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5^x8 inches.Size. Davenport PRICE $2.00 NET . 600 Pages Binding is in Blue Cloth with Cover Design Stamped in Gold 115 Full Page Plates Including a Series of Cartoons by Homer C.

game was young. and having sixteen forceful cartoons by Homer C. SPALDING Price. and two others on a tour of the world in 1 888-9 he was present at the birth of the National League.00 Net 600 pages. 1 . G. profusely illustrated full page engravings. . Spalding . . he fought to eradicate drunkenness he urged and introduced new and higher ideals for the sport . he was the pioneer to lead competing American Base Ball teams to a foreign land he took two champion teams to Great Britain in 874. Game about America's National he speaks by authority of that he does know. Spalding. ball playing . No man in America is better equipped with over 100 to write on tional all A book of the varied phases of the is NaHis the Game than A. Davenport. and the business management of clubs. and has done as much as any living American to uphold and prolong the life of this great pioneer Base Ball organization. When A.America's National Qame By A. . He He opposed gamblers. at the same time and by the same men. the famous American artist. but not while playing he was in the forefront of the fight against syndithe game cating Base Ball and making of a Nation's pastime a sordid Trust. because talks G. were imprache knew that ball players ticable might be quite competent as magnates. observation and experience began when gained fame as a pitcher forty years ago. he was quick to see that . G. He was associated with the management of the pastime through trying years of struggle against prevailing evils. $2. winning a record as player that has never yet been equalled.

of CoopersBase Ball club shows how the sport in its early days how gamto . for possibilities to it demonstrates the American youth of rising to heights of eminent material success through a determined adherence to things that make for the upbuilding of character in organizations as well as of men. for it shows how his boy may be built up physically and morally through a high-class pastime. shows how it developed. and others have to do with personal prominent in the game like acts and characteristics of players in earlier days — old time favorites Harry and George Wright.: treats of the first rowdyism terrorized bling and drunkenness brought the pastime into disfavor with the masses. Abner Doubleday. by natural stages from a boy with a ball to eighteen men. Interspersed throughout this interesting book are reminiscences of Mr. Billy Sunday and others. He then very forceful pictures of the struggle to eradicate gambling. Spalding. A. (see Mailed postpaid on receipt of price by any Spalding list on inside front cover).he has been in the councils of the management whenever there have been times of strenuous endeavor to purge it from abuses and keep it clean for the people of America young and old. manager and magnate. or by the publishers. and shows how the efforts of strong men accomplished the salvation of to control the evils draws a series of American game and placed it in the position it occuto-day— the most popular outdoor pastime in the world. begins with the inception of the sport. 21 Warren Street. that insidiously crept in. Mike Kelly. drunkenness and kindred evils. ball. Y. bats and bases — gives credit for the first scientific application of system to the playing of the game town. N. In this work Mr. Spalding's own personal observations and experiences in the game as player. after explaining the causes that led him into the undertaking. It should be in the hands of every lad in America. Some of these stories deal with events of great import to Base Ball. the great pies covering a period of many years. C. Anson. store American Sports Publishing Company New York . This book should be in the library of every father in the land. and how early organizations were unable .

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" The Russian Uoil* .Georges Hackenschmidt.

Y.. Jr. Nelligan Amherst College. — — -n r-j I I ' --| U Spalding " Red Cover" Series of Athletic Handbooks No. i— j— U WRESTLING CATCH-AS-CATCH-CAN STYLE 'dJ^ BY E. i8R ^-— HUn i I — r-i . D. PUBLISHED BY AMERICAN SPORTS PUBLISHING LJ ' — COMPANY 21 Warren Street. R. Amherst. F. New York . Hitchcock. Mass. M. N. Cornell University. Ithaca.dU l-.

A.330^51 . 1912 BY American Sports Publishing Company New York ©Cf.v|% f ?' Copyright.

