsak") ddsbo estate of a deceased person ddsdato date of death ddsengel angel of death ddsens mortally ddsfald (see "ddsfall") ddsfall death, owing to bereavement ddsleiet deathbed ddsr year of death ddsrsak cause of death ddtrene (see "dtrene") dgn 24-hour period of time dmt sentenced (judicial) dpe christen (f.eks. He was christened John after his father.) (formal and in ecclesiastical language) baptize (about ship) christen, name dpenavn christian name dbt paa Fdselsstiftelsen baptized at the birth clinic dpt baptized, christened dr dies dtre daughters dtrene the daughters dyr (see "dr") (nn) dv deaf

dvstum dyde dype d dp dpsattest d dpsdag

deaf and dumb (see "dde") (nn) (see "dpe") (nn) (see "da") baptism certificate of baptism, Birth Certificate, Christian recor baptismal day


E__________ eed (see "ed") ed oath Enroullert (see "innrullert") Enroullerte (see "innrullerte") etc. et cetera, and so on (abbr) efter (see "etter") eftercommer (see "etterkommer") efterkommer (see "etterkommer") efterlader (see "etterlater") efterlatte (see "etterlatte") efterlevende surviving efterleverske (see "enke") (archaic) eftermiddag (see "ettermiddag") efternavn (see "etternavn") efterslektstavle (see "etterslektstavle") egen own (his own, her own) egentlig actual egg egg eggedosis eggnog, egg-flip eggekrem egg custard eggelikr egg liqueur eggeplomme yolk, egg yolk eggepunsj eggnog eggerre scrambled eggs egle goad, egg on, pick a quarrel eie,eje to own eiendom property, real estate eiendomsdeling distribution of poperty in probate eiendomsoverdraging transfer of property eier owner eige (see "eie") (nn) eigelut (possession (of things) (nn) eigedomstilhve eigedom + tilhve = possesions, property, estate, grounds + circumstances, conditions. property condition eigendom (see "eiendom") (nn) eike wheele spoke eje (see "eie") ejendomb (see "eiendom") ekkja (see "enka") (nn)(spoken language) Eks. abbr. for "eksamen" eksamen graduated

eksamen artium degree from senior high school ekspeditr clerk, shop assistant ekspeditrise shopgirl, shop assistant, saleswoman ekspedisjonssekretr shipping officer ekstraskatt supplementary tax ekstraskattemanntall census type listing of those paying supplementary tax ekte legitmate, to marry ektefelle spouse, marriage partner ektefolk (see "ektepar") ektemann husband ektepar married couple ekteskap marriage ektestatus (see "ekteskapelig stilling") ekteskapelig marital, conjugal ekteskapelig stilling Marital status ektestand marriage, married state, conjugal state, matrimony ekteviet married ekvipering outfitting eldre older eldst oldest, eldest aldste The Oldest eldste klasse oldest class elektrikar (see "elektriker") elektriker electrician elektroteknikar electrician elev student elgskinn moose hide eller or, or else elleve eleven ellevte eleventh elv river, stream embedekontor official office, government office embedsmand (see "embetsmann") embedsmnd (see "embetsmann") embedet (see "embete") embete public office embetsmann senior civil servants (those whose position required an appointment by the "Statsrd" - a parliamentary meeting conducted by the king) or clergy member embetsmannsarkivet archive of senior civil servants and stae clergy emigrant emigrant emigrantprotokoller records maintained by the police in main seaports of those who emigrated throught the seaport Emigrasjonsprotokoller & the ships of our ancestors emigrere emigrate emisr (see "emissr") emissr emissary. travelling lay preacher en a, one enda so far, yet, still, although, though, even enda en one more, another ene alone enebarn only child England England engelsk English engelsk syke rickets englnderne men from England = Englishmen englkke enlosed medow enhver each enka widow (nn) enke widow

enkelt simple, plan, unpretentious, (depends on the context) enkemann widower enkemannens widower's enkestand widowed enkja (see "enke") (nn) enkja er oppsagd fr bruket his widow was given notice from the farm. enkje (see "enke") (nn) enkjemann (see "enkemann") (nn) ennu yet, still enroulleret enrolled (in the military) enskipet single naved (church) enslig single, unmarried entall singular entl. (abbr for entlediget) entlediget dismissed, removed from office, retired entrepenr contractor epidemier Bidrag til epidemienes historie i Norge i eldre tider epilepsi epilepsy eple apple epleskiver apple slices er is, are erholde obtained erhverv livelihood erhvervet acquired erkjenne acknowledge ermer arms sleeve ernre (see "forsrger") erobringen the capturing, comquering erter peas eske box, case et a, one etasje floor, story etat agency, municipal agency department, service government department, government service etatsrd ?? etatssjef division director etnisitet ethnicity ett one etter after etterflger successor etterflgere successors etterhvert little by little etterkommer descendant etterkvart (see "etterhvert") etterlatte surviving, survivors etterlater leave (behind) etterlevende surviving ettermiddag afternoon etternavn surname, last name etterslektstavle table of descendants ettertrykkelig emphatically Evangeliesange Evangelical songs evige Sne perpetual snow (often used as a synonym for glacier) eyendom (see "eiendom") examen degree (akademic) certificate examen artium degree from senior hight school




F__________ f. f.eks. f.t. fam. fam. still. frgs fa'en faar faarehyrde fabre fabrikk fabrikkarbeidar fabrikkarbeider fader faderen faderskap faddere faddergave ization /christening faddernes navne fadste fagforeningsarbeidet fallesyke faldt faldne falne falt familie familie historie familiestatus familiehoved familienavn familiestilling fanden fange fantepakk hiefs, gipsys or other far faren faret til ses farbror farfar fargar farger farin farmor farskap abbr for "fdd" e.g. (abbr) abbr for "fdt omkring" abbr for "for tiden" abbr for "familie" abbr for "familiestilling" abbr for "forregendes" a contraction of "fanden" when something goes bad (see "fr") (see "frehyrde") abbr for "fabrikk" factory (see "fabrikkarbeider") Factory worker (see "far") (archaic) (see "faren") (archaic) (see "farskap") (archaic) sponsor, christening, parents, godparents present given to child by godfather or godmother at bapt godparent's name; name of the witnesses (see "faste") the work in the labor or trade union epilepsy (see "falt") (see "falne") the fallen fall, be killed in war family lineage books family status head of family family name, surname position in the family, family status the devil prisoner (could be som more or less "bad" person, often used on t persons father the father gone to sea father's brother, uncle paternal grandfather (see "farger") dyer colour castor sugar paternal grandmother paternity

farsslekt farsot farty farver faste fastelaven faster fastermand fastermann fastlagt Faliglein fattig fattige fattigattest fattigbsse fattigcassa fattigdom fattigforstander fattigfolk fattigfornem fattiggutt fattighus fattigslig fattigkasse fattigkvarter fattigkommisjonen fattiglem fattigmann fattigunderstttes fattigvesen fattigvsen favn feber februar fedre fehandlar fehus fekk fele fele) felemaker felespiller fell fellmaker felles felles snn fellesfjs feltlivet feldskjr felttog fem fembring femte femten femtende femti femtiende

fathers family pestilence, plague vessel, craft (see "farger") fast shrovertide aunt (father's sister) (see "fastermann") husband of father's sister (see "bestemt") (see "fattiglem") poor gives few information (nn) paupers reference poor box (see "fattigkassa") poverty manager of the poor relief fund poor people shabby-genteel poor boy poor-house beggarly, poor mean poor relief fund poor quarter welfare commission, commision for the poor pauper poor man fried cruller (cake) poor man's biscuits supported by the welfare agency welfare agency, poor relief, poor-law authorities (see "fattigvesen") embrace fathom fever February fathers, partinal ancestors (archaic) person in the cattle business cowhouse (see "fikk") Pictures and information about Ordinary violin (vanleg fiddle-maker fiddler, fiddle player pelt, skin rug, rug, fur Rugmaker common, joint son of both parent (used in census) cowshed, cowhouse (for the cattle, livestock) the camp life, life in the camp military surgeon campaign, (military) expedition five Fembring fifth fifteen fifteenth fifty fiftieth

fengsel fenrik ferdiggjeringa ferge fergegutt fergemann feskatt feste

festeavgifta festergave festesetel festning festningsstraf fetevarer fetter fikk ed, acquired fikk ei datter sammen got a daughter together (That was translation word by wo rd. As I don't know the rest of the sentence, it is impossib le to be professional. But I thought you wanted to kno w some norwegean? And the woman could have been p regnant with another man than her husband? finder (see "finner") finker Finker, finne finner Finnland finnsk finsk fire firmenning fisk fiskebruk ies) fiskehandler fiskekaker fisker fiskeri fiskerioppsyn fiskeveger fiskeveier fjantet ht degree fjell fjerde Fjerding or a school district to find fin (on fish) person from Finland find Finland person or object from Finland finnish (kvensk) in census four third cousin see also RELATION fish the gear(nets, boats and other tackle used in the fisher fishmonger Fish Cakes fisherman fishery, fishing fishery protection, inspection (see "fiskeveier") a person who is weighing fish foolish, frivolous, silly, mentally handicapped to a lig mountain fourth was used for a period in the 1700s and 1800s as a term f

prison ensign (1700's), second lieutenant (modern) finishing ferry boy working at the ferry ferryman in 1628 cattle tax foothold (see "bygselbrev") fixe contract fee engagement present (see "bygselbrev") fortress for imprisonment obsolete term for groceries, also old term for meat cousin (male) received (fikk is the past tense of " f" (to get)), obtain

a quarter barrel (measure vessel for cereals) fjerdingsmann was a person who had the task of making every farmer an d husmann in the fjerding pay

their contribution to the cost of keeping the school in operation. fjorden fjorten fjordepart fjortende fjrkre fjs fjord fourteen 1/4 fourteenth fowl, poultry cowshed, cowhouse cow barn fjsen the cow barn fjsstell dairy management flaade feet flaademand log driver flaadningen float flaatningen timber floating Flaadmand (see "Flttmann") flagg Norwgian Flags and Arms flatmarksgrav grave on flat ground fledfring (see "fderd" and "kr") flere several more flid og oppfoerdsel pains and behaviour flittig diligent fly aeroplane flyfille loose female flymekaniker aeromechanic flyplass airport flyttande moving flytte move flytte fra move away from flytte til move to flyttningsregister migration register flyel velvet fldningsarb. log floating worker Flttmann he had a small boat and used it to ferry people across a r iver. "Flttmann" is a term for this occupation. flyte Pictures and information about flutes flytinga timber floating / rafting timer down a river fmd. (see "fderaadsmand") (abbreviation) fodear (see "fder") foderaadsmand (see "fderdsmann") foderaadskone (see "fderdskone") foderet fodder fodested (see "fdested") Foedselsstiftelsen (see "Fdselsstiftelsen") fogd bailiff, sheriff foged (see "fogd") fogderegnskap bailiff records, beiliwick records (archaic) fogderi administrative unit (archaic) foged (see "fogd") folge (see "kr") folio page (double) folk people folkmengde population folkekirken state church folkeopplysning popular education folkeregister citizen register folketallet people census folketelling census, see Norwegian Census Records (John Fllesdal) folketeljinga (see "folketelling") folktallet (see "folketallet")

for for at tjene mer for alle rettar for tiden For at drive jordbrug foraeldre foran forberedelse forbilde forbindelser forbldning forbrytelse fordi forefaldt forefallt forregendes foreldre foreldrels forendes foretaget foretatt forening forettning forettningsmann foretningsfrer forfatter forfedre forfldt forfrdiger Kurver forflgelse forgjenger forgreninger forgylling forhen forhv. forhenvrende forhv. hmkone forhv. hmkone forhenvrende forhold forhus forkjpet forkjlet forklaring forkle forkyndt forkynnararven forlade forlate forleningsbrev forlikskommisr forlignelse Forlovar forlove forlovede forlovelse forlover

for, at, before, by fodder (for the livestock) to earn more through all legal means for the time being to farm (see "foreldre") in front of preparation, grounding ideal, example connections bled to death crime because (see "forefallt") occurred, happened previous one listed parents orphan united (see "foretatt") enterprise, venture undertook society, association shop shopowner, (business) man (business) manage author ancestors, forefathers transferred making baskets pestering, haunting, pursuit, badgering, victimization predecessor branches, ramifications gilding (see "forhenvrende") (see "forhenvrende") former, previous, preceding (see "forhenvrende husmannskone") former cotters wife former situation, conditions house in front ( main house on farm ) pre-emption to have a cold explanation apron announced, proclaimed preaching heritage (see "forlate") leave, abandon forgive personal posession reconciliation (see "forlover") engage to fianc(e) engagement best man, maid of honour, sponsor

forlovere marriage witnesses, sponsors or cautionister (best men) who served as witnesses to the fact that the bride and groom were not so closely relate d as to prohibit the marriage. forlovet engaged Forlftningsmnd men who gave a guarantee that the two could marry formann foreman, supervisor formandskabet (see "formannskapet") formannskapet chairmanship, executive committee of parish or town coun cil formentl. "shortened form of" formentlig formentlig probably formiddag morning formue assets, property fortune, meaning an assessment of the valuables (real es tate, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, objets d'art, cars, boats etc.) in the persons possession, with his or her debts subtracted. Fortune is taxable, b ut you have to own a lot to notice it. formueskatt property tax formynder guardian fornavn first name fornminne field of relics forndenhed necessity (of life) forpakter manager of estate leaseholder, lessee, tenant tenant farmer, one who leases the right to cultivate a f arm foragter af lidt jord leasholder of a small place forpagtn (see "forpaktning") forpaktning lease for tenant farmer forpleining board, food forraadnelsfeber (see "forrtnelsesfeber") forretning business forridge (see "forrige") forrige former previous forringe diminished, made poorer in quality forrtnelse decay, decomposition, or putrefaction forrtnelsesfeber fever caused by putrefaction, typhoid fever. forsamblede (see "forsamlet" forsamlet assembled, convened forsikring insurance forsikringspremie insurance premium forsiktig careful forskjelligt (see "forskjelligartet") forskjelligartet varied forskning research forsorges (see "forsrges") forsorges af ham provided for of him forsorgsstyret poor relief board or management forstand intellect, mind forstoppelse constipation forsvar defence forsvarsviljen will to defend forsvundne navn names that have "disappeared" forsrge to provide for, support forsrges av .. supported by .. , cared for by ..

