SEDEX 32 Template for Abstract (Grouping) 1. Introduction Start with introduction of the group member.

The introduction must include full members picture(recommended), details such as full name, student ID, passport or IC number, course, phone number, supervisor name etc…

2. Project description The main part, student must explain briefly regarding this project, e.g. methodology, procedure, problem encounter, solution and so on... 3. Outcome Here, student must share personal reflection towards this project. During this project, what student find most important and benefit to others. 4. Prototype Please provide prototype picture for reference. FORMAT 1. Font – Times New Roman Bold – Sub-topic 2. Font size – 12 Title – 20 3. Line spacing – 1.5 4. Alignment – Justify 5. Picture – 5x7inch (as suite as possible) 6. Can be presented in paragraph, table, point or chart form. 7. Maximum page is 3 pages only.


No. Name Student ID Passport/ Programme Phone IC No. Email Address 1 2 3 4 5 6 Title of project Supervisor : : (name as in IC or Passport) .HEADER:SEDEX32-(CATEGORY) TITLE OF PROJECT 1 INTRODUCTION: Group photo No.

4 Problem Encounter 2.1 Introduction (Introduction of the project. including the objectives. .2 Methodology 2.) 2.3 Procedure 2. problem statement etc. ) 4 PROTOTYPE: Picture of prototype and description. ) 3 OUTCOME: ( Personal reflection.5 Solution 2.6 ( Participants are allowed to give additional information about the project.HEADER:SEDEX32-(CATEGORY) 2 PROJECT DESCRIPTION: 2.