. is the all mis' cir* natural method.WRESTLING CATCH-AS-CATCH-CAN THIS it style is selected for illustration bee luse is the most universal. endurance and agility. a physical exercise there is no sport which calls for so much strength. and with men who love to oppose their strength xo that of others. to touch The attempt has not been made here upon the is practically the locks and combinations. combined with cool judgment. n^ sport is so popular. but rather to useful. and requires no special preparation the in way all of clothing. since there no limit to them. and It practit all}' comprises all the other forms. to and by presenting them As show the diverse possibilities of this form of wrestling. show most common and graphically. the most effective under cumstances.

and be able to apply them encounter with a forced into is unwelcome bv the man who not inspired finer feelings of the amateur. but while he discards them in still friendly competition. but so do other competitive athletics. it is not claimed that this is a ** Complete Guide to Wrestling. Nelson or BacK- hammer Since has often enabled a man to successfully defend himself. he should know their if danger and value. the following illustrations. It all is to the lover of is sport. and a knowledge of the Strangle." offer. the true amateur.4 WRESTLING. Personal encounters life forced upon one in defense of settled or property are by no means always by fist or weapon. and in the sport is also hoped that those well trained may find in our illustrations some may prove of practical u^e to them. it we have no apologies to It is intended as an aid to beginners. ideas which . which the amateur will not use because they are brutal all . our little In work offered. Wrestling does offer opportunities tor ungentle- manly and unsportsmanlike work. breaks and doubles are described. certain holds.

— . these circumstances is what is known as ''One over and one under." Here each has his left arm over his opponent's shoulder. The following directions for making the Holds are addressed to the aggressor.INSTRUCTIONS I^V (^V ^^v U The fail Rdcrcc's Hold Sometimes given by the Referee when the men The other Hold given under to take a Hold. those for the Stops. Breaks and Doubles to his opponent. and the right under his arm. Note.

— Here. To Stop this Throw. following your successful escape. as in all other Breaks. fall with him and force the two points down. stand erect. throw him backward over your shoulder. bend forward after the Leg Hold has been taken.WRESTLING. turn. If will Nin|^^ w^ H fr^~n^ '-ii^^^ l^gM1^" ^ ' * ' ^KjB W^^B ^ j^ §m 11 1 Note. step forward and grasp around his knees. and before he lifts clasp him around the waist and lift his legs from the floor. 2* Both Legs Hold and Stop your opponent's legs are close together (which happen only in the case of a novice). Doubles and Stops. you will take such a Hold as the nosition of your opponent makes possible .

Le§: and Back Heel. 3» Break it. If he hugs you close. I i m^ for a chance for a Hold after he ^ Inside 4. step inside and Back Heel his other leg. your weight on force him to the throw and fall is with him.WRESTLING. for Both Lcgfs Hold floor Place your hands on the back of his head. . on the floor. with Stop Catch his nearest leg with both hands.

5» Shoulder Twist Place one hand beneath his elbow. Punishment Holds rarely result in actual falls. as is the case with many other Stops and Holds following. grasping your wrist with your free hand. . throw your arm about his neck and squeeze hard. Twist his shoulder and push backward. Note. This Stop.8 WRESTLING. To Stop it.^ lift and throw him over your head. but they do not infrequently result in your opponent giving you the Fall by admitting his unwillingness to remain in the position in — which you have placed him. and with the other grasp his wrist. is for punishment only.

A Strangle Lock always means the placing of one forearm across the front of your oppoThis may or may not be strengthened nent's neckc — . punishment. bear down on his neck and ft. force his arm up his back. thus giving you absolute and easy control of Let go the wrist. offered in such a Using wrist and elbow for leverage. 6. force his "^or arm up until he acknowledges the Fall. Arm Up the Back. let go the elbow and put the Brake on which means No. Note. ?• Back Stf an§flc Step behind and put on a Full Strangle Lock. and pull him backward. shown — to slip your forearm under and inside his nearest arm.WRESTLING. with Brake On The opening position as that for this Hold in is 5.

iO WRESTLING. catch him by the . Strangle. while in the Half Strangle only one arm is used on The object of the Strangle is indicated by its name. J' 8» Possible Double for Before he has time to pull Back Strangle you back. his neck. by the use of the other arm. In the Full one arm is in front and the other behind the neck. get your iiin Jo and stop the Strangle.