forsrget av .. forsrges ved Privat godgjorenhed forsvidt fortegnelse fortelle Fortjenestemedalje fortlle fortid fortsttelsesskole ation. (archaic) forurensning forvalter forldre fosterb. fosterbarn fosterd. fosterdatter fosterdreng fosterfar fostermor fosters. fosterson fostersnn fostre fotograf fotografi fougit fra fradelt fradrag fraflytte (hadde) frafltt fragtbelp fragtemand frakt fraktmann fram framgang framskap fravrende fraskille fraskilt jord fredag frem fremgang framg av framp fremkomme fremmed fremp fremstende fremtid frende frendels frihandel ional trade frihandler of "frihandel"

supported by .. , cared for by .. supported by privat charity in as much as list, registry tell Order or Merit (a medal) (see "fortelle") past Pupil at a school one level over the required minimum educ framhaldsskole (archaic) contamination, pollution manager (see "foreldre") (archaic) abbr for "fosterbarn fosterchild abbr for "fosterdatter" fosterdaughter forster child (boy) fosterfather fostermother abbr for "fosterson" (see "fostersnn") (nn) fosterson foster, to rear photographer photograph (see "fogd") from divided from allowance/deduction/discount leave, move away have left, had moved from cost of ticket, freight charge (see "fraktmann") freight freight / cargo handler / transporter forward (see "fremgang") a certain type of cupboard, usual "innreiing" absent separate property separated/dubdivided property Friday forward progress, moving ahead be a result of, appear from, be evident from" (see "fremp") bring forward foreign, foreigner in front prominent future kinsman, kinswoman, relative, kin, family without kinsmen, lonely free trade, the policy of nearly unregistricted internat This is a difficult term to translate. The modern usage

is free trade but this not the meaning here. It would refer to someone who sold certain goods unhampe red by regulation or by permits etc. It would not be correct to say a stre et hawker or door to door salesman, but it would be along that lin e. frihet frikvarter frillesnn ore or less justified friluftsliv friluftsmenneske Frimerke Frimerkebilder friminutt frisrdame fritid fritidsinteresse frivillig Frsvrn Vestfold fru frue fruentimmer frugthandlerske fruit store fruktsommelig frukthage frydetoner fryktelig frken fr frhold fulde fuldkomne fuldmaegtig fuldmegtig full fullkommen fullmakt fullmektig futedmme futeregnskap fv. fylke fylkesmann 'fylke' fylkesrdmann Fylkesskogmester fyr fyrbter fyrmester fyrmeister fyrvesenet freedom, liberty break, interval, recess might just be a derogatory term used by the enumerator, but if the father was a married man, the term would be m outdoor life outdoor person postage stamp postage stamp pictures (thumbnails) break, recess lady hairdresser free time hobby volunteer abbr. for Fredriksvrn (naval base), just south of Larvik in Mrs. wife unmarried mother, female person (derogatory) gay? woman working in a fruit store or rather the owner of a pregnant orchard joyfull tunes frightfully Miss (see "fra") (nn) (see "avhold") (see "full") (archaic) (see "fullkommen") (see "fullmektig") (see "fullmektig") full, complete drunk complete power of attorney, autorization head clerk, agent (see "fogderi") bailiff's accounts (see "forhenvrende") Norway is divided as Norway - fylke - kommune USA is divided as USA - State - county county governor county administrator, chief administrative officer of a county commissioner County forest master/manager lighthouse stoker, beacon, light beacon, lighthouse keeper foreman, boss (on the light house) (see "fyrmester") lighthouse service of the Coast Guard

fyrstikker fyrste fut fv fdre fdrene fehuss fl flmager fle flemager flleds flles frdesmand frge frgemand frgegutt frre ftter fdd fdt omkring fder fderaad fderaadsmand fderaadskone fderd fderd

matches (see "frste") (nn) (see "fogd") (archaic) forhenvrende (see "fedre") (archaic) (see "fedrene") (archaic) (see "fehus") (archaic) awful, terrible, horrible, disgusting (see "fellmaker") (see "fele") (see "felemaker") (see "felles") (see "felles") ( ferdamann in nynorsk) it means a traveller (see "ferge") (see "fergemann") (see "fergegutt") fewer (see "fetter") (see "fdt") born about year of birth (see "fderd") (see "fderpdsmann") (see "fderdskone") support received after giving ones estate to another, the retirement agreement, also named as "kr" = kaar" Kr -

a sort of pensioner, receiving support from new owners o f the farm by contract made on the sale (see "kr") fderdskone woman on "fderd" (see "krkone") fderdsmann man on "fderd" (see "krmann") fdesogn native parish fdestad (see "fdested") fdested birthplace fdsel birth fdselsattest birth certificate fdselsdag birthday fdselsdato birthdate fdselsraten birthrate fdselsr year of birth fdselsregister register of birth fdselstalet birth census Fdselstiftelsen Maternity Hospital or a Birth Foundation in Bergen fdt born fdt utenom ekteskap born out of wedlock fl (see "fll") (nn) fll foal flgende following flges tilbake til traced back to fr before frartype leader fremann predecessor frenamn given name frend before frnemnde the former, mention before frer pilot, guide, operator, master

frepenger frt frst frste frti frtiende fst f fr frehyrde frskinn

wedding garments and wedding ceremony recorded, listed first first forty fortieth kicked away, kicked out to receive, to get sheep receives, got mutton shepHerd skin of sheep


G__________ g. g. g.m. g1g grdbr.,selveier, skogeier og fisker gaar i dagleie Gaar paa skole gaarsarbeide gaard gaardbr gaardbruger gaardbruker gaardbrukerenke gaardbrukerkone gaarden gaardmand gaardsdreng gaardsarbeider gaardsgut gaardskarl gade gal gallfeber galt gamle gammel gammeldans gammaldansmusikk gammelt gamleheimen gamlingen gangkone gangklr abbr. for "grd" abbr. for "gift" abbr. for "gift med" (see "gift frste gang") farmer., owner, skogeier and fish(erman) working on short terms goes to school (see "grdsarbeide") (see "grd") (see "grdbruker") (see "grdbruker") (see "grdbruker") (see "grdbrukerenke") (see "grdbrukerkone") (see "grden"( (see "grdsmann") (see "grdsgutt") (see "grdsarbeider") (see "grdsgutt") (see "grdsgutt" (see "gate") (arcahic) (see "sinssyk") jaundice crazy, wrong male pig wild boar (male) the old old dancing, old-time dancing traditional dance, folk dance The music used to assist the "gammeldans" old home for the aged the old one ward aide or earlier nurse ( around 1850) clothing

ganske sikkert pretty sure gard (see "grd") gardar (see "grder") gardfar head of the farm, freeholder gardbruker (see "grdsbruker") gardmann (see "grdsmann") gardsfolk (see "grdsfolk") gardshistorien the history of the farm gardsmann (see "grdsmann") (archaic) gardsmandskone (see "grdsmannskone") (archaic) gardsnavn (see "grdsnavn") gardsnr (see "grdsnummer") gardsnummer (see "grdsnummer") (archaic) gardsreiskap (see "grdsredskap") garnisjonskirkegrden garrison cemetery gartner gardener garver tanner garversvend tanner assistant gate street gatenavn name of the street gatenummer streetnumber gave gift, endowment geistleg ecclesiastical geit goat geiter goats gemene ordinary, common gemene hop ordinary crowd, ordinary people genealogi genealogy, family history generalauditeur highranking official whose work it is to control other o fficials in order to weed out graft and corruption generallyntnant lieutenant general generalmajor major-general (UK), general major (US) generalssekretr secretary-general generalstab general staff generasjon generation geografisk leksikon gazeteer Geografisk Oppmling A goverment mapping agency like the US Geoeodetic Survey gev. abbr. for "gevorbne" gevorbne enlisted () gifte seg to marry gift married poison gift 1 ste gang married 1st time gift frste gang married 1st time giftet seg frste gang married 1st time giftet seg att married again gift 2 de gang married 2nd time gift med married to giftet seg got married giftarml marriage (nn) giftemlsaldern marriage age gifteferdig marriageable gikk walked gikt rheumatism giktbrudden rheumatic, gouty giktfeber rheumatic fever gilde feast, banquet, guild gimre a ewe which has not yet lambedgjeit (see "gjet") gitt husrom given shelter

giver gitter gjalle gjedde gjeder gjeld gjeldfri gjeldsandel gjeldsbevis gjeldsbrev ertificate of

giver, donor transmitter, transducer (see "gjeter") ring, resound, echo, reverberate pike (see "gjeter") debt debtless free from/of debt, out of debt debt ratio promissory note written acknowledgment of debt, an IOU debenture debt instrument, instrument of debt, debt certificate, c

indebtedness/debt written acknowledgment of debt, an IOU promissory note non-negotiable debt instrument/debt certificate gjeldsfengsel debtor's prison gjelk med bles a castrated horse with a white spot in the forehead gjemt hidden gjemsel hide and seek (game) gjengangerens spectre, ghost gjenskjpsretten the right to re-purchase gjenlevende survivors gjennom through completely, thoroughly gjennomgaaet et Kursus attended a course gjennomsyn inspection or examination (being watched) gjenstand item gjerne willing(ly) gjest guest gjest vrl (see "gjestevrelse") gjesterom (see "gjestevrelse") gjestevrelse room for the guest gjestgiver innkeeper gjestgjevar (see "gjestgiver") gjet,gjeit goat gjte to herd, to mind > gjtte , past tense gjeter herdsman, shepherd gjetergutt shepherd boy gjordemor (see "jordmor") gjordemoder (see "jordmor") gjst (see "gjest") gjre do, make, cause, render gjrtler brazier, brass smith glasskule a ball made of glass (see "kavl") glassverk glasswork glassmaleri stained-glass painted piece gloggkryddor Glggkryddor (swedish) glgg Gldd (swedish) Glgg is a Swedish drink that has become popul ar in Norway as well. It is only (mostly) used at Christmas time. glm dette forget it gmd abbr. for "Gaardmand, grdmann" Gnav Games played with single suited cards Gnr. (see "grdsnummer") abbr. god good

God Jul Merry Christmas Gode nsker Best wishes gods estate godsarkiv manors archive godseier estate owner goldsmith gullsmed goro Cardamom crackers grahest stallion graastein (see "grstein") graasteinarbeider (see "grsteinarbeider") grandnev grand-nephew grandniese grand-niece grandonkel grand-uncle grandtante grand-aunt gratis (Latin) free grav grave grave to dig graver grave digger, sexton gravfeste (see "jordpkastelse") graffest (see "jordpkastelse") gravhaug barrow, grave-mound (interest to archeologists) gravid pregnant gravlagt burried gravlegge to bury gravlund cemetery gravsten gravestone grdbr. (see "grdbruker") gren branch gren. abbr. for "grenader" grenader infantryman, grenadier grend rural neighbourhood/area grense boundary, border grenselos borderpilot, who followed people across the border and k new how to avoid the germans gressenke grasswidow greve Count (Nobility) grevinne Countess gribber vultures gries (see "gris") gris pig grisen the pig grishus the house for the pigs grip(p)a (see "influenza") grossist wholesaler grovsmed blackmith grube mine, pit grubearb (see "gruvearbeider") grubearbeider (see "gruvearbeider") grunn ground, reason grunnleggjar founder grunnleggjaren the founder grunnleggjarar founders grunnleggjarane the founders gruvearbeidar (see "gruvearbeider") gruvearbeider Miner grnn green grstein granite boulder, stone grsteinarbeider stone cutter gubben a slang for an "old man" or the oldest male person in th e household

gudfar godfather gudmor godmother Gudselskende a religous person gull gold gulsot jaundice gulv floor gutt boy gutte-galen crazy after boys gymnas senior high school gymnasiast sixth-former, high school student Gymnastik Gymnastics gymt (see "gjemt") g go, walk gr frem av (see "framg av") ggate a street for pedestrians only grd farm grder plurel of "grd" grdsarbeide general farm labor grdsarbeider a person working at a farm, field hand grdsbestyrer farm manager grden the farm grdsfolk farm people, owners or tenants grdsgutt farm hand grdsplass courtyard grdsbruk farm grdsbruker farmer (farming his farm) grdbruker farmer grdbrukerenke farmer's widow grdbrukerkone the wife to a farmer grdeier farm owner grdmann owner of the farm grdmannsfolk those on the head farm grdmannskone farmer's wife grdsdeling division of the farm, often that a mainfarm is split up as new generation grew up and needed farms of their own grdsgutt farmboy grdsmann (see "grrdmann") grdsnavn name of the farm grdsnummer farm number, land number grdsredskap farm equipment grsdagens of yesterday


H__________ h.h.v hpg. hr. ha haandvrker haandarbeide hadde haer hafde abbr. for "espectively" (henholdsvis) abbr. for "hospitalgods" abbr. for "Herr" to have (see "hndverker") (see "hndarbeide") had (see "hr") (see "hadde")

hagebruk halsesyke halshugget halv halvbror halvningen halvssken halvsster ham hamlekorn hammer

hammerskaft hammerslagg hammersmed hamn han handarbeidslrer handel handelsbestyrer handelsbetjent handelsbrev specified area. handelsfuldmgtig (see "handelsfullmektig") handelsfullmektig business agent or assistant handelshyskolen college of economics and business administration Handelskarl Businessman handelslaget cooperative store handelsmann merchant, trader handler merchant, dealer or peddler handlerske female tradeperson handskemager (see "hanskemaker") handskrifta (see "hndskrifta") handteinrokk distaff = a split stick that holds the wool or flax for spinning handtlanger (see "hndlanger") hans his hansker gloves hanskmaker (see "hanskemaker") hanskemaker glove maker har has, have hardingfele (see "fele") hatt hat hattemaker hatmaker Haud second class in university exams, "Haud illaudibilis" me ans "Hardly unpraiseworthy" hav ocean, sea havbruk fish farming, fish breeding aquaculture, mariculture, sea farming havebrug (see "hagebruk") havestue garden room havfiske deep-sea fishing havde (see "hadde") (archaic) havn harbor, port havre oats hederlig honourable

gardening throat infection decapitated half half-brother halving half-brother(s) and/or half-sisters(s) half-sister him skin, slough (see "hummelkorn") hammer mallet knocker gavel hammer, malleus hammer handle, hammer shaft iron scale, oxide scale hammersmith port he teacher of needlework, sewing, etc trade shop manager shop assistant, salesman business license, permission to buy and sell goods in a

hedret hei heia heiesltten heim heimangaver heime Heimedypar heimeplassen heimelsbrev heimevernet tional Guard heimstad heimtur hele hekle heks hekseri hellar heller helleristning hellig helligdag helsa helse hendes hendes datter hengt seg hennar henlagt henne hennes hennes datter her herad heradsskriver herkomst herlighed herlighet Herr herredsrett herred (archaic) herredstyre herregrd Herren hertil hertugdommene hertugdmmene hest hestesele hestesal hestetruger Hesteutstilling heter hexe Hiemme i Huuset hilsen

honoured heath, moor (see "hei") upland haying home (nn), se also "hjem" (see "medgift") at home (nn) (see "hjemedper") (see "hjemmplassen") document to prove ownership, authority, etc. Home guard (military guard) but not similar to the US Na (see "hjemsted") the journey home whole, entire crochet witch The storry of Lisbet Pedersdatter Nypan Witchcraft (nn) rather rock carving holy holiday (see "helse") (nn) greetings (dialect) (see "hilse") health (see "hennes") (archaic) (see "hennes datter") hanged him/herself (see "hennes") (nn) put away, dismissed her her (iee her children) her daughter here (see "herred") (archaic) district taxation registrar ancestry (see "herlighet") glory Mr. (salution used in letters. Equal to Mr.) district court municipality and judicial district, now called "kommune" (see "kommunestyre") mansion/estate God, the Lord to this place (see "hertugdmmene") dutchies horse horse's tackle horse saddle Horse snow shoes Horse show is named (see "heks") (see "hjemme i huset") greetings (from) best regards (from)

hi the other (nn) hindes datter her daughter hindes son her son historie history hittebarn orphan, foundling hjell drying rack for fish hjelpe help, assist hjelpepleier Enrolled Nurse hjem home hjemme at home hjemme hos forldrene living at the parents house hjemme i huset if in connections with marrieage "they were married at t heir home" (their own or parents jouse) Hjemme og Ute At home and abroad hjemedper Person who took the christening in the home hjemmedobt (see "hjemmedpt") hjemmedaap (see "hjemmedpt") hjemmedaabe (see "hjemmedpt") hjemmedbt (see "hjemmedpt" hjemmedpt baptized at home hjemmehrende residing hjemmevrende living at home Hjemmedp bekreftet home Christening/baptism veryfied hjemmet the home hjemplassen domicile, the place at home hjemsted place of residence hjemv. stays at home hjemvendt returned home hjernen brain hjernebldning stroke, cerebral hemorrhage hjerneslag stroke hjernesvulst brain tumor hjerte heart hjertefeil heart disease hjerteinfarkt hart attack, myocardial infarction hjertesvikt heartfailure hjertesykdom heartdisease hjo at (nn) hjort deers hjortetakk stag's antler, hartshorn hjortetakksalt salt of hartshorn, spirit of hartshorn, sal volatile hjul wheel hjulbten the paddleship or the wheelship hjulmaker wheelwright hjv. abb. for "hjemmevrende" hjlpe (see "hjelpe") (archaic) hjlper Moderen helps the mother hj (see "hos") (archaic) hoire (see "hyre") hm abbr. for "husmoder" hmkone (see "husmannskone") hmd abbr. for "husmand" hmds abbr. for "husmandssnn" HMKG Hans Majestet Kongens Gard = His Majesty The King's Guar de holde hold, stop holdmann (see "krmann") hor adultery horn horn hornskeier spoons of horn

hos hos foraeldrene hos forldrene hos foreldrene hospital hospitalgods host hoste hovedliste hovedpart hovedsakelig hovedstaden hovudpart Hubners geografi hud es huff-da hummelkorn det daglige.

with, at (see "hos foreldrene") (archaic) (see "hos foreldrene") (archaic) with the parents hospital land belonging to a hospital and leased out to farmers (see "hst") cough census list main part mainly, principally capital, ie Oslo, London (see "hovedpart") (nn) Hubner's Geography cow hide tax on land was often measured in terms of number of hid (see "uff-da") (from Scottish Hummelcorn) korn uten snerp) fellesbetenglse p kornslag som ble regnet som fine; de ble sdd i forholdsvis sm mengder og helst ikke brukt i