his waist. get Full Strangle and at the same time a Leg Grapevine. JO* Strangle and Outside in Back Heel out- Get a Strangle. It elbows. step and place your heel . NoTF —The Grapevine is the twining of an arm or leg about his arm or leg. Force him backward and fall with him. 9» Waist Lock^ and Doutle by Strangle and Leg Grapevine lift and throw. To Clasp around Double. bend forward and throw him over your back.WRESTLING.

foot. throw him. Push him back- It. and at the same time put on a Waist Lock. Lift and .WTRESTLIlia side and back of his nearest ward and fall with him. Double for Stmngfle and Outside Back Heel Step back before he gets the Back Heel.

and at the same time step in and thie Inside Leg Lock. . I2« Strangle and Inside Legf Lock get Get a Strangle. in and throw him.WRESTLING. Lift with your leg and arms. as No. step back. fall with him. force backward and it. 1 1. To Stop lift before he Locks your leg.

Throw.14 WRESTLING. When caught in this position. J3^ Stop for Waist Lock his forehead Place your hand on and snap his fiead back. to . Waist Lock lift Grasp your opponent around the body. try to tnd throw. J4. as in This could be followed by a Buttock No. 53.

WRESTLING. on the Floor J6. thus bringing him to his knees. i5* Strangfle from Behind^ on the Floor For Punishment. go to your knees. n Double. throw your arms outside of your opponent's. clasp your hands. For Punishment . and try to roll him over. Strangle from the Front.

Strangle. J 7. thrust your right arm under in from. his left and place your left right hand on his head. Crowd your forearm against his neck Punishment . if from the other side). on the Floor Force his head down with your left hand (or with your right. or Hangf. with Half Nelson from the Front.x6 WEBSTUNO.

on the Floor foot.WRESTLING J 8* Foot and Neck. . roll catch opposite shoulder and him over. for but the hold punishment.-The asiially Fall is may sometimes be made. Catch his nearest reach under his neck. NoTE.

catch fall him backward and one thigh from inside with him. . t9* Half Sttangfle and Qotcl' Get lorce a Half Strangle.iS WRESTLING.

WRESTLING. 20* 19 Stop for Half Strangle and Crotch. as in No. 2i • Waist Lock from Behind and Dk>uHe by Head over Shoulder Get a Waist Lock trum behind and throw. Standing When he attempts to place his forearm across your neck. grasp his wrist and elbow and put on a Shoulder Twist. 5. To .

An expert would not allow his head to be near enough for this Double. 23* Bfidgfe to Stop the Fall Shoulder —A from Head Over continuation of No. draw head forward. 21. Note. 22. pulling him with you.WRESTLING. his Double. «^ — 22» A Portion of Head over Shoulder — ^No. 22. . reach up and catch around his neck. roll over forward as in No. Fall on top of him. go down on your knees.

and roll him . Bring nis head and knee as near together as over. and while turning him over him and pass your arm •::«l|S|:|!|iili outside and under his opposite leg. Half Nelson from the Front and Leg Locki on the Floor turn your back towards Get a Half Nelson.WAMTUm i4. possible.

The Half Nelson from in front necessitates your thrusting your right arm under his left. — . while from behind. Note.WRESTUMG. 15* Stop for Half Nelson from Behind. on the Wlten he attempts pin ii Floof* to to get his arm under yours. your side with your elbow and throv» your head back. oi your left under his right. youi right is under his rights etc.

using your head for a pivot. 27. lock the fingers of both hands or clasp your own wrist. . Spin Oat of a Half Nelson Throw your feet in the air and spin around to the other side. 23 26* Locked Half Nelson^ from Behind Get a Half Nelson. pull his head under. reach under with your free hand.WRESTLING. place roll your head under fall his arm. him over and J' on him.



Stop for a Spin

Catch him around the waist with your and so stop his turning.



Half Nelson and Hold Outside of

Legf^ Standing


Get a Half Nelson, reach over and place youi hand between his legs irom behind, lift up, roll over and fali with him.



Half Nelson and Leg, Standing

catch his opposite leg, double

Get Half Nelson from behind, puH his head down, him up and clasp hands, lift up, throw him forward and fall with him.


Double for Half Nelson from Behind, on the Floor

If his



his neck, pull

him oyer your back and

near enough, reach your arm about roll over

with him.




Half Nelson on Neck and Leg:

Grasp knee on

his foot


his leg just

firm, then


he is face down, drop your above his knee to hold the leg knee and get a Half Nelson on

his foot.

Watch your chance and
his nearest arm,




arm under

and put

a Half Nelson

on his neck. punishment.



over, or take your time for

Half Nelson and Crotch, on the Floor

Get a Half Nelson from behind, catch high up, and roll him over head first.

his leg

then reach over and catch the farthest wrist and force it up his back. his fall 36. 2) Half Nelson from Behind and Outside Legv on the Floor legs. Get a Half Nelson. Back Hammer and Half Nelson from Behind. Roll him over or punish. get the Half Nelson first. .WRESTLING. 34. reach under and between grasp opposite thigh. roll him over and with him. on the Floor If possible.

J' 37 and 42. while he is getting the Nelson it. Standing. go down on your knees and roll him over to the side. ''"v^mS: •m . Standing. 37» Double for Full Nelson. To Double this hold. reach under both arms and clasp your arms as high up around his neck as possible. 36* If Full Nelson. or even sometimes after he has got pinion his arms to your sides with your elbows.28 WRESTLING. you find yourself behind him. as in Nos. thus putting on the Full Nelson.

39« Full Nelson from the Front.WRBStlJNGr Sft. tirst and follow with the other . force his head back and Back Heel him. Reach up and clasp your hands across his face. on the Floor Get a Half Nelson arm. Neck Bend and Back Heel Usually got from a Waist Hold.

secure his arms lo your sides with your elbows. A Possitk Double for a Full Nelson the Front. 41. force head down and get a Half Nelson with the other arm. This Hold. amateur contests. with the Strangles. throwing him over your shoulders. Full Nelson from Behind. sit up and fall over backwards. on the Floor bom Draw your knees well up.30 WRESTLING. 10. — is barred . on the Floof his Get a Half Nelson. in Note.

^ Arm Up the Back with Brake On. 6. . 42» Double fof Full Nelson Pin his arms to your sides and roll over side ways. on the Floor See No.WRB8TUNG.

FIyin§f Mare Grasp his wrist with both handji. Punishment.32 WRESTLING. Arm Up the Back. on the Floor Force his arm up his back and put the Brake on. Get a Strangle with your other arm. 45. Use the arm throw him over your shoulder. for a lever and . 44. and Strangflc. twitch him towards you. clasp your hands together and squeeze. turn and lift his arm with palm down on your shoulder. Brake On.

Flyingf Marc Grasp his other arm (see and throw him as before. twine your arm about hio. turn. 46.WKB&-1HNG. J' 45). keep his palm up. step outside and behind his 47* Arm nearest leg. his and throw him forward over vour . twitch him towards you. Grapevine and Cross Buttock Grasp his wrist with both hands.

which is holding the shoulders up from the floor by supporting the body on the head and feet. 48# Break for a Bridgfe his Place your forearm across your other elbow against the neck and press stomach.34 WRESTLING.-^Many Falls can be stopped by a Bridge. . The Bridge can be strengthened by hands on the hips and elbows on the floor. pit of his NoTE.

lift up and fall with him. 35 49* Buttock Of Hip Lock Grasp him about the neck. pulling 50. grasp his legs. su . Double for Buttock or Hip Lock Before he has time to lift you over his hip. as in No. at the same time him forward and throwing him over your Fall with him. drop your shoulder in front of his body.WRESTLING. hip.