On the westcoast (var det mest bygg og blandkorn) (hamlakorn) som ble klat hummelkorn On the eastpart (kunne hummekorn betenge bde hvete, rug, skall-lst bygg (torekorn) og erter. hun she hundre hundred hus house hus- og fjsstel housekeeping and working in the barn husar, hussar cavalryman husbestyrerinde housekeeper husbonde head of household (husband) husbondens sdskende The head of household's siblings husdyr farm animal,. eg. cattle, horses, etc huset the house husejer (see "huseier") huseier houseowner huseierske female houseowner huseigar (see "huseier") husfader the father of the house (the owner of the place) husfader og fisker head of household and fisherman huusfader og fisker (see "husfader og fisker"), head of household husfaderens soster logerende Head of household's sister boarder husflid home craft husgjerning household, housework hushjelp housemaid hushalderske (see "husholderske") husholdereske (see "husholderske") husholderske housekeeper husholdstatus status in houshold husholdning household husjomfru a female housekeeper Huslig arbeide domestic work huslyd a family unit living together in a house husmand med jord (see "husmann med jord") husmand smed og fisker tenant farmer blacksmith and fish(erman husmandssnn (see "husmannssnn") husmand (see "husmann")

husmann o rented a house

cottager, tenant farmer, crofter, smallholder, person wh with or without a small plot of land on larger farm. Rent was paid by doing part time work for the farmer. see also Norwegian farms - some background information Husmann "I don't think there is a good English word for 'husmann

'. It is variously defined as cottager, cottier, cottar, crofter and cotter . Most of us use the word cotter. The term smallholder carries the implicatio n of ownership, which is far from the husmann's case. Many cotter's plac es became smallholdings when the cotter was able to buy it. An ten ant farmer is far too grand for the husmann's position. The husmann was al lowed to erect his house on encumbered land, usually in return for farm lab our. Then there is the problem of 'med jord' and 'uten jord'. Such land as he could use was essentially for his own domestic need and not farming pe r se. husmann med jord land on a lager farm husmann med plads husmann m j husmann uten jord husmann med lidt jord husmann u j husm.datter husmannsenke husmannsfolk ) their husmannskone husmannsplass husmannsseddel husmannssnn husmoder husmor husmorskole hustand hustuft husstel husstell hustru hustmmermann hustmrer huusmand hva hvad hval own use the wife of a "husmann" cotter's farm written contract between "husman" and the farmer that he rented from the son of the tenant farmer, the son of a cotter (see "husmor") housewife, female head of the household home economics school household house site (see "husstell") housekeeping wife (see also "kone") (see "snekker") house carpenter (see "husmann") what (see "hvad") (archaic) wale (Olav Kringhaug at the Noway-L January 29 2005)" person (a cottier) who rented a house with small plot of (see "husmann med jord") cotter without land cotter with a small pice of land (see "husmann uten jord") son of a cotter daughter of a cotter cotter's widow cotter who worked for the "grdmann" in return for (small pay and a house and generally a small pieve of land for

hvalolje hvalstasjon hvem hver hvete hvetemel hvilken hvis hvit hvitblakk gr hest hvor hvordan hvordan har du det hvorfor hvorfra indflyttet hvormed hvorvidt hyling hylle ortance")

waleoil Kvalstasjonen p Skory who every wheat white flour, wheat flour, plain flour which if, whose white a gray dun colored horse where how how are you why where moved from wherewith whether yelling, howling, wailing, whining, hooting se also hylle shelf (plural: shelves ledge (in the maountain) acclaim, hail, validate (eks. "To validate someone's imp pay tribute, pay homage to (eks. "pay homage to the late

author") hyllest hyst hytte hderlige hkle hr hi hj hjde hgde hker hnseri hst hy hyde hyonne hyre hve hvleri hvedsmann hnd hndarbeide hndtering hndlanger hndverk hndverker hndskrifta hndsverkssvenn applaud homage (see "gitt husrom") cabin (see "hederlig") (archaic) (see "hekle") army (see "hy") (arcahic) (see "hy") (arcahic) (see "hyde") (archaic) (see "Hyde") small, grocer, huckster small tradesman (el. shopkeeper poultry farm, hennery, chicken farm fall, autumn (the season) tall, high, hay height the haying time right (side) possibility, access planing mill fishingboat master, shack master hand handwork, Needlecraft occupation assistant, helper, hodman henchman trade, handicraft tradesman the handwriting journeyman


I__________ ikr. innrull. ind. ibid i i gr i beste fall i s fall i hjel, sl i hvert fall abbr. for "ikring" abbr. for "innrullert" abbr. for "inderst" ibidem, means the same place in, within yesterday at best if so, if that is the case kill at least at any rate, at all events, anyhow, in any case i motsatt fall if not, otherwise i si tid in his time (nn) ibid same place (archaic) ibidem same plac iboende Beqvemmelighed by lodger is meant renter of the occupied accomodation ihvertfal at least ihjelslagen beaten to death ikje (see "ikke") (archaic) ikke not ikke dpt enda not christened yet, not baptized yet ikke hjemmedbt not home-baptised/christened ikkje (see "ikke") (nn) ikring about, approximately ild fire ildebrann accidental fire imellum (see "imellom") imellom between, among imidlertid meanwhile imigrere immigrate imorgan tomorrow indebrndt died in a fire inderst (see "innerst") (archaic) indeholder (see "inneholder") (archaic) indehaver (see "innehaver") indgik gteskab (see "'inngikk ekteskap") indlg (see "innlegg") (archaic) indsee (see "innse") (archaic) indsidderske a female "inderst" (archaic) Indsidder (see "innerst") (archaic) indst (see "innerst") (archaic) indstrumentmager instrument maker (archaic) indre inner (as opposet to outher) indrull enrollment office indtkt (see "inntekt") (archaic) infarkt (see "hjerteinfarkt") infeksjon infection ingenir engineer ingen none imgefr ginger ingensomhelst nonwe what so ever introduserte Chrurching a woman, event that happened after childbirth , introduced.

Some 40 days or so after a baby's birth the mother's wer e 'introduced' back into the congregation; they couldn't go to church d uring that period of time after the baby was born. This appears to be a li st of male names and I suspect the word after each name is 'hustru' - wife. T he wife of each man was introduced back to the congregation after giving bir th, becoming a mother. 'Benedictio mulieris post partum ante ostium ecclesiae' (Latin) Churching of women or Churching of women inn in inne i inside innehaver owner inneholder contains innreiing (see "innredning") innredning furniture, probably mostly of the kind that are fixed pa rts of the house (built into house) innerst renter, innermost, lodger on a farm, see also Norwegian farms - some background information innerst inner, inmost, innermost, next to the wall innerstfolk people living in rented house without any contract of wo rk on the farm, typical a tailor, shoemaker innfl abbr. for "innflyttet" innflytte move into innflyttet moved in (to parish) innflyttede list of people moving in (in churchbook some records) innflytning moved in inngikk ekteskap entered into matrimony, got married inhabil incompetent, unqualified, disqualified (legal) innflyttede moving in to the area inngifte intermarried inng enter, go in, enter into innhegning enclosure, paddock innhold content innlagt vatn indoor water installation innlegg contribution, speech innlse redeem innmeldte registering for school registering for new in the church (in churchbook) innrullere enlist (military) innrullert enlisted (military) innse comprehend, realize innsitter renter innsj lake inntekt profit, receipt, revenue income, meaning taxable income, i .e. total income with the cost of doing whatever you do to make a living subt racted. (If you run a business, you deduct all business costs. I f you are a wage earner, you still have a lot of interesting deducti ons, like the cost of travelling to your job, whatever you pay in interest on loans, and a host of other, smaller deductions. The whole syste

m is complicated, but this is the grist of it.) This means that the income s you find on the tax returns for each individual, is not what they actually inntreder innvandre innvandring innvie inste instrumentmager instrumentmaker Intet vides introdusert as an old custom. birth, normally 6 weeks. After childbirth a woman was considered unclean u ntil she At the first time in church (after 6 weeks) she had been "churched" or introduced to the church again. (Also said she was in troduced to the congregation. The minister/parson/priest met her at the churchdoor and so attended her into the church. There was a ritual there before she was actually allowed to step into the house of God. This introduction date was recorded in the churchbook. I n the records it says things like "Introduceret Ole Olsens qvinde". Often it was saying Qv inde, hustrue, q, h (shorten the words) This custom was officially abolished in the mid 1 700 but at some places the custom have been active up the this century. (A few gen. program has this as event) introducere (see "introdusert") iqvateere lodge, accommodate intet none Intet samfund no society introduceret invie (see "innvie") island Iceland islandsk icelandic isskjauer issjauer = ice + (see "sjauer") isskjrer isskjrer = ice + (see "skjrer") A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z made, but what they made minus deductions. to join, the army or a society. immigrate immigration dedicate (see "innerst") (see "instruentmaker") toolmaker no further information is known Churchung a woman is also called "introduced" and this w Woman who had given birth to a child had to stay away from the church a certain time after giving

J__________ jfr. Jaegere jaeter abbr. for "jevnfr" Elite troops of the army (see "gjeter")

jaekteskipper jagtliv jakt jamfr jamgodt jamstore januar jeg jeger

(see "jekteskipper") hunting life hunting (see "jevnfr") equivalent to equally large January I light infantry soldier hunter, trapper jekt small cargo boat with half deck and sails jektefrer captain on the "jekt" jekteskipper skipper of a "jekt" a relatively small sailship, especia lly used in Northern Norway jente (see "pike") jernbane railroad, railway jernbanearbeider railroad worker jermbanefullmektig clerical officer, managing clerk at the railroad jernbaneselskap railroad company jernbanlg railroad construction jernvarer iron items jernvegsarb. (see "jernbanearbeider") jernverk iron works, iron mill jernverksarbeider jetergut (see "gjetergutt") jevnfr compare with, see jevnfrelsesliste index, cross-reference in church records jomfru damsel, Miss, virgin or maiden jonsok midsummer day jord soil, earth, mud land, jordakeren (see "jordkeren") jordarbeider farmworker, field laborer, agricultuaral worker jordatausa farmgirl (wench) jordbeskrivelse ("earth description" ) geography jordet (see "jordpkastelse") jordboka land register, real estate register, the official land r egister book if you like jordbruk farming jordbruker farmer jordbruksareal farming area jordbruksarbeide working on a farm jordbruksarbeider farm-hand, farm worker jordbruksomrde areas for farming jordbruksredskap agricultural equipment jordbruksskole agricultural school jordbrukstellinga land registration (for taxation) jorderike the earth, the world jorbkene (see "jordbker") jordbker landregisters, real estate registers jorddrott landlord jordegods landed property, lands jordeier landed proprietor, landowner jordet buried jordfeste funeral service just after burial or some times many month later (depending on season and location) (see also "jordpkastelse") (A few gen. program has this as event) jordfftelfes (see "jordpkastelse") jordfestelse (see "jordpkastelse")

jordkjellar Jordls husmand jordmor jordrotten

a separate earth cellar for storing potatoes, etc. Cottar without land midwife the landowner, but usually used to describe someone who owned much land jordpkastelse interment "jordfeste" or "jordpkasting" refers to the priest's bles sing on the grave/coffin some times after that the coffin was put into the grave. (by tossing soil onto the coffin). Usually this would oc cur at the same time as the burial, i.e., the priest would be present at the burial and toss soil onto the coffin. If, however, the priest was a way, it frequently, occurred that the priest would conduct the "jordpkasting" some time after the burial. It seems quite odd, however, that the person died 16 Dec 1879 and the "jordfeste" did not occur until 21 Aug 1881. I c an't think of any good explanation for that delay. (John Follesdal, in epost to Norway-L, Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 16:46:48 -0500) jordpkasting (see "jordpkastelse") jordskatten 1802 landtax of 1802 jordskjelv earthquake jordskyld rental fee for renting land jordkeren farmfield journalist journalist jul Christmas jul i Norge Christmas in Norway julekake Christmas cake, fruitcake, fruit loaf juli July jungmand orinary seaman juni June jurist lawyer jus law justis justice, administration of justice order, discipline justisrd ???? jger (see "jeger") jvil (see "djevel") jtergut (see "gjetergutt) jde Jew jkel glacier


K__________ k. k. kgt. kgl.res. abbr. for "kvinne" abbr. for "kone" abbr. for "kongelig" (see "kongelig resolusjon")

kj. kr. kl. krg. krung. Kr.a. K.T.S ical School kaar kaarmand kaaremand kaarenke kadet

abbr. abbr. abbr. abbr. abbr. abbr. abbr.

for for for for for for for

"kjnn" "kroner" "klokken" "krungods" "krungods" "Kristiania" "Kristiania Tekniske skole" = Kristiania Techn

(see "kr") (see "krmann") (see "krmann") (see "krenke") cadet (army) midshipman (navy) kaffeforretning coffee business/shop kaffekvern coffee grinder, coffee mill kaffemaskin coffee machine kake cake kakke to knock, to tap kakse a person with more money than everybody else in the area , ie: owner of a big farm kalde (see " kallet") kall an old man calling give name to kallar old men kalle opp etter to be named after kallet named kalv calf Kammerherre honorific similar to kamerraad kammers small room inside the house kammeraters comrades kanel cinnamon kanskje maybe, perhaps kantskjaerer edge sawyer, in a sawmill kapell chapel kapelan curate, celric who assists the priest, deacon The head of a sub-parish (sogn). *) Be aware of that the words "Prestegjeld" and "Sogn" both are transla ted by the word "parish". kaptein captain kar man, chap, fellow karakter grad, marks karetmaker coach builder karl (see "kar") kart map kasserer treasurer katedral cathedral katolsk Catholic kavl a float made of wood or glass (on fishing net) kavaleri cavalry kaveringsmenn (see "forlovere") kavring rusk kemner town treasurer Kgl. fuldmaegtig kongelig fuldmgtig royal attorney kikhoste whooping cough kilde source kilder sources kildene (plural for "kilde")

kinn kirke kirkebok kirkegods kirkegrd kirkejordet sed by a farmer kirkemand kirkesanger kirkeverge kirkevrge kirug kirugi kirurgisk kiste kje kjelarb. kjelearbeider kjelde kjeldene kjenner kjemiingenir kjerring kjerringa kjerringer kjennskap kjent kjevhendt kjevle kjole kjorekar kjnn kjr kjrke kjrkejordet kjreste kjkken kjpe kjpe til erty kjpt kjpte kjpmand kjpmann kjpstad kjrekarl kjregut kjre med klengenavn klart klarte klausul klede kleder

cheek church parish register, see parish registers (John Follesdal) and The oldest church registers in Norwegian parishes (see also "klokkerbok" og "ministralbok") land belonging to the church and leased out to farmers cemetary churchfield or also the field belonging to the church, u "church man" church singer church warden (see "kirkeverge") surgeon surgery surgical chest, box coffin (for dead bodies), log box (slang) kid, young goat (see "kjeldearbeider") boilermaker one who makes industrial tanks/boilers at factory (see "kilde") nn (see "kildene") nn connoisseur chemical engineer, chemical scientist (see "wife") or female (see "wife") (see "wifes") or wives knowledge known lefthanded rolling pin roll out dress (see "kjrekarl") (archaic) sex, gender beloved, dear (see "kirke) (archaic) (see "kirkejordet) (archaic) lover, friend, sweetheart (female) wife-to-be, but not yet married in church kitchen buy meaning buying land later to increase the size of the prop is bought, purchased. (From the verb "kjpe".) purchased (see "kjpmann") (archaic) merchant city/town with merchant privileges, often a small town driver (of a horse) (archaic) driver (boy) (archaic) descend, run down, coast nickname clear manage clause, proviso (cloth) fine wool quality (see "kler") (archaic)