36 WRESTLING. . 5J. 52» Another Double for Buttock leg. for Buttock No. Finish of DouMe 50. lift up and throw backward. grasp his leg. or place Catch him around the neck and by his nearest your nearest arm across the front of his neck.

be Stopped and Doubled. 54.WRESTLING. . 37 53* Buttock and Outside Leg. before he has stepped in. This can step outside his leg and force him over. pull him forward. by catching him around the waist. lifting and throwing him as in No. Lock* Catch him around the neck.

step well behind and throw him over your hip. 54. or under his arm and over his neck. lift and throw 55» Cross Buttocks Catch him around the neck. Double for Buttock. .38 WRESTLING. Catch him around the waist.

on the Floor. wards and fall with him. it Foot Twist. An attempt to Stop would be with a Neck Hold. Then . Catch his foot and twist until he turns. Turn sideways.WRESTLING. 57. and with your nearest arm grasp him around the body in front while the other arm Lift and throw backgrasps around him behind. as in the illustration which would usually prove ineffectual. 3Q Cornwall Heave* 56.

59 are used for making a man turn when he persists in lying face down. Both this and No. Catcn his chin and head. and twist. Another form of punishment from this position is to drop your knee on his Look out for back.iO WRESTLING. 59» Head Hold and Twist. «^ 58' An application of No. 57. then bend his knee and twist. Punishment . kicking from his free foot. drop on his other leg and force the points down unless he admits the fall.

. 60. 60.WRSSTLING. 6f* Continuation of No. 62. him up and drop him on his shoulders as in No. Lift from the Floor Lift Seldcm used except in Gr^eco-Roman wrestling.

Both Legs Lock.WRESTLING. If he does so straighten up and throw him over your baclc. as in 64. grasp his legs. . To Stop it he will probably grasp you about the waist. 62* Fall from the Prccedingf To Stop it. 63» Try for a Double Front Elbows.

To Stop it. Feint for a Half Nelson. him over Bridge and spin roll . 63.WRESTLING. 64» 43 Continuation of No. over on your face. and fall with him. grasp his opposite arrri near the shoulder with both hands. e^ 65* Opposite Arm Hold^ on the Floor.

62). The Spalding No. The best worsted is used. knit to shape.00 each. Oleson and others. which are to be sewn on the These are inextights. B. put together by hand and reinforced at knees with strong.00. the latter being of kangaroo with elkskin sole. to avoid injury.WHAT A WRESTLER A NEEDS wrestler's apparel consists of Spalding full length tights.00 for leather.75 for canvas and up to $5.B). A jersey is desirable. 61 and 62. A Th€S€ .50 in cut worsted. navy blue and maroon. bath robe iz also essential. and hand made. and $4. which are covered with soft tanned horsehide and padded No. and costs from $2. nicely Nos. silk finish worsted.00 per pair. made of mercerized silk elastic. according to quality. It is well to have the knees covered with protectors. and is the only really safe supporter for wrestling made. extra light.00 to $1. These latter cost from $1. They are made in colors black.50 in best worsted. and cost $6.50 up. including Gotch. and a pair of strong leather or canvas high cut gymnasium shoes. for with hair felt. which can be obtained for $i. strong and durable. ranging in price from 75 cents a pair for the best(No. pensive. $2. Every wrestler should wear a supporter. to prevent catching cold. It costs $2.WA wrestling full tights are made especially for the purpose after the suggestions and ideas of prominent wrestlers. A very useful adjunct to a wrestler's outfit is the Spalding combined wrestIt is ling supporter and belt. and 25 cents for durable cloth.oo per pair in sanitary cotton. to 50 cents tanned leather. padded (No. padded with wool felt (No„ 61).25 to $4. which costs from $1.

knee cap.50. a wrist bandage. Address the Spalding store nearest to you for a copy. and a shoulder cap. Spalding's catalogue of athletic goods contains full descriptions.25 in silk. for list of which see inside front cover of this book= .50 in cotton and $6. but 2>^ inches wide. knee and ankle bandages cost $1.00. and will be mailed to any address free upon request. $4. 75 cents in cotton and $1. A roll elastic bandage. the same length. Leather wrist supporters cost from 20 cents to 50 cents each. The elbow.50 each in cotton and $2.00 in silk. and construction. 75 cents. depending upon quality Bandages for the shoulder cap. costs $1. 5 yards long and 3 inches wide.can be bought from 20 cents up to $1. pictures and prices of all the above goods and everything for athletic wear and use.00 in silk. wrist. elbow or ankle can be obtained in silk or cotton.