kler clothing klimaanlegg air conditioner/conditioning klippfisk split, salted cod, dried in the midnightsun on the rocks (old version), see also "trrfisk" klokka (see "klokke") klokkar (see "klokker) (nn) klokken er the time is ... , ie: at 12 o'clock klokker sexton, parish clerk The sexton kept his own copy of what went on in the pari sh, (a klokkerbok) partly as a sketch for the minister, partly as a securit y copy in case of fire or such things. Bell ringer, deacon klokkeren the sexton klokkerbok duplicate of the "kirkebok" maintained by the "klokker" Klokkerbok was kept by the "klokker" - sexton. (see also "Ministralbok") Klokkerstuen The name of the location where the sexton proberly have lived and the place was still known as so and that name was normal y use as the adress for the house. kloster convent, monastery klostergods land owned by a monastery and leased out to farmers klr (see "kler") knapp button scant, scanty, short kniff knife (archaic) kobber (see "kopper") koffardifart merchant service koffardikaptein merchant ship captain koffert suitcase, trunk kokk cook koldbrand gangrene koldesyge malaria kolera cholera kolik constipation kollega colleague kolonialbutikk general store, grocery kolonne column kolportr en omvandrende bokselger i h t Tanums store rettskrivnings ordbok. Enkelte verk definerer dem som bokhandler. komle (see "raspeball") kommune (omrde) municipality, local government (generellt) local authority, local council (bykommune) country borough, council Norway is divided as Norway - fylke - kommune USA is divided as USA - State - counties municipality, township or what ever :=) (US) township (Oslo - ) The City of Oslo (NB: Oslo is also "fylke") kommunearbeider local government employee/worker municipal employee, municipal worker kommunearkiv archive in the Local community/township kommunegrense township border kommunestyre local council kommunikanter attendants at Holy communion kompanjong business partner konditor confectioner

konditori konduite konduktr kone konens konens sster konferer konfirmant konfirmasjon

pastry-shop, confectioner's shop (see "snarrdig") railway conductor wife the possesive form og "kone" the wife's sister compare confirmand, candidate for confirmation confirmation (jdisk) bar mitzvah konfirmasjonsforberedelse preparing to became confirmand konfirmation (see "see konfirmasjon") konfirmerte confirmed konge king kongen befaler mother may I (game) kongebrev royal document kongedomme kingdom kongehylingen (see "Kongehylling") hongehylling pay homage to the king kongelig royal kongelig resolusjon Royal decree kongeskoyte (see "kongeskjte") kongeskjte official (king's) deed Kongemakta the power or the property of the king, i.e. the state. Kongl. Bevilling Royal approval (not by the king himselv, but needed a go vernment acceptence for some reason) konkurs bankruptcy konsistorialraadinde woman married to consistorial councillor, an honorific devoid of real meaning konstituert deputy, acting as konsulent consultant kontanter cash (pay in cash) kontingent contingent kontor office kontorbetjent (see "kontorist") kontorfullmektig head clerk kontormann (see "kontorist") kontormaskin business machine, office machine kontorist office clerk, one who works in an office kontorsjef head of an office, head clerk, office manager kontrakt contract, agreement kontrastevne sue against kontrollr controller, inspector, supervisor konvensjonen convention, custom kopi copy koppeattest smallpox vaccination certicate koppeinnpodning inoculation with the smallpox vaccine kopper smallpox, copper koppeepidemien smallpox emidemic kopperkjele copper kettle koppskatt (in 1645) poll taxis to be understood as a tax for each "head" in the household. Comes from the German word Kopf - meaning head. (they had a more lyrical approach in the naming of taxes ). korn grain kornmaaler mill worker (or literally "grain grinder" korporal corporal korskirke cruciform church

kort korthet kort register kostelev kpl krampe kranfrer kransekake kreatur kreaturhandel kreaturhold kreaturstell

short, card brevity, briefness, shortness card index boarder (see "kapell") convulsions crane operator, cranedriver, craneman Norwegian Wedding Cake cattle, livestock livestock trading animal husbandry, keeping cattle cattle tender dairy work, taking care of cattle kreft cancer kremmer shopkeeper krets district circuit constituency kreve demand krig war krigens udbrud war's outbreak krigsberedskap war preparation or readiness Krigsassessor assessor military judge krigsfange prisoner of war krigskomm war commission krigsministeren Secretary of Defence, Minister of War krigsskatt in 1713 war tax krigsrene war years kringle pretzel kristendomskundskab Religion Kristendommens kjerne Christendom's Essence kristna (see "kristnet") (nn) kristne baptized kristne tidsalder the Christian times Kristiania Oslo (Oslo was named Kristiania until 1925) kroken the hook kroner money (monetary units) krongods land belonging to the king and leased ou to the farmers krumkaker crumbcakes, wafer cone krungods (see "krongods") (archaic) krupp croup kryssbytte cross exchange krmmer (see "kremmer") kratur (see "kreatur") (archaic) kraturrgt (see "kreaturstell") (archaic) krllalfa curling alpha = @ ampersand krpling crippled krtter (see "kreatur") krtterhandel (see "kreaturhandel") krtterstell (see "kreaturstell") ku cow ku-leie cow rent (Farmers sometimes put their cattle on another farmers land for tending and pasture, for which a fee was charged) kubbestol a chair produced from one piece of wood kuld (see "kull") kulhugger coal miner kuldbrer (see "kullbrer") kuldseile (see "kullseile") kuldhandler coal dealer, coal merchant

kull coal kullarbeider worker in a coal yard kullbrenner charcoal burner/maker of charcoal kullbrer coal porter, carryer. a man in old days that did unload a coal ship or worked in a coal yard. kullharker (see "jernverksarbeider") kullseile capsize kulltomte (see "kullarbeider") kulturbeite cultivated / enclosed pasture kulturhus for bydelen social centre for the neighbourhood kumle potato dumplings kun only kunngjre declare kunnskap knowledge kunstdreier lathe operater for artistic work kur paa sygehuuset under treatment in hospital kurv basket kurvmaker basket maker kusine cousin (female) kusk coachman, teamster kvart quarter kvartermester chief petty officer kvartformat quarto (larger) format kveg cattle kveite halibut kvele choke kveld evening kveldsstellet evening preparation kvell (see "kveld") kven Norwegian minority people originally from finland who se ttled ( mostly) in the north of Norway from the beginning of the 1700s and onwards Kvensk Kvensk (Finnish) used un census kvern mill, grinding mill (see also "kaffe kvern") kvige heifer that is expecting a calf kviger heifers kvinde (see "kvinne") (archaic) kvindeligt hndarbeide female handwork, needlework kvinne woman kvinner women kvinnfolk woman, womenfolk Kvinnemenneske woman kvindkjnn (see "kvinnekjnn") (archaic) kvinnekjnn female gender kvn (see "kven") kvrn (see "kven") kyllinger chickens kyr cattle, more than one cow kyrkje (see "kirke") n.n. kyrkjegarden (see "kirkegrden") n.n. kyrkjegods (see "kirkegods") kyrkjetuft church site kystvakt coastguard kmner (see "kemner") kpe cloak, coat, overcoat. kr support received after giving one's estate to another [When a son took over the farm (with all responsibilitie s) usually some sort of agreement was made with his parents. One part of the agreement wa

s how his parents should be taken care of. Depending on the size of the farm they could b e well off or not. One (or more) cows, some sheep, flour, potatoes etc. per year, plus somewhere to live on the farm. Some money per year might be in the deal as well, and in some cases one or two of the people working on the farm were designated to the older couple - often part-time. Often the older ones had to move into a "krstue / krstugu" . "Stugu" = house, smaller than the main house. The young wife took over the responsibilities in the hou se, including the running of servants etc. and all the keys from the older wife. The takeover could be done early or late in the people's life. For some "oldies" it was nice to leave the responsibilities to a young, thrifty couple , while in other cases the old husband and his wife stuck to their rights as long as possible. For such a young couple, living with parents and father/ mother in law year after year without much to say, the quality of life and marriage might suff er a lot! (after Kjell Hernes on NORWAY-L)] Krenke woman who receives "kr" krytelse (old style) retirement pension krfolk elderly couple who is supported by "kr" krhus house on the farm where the "krfolk" live krkone woman who receives "kr" krmand (see "krmann") krmann man who receives "kr", retired farmer living on his own farm with accomodation and support provided by the new owner of the farm, especially a son providing for his father krstue house on a farm where the "krfolk" is living


L__________ l. ld. lnr. lsk. ltn. lpd la ladested lished a town. Earlier, a "ladested" had lower administrative status th an a town/country town ladet (see "la") laegd (see "lgd") abbr. for "laup" abbr. for "lodd" abbr. for "lpenummer" abbr. for "landskyld" abbr. for "lytnant" abbr. for "lispund" ca 9kg let, allow a small coastal town without urban status (archaic) A trading place, an old term of a place where they estab

lagerarbeider lagrettemann lagretten laks lam land landbruk landbrukstekniker landbruksmaskiner landet .)

warehouseman court member court salmon lamb country property agriculture farm engineer agricultural machines rural area "i landet" = 'in the nation' (in Norway, France, USA etc

"p landet" = 'in the countryside' "ute av landet" = 'abroad' landevrn (see "landvern") (archaic) landhandel general store landhandler rural store owner landhandlerske female village shopkeeper landsby rural village landsfogd county police commissioner landskyld yearly fee for leasing land real estate tax landsoknet country parish landevrn (see "landvern") (archaic) landvern militia local defence consisting of "older" soldiers who had fin ished their mandatory military service ml langeleik Pictures and information about Langeleik langfredag Good Friday langt ned i tida far back in time lapskaus lobscouse, (UK) stew, hot pot lapskauskjtt stewing meat lasaron tramp, bum Laud first class in university exams, "Laudabilis" means "Pr aiseworthy" laug guild Laugardag the day for having a bath (see "lrdag") laugrettet lagretten laugverge widows gaurdian/spokesman laup old measurement Laurdag (see "laugardag") (archaic) lausfunn a stray find, a find without context lausunge child born out of wedlock (somewhat rude expression) lav low, shallow lavere lower, inferior lefse Terry's Lefse links lefse laging Lefse mixing legd welfare military levying dist. legdekjerring Female on "legd" legdekall Male on "legd" lege doctor, physician legehjelp physician assistant legerml (see "leieml") legermaal (see "leieml") legemsvakhet infirmity

legdslem legdeslem legdsmann legdsbarn legg merke til leie leieboer leier leilending leilnding lejerml leierml leieml

welfare recipient (see "legdslem") a man looking after the military equipment (archaic) (see "legdsbarn") (child) notice hire, rent tenant tenant lease holder tenant farmer see also Norwegian farms - some background information (see "leilending") (archaic) (see "leieml") (see "lejerml") (archaic) illicit and punishable sexual intercourse between unmarried persons (between ma

n and woman) lekmann lay preacher lendemann/lendmann These terms were used in medieval times (11th - 13th cen tury) and were titles denoting nobility. The 'lend(er)mann' was receiving taxes from the king's l anded properties and was often used as an advisor by the king. He ranked after duke and earl. lenge long lenke chain chain, fetter, link lensmann sheriff lensmannsskjnn administratively-decided case of appraisement lenstid feudal age lensvesen feudalism lese read lett hovud light brain, easily to learn lettvint handy, practical, agile, nimble lettvunnen (see "lettvint") leve live levende live, living lever av occupation, source of income lever af sine midler lives of their own means (savings) lever af sine Renter lives off his investments (interest) lia the hillside lig (see "lik") ligget i hiel sitt barn cot death, crib death to have killed her/his baby in her/his sleep/be Normally it would to day be called that the baby have be en crib death, but still today parents of small babies are told not to have the baby in bed with them as they could accidently end up over th e child in the bed, It might be translated to that the mother has "laid over the baby in the bed". The word in Norwegian does not mean that the mother kill ed the baby while in the bed. They are talking about accidental death. The baby died in the parents bed, not in its own bed lingebeldedem (see "lungebetendelse") (typo) liig (see "lik") liigprdiken burial sermon when the parson tells about the deceased eulogy lik corpse, dead body alike, equal

likeledes likrver likte likningsgrunnlag lille liste listenr listenummer lite (litt) liten litt liv livlig livrente livrett livsarving livsfange livre livremann ljus lodd loftskammer logerende logie logivrt lok-frer lokomotiv lokomotivfrer Lokum lokumbygning los losoldermand losjerende losjerende, hrer til fam losji losjivert lov lovlig lovtale lue lukket seng lunge lungebetendelse lungetuberkulose lungemos lur luteraner lutefisk lut lutbrukar lyn lynnedslag lynild lynildihjelslagen lys lyse pengemangel

dead body also, as well grave robber liked assessment basis small list (see "listenummer") listnumber little small little life bodice (e.g. liv, kjoleliv, underliv, snreliv) spirited annuity, life annuity favourite, favorite dish heir, heir of the body, issue life prisoner (see "fderd") (see "krmann") (see "lys") old measurement (1 lodd = 14.6246 grams) attic room (see "losjerende") (see "losji") (see "losjivert") (see "lokomotivfrer") locomotive locomotive driver, (locomotive) engineer, train driver is an old-fashioned word meaning toilet would mean a separate building containing a toilet pilot (ship) pilot master (ship) lodger lodger who is related to the family lodging, lodgings the owner of rooms for rent law legal, permitted eulogy cap an inbuilt bed - with doors. lungs pneumonia or inflammation pulmonary tuberculosis (see "finker") Pictures and information about Munnharpe (Lur (alphorn)) Lutheran Lutefisk from scratch, Make your own lutefisk, Lutefisk part (nn) lye the user of a part of the farm lightning, flash of lightning lightning, strike of lightning (see "kyn") killed by a thunderbolt light declare lack of money/funds

"When a person had allodial rights (= odelsrett) to buy a farm, this should be done before a certain length of time. If he declared "lack of funds" he was given a longer tim e to take over the farm and pay for it. The limit was 10 years and the righ t could be used 6 times The institute of "lack of funds) was already found in Ma gnus Lagabter's (= Lawmender) landslov in 1274 and was also a part of Chris tian IVs Lawbook of 1604. The "lack of funds" institute was changed in 1771 to a m aximum of 15 years and could only be used once and disappeared in 1821. (Jan Edvardse n - NO-2656 Follebu 22 Aug 2004)" lysning post banns, reading of wedding banns in church lysingsprotokoll Banns register lgdsbarn (see "legdsbarn")(child) lgdslem (see "legdslem") lgs lm (see "legdslem") lge (see "lege") lkjarhjelp (see "legehjelp") lregutt apprentice lrer teacher (male) Earlier there was a different in use, but nobody will us e this distinction anymore. All persons employed in the teaching business a re referred to as "lrer", which is seen as a neutral word, not gender speci fic. lrarinne (see "lrerinne") lrerinne teacher (female) lrerindeskole teachers school lrling apprentice, assistant lbenummer (see "lpenummer") lbing diarrhea litnant (see "lytnant") lkka (see "lkke") lkke paddock, enclosure, loop, noose an open or enclosed meadow lpenr. (see "lpenummer") lpenummer serial number, parcel number, sequential number The term refers to the matrikkel (property register) of 1838, which was in use until it was replaced by a new matrikke l in 1889. In the new register the more familiar terms "gnr" (grdsnu mmer) and "bnr" (bruksnummer) were introduced. lrdag Saturday lsaktig loose or immoral woman lsarbeider day laborer lse pay off mortgage on land to buy out co-owners of land release lse folck (see "lsarbeider") lskarl free hand, takes any jobb that comes along lsningsrett right of repurchase lsre chattels, movables, goods, personal property lyse (see "lse")

lytnant lsesmed lve

lieutenant locksmith barn, grain, hay barn


M__________ m. m.a. m.v. m.fl. matr. mk. mmb. mnr maadelig mage maaned maaneds tid magebetennelse magekatarr magekrampe magesyke magesyre magesr magistrat mai mai major makaskifte make maken makt male abbr. for "mann" abbr. for "med annet" abbr. for "med vidare" abbr. foe "med flere" abbr. for "matrikkel" abbr. for "mark" abbr. for "mnadsmatabot" abbr. for "matrikkelnummer" mediocre stomach (see "mned") month's time gastritis gastric catarrh stomach cramp diarrhea, stomach ailment stomach ulcer, gastric ulcer stomach ulcer, gastric ulcer town administrator (archaic) May maize, Indian corn major, squadron leader exchange/swap of real estate (seen "ektefelle") nn the equal, the match sway, power to paint to grind as in a grist mill maler painter malersv (see "malersvenn") maleri painting malersvend journeyman painter malm ore malmlaster ore loader mandens moder his mother (the mans mother) mand (see "mann") (archaic) manden i 2dt og konen i 1ste gteskab The husband in his 2nd marriage and the wife in her 1st marriage mandens stiff moder the lady married to his father after that the father 1st wife is dead mandens sstersn the nephew (sister's son) of the man mandag Monday mandskab (see "Mannskap") mandkjnn (see "mannkjnn") (archaic) mange many mangletre mangle

mann mannskap mannkjnn mannlige manntall marine mark marklag markere seg Marmorverk ergen) mars, marts maskin maskenist masovnarbeider mat matrikkel

man, husband crew male gender masculine Norwegian Census Records (John Fllesdal) navi field old measurement (1 mark = 0.25 kg) old measurement proved to be limestone quarry (might be located to Indre Hop, Fana, B March engine, machine engineer blast furnace worker. food land register cadaster, cadastral farm lists tax lists for farms Land records - some background information (John Follesd

al) matrikkelnummer matrikkelskyld matros magebetendelse mavebetennelse mavekatarr mavesyke mavesr med med annet med flere med videre medbragt medeier medf moderen medgift

number in the land register/roll rural land tax sailor, mariner (see "magebetennelse") (see "magebetennelse") (see "magekatarr") (see "magesyke") (see "magesr") with among other things with more, and others, with some more, with some other et cetera, and so on brought with partner/joint owner accompanies her mother dowry gifts from the father of the bride the new household. I' m sure there must be an English term for it, but I don't know it. medhjelper assistant, helper medlem member medlemmer members medmenneskeligheten human being fellowship meg me meget godt "much" good, very good megler mediator, negotiator stockbroker (aksjemekler) eal estate broker (eiendomsmegle) meis rucksack frame, willow basket titmouse mekaniker mechanic mekler (see "megler") mel flour meldt reported melis (US) confectioner's sugar icing sugar, powdered sugar melk milk mellom middle

mellombygning mellomnamn men menig menighet menighedslemmer menn mennesker mer merker merkes merknad meslinger messingsmed messingknapper mester mestermann mg midlertidig midlertidig bosted midnatt Mikkersdag aying taxes mil militr Militre ruller min mindesmrket mindre mindrerig minearbeider Minister Ministerialbok okkerbok" .