Pair.C. No. 14B. Royal Blue. Corduroy cover to lay over mat and allow 6-in. ^e Each. not over 26 inch Pair. Sateen. Cloth covered.15 if.00 No. Fine Velvet. Pair. 25c above dozen prices printed in italics will be quoted on orders of one-half dozen or more at one time. Spalding Velvet Trunks No. Per pair. Boys' Leaders.reduction from regular retail prices on quantities of less than one-fiatf dozen. $1. Pair. M. Pair.C. $3.M. Cover heavy quality duck. 75c. fly front. thick. Pair. 1. Cotton. knit to shape and put together by hand. Pair. $4. . 75c. Black or Gray Silesia. padded with wool felt.00 'kS2/. Pair. Size 12x12 feet.00Do2. Colors: Black.OODoz Pair. Spalding Full Length TightiT No. Pair.^fl Dos No. Good quality worsted. . elastic. Flannel. Sizes.l_ * Special colors to order. 605. full fashioned.60Doz. Maroon. White. 1912. 44. 50c. lace back. Pair. Blue flannel Y. 4. full No.00 No. 28 to 42 inch waist. 3. 4. Navy Blue. Pan. and durable.Jk_p. 62. M.00 ifSJO-OODz.A. [sted. and Maroon. closely tufted. 2B. $6. The only safe supporter for No.50 No. margin on all sides. trousers. quality vrorsted. Bpalding Wrestling Full Tights Not carried in stock. 3. extra. Sizes. $1. Stock colors: Black.S0 Doz. Boys' Knee Pants.40 Doz. Pr. $2. Pair. Black. WA. 3A. White. Pair.ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE Spalding Running Pants Specify size and color Spalding Worsted Trunks No. Supplied on Special Orders only No. stripe down side. 4 Y. 4. leather. Subject to change without notice. Per pair. $2. silk No. Special colors to order. but juvenile sizes. C.WXX. Reinforced at knees with strong silk finish worsted. No. Knee Pants. $1. Men's Leaders. Pair. Combined Wrestling Supporter and Belt Mercerized strong Spalding Special Pads for Wrestling To be Sewn on cover. when ordering Best wor- No. in. Black.. $1. extra. PROMPT AHENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSED TO US I I A. 25c. $2." Flannel. . IN I FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES ALL LARGE CITIES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OF THIS BOOK in effect July 5. 2. wrestling. $2. hair felt Wrestling Tights.. lace back. fly front.00 No. laceback. good quaHty. . Special No. flannel.50 3. 25c $2.00 $18. medium quality. to 42 inches.l Navy and Black. Same quality as No. Per pair.00 i^ S/ff. 61. Navy. stripe down side.0C No.40 Do2 Silk Ribbon Stripe around waist on any of these running pants. and MaNavy II laceback. down side. with stripe No. Pair. •vvaist 45c Silk Ribbon Stripes down sides of any of these running pants. ^"•'^ 4. 1. fly front. For Canadian prices see special Canadian Catalogue.00 Black. Trousers REGULATION STYLE 2. Navy Blue. 50c. Per pair..00 Doz Special Wrestling Mattresses 2 Spalding Y. No WS.00 ir SJ0. Other colots and larger sizes quoted on jBpecially.* S7 SO Doz No. in. roon. $1.50c. A. fly front. S2. B.00't^S10. STORES G. While. White or Black Silesia. Blue or Gray Per pair. quality. . waist.. * * Spalding Boys* Knee Pants No. Size 15x15 feet. 3. No.WX. . No. A. /^^7^ /. Flesh. Black.WDoz No. same quality as No. Soft tanned horse hide padding. Best worsted. Maroon. Best worsted.$1. Covered with tan padded. $1. stock colors and sizes. White or Black Sateen. SS. Gooc. White or Black Sateen. lA.SPALDING & BROS.25 ir S/^. 2.00 Dos.