middle building middle name but soldier with rank of private (see "sogn") member of the parish, members of the congregation men persons, people more, additional old measurement noticed comments, remarks, annotation measles brazier, brass smith brass buttons master (of a trade) (see "bddel") (abbr) meget godt temporarily preliminary place of residence midnight St Michaels Mass, 29th of September, usually a day for p metric mile (10 kilometers) military military rolls (or register) mine (possessive) (see "minnesmerke) lesser underage miner (see "prest") Churchbook written by the clergyman/pastor, see also "kl "Ministerialbok" was kept by the "sokneprest" - minister The ministerialbok was the official version in case they

differed. In many places both records have been preserved, in some places only one of them exists today. (You might also see some diffe rences between the two books.) minnesmerke monument minnetavle memorial plaques minste smallest, youngest minutt minute misjonr missionary mjl (see "mel") mod (see "mot") moder (see "mor") (archaic) modedame egen f "fashion lady" with her own business modtagen (see "mottatt") modtog received mol (see "ml") montr fitter mor mother mord murder morfar maternal grandfather morgen morning morild phosphorescence (of the sea)

mork sirap mormor mormoder moro morsarv morsysteri moster mot

moteforretning motet motorbt motta mottatt Munnharpe w's harp) mundtlig (see "muntlig") muntlig verbal, oral, reading murarbeider (see "murer") murer mason, bricklayer musiker musician mye much mykje (see "mye") myndig of age myte myth mgler (see "megler") mbel furniture mblar furniture mblane the furniture mbelsnekker furniture maker mbeltapetserer furniture upholsterer mlle mill, grinder mller miller mllearbeider worker at a mill mnstre av sign off from crew's list (maritime) mnstre p sign onto crew's list (maritime) mrk dark mrk sirup molasses (dark syrup) ml 1 ml = 1 dekar = 1000 m2. (Norwegian system of land area me asurement. One "ml" is approximately of and acre) mling measurement mlstevne Short. It is the designation on a specific discussion and negotiating meeting. The word was often utilised in old lawtext from the medi eval. Often used as synonym for gathering mne moon mned month mneds months, monthly mnadsmatleige old measurement mnadsmatabol (see "mnedsmatleige") mneskinn moonlight

(see "mrk sirup") maternal grandmother or mother's mother (see "mormor") fun maternal inheritance mothers sister aunt (mother's sister) against toward courage milliner's shop, (small) boutique the courage motor boat receive received, accepted Pictures and information about Munnharpe (jaw harp or je


N__________ n. N.S.B nsj. naadegaveerne naar naar afreist nabo nadverd nagle naglet til stolen namn nasjonalitet nasjonalpark natron natt nattverd natur abbr. for "navn" (see "Norges statsbaner") (abbr.) abbr. for "nasjonalitet" (see "ndegavene") (see "nr") (archaic) date of departure (archaic) neighbor (see "nattverd") rivet, spike he sat as nailed to the chair (see "navn") nationality national park baking soda, sodium bicarbonate night Holy communion, communion, sacrament nature scenery, countryside naturkundskab Natural science, knowledge of nature naturomgivelser scenery naust boat-house nausttuft boathouse site naut cattle navn name ned down nedennvnte mention below nedre lower nedrustning disarmament nedbrent burnt down nedbr precipitation nei no nellik clove, cloves, ground cloves nemne (see "nevne") nemnt (see "nevnt") nemnd (see "nevnt") ner Abbr. for "nedre" nervefeber is a medical expression that was used in the 1800s for t he diseases today called typhoid and paratyphoid fever. nest second, e.g. second oldest son neste next, neighbor neste r next year nesten godt like "nearly good nesten meget godt Almost very good nettoformue net property nettopp just nevne mention nevnt mentioned nevnt i 1801 mentioned in 1801 nev nephew ni nine niende ninth niese niece nitten nineteen nittende nineteenth nitti ninety nittiende ninetieth noch (see "enda en") danish nodebruk (see "notfiske")

nokon noen nok nokre nord nordstua Nordstjerneorden nordre nordst Norges Bank Norges Statsbaner Norges Uafhnrighed gjennomfrt norsk mundtlig norsk skriftlig noter notfiske november NSB nu nuhavende nulevende nummer nuvrende ny nyder almisse nyder vildkaar o the former owner nyfdt nylig nyresygdom nytaar nyttr nr nrast nrheden nrheten nrmest nringsvei nrvefeber n ndegaver ndegavene ndels nlevende nr nvrende

(see "noen") some, any, someone, something enough (see "noen") (nn) north north cottage Order of the North Star northern north east The National Bank of Norway Norwegian Ralroad Company Norways independence has been carried through Norwegian reading Norwegian writing notes seining = fishing with seine, closing net November (see "Norges Statsbaner") (see "nr") (see "nvrende") (see "nlevende") number present new gets charity a person receiving pension paid by a new owner of land t newborn lately kidney disease (see "nyttr") new year near, close (see "nermest") (see "nrheten") close to nearest, close to livelihood, trade (see "nervefeber") now mercies gifts og grace merciless, ruthless living when, if, reach present


O__________ o.s.v. abbr. for "og s videre" etc

odg. abbr. for "odelsgutt" odj. abbr. for "odelsjente" odr. abbr. for "odelsrett" oberst colonel ode (see "de") odegard (see "degard") odel birthright, alludial possession, allodium, freehold odelsberettiget freehold right odelsbonde freeholder, allodialist odelsgutt oldest son who had right to inherit the farm odelsgrd freehold farm, ancestral farm, allodium, see Norwegian ski fter -- Probate Records (John Follesdal) odelsjente oldest daughter who had right to inherit the farm, if there was no sons odelsrett allodial law for the oldest child to inherit the parents ' farm allodial privilege offentlig public, official ofte often og and og s videre and so on fikk ei datter sammen got a daughter together (That was translation word by wo rd. As I don't know the rest of the sentence, it is impossib le to be professional. But I thought you wanted to know som e norwegian? And the woman could have been pregnant with another man than by someone other than her husband? oktober October okse bull, bullock, ox (pl: oxen) oldebarn great-grandchild (doesn't distinguish between son or dau ghter) oldefar great-grandfather oldeforeldre great-grandparents oldemor great-grandmother olsok Olsok om if, about om ret per year; every year (during the year would be "i lpet av re t") ombudsmann trade-union representative omegn neighboring places surrounding, the area around omflakkende handelsmand vagrant businessman omgangs skolelrer circuit teacher (Teachers in early days moved from farm to farm, staying for about a week on each and teach the local children) omgende omvandrende, means travelling (or itinerant) Prompt or Immediate omkom died by accident omkomme died, killed omkring approximately omlag see ("omkring") omordn. abbr. for "omordning" omordning reorganization omreisende handelskarl travelling salesman omstendigheterne circumstances omtrent about, almost, nearly, approximately omvandrende (see "omgende" 1. line)

omvendelse conversion onkel uncle onn season (on a farm) onne the reasons where work is done onnetider, iee hyonna harvest hay onsdag Wednesday opdrage (see "oppdra") (archaic) opdrages (see "oppdras") (archaic) being raised (as a fosterchild ) opg. = "oppgitt" reported, Information given by (often used in connection with parents information about child out-of wedlock) oph. (see "opphold") ophold (see "opphold") opkrevd collected oplysning indication, information oplst disbanded, demobilized opmerksomheten (see "oppmerksomheten") opstandelse (see "oppstandelse") opp up oppe above, upstairs oppdra bring up, educate, rear oppdras is being brought up oppfostre foster, to rear, bring up (see also "foster...") oppfdd hj raised by oppfrt listed oppgitt stated oppgiven (see "oppgitt") (archaic) opphav origin opphold hos stay with oppholsted residence oppholt stayed at opplst ekteskap dissolved marriage opplysninger information oppmerksomheten the attention oppmuret Grav a grave that was built of stones, a sort of grave chambe r oppositionell contradictory opprinnelig original, natural opprinnelse origin opprrene rioters, mutineers oppsitjar (see "oppsitter") (nn) oppsitter occupant, leaseholder, tenant farmer oppstandelse resurrection (from the death) excitement, hubbub, stir ado commotion fuss oppsynsmann supervisor / inspector / attendant / warden oppsynssjef head of the patrol opptegnelse record oppvakt bright, intelligent oppvaksen grown up (nn) oppvoksen grown up oprorenes (see "opprrene") opsidder (see "oppsitter) opslager was the assistant of the blacksmith, handling the sledge . opsynsmand (see "oppsynsmann")

opsynsmann opsynschef Optaget paa brnehjemmet til forsorgelse optagne optiker Optikersvend orcanen ordbok ordforklaring ordfrer ork orkan orkanen orkester orlogsteneste orm ornament os oss ostehvel ostekake osteklokke ostelype ostesmrbrd varmt ostre ottringsbt over overdragelsen overingenir overlegne overlate overlevende overnevntes overskrift overstaaende overstroken i liste overstroket overstryke overstrykning overstrket overtredelse ovre overvar overvre ox

(see "oppsynsmann") (see "oppsynsjef") Admitted to the children's home to be supported. they were taken up from the sea optician Optician journeyman. (see "orkanen") dictionary the explanation of the words mayor effort, strain hurricane the hurricane spokesman (for some cause, organisation,etc) orchestra Navy service maggot ornament smoke, strong odour, reek mouth of a river, outlet us cheese slicer cheesecake cheese-dish with cover rennet cheeseburger (see "stre") (see "ttringsbt") over the conveyance, the delegation chief engineer haughty, superior transfer ownership, assign survivors previously named (named above) headlines mention above has been struck off the list (see "overstrket") cross off crossing out, deletion crossed out transgression (see "vre") was present be present at, attend (fx the ceremony) (see "okse")


P__________ pants. abbr. for "pantsette"

pd. pg. pk. prb. prgj. paaliggende paarrande paaske paaskjnnelse pagina (Latin) paktar pakkhusarbeider pallemanckes skirt oth was cured pant pantebok

abbr. for "pund" abbr. for "pige" abbr. for "pike" abbr. for "prestebol" abbr. for "prestegjeld" (see "plagt") (see "prrande") (see "pske") (see "pskjnnelse") page (see "forpakter") warehouse worker (Kalemankes skirt) silken skirt, the surface of the silk cl with fir juice to achieve a special effect mortage, collateral for a loan mortgage record a chronological protocol where deeds, contracts and other documents of juridical and economic importance for the farms in a parish/kommune where recorded or referred the mortgange money an index to a "pantebok" where the information is ordered by farm number mortage, give as collateral for a loan plot of land part wigmaker mind, watch, look after, take care of, tend vicar, minister pope money scarcity of money need for money (see "pensjon") pension retirement boarder retired person (see "pensjon") gingerbread cookies, gingersnap pepper pepperbox parchment, vellum pearl leave of absence be on leave mock brawn, Head Cheese, collared head person persons number plague (see "pike") (archaic)(danish) girl, maid umarried female female domestic servant female child maiden name Pentecost, Whitsun, White Sunday abbr. for "pike" abbr. for "pike" (often for unmarried female)

pantepengene panteregister pantsette parsell part parykkmaker passe pastor pave penger pengemangel pengend pension pensjon pensjonering pensjonr pensjonist pention pepperkaker pepper pepperbsse pergament perle permisjon permitert persesylte person personnr pest pige pike pikebarn pikenavn pinse pk. p.

planlegging planning, organizing plante plant plads (see "husmannsplass") (archaic) pladser (plural of plads) pladsbrugerske female user of the farm pladsmann (see "husmann") (archaic) pladsmandsdatter the daughter of a cottar pladsmannsson (see "husmannsnn") (archaic) plassmannssnn (see "husmannsnn") (archaic) plass (see "husmannsplass") plassen ble nedlagt farm remained neglected or vacant (in other words no one took it over at that time) plassmann (see "husmann") platearbeider sheet metal worker pleie nursing, care look after, nurse, take care of be accustomed, be used to pleie- og aldershjem nursing and old people's home pleiebarn (see "foster barn") pleiedtr (see "pleiedatter") pleiedatter foster daughter pleiefar foster father pleieforeldre foster parents pleiemor foster mother pleiehjem nursing home pleieassistent nursing assistant, care assistant pleiepersonale nursing staff pleiestiftelse nursing home or orphanage, depending on other informatio n in the context. An institution where care and attention was given to per sons who needed it. It is an old-fashioned word, not used in Norwegian anymo re. The word gives a hint of charity. pleiesnn (see "foster son") plejesn (see "pleiesnn") (archaic) plog a plow politi police politiker politician polske Polish post mail postaabner (see "postpner") postbud (see "postmann") postfart served the postdistribution postkonvensjen postal practices agreement postmann mailman, mail carrier postmester postmaster poststyrer postmaster on a small postoffice postpner the person who takes care of the mail on a small rural pla ce potet potato pottemaker potter praest (see "prest") praktstykke (see "prakteksemplar") prakteksemplar magnificent specimen predike preacher prdiken sermon, speech preses pesident, chairman prest minister, priest, clergyman presteattest Attest from the minister prestebol land belonging to a parish, usually refers to the farm h

ouse prestegaard prgj. prestegjeld where the priest lived (the vicarage) (see "prestegrd") abbr. for Prestegjeld clerical district, parish; see The Norwegian Church several "prestegjeld" makes one "prosti" A ecclesiastical district of administration which comprises two or more sub-parishes ("sogn"), heade minister's farm and farmhouse, rectory, vicarage, parsonag Prussian clog almanac prince princess private (see "privatlrer") private teacher, tutor toilet produced dean besides being a parish clergy, senior rector, senio the priests in the subparishes Several "prosti" make one "bispedmme" minutes, written log (see "prost") (see "prest") (see "prestegjeld") old measurement 1 pund = 6 kilogram sausage maker journeyman to a sausage maker on, at, upon in the 1700's added imposed relation, relative, next of kin, The bereaved family Easter easter tan acknowledgement, appreciation, bonus, reward pretext, pretence, excuse annotated

d by a rector. prestegrd e preussiske primstav prins prinsesse privat privatlaerer privatlrer privet producerede prost r priest who supervised prosti protokoll provst prst prstegjeld pund plsemaker plsemagersvend p p 1700-tallet pfrt plagt prrande pske pskebrun pskjnnelse pskudd ptegnet


Q__________ quinde quinder Qvindemennske (see "kvinne") (archaic) (see "kvinner") (archaic) female people


R__________ res. abbr. for "resolusjon" radiotelegrafist radio operator, wireless operator rbdl. abbr. for "riksbankdalar" rdl. abbr. for "riksdalar" randet striped rasande furious raspeball potato dumpling realeksamen (might bee "realskoleeksamen" realskole secondary school, junior high school realskoleeksamen now called "ungdomsskoleenksamen (10th grade); "equal" t o the English "lower secondary school" realregister real estate registry redaktr chief editor reder shipowner rederi shipline redningskoite (see "redningsskyte") redningsskyte lifeboat, rescue boat, rescue vessel redningssentral rescue centre, rescue co-ordination centre US: rescue center, rescue coordination center, rescue op erations center Redningstjenesten Rescue Service redningsvest life jacket, safety jacket, safety vest regimentsfeldtskr Regimental Field Surgeon regimentkameater regimental comrades/colleagues regiment kvartermester regimental quarter master, an officer in charge of suppl ies. register index, register registrert registered regjering government regning bill regning do arithmetic/mathematical reier (see "reder") nn cavalcade, company on horseback convey on horseback company of riders on horseback regnskap account reinsdyr reindeer reise to travel raise (reise et sprsml = raise a question) to erect get up (reise seg) a journey reisedato departure date reiseml destination reiser til sin mand travel to her husband reisetid travelling time reisetill. permission to travel i.e. emigrate rejese (see "reise") rekke row, line reach rekkje (see "rekke") rekning arithmetic. math rekna arithmetic, math reknast accounted as rektor headmaster, school principal

religion reluitionsretten rengjring rennende rentenist reparatr representant repslager resolusjon resterende restparten restsattt rett

religion (see "gjenskjpsretten") cleaning running as in "running water" rentier, person of independent means repairer, mender, repairman representative ropemaker resolution the remaining the remaining portion tax due court right, correct rettferdig just, righteous rettsak law suit rettsleg legal revisor auditor Rheumatism. chronic med Diarrhoe Chronic rheumatism with diarrhea ridder knight ride ride rig (see "rik") (archaic) rik wealthy rikeste mann the richest man riksbankdalar old measurement riksdalar old measurement Rikstrygdeverket Norwegian State Social Security Office Rigstelegrafen' (see 'Releverket') riktig correct ridende (see "rennende") ring poor quality, used to describe fields ring ring inntekt poor income Ritmester (see "Rittmester") Rittmester Cavalry Captain rode (see "rote") roeskarl (see "roerskarl") roskarl (see "roerskarl") roerskarl oarsman, row-man rokk Spinning wheels, see Spinning wheels rorbu fishermen's cabins rosstjeneste military service on horseback rostjeneste military service on horseback rostieniste tax which funded the military horsemen rosteneste rotbryter (see "stubbebryter") rote smallest subdivision of a conscription district a group of farms which kept up a section of the road by work in kind; the section of the road itself rug rye (the grain) rulle list, roll rulleplse Spiced Meat Roll see also Preserving our Norwegian heritage... rumpetroll tadpole, baby frogs rundt around rutebil bus, coach rydde clear rydning clearing

rydningsmannen the pioneer (the original clearer of land) rydningsryser pile of stone on a clearing (the clearing being made by pl acing the stones in piles rydningsstykke A small place of land that was cleared by the pioneer rykke advance (also other meanings depending on context) rytter cavalryman rmme run away, desert, escape, leave, quit rmmegrt cream pudding rnningen (see "rydningen") rttene rrlegger rykstove ), but also the room roots plumber smoke house (mostly used for smokin (curing) meat and fish

in the house (stue) where the men retired after dinner t o have their cigarettes. rys stone pile, heap of stones rd rde rde bygselen rdhus rdmann rdstuearkiv r for rr advice connecting rod, con-rod advise, recommend, caution prevail, command, rule, be master decide or prevail the renting city hall councilman local courts archive /courthouse archive be master of, have control of present tense of the verb "r"


S__________ s. s.. ss sk. skld. skill. skmk. spd. St. s.k. sa sabbat sadelmager mester sadelmagerlrling saeter sag saga sagde sagen sagarbeider abbr. for "snn" or "samme", depending on context abbr. for "samme r" abbr. for "Spiseskje" abbr. for "skyte" abbr. for "skylddalar" abbr. for "skilling" abbr. for "skyldmark" abbr. for "speciedalar" abbr. for "Sancte" abbr. for "skalt" said, stated Sabbath master saddlemaker. saddlemaker's apprentice (see "seter") saw (see "sak") saga (see "historie") b.m. (see "sa") the saw (see "saken") nn (archaic) working at a sawmill

sagbruk sagbrukseier sagbrugsarbeider sagmester sagnet sak saken sakfrer salig salmaker salmebok salt sambo samboende samboer e children samboerforhold sambt same sammets samfunn samisk samisk fastboende samisk, nomade samleie samman sammanboende samme samme dag samme r sammen sammested samstundes samtlige samtykke sars

sawmill sawmill owner sawmill worker master sawmiller legend, myth case the case (see "advorkat") deceased, holy, blessed saddle maker hymn book salt monoecious, synoecious (see "samboer") cohabiting cohabitee, common-law wife/husband live-in (boyfriend/girlfriend) legal form for person to live together, even if they hav equal to "non-marital" or "extra-marital cohabitation" common-law marriage together with same a Lapp (nomadic people in nothern Norway) certain quaity of silk society Lapp (nomodic people in northern Norway) samic, residential samic, nomadic intercourse together (nn) (see "sambo") same the same day same year together same place same time all consent, agreement cotton Sars or 'sarses' is also called 'sakses' = fabric woven

of Saxon wool. sat smtt i det was doing poorly sat tungt i det "Had a hard time" or "difficult times" (related to the e conomical situation of the person(s) in mind) sau sheep sauehus sheep stalls scibred (see "skipreide") s.b. (see "samboer") se to see se ogs refer to seg oneself, himself, herself seg selv in itself segni (see "sagnet")(archaic) seieren the victor seil sail seile to sail seilboat sailboat seildukmaker canvasmaker

seilmager seilte seinare sekretr seks seksten sekstende seksti sekstiende selde selgde selge seljeflyte selv selveier ound information selvejer selvmord senere seng sengeliggende separeret september sereige sersjant seter sia side sidehus siden sidenummer sidemummer i kilden sielffuer siktebrd sild sildaeventyret rring in fishing) sildearbeide silingsbtter sitt sin sine sindelag sinnskrise sindsvag sinnsvak sinnsyk sinnsykehus sinnssykasyl sinssyk sirs siselrlrling siste siste olje sidstnvntes sidstenmntes sitte lst sitte ned

sailmaker sailed (see "senere") (nn) secretary six sixteen sixteenth sixty sixtieth (see "selgde") (nn) sold sell willow flute or willow pipe (see also "flyte") How to make Seljeflyte self owner, freeholder, se also Norwegian farms - some backgr selveier (see "selveier") suicide later bed bedridden separated September (see "Sreie") (nn) sergeant summer cabin with grazing land in the mountains, later on, thereafter (nn) page, side side house since, later page number Page in the source (see "seg selv") Norwegian Rye bread herring herring adventure (an advebture with huge quantity of he herring processing, packing, salting etc milk buckets his, her, hers, its, their, theirs her, his, hers, its their, theirs disposition, temper, perperament, sentiment, opinion nervous breakdown (see "sinnsvak") (archaic) insane, retarded mentally ill, mad insane saylum, madhouse (see "sinnsykehus") lunatic cotton engraver apprentice last, latter last rites last mentioned (see "sidstnvntes") be easy to get, be easy to obtain sit down, take a seat

sivstand (see "sivilstand") sivilstand marital status (g = Gift = M =married; ug = Ugift = unma rried/single; e = enke/enkeman = widow/er) sjauer dockhand or worker, longshoreman or stevedor sjef chief, manager sjeleregistrer early parish register a type of census that was done by the minister to enumer ate all the residents of the parish. They are typically by grd an d bruk and included husmann plasser. During the 1700's many of the census information only includes males and did not cover the en tire family. The sjeleregister included women, children and hired han ds sjette sixth sjo (see "sj") also for other word starting with "sjo" sjokadett (see "sjkadett") sju (see "syv") (nn) sjuende seventh sjuk (see "syk") (nn) sjukdom (see "sykdom") (nn) sjurskrigen the seven year long (1563-1570) inter-Nordic war between S weden and the countries of Norway-Denmark, Poland and Lbeck. A peac e treaty was signed at Stettin in 1570. Sweden had occupied Jemtl and and Herjedalen (Norway), while Norway-Denmark took Alvsborg (Sweden). Sweden had to return their occupations and cede Gotland and pay ransom for Alvsborg. sj sea, lake sjaure salmon trout sjbruk (see "havbruk") sjfarende sea faring, seaman, sailor sjfart navigation shipping sjflyte (see "flyte") sjfolk seaman sjforklaring maritime declaration sjgang heavy sea sjhus quayside room sjkadett naval cadet sjkaptein captain on a vessel sjl (see "selv") sjmand (see "sjmann") sjmands..... (see "sjmanns...") sjmann sailor, seaman sjmannshjem sailor's home sjmannskirke seamen's church sjmerke seamark, beacon, navigation mark, buoy sjmil nautical mile sjorm sea serpent sjreise voyage sjrett maritime court sjslaget the naval battle sj (see "se") might also be a small house (nn)

sjfr skaffar skaffer skal skalk skalke skalkeskjul skall skalp skalpell skamfere skarlangensfeber skarp skarpretter skarpskytter skatt e send it to

driver (see "skaffer") to provide for, obtain shall, must outside slice, first cut (of a loaf) bowler hat batten down the hatches blind, cover shell, test scalp scalper, scalpel (med.) spoil, damage scarlet fever scrap executioner, hangman sharpshooter tax you have paid tax for each payment from your employer (h the authorities) after a table made up by the goverment

the year before. On your tax return it will show if this prepayment is Ok , or less or to high, then you either get a bill for the rest (3 weeks t o pay or a nice payback with a low interest (do not save your money here !) skatt og avgift skattefut skatteinnkreving skattelister Skattemanntall skattematrikkel skatteregel skattesats skattetakst skaut skautut skeiser skemaker skib skibsfrer skielber skifte John Follesdal skifteattest skiftebker skifteprotokoll skifteregister skifterettsdommer skifteretten skiftesamling skiftetvist skild skilde skille skilling skilsmisse tax and duty/fee tax collector, (the) taxman tax collection tax registers, taxation roll census like listing of persons subjected to pay taxes written tax roll, register tax rule tax rate valuation of property for rating purposes headscarf, square, kerchief with a white head (about manimals) (see "skjyter") (see "skjemaker") (archaic) (see "skip") (archaic) ship's captain (archaic) (see "skilper") Norwegian skifter -- Probate Records (John Follesdal) by change Division of an estate certificate of probate probate protocols probate record book / estate inventory probate register probate judge probate court meeting of all heirs and beneficiaries probate action (see "skilt") divorce, partition, subdivide to divorce, partition, subdivide old currency, see Old measurements divorce

skilt skilting skilber skilper

divorced signposting (see "skilper") infantry soldier on skis

skinn skin (f.eks. human skin, the skin of a calf (, a shark, a sheep, a snake)) skinnfell skin rug skip ship, vessel skipreide military district (archaic) skipper skipper, master mariner skipperborger shippmaster and citezen, belonging to a social layer abo ve the working class skipsbygger ship builder Skipsopplysningsregister = Ship Supply Information Register skipstmmermann carpenter onboard a ship skjedde happened skjemaker a man making spoons skjorte shirt skjut mare (see "Skaut") skjrer cutting something to smaller pieces Skjrtorsdag Good Thursday skjnnsforretning appraisal, valuation skjnnsretten the appraisal or valuation court skjte deed (property) (nn) skjyta (see "skyte") skjyte ice skates (see "skjte") boat, read fiskeskjte = fishingboat sko shoes skoemager (see "skomaker") (archaic) skomager (see "skomaker") skog forest skogdrift forestry, forest management skogholt grove, spinney skogsarbeider limberjack, logger, forestworker skogfut forest bailiff? skoghogger (see "skogsarbeider") skogridder forest manager skogtmmer forest timber skogvokter forester skole school skolebarn school child (student) skolediscipel pupil skoledistrict (see "skoledistrikt") skoledistrikt school district skoleholder schoolmaster, teacher in early times, the owner of the place where the school was held. skolekorps school's marching band skolemester schoolmaster skolestue the small building used for school skolestyre school board skomager (see "skomaker") (archaic) skomagerdreng shoemaker apprentice skomagersvend (see "skomakersvenn") skomaker shoemaker skomakermester master shoemaker skomakersvenn shoemaker journeyman

skoskatt skoten skov skovarbeider skovhugger skovvokter skovridder skrabhandler skraeder skraedder skraphandler skredder skreddermester skreddersvend skreppe

in 1711 shoe tax (see "skutt") (see "skog") (see "skogsarbeider") (see "skogsarbeider") (archaic) (see "skogvokter" (see "skogridder") (see "skraphandler") (see "skredder") (archaic) (see "skredder") scrap dealer in junk metals, etc tailor master tailor apprentice tailor bag, knapsack (about girls) bird, piece, bint skreppehandel pedlary skreppekar pedlar, peddler skriftlige written skriftlig writing skrin small chest skrivekar (see "kontorist") (archaic) skriver scribe (writer) skrdder (see "skredder") (archaic) Skrdderm. (see "skreddermester) skrddemester (see "skreddermester") skrddersvend (see "skreddersvend") skude (see "skute") skyds (see "skyss") (archaic) skudsmlsbog servant's conduct book skuld (see "skyld") (archaic) skulle should skurekone cleaning woman skuronne the harvest time skute small ship skutt shot skyld debt tax, (especially real estate tax, see "landskyld") a measure for evaluation of ground, and this is the expl anation for the word "skylddeling". skylddeling (land) survey (in USA?) skylddalar taxes owed in "dalar" skyldfri (about property) unencumbered innocent, blameless, guiltless, chaste, pure debtless, free from debt skyldmark taxes owed in "mark" skyldsatt appraised and split of from another property - and given a relative value in the land registry system skyldsetning taxation, assessment skyldskap relationship skyldsprsml question of guilt skynde p noen hustle el. hurry somebody skynde seg hurry skynde seg hasten to, lose no time in skyss conveyance (transport of travelers by horse or boat) skysset henne av sted they bundled her off skyssgodtgjrelse travel allowace skysshest post-horse skysspenger fare skyss-skaffar a person who provides for transport/conveyance

skysstasjon skyssvogn human) skyte skrpedes skyte skytebok sklgrop skrunge slag slagbenk slegfredbarn called "ugte"/"uekte" slagter slakt slakte slakter slarv slarva ut slave slegfreddatter slekt slekten slektninger slektsforskning slektsgren slektshistorie slektsnavn slektsvpen slik slott slottsmenight slyng slgten slgtfred sl sl ihjel sltt slotten slttonn smaabruk smaaf smak smale smed smedlrling smedmester smie smykke smr smrambarar smfe smbruk

posting station, posting inn, coaching inn stagecoach, post chaise (was also used to take post and shoot is sharpened boat (see "skjte") skate register of transfers of ownership of real estate cup hole the first year boys in the Lofoten fisheries blow stroke, apolectic stroke military battle bench which opens into a bed (Haugen) child of unmarried parents, born outside marriage, also (see "slakter") meat, slaughtered animals to butcher butcher idle gossip, tattle did not take care of their property a prisoner sentenced to hard labour slave extramatarial daughter. relatives, family, lineage the family, lineage relatives genealogy branch, line of a family family history, genealogy lineage books family name, surname family coat of arms thus, in this way castle, palace the parish associated with the castle area loop, winding, turn (see "slekten") (archaic) slegfred thrash, beat, flog kill mowing hay the haying (cutting, mowing); the hayfield mowing season (see "smbruk") (archaic) (see "smfe") (archaic) taste (see "sau") blacksmith blacksmith apprentice master blacksmith forge, smithy jewelry, ornament, piece of jewelry butter buttercups usually means calves, sheep and goats but used as a common term for cloven-hoofed animals small farm

smbruker a farmer of a small farm smkrtter (see "smfe") smkveg (see "smfe") snart soon snarrdig resourceful snedker (see "snekker") snedker for egen regningself-employed cabinet maker snekker (funiture-) cabinetmaker, (timber-)carpenter, (house-) j oiner snikkar (see "snekker") snskred avalanche sndker (see "snekker") soeksende (see "ssken") sofarende soga soge sogn curate. sogneprest (see "sjfarende") (see "historie") n.n. (see "historie") n.n. subparish, see The Norwegian Church A ecclesiastical district of administration, headed by a

subparish priest A rector is the head of a parish (prestegjeld) and a sen ior official (subordinated a bishop). sokn (see "sogn") (archaic) sokneprest (see "sogneprest") (archaic) Solbr-syltety Black currant (jam) sols sieve (?) for barley, a throe with small holes in it soldat soldier, probably an infantryman. soldat i borgerkrigen soldier in the Civil war soldag u.k. soldier under command solgt sold soleis (see "slik") som who, which, that som det sig smmede which was appropriate, suitable (for a person of her socia l class) somand (see "sjmann") sommer summer son (see "snn") (archaic) sonnedatter (see "snnedatter") sonneson (see "snnesnn") Sonness grandchild soremand (see "sjmann") misspelling sorenskriver magistrate, probate judge, see Norwegian skifter -- Prob ate Records (John Follesdal) sort black sose bort blunder away sosialkurator social worker, welfare officer sosialsjef director of social services spann bucket (old measurement) (18 kg of butter) team of horses, oxes, dogs spannsteigflekket a patch of land that would pay 1 spann,annual land rent. spanskesjuka (see "spankesyken") spanskesyken Spanish flu sparke to kick spark (see "sparksttting") sparksttting chair sledge spebarn infant, baby spedalsk leprous spedkalv (see "spekalv") spekalv sucking calfs

spekekjtt spekelr spekelr spekemat spekesild spenne speciedaler spillemann spillesykja spinderiarbeider spinderske spinding spinnerske spiseskje s ( 15/1000 litre). spisestue spisevret spisevrt pe spiskam spiskammer spiseskje

hung beef mutton ham mutton ham cured meat, dried meat salt herring buckle, clasp stretch, strain, tighten, strap old currency, see Old measurements before 1875 musician, fiddler leprosy spinning mill worker (see "spinnerske") (see "rokk") female spinner litteraly "eating spoon" = metric value of 15 millilitre dining room (see " spisevrt") landlord, host of a dinner establishment, eating house kee