Ea.W Doz. !' 1 . 1.25 -^ $12.. -^ $4. Pair. 1 No.Spalding AtMeiic Slurts. 604. White. $1. 604.75 " Spalding Full Length Tights No. 3D. SOc. " 1. Sleeveless Shirt. 804. Sanitary Cotton.00 Doz. 600D.. Waist.. Navy. Black. Stock colors: Black. Good quality worsted. Spalding Worsted Trunks No. q uality of No. Good quality worsted. Black with Orange stripe . No. Black. sleeveless. ^ IhBI Spalding Sleeveless Shirts— Pleun Colors STOCK COLORS AND SIZES No. Cotton. No. 60 64. Royal Blue with White Stripe.T'" .00 Doz.. Good quality-worsted. Colors: Bleached White. Navy Blue. 66. and Navy.. 75c S7. 28 to 42 inch waist.OO Doz.'. Black.<^. . with woven sash of different color from body. Pr. Navy Blue. $2. 6WD. Sanitary Cotton. in Gray. inclusive. Spalding Knee Tights STOCK COLORS AND SIZES No.60 Doz. 42 inch waist. sleeveless. Sleeveless Shirt. 1. 1912. stock colors and sizes. Flesh. and Black only. Maroon with White stripe Red with Black stripe. Each.00 Doz. STORES G. 600S. 4B. stock colors and sizes. Each. Navy and Black.60 Dos. lA. Good quality worsted. Sanitary Cotton.25 -^ S72. 2. " $1. $1. No. Tights and Trunks STOCK COLORS AN& SEES: GnUlTWORSTED GOODS nbhed sizes are fur- Maroon. Each.5 '\ '''. No.601. Gray with Cardinal Stripe. 600S. 600S. 28 to 42 inch waist. . Black with Red stripe . 1 .66> Doz. No. Quantity pncea NOT aUowea on items NOT marked with "k . No.25 Pair. i 1 $2. %\. Quarter Sleeve Shirt. 26 to 44 inch chest.15 . stock colors and sizes. colors to order Per pair. No.. full fashioned. 65S.. 26 to 44 inch chest. inclusive.'SO*' ^. IN FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES ALL LARGE CITIES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OF THIS BOOK Price* in effect July S. White. Cotton. and Gray. Sizes. Good quality worsted. $7. Pair. No. " ' . Best worsted. PROMPT AHENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSED TO US A. 600S. 26 to 30 inches. No.SPALDING &'.color body with sash stitched on of different cojor. 6ED. full quality.00 -^ $10. No. 600. 600S. Stock sizes : Shirts. 3A. For Canadian prices see special Canadian Catalogue.7J ^' Spalding Striped Sleeveless Shirts Good quali^ worsted. Same combinations of colors as No. not carried in stock.. quality of No. $1. Subject to change without notice.50 -J^ 4. * * Spalding Shirts with Sash No. 26 to. Same colors as No.<5<? * 1 . Black.50 Dos. Flesh.00 " 1. SANITARY COTTON GOODS. with 6-inch stripe around chest. Each. Each.f''!f " .50 SI5. The prices printed in italics opposite items markeiwith^-k vnUbe Quoted only on orders for one-half dozen or mare. 24 to 26 inches. not carried in stock. $4. in following combinations of colors : Navy with White stripe .'''''. Knee Tights.00 /^. $1. . To order only. Maroon. SIZES SUPPLIED: Chest.::::.50 S/5. Sanitary Cotton. GES. . No. 600S Each. Each. Stock Tights. : Shirts. in same combiijations of colors as No.50 Doz.00 No. 601 jj^n Spalding Full Sleeve Shirts No. solid. i .00 * $21. 65.00 Spalding Juvenile Shirts and Tights ONLY No. quality of No. Eja. 6F. with woven sash of different color from body. 75 Doz. . 75c. solid color body. 600.. and Maroon. No. Good Best worsted. . White. $1.j * Spalding Quarter Sleeve Shirts No. !. quality of No. 6E.00 Special quality worsted. . Same combinations of colors as No. sleeveless. Each. Pair. 605.MSi^ifSlO. Tights.25 " 1 . $1.Z5 -k $12. To order only. with 6-inch stripe