(see "spiskammer") pantry, larder tablespoon tablespoonful (measure) sprit alcohol sprk language ss abbr. for "spiseskje" st. abbr. for "Student" stabbur storehouse on pillars stabburet the storehouse stad town stader (see steder") stadfeste If this occur in connection with a baptism, it tells tha t the child has first been baptized at home. We can say it is verifying a bapt/Chr, done outside chur ch (at home/hospital etc). This was most probably because the child was very ill an d in danger of dying, and a month later the child baptism was confirmed by the minister in church in a special ceremony. This still happens sometimes, you know. Sometimes new-born babies are baptized in hosp ital, too, if there are complications. (A few gen. program has this as event) stadfestelse (see "stadfeste") Stadthauptmand every city of some size had a so-called "borgergarde" citizens military corps. The Stadthauptmand was its commanding officer stald (see "stald") staldkarl stall groom stall barn, stable, usually a (horse)stable stamfar progenitor stamgods inherited property/estate stamrulle basic list used by the militay to adjust their own list over possible soldiers, passed on list from the church stamtavle descendancy chart, ancestry table stand social position Start med bilde nr start with picture number stasjonsmester station master or manager (at the raiload)

staten statsarkivet statsalmenning statsbanene statsborgerskap statsminister stattholder staup

staut kar stavafabrikken stavkirke stebarn stebror sted steder stedatter stedsnavn stefar stefne stefning stefnemaal stenarbeider steinarbeider steler for .... steller for ..... stenarbeider stenhugger steinbrot steinbrudd steinhogger steinsetjingar steinsetting stemets stemmeberettiget stemor stervboe word "sterben" = to die stesnn step-son stesster step-sister stevning summons stevne summon stevnemte to make a date stevneml suit stevnevitne process-server, bailiff stifdatter (see "stedatter") stifson (see "stesnn") stiffson (see "stesnn") stiffsn (see "stesnn") stift diocese (archaic) There is more than one church in a parish and more than one parish in a stift. A higher level in the Lutheran organization. Stiftskriver an official ("embetsmann") of whom there was one in ever y len or (after 1660) amt. His job was to control or keep track of the church warde ns ("kirkeverge") of whom there was one in every parish. The church wardens handled the properties and incomes of the churches. stifterlseslem a person that receive support from a "stiftelser"

the national government National archives government common lands (see "NSB") citizenship prime minister governor, viceregent drinking cup, goblet smrstaup fine fellow, stalwart fellow stave factory stave church step child step brother place, location places, locations stepdaughter name of location step father (see "Stevne") (see "stevning") (see "stevneml") (see "steinarbeider") stoneworker (see "steller for ...") keeps house for ...... stone quarry worker (see "steinhogger") (see "steinbrudd") stone quarry, quarry stone cutter (see "steinsetting") pavement, stone pitching, riprap certain quaity of silk qualified to vote step mother (see "ddsbo") might be done as a connection to the German

stiftelse a foundation, probably local, established by some wealth y person or diocese to aid the poor and ill stiger forman of miners stilling status, position, occupation stipendium scholarship stiv heks (grandmother's footsteps (game) stokkfisk (see "trrfisk") stor large storfe cattle storkveg cattle (nn) storlevande (see "Storfe") stormoppslag stort konjakkglass (se "drink") stova (see "stue") stove small house or cottage where the people are living (nn) stovehus The house where people are living straebsom (see "strevsom") straff punishment straffange prisoner straks right away, immediately strand beach strandsidd (see "strandsitter") strandsitjarar (see "strandsitter") strandsitter person who rented a house on a larger farm near or at the coastline, see also "husmann" strev toil, labour strevsom hardworking strax (see "straks") stridighed (see "stridighet") stridighet stubborness, willfulness. conflict, dispute, controversy stridt difficult strikkerske a knitter strikking knitting strubehoste (see "strupehoste") strupehoste croup strygerske ironer, female strykepike ironing (laundry) maid strbsom (see "strevsom") stubbebryter stump puller student student stue a small house, cottage a room in the house, living room, ward (at hospital) stow (in shipping) stuer stevedore (in shipping) stuepike parlourmaid, housemaid (in a home) chambermaid (at a hotel) stuert steward stugu (see "stue") stum mute (can't speak) stuver (see "stuer") stygg ugly stykkson (see "stesnn") stykson (see "stesnn") stuttml (see "korthet") (nn) stygg ugly (look like) bad, nasty, ugly, foul (behave) styrer ruler, director styrmand (see "stymann") styrmann ships mate stedatter (see "stedatter")

stbe stber stper stberiarbeider stpe stperiarbeider stl strste stype str str skrevet sukker Sukkersyge sukkersjuke sukkersyke summa (Latin) summarisk surrekopp susselsat svartbrune svartkinn svartflekket svag svak svakhet svart svend svenn svensk Sverige svigerdatter svigerfader svigerfar svigerforeldre svigerinne svigermoder svigermor svigersnn svin svoger svulst svulst i maven svr sy syd sydlig sydvest sydst syerske thes etc syfilis syg sygebesg sygehuus sygehuuslem sygelig sygepleier sygepleierske syk sykdom

(see "stpe") (see "stper") (see "stperiarbeider") (see "stperiarbeider") casting or concrete (often metal in a foundry) foundryworker, foundryman (see "seter") largest (see " stpe") (nn) stands to be written sugar (see "sukkersyke") (see "sukkersyke") diabetes totals statistical, summary buzzhead, "muddle-headed" or restless kid (see "sysselsatt") black-brown, dark brown black cheek black spotted (see "svak") weak weakness black (see "svenn") journeyman Swedish Sweden daughter-in-law (see "svigerfar") father-in-law father-in-law and mother-in-law sister-in-law (see "svigermor") mother-in-law son-in-law pig brother-in-law tumor tumor in the stomach large to sow south southern south west south eas seamstress, a woman who is sewing/ lives from sewing clo syphilis (see "syk") (see "sykebesk") (see "sykehus") hospital patient (see "Syklig") (see "sykepleier") (see "sykepleierske") sick disease, illnes

Sykdomstilstand, Sykdom Varighet av sykdomstilstand sykebesk sykehus sykepleier sykepleierske syklig synte synet sypige sypike syskenbarn sysselsatt med syster sytten syttende sytti syttiende syv syvende Sdegaard = setegaard any taxes. sngeliggende srtrekk Sreie srtrykk ster sen sfarende sfartsbok sger sk i bikdearkivet skeord slje slv slvbeslag slvstandard slvvaerksarb slvverksarbeider slveigar slvmark o eight cows,

Impairment Duration of impairment sick call hospital nurse nurse (female) sickly thought eyesight, the ability to see (see "sypike") (archaic) seamstress cousins (nn) employed at (see "sster") (nn) seventeen seventeenth seventy seventieth seven seventh the nobleman's head farm where he was living. 'Sdegaardene' had economic priviledges - e.g. did not pay (see "sengeliggende") special facial feature distinctive characteristics Separate estate/property offprint, a separate special printing (see "seter") (see "sj") (see "sjfarende") seafaring book seeks seek in picture archive search-word (keyword) Slje silver silver mounting silverstandard (see "slvverksarbeider") silver smelter worker farmer who owns his own farm, i.e. does not lease it (nn) silvermark (in 1522 we can use the value of "landskyld" - in some part of Norway - one mark silver would buy 6 t

while 8 marks would be the price of a nice farm) smsmed a man who made nails for horseshoes. He might also change shoes and nails on horses smand (see "sjmann") sn (see "snn") (archaic) sndag Sunday sndre southern sner (see "snner") plural of "snn" snn son snne kjreste The son's wife-to-be, but not yet married in church snnedatter son's daughter snner sons snnesn son's son sr south

srgrense ssken sslaget sdskende sskenbarn sskenbarnet sster ssterdatter sstersnn st svverksarbei s sdan skalt skurv sledes ssom svidt

southern border siblings (see "sjslaget") (see "ssken") niece, nephew, first cousin (female or male) the first cousin sister sister's daughter, cousins sister's son, cousins sweet, nice, pretty, cute (see "slvverksarbeider") saw (see), so, if so, sow (seed) such so called sowing basket thus, in this or that as, such as as far as


T__________ T. abbr. for "tellingssted" or "tellingskrets" tste abbr. for "tjeneste" ta to take tages is/are taken tab (see "tap") tak roof Tak og Farvel Thank you and Goodbye (memorial) takk thank you takk for maten is what everyone is supposted to say after a meal, and t he host(ess) or the mother or whoever made the food, answers "vel bekomme" takksigelse thanksgiving takst rated value tale speech tall number, count tallet, 1800-tallet century, 19th century etc talrig (see "tallrik") tallrik numerous tambur drummer (soldier) tann tooth tannlege dentist tannlge (see "tannlege") tanntekniker dental mechanic tante aunt tarm bowel, gut, intestine tarmslyng volvulus tap loss tapperhet courage tarmslyng volvulus tatt the perfect participle form of the Norwegian verb 'ta' o r 'take', which means 'take' in English tatt av snskred taken in avalanche

taus tautrekking teglverk teglbrander teglbrnder f bricks. tegnebok tegning teig teksel teksle tekstil tekstilarbeider tekstilingenir tekstilarbeider tele telefon telegrafverket telegrafist telegrafistinde Televerktet tellinga . tellingstedet tellingskrets telt telthus tempel Tempelsvben tenestejenta terne testamente testamentere tettsted a "by" in Norwegian.

quiet (see also "ts") means a tug-of-war, in other words a conflict brickworks (see "teglbrnder) brick/tile burner and refers to one who tends the firing o sketching book drawing field on a farm (see "bkkerks") (see "bkkerks") textile textile worker textile engineer textile worker at the warehouse ground frost, frozen soil, frozen ground, frost, ice telephone (see "televerket") telegraphist, telegraph operator, radio operator telegraphist, telegraph operator (female) phone company in Norway, now named as Telenor literally means counting, but probably means census here location of census, enumeration location of census, enumeration tent, marquee tent house temple, fane temple whip (see "tjenestejente") housemaid last will bequeath community / densely populated is a town-like place which does place place

area not qualify to be called

may consist of only a few houses, but still be considere d as a sort of centre by people who live in the area. is also used about places like Sunndalsra (pop. ca 5000), Orkanger (ca 4000), and Merker (ca 2000), to mention a few. Americans (the ones I know, anyway) seem to call these p laces (small) towns. In Norway, a "tettsted" is part of a "kommune" - municip laity - it is not a separate unit. texel (see "bdkerks") Sheep from the Nederland ti ten tid time tidlig early tidligere earlier, prior tidsperiode period of time tidsskrift periodical tiend tithing, one tenth of ones's income or harvest, payable to the church tiende tenth, tithing tiener (see "tjener") tienestedreng (see "tjenestedreng")

tienestepige (see "tjenestepike") tigger beggar til to, until, for til minne om in the memory of til sjs at sea tilbage (see "tilbake") tilbake back, stay tilbakestende mentally retarded tilbringe spend one's time tilgang access, approach, admissions tilgjengelig assessible tilhre belong to tilhrende belonging to tilhve condition tilkjpt (see "kjpe til") tillatelse dispensation, permission tillegge ascribe to, attribute to, assign to tillit confidence tillysnings dagene days banns were read tilreisende visitor tilsett ved (see "ansatt ved") tilsist behind, last, at the end, finally tilstede present tilsynsmand supervisor tilstedevrende present tilss (see "til sjs") tilvekst growth of some kind time hour timmermand (see "tmmermann") tine round or oval bentwood box, with handle on lid, which is closed by being pressed between two upright pieces of wood, Pine bentwood box melting ting thing; legislative or judicial assembly (local, regional or national) tingbker protocols from local meeting of juridical importance tinglag judicial district tinglyse public announcement of the existence of a written contra ct, prior to the contract being copied into the 'tingbok' - a book containing co pies of such publicly announced documents. The past tense of tinglyse is tinglyst. The Tingbok is a very important source for Norwegian genealogy research. tingprovet evidence at court tinn pewter tinnfat pewter dish tinnknapper pewter buttons tinnvarer pewter tippe bet, do the pools, place a bet, make a bet tippoldefar great-great-grandfather tippoldemor great-great-grandmother tippoldeforeldre great-great-grandparents tirsdag Tuesday titel (see "tittel") (archaic) tittel title tiur wood grouse tj. (see "tjener" or "tjenestedreng" or "tjenestepige") tjene serve, work, earn tjener servant, waiter tjenerskatt in 1711 servant tax tjeneste service

tjenestedreng tjenestefolk tjenesteforseelse tjenestegut tjenestegutt tjenesteiver tjenestekarl tjenestekone tjenestejente tjenestepige tjenestepike tjenestequinde tjenestgjorde tjente tjonn tjern tjue (tyve) tjueen tjuefem tjuefire tjuende tjueni tjueseks tjuesju tjueto tjuetre tjuette tjnn to to i spann toetasjers tog tohundre tok told Toldrorskarl stom service always had hips coming into harbour toll tollbetjent tollekniv tollverket tolv tolvte tommar tommer tommermand tomset tomsing tomt tomtearbeider tomansbruk al,

servant, employee (male) servants, either domestic or hired hands service misconduct (see "tjenestegutt") young male servant eagerness to serve male employee female servant young femal servant, maid (see "tjenestepike") servant, employee, maid (female), housemaid servant (female) served served, earned (see "tjnn") (dialekt) pond, tarn, small lake twenty twenty-one twenty-five twenty-four twentieth twenty-nine twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-two twenty-three twenty-eight (see "tjern") nn two two in tow two story (building9 train two-hundred took (see "toll") man who rowed the boat(s) for the custom service. The cu boats and rowers ready to get fast out and inspect the s (before they could bring anything ashore). customs customs officer sheath knife customs department twelve twelfth (see "tommer") inches (see "tmmermann") half-witted half-wit, fool, jerk lot (of land) working at building sites a semi-detached farm, perhaps owned by a single individu

but used simultaneously by two different farmers torp common ending of farm and village names (swedish), se al so Swedish dictionary torsdag Thursday tre three

traevirke traesliberiarbeider traersker tran tranbrnderi tranbrenneri trau tredde tredje tredve trefningene trekkegarn Trekkspill mily) trelast trelastvirksomhed tremassefabrikk tremenning trenagler planks) treskjemaskin treskje

the number three wood (see "trevirke") (see "tresliperiarbeider") (see "tresker") cod liver oil (see "tranbrenneri") trough third thirty the engagements drawnet Pictures and information about Trekkespill (Accordion fa load of lumber lumber firm pulp factory second cousins wooden nail, wooden peg, wooden pin (used for fastening

threshing machine thresh, threshing spoon made of wood tresko Wooden shoes tresker thresher tresliperi pulp mill tresliperiarbeider a worker in a pulp mill tretten thirteen trettende thirteenth tretti thirty trettien thirty-one trevarer wooden items treverk things made out of tree trevirke woodworking trol. (see "trolovelse") trolig probably trollat to be mischievous trollpakk pack of trolls naughty children trollskap witchcraft trolove betroth, engage trolovelse betrothment, engagement (This is a public announcement (in church) of betrothal was a legal requirement. Without it you could not marry. I think these lasted until late 1800 or even early 1900's.) trolovet (see "forlovet") trosbekjennelse creed trossamf (abbreviation for " Trossamfund") trossamfunn religious belief, Religious community trulig (See "trolig") (nn) trsliberi (see "tresliperi") trsliberiearbeider (see "tresliperiarbeider") trdreier wood turner (as with a lathe) trfningerne (see "trefningene") Trfningen ved ... the military action at ... trk to draw

trsliberi Trnder trye trdte tuberkulose tuft tugthus tukthus tulft tungarbeid tunet tusen tuskhandel tusle tuslede tusmrke tusseflyte tvangsfange tvangsarbeide tvende tvilling tyende tyfus typograf tysk tyskerts Tyskland tyv tyve tyvende tle tndestik tring tmmer tmmerarbeider tmmerbygning tmmerflaader tmmerflyter tmmerflter tmmerflting tmmerhugger tmmerfut arking and

pulp mill a native of Trndelag jacket, vest stepped over tuberculosis, consumption site, homestead (see "tukthus") (archaic) prison old currency, see Old measurements heavy work the courtyard thousand barter patter, walk gently weak, shaky dusk, twilight (see "flyte") prisoner (at hard labor) hard labor, forced labor twain, the same as two (archaic) twin female servant (archaic) typhoid fever typographer German German tart, Jerry tart Germany thief twenty twentieth (see "tele") (see "fyrstikker") (danish) galloping tuberculosis, which brought death very fast lumber, timber worker on lumber timberhouse (see "tmmerflter") (see "tmmerflter") log driver, riverd river river driving of logs logger the saw-mill owner's A representative/law clerk supervising timber cutting, m transport. A "tmmerfut" in a town is the crown's representative who

also puts tmmermand tmmermann tmmerstova tmmerstuen tnne wooden ds were made like some kind of hooks so they could be hooked together . tnnefabrikk tnnestavar barrel factory barrel staves. a price on the timber the crown wants to buy. (see "tmmermann") carpenter, framer, timber cruiser (see "tmmerstuen") log cabin, house barrel; In 1801 the barrels was made of wooden straps. The straps was made of a half of a thin branch and in the en

trke drought trrfisk usually cod, dried in open air without salt, usually hun g on "hjeller", see also "lutefisk" tes (see "tyende") ts (see "tyende") t from (nn) toe A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

U__________ u.e. ue ug. udfl. bet u-schichelighet uaegte uagtet uaktet ubetydelig Ubekjendt uden udi udflytning betalt udflyttede udfre udgivet udholde udkommanderet udlggelser udnvnt udskiftningsformand suggestion how to join small divided piece of land into a bigger unit. He had to bear in mind that no one should loose on such a merging. At last he h ad to negotiate a solution that all the farmers could approve. udsltt grassy piece of the outlying field udtraadt mostly "gone out " of the congregation, presumably the N orwegian State Church udtraadt samfund withdrawn from society (church) udtraadte outgoing (member going out of the Lutheran church), the persons have renounced their memberships udyktig incapable udygtigheds pas passport of disability (literally), documentat showing t hat he was unfit for mlitary service udpt not baptized uekte (see "utenfor ekteskap") uaegtefodte (see "utenfor ekteskap") uff-da a weak fit of ill temper; Oh, my god uforfrdede fearless uformellt informal, (casual wear) uforvarende unexpectedly, unawares, accidentally, inadvertently (see "utenfor ekteskap") (abbr.) (see "utenfor ekteskap") (abbr.) (see "ugift") (abbr.) (see "udflytning betalt") (abbr.) (see "uskikkelighet") (see "uekte") (see "uaktet") notwithstanding slight, insignificant, unimportant, trifling unknown (see "uten") from, in (archaic) emigration fee paid moved out. e.g. (moved out of parish) (see "utfre") (see "utgitt") (see "utholde") (see "utkommandert") explanations (see "utnevnt") a supervisor of estate distribution. Was usually a man that was highly respected. He and two others made a

ufr ug. uge uger ugift uhuglege tilburden uhrmager uk. uke uker ukjent uld uldvare ulendt ulovlig ulykke ulykkelig ull ullvare ullvarefabrikk ult. ultimo umoralsk umyndig under under underfor underholde

crippled abbr. for "ugift" (abbr.) (see "uke") (archaic) (see "uker") (archaic) single, not married unpleasant event (see "urmaker") (see "ungkar") (abbr.) week weeks unknown, foreign (see "ull") (see "ullvare") difficult to traverse, rugged, pathless, trackless illegal accident unhappy wool products of wool woollen goods factory, woollen mill (see "ultimo") ultimate immoral under legal age under, below miracle. marvel, wonder under lining support, maintain entertain Underholdes af sine midler maintained by her (own) means. underlig strange/odd/peculiar underofficerskole non-commissioned officer underskrevne the undersigned underskrift signature underskrive to sign understttes (see "underholde") understttelse support, aid, assistance undertegne to sign undertegnet signed undertoldbetjent customs officer (of lower rank) undervisningsmetodikken method of education undlate (see "unnlate") ung young ungdommsskole school, starts at 13; grades 8 throrugh 10 uk (see "ungkar") ungk (see "ungkar") ungkar bachelor, unmarried man ungkarl (see "ungkar") (archaic) ungl (see "ungkar") (abbr.) unnlate feo. neglect, omit unntatt except ur watch urmaker watch-maker usikker doubtful, uncertain, insecure, unsafe, risky, unsteady Usikker ektestatus uncertain marriage status uskikkelighet naughtiness, improper uskyldig innocent ussel miserable, poor usmmelig indecent ut out

utanriks utarma utdannelse Utdannelse i Norge utdrag utd utddd uten utenfor utenfor ekteskap riage (church) utenlands utenom utenomekteskaplig utenriks utenpskrift utflytning utflytte utflyttede utgiftene utkommd utkommandert utmeldte utedo utfre utgi utgitt utholde uthus uti utkommandere utkommandert utlagt utlandet utleige utlignet skatt utlose utlse utnevnt utraat utpreget utskilt utskriftsformat utstrykning utukt utv. utvalg utvandre utvandrer utvandret utvandret senere utvandring utvandringsprotokoll utviklingshemmet utvise

(see "utenriks") worn out, improverished education Education in Norway extract extinct, die out extinct, died out without outside of out of wedlock, illegitimate, child born outside the mar abroad outside, on the outside, round, outside of out of wedlock foreign outside address moving out move out from moving from an area(moving out) expenses (see "utkommandert") called up, mobilized; called out (soldier) resigning or withdrawing (in churchbook) outhouse pit privy (with a hole in the ground) perform, do publish published, edited endure outhouse, outbuilding at, in call up, mobilize mobilize named as, alleged foreign country, abroad for hire assessed tax (see "utlse") redeem start, provoke, release appointed (see "udtraadt samfund") emphatically partitioned/divided from printer friendly form (see "overstrykning") lechery, fornication (see "utvandret") (abbr.) committee selection emigrate emigrant emigrated emigrated later on emigration emigrant register mentally retarded expel, send out, order out show, display

uvett uvr utyske unsket ugte ur

folly, unwisdom, imprudence bad weather, storm monster unwanted, unwished for, undesirable (see "uekte") (archaic) bad year, crop failure


V__________ vaabenarb vaaningshus vad vadmel sers) vadmelskjol vadskepige vadtrk vaegter vakre vaksinasjon vaksinasjonsattest vaksinasjonsprotokoll vaksinert vaksne vanfr vanlegaste vann vanningsanlegg vanskapt vanskeligstilte vansott vanvare vanvittig var var strket over i KB vart vaskehus vaskekone vaskepike vaskeriarbeider vassbrunn synnafor vatningsanlegg vattersot vdj ved ved siden av ved "Syv Slet" vedhugning vedhugging ire wood. (see "vpenarbeider") (sse "vningshus") fishing gear, i.e. fishline, seine what thick homespun and woven wool cloth (for skirts and trou homespun dress (suit) (see "vaskepiker") the way to draw the net in fishing (see "vekter") beautiful, handsome vaccination, inoculation certificate of vaccination, vaccination certificate vaccination register vaccinated (see "voksne") crippled, disabled the usual water, lake a construction for spreding the water on the fields deformed, handicapped people with large problem dropsy accidentally insane, mad, deranged, foolish was, were deleted in the churchbook was (nn) a local and private lundry cleaner, charwoman, cleaning woman a cleaning girl/woman, girl who works at a laundry, maid laundry worker water well to the south (see "vanningsanlegg") (see "vansott") (see "udi") (archaic) at, by firewood next to at seven o'clock (archaic) (see "vedhugging") wood cutting, wood splitting, the chopping of logs for f

vedkommende vegarbeidar veger veggklokke vegvaktar vegvokter vej vejarbeidar vejarbeider vei veiarbeider veivokter veier vekse opp vekter vel bekomme Velagtbare veldig velge

person concerned (see "veiarbeider") (see "veier") wall clock (see "veivokter") (see "veivokter") (see "vei") (see "veiarbeider") (see "veiarbeider") road roadworker, one who was building or repairing roads roadman. He is looking after a certain part of the road. roads grow up (nn) public watchman in a town you are welcome, is a standard reply to "takk for maten" a respected person

very select, pick, pick out be elected, get in velsigne bless velsignet blessed, confounded, wonderful, heavenly velstand prosperity velvilligheten the benevolence, friendliness, goodwill Velrvrdig Herr Jacob Reverend Mr Jacob venn friend vennskap friendship venstre left (side) verbror brother-in-law (nn) verdotter daughter-in-law (nn) verdsett valued verdslig temporal, secular, worldly, mundane verdslige makt (den - ) the secular power veret (see "vret") verfar (see "svigerfar")nn verge guardian verit (see "var") verksarbeidar Worker on a factory verkseier factory owner verkstad (see "verksted") verksted workshop, repair shop, works vermor (see "svigermor") nn verneplikt military duty vernepliktsbok handbook or folder, issued to person of draft age, which contains his registration, information on military service, etc. verson (se "svigersnn") nn versster sister-in-law (nn) vertshus inn, guesthouse vesener creatures, beings vest west waistcoat vester (see "vestre") vestre western veterinr veterinary surgeon, veterinarian (US) vever weaver veveriarbeider Worker in a weaving factory vevsje reed vesjemaker Weave-spool maker vi we

vi er glad p dine vegne We are very happy for you vidare (see "videre") videre further videregende skole school, starts at 16; grades 1 thorught 3 vidne (see "vitne") vidunderlig wonderful, marvellous viede (see "viet") vielse marriage, wedding vielsesattest marriage certificate viet married vigd (see "viet") vigelse marriage vik bay, inlet vikariater stand in for viker coves, inlets a receding hairline is called viker yielding, giving way retreating from an enemy departing, leaving drawing back, receding, retreating, flinching stepping aside vilkaar (see "vilkr") vilkr a pension paid by a new owner of land to the former owner ("see also "kr") vilkrskone a lady on "vilkr" villig willing vinter winter violin (see "fele") viser til refering to visergutt errand boy Visningsformat viewing format vistnok surely vite to know vitne witness testify vitnesbyrd testimony vogn carriage, wagon, vehicle vognfabrikk wagon factory vognhus car barn, buggy shed, wagon shed, house for wagons vognmaker wagon maker vognmand (see "vognmann") vognmann coachman vognfrer ved Christiania could be Kristiania elektriske Sporvei; Christiania ele ctric tram; they had " 18 vognfrere " in 1894. In America it would be motorman at the Kristiania Electric Tram. voksne adult vokter (see "vekter") voldta rape voldtekt rape voldtatt raped vor (see "vr") vurdering appreciation, evaluation, estimate, judgment, assessment vurderingsmenn The member of the "application assessment meeting" vurderingsmann A member of the "application assessment meeting" vurderingsmte application assessment meeting; e.g. Programme Committee vgter (see "vekter") vrdig worthy vre be vreier owner of a fishing station, the owner of the area around vret weather

vrfader vrge vrksaib vrt vrvarsling vsener vver vveriarbeider vningshus vger vpen vpenarbeider ikely in a factory vr vre felles aner vronne vrsildfiskeriene

(see "svigerfar") (see "verge") (archaic) (see "verksarbeidar") (see "var") weather forecast (see "vesener") (see "vever") (see "veveriarbeider") the house on a farm where people live, a farm house old measurement coat of arms Norwegian arms weapon it means that the person made weapons or ammuniton, most l our spring our common ancestry the worktime at the farm in the spring spring herring fisheries


W__________ W If you see a word starting with W, d also look for the sa me word starting with V Welb. abbr. for Welbaarne Welbaarne born well, i.e. born to parents of a "high class". Ususa lly used a a title by nobility wilkaarkone (see "vilkrskone") Wisergut (see "visergutt") wurderingsmand (see "vurderingsmann") WurderingsMnd (see "vurderingsmenn")




Y__________ ymse (also Annet) yndige misc. charming, graceful, lovely

yngre yngst yngste klasse yrke ytterlegare ytterligere yttre ytre

younger youngest youngest class profession, occupation (see "ytterligere") (NN) further (see "ytre") outer-most




__________ gte gtefdt gteskap gtefolk gteflle gteviede ldste rbdig re resbevisninger rlig rnrer seg rnring ske skearbeiderseke tt ti tti tten ttegransking tting ttling (see "ekte")(archaic) legitimate birth (see "ekteskap")(archaic) (see "ektefolk") (see "ektefelle") married (see "eldste")(archaic) respectful honor marks of repect honest support himselves/herselves profession, making a living of. box, packet box/packet worker (one who makes boxes) family ancestors/family history/family tree (see "tten") (see "tten") the family, lineage genealogy relatives, heir heir



ene de degard delegge dem

demark gle ie lhandlerske nske nskeplassen re rn st stre stsiden vre verst verste vet vrig y yene ye ye p yeblikk yk yker

(see "y") (see "yene") desolate, waste farm that was abandoned during the black death destroy swelling oedema (pl. oedemata edema (see "vattemsott") wasteland, wilderness lizard (see "ye") female dealer of bear wish, desire, want place of contemplation ear currency eagle east eastern east side upper top, upper, uppermost, topmost, supreme topmost trained, practiced, experienced, skilled, trained remaining island islands eye catch sight of moment, instant mare (female horse) (nn) mares (female horses) (nn)


__________ bor leine ker kerland ket kle nd ndsarven ndsbrytingane ndsfravrende ndsfrisk ndssvak pen r perch (see "alene") (nn) field land, cropland, tilled land farm land, cultivated land arable land (bring under - ) subjugate bedspread, coverlet spirit, ghost spiritual heritage spiritual awakening absent-minded, preoccupied alert, of sound mind mentally deficient, feeble minded open, exposed year

rehus let re reas in Norway re relating ce a

small, one-room house with a small opening in the roof to out the smoke from the hearth. heath (in use untill the mid- to late-1800 in many rural a oar bloodletting is to open a blood vessel to drain blood. relating was on usual operation to cure illness, and is still used in so

me situations where there are problems with the blood circulations. term of years employment contract for a term of years the years years following open-hearth room age group, year century (see "rlig") (nn) annual, yearly in many years cause, reason annual fee annual salary, yearly wages season, time of the year the year's crop Old gods (see "seterett") qualified allodial right of inheritance the right of one of the descendants of a dead owner of a farm have to take over the property at a reasonable price setesrett primogeniture ssen har du det (see "hvordan har du det") ssen gr det (see "hvordan har du det") ssen gr det med deg (see "hvordan har du det") sted where event took place tte owned (nn); he owned his car tte eight tte dagers ur med kasse Eight day watch with case ttende eighth tti eighty ttiede eightieth ttringsbt a boat with 4 pairs of oars. reml remlskontrakt rene rene senere restue rgang rhundre rleg rlig rrekke rsak rsavgift rslnn rstid rsvekst satru sete seterett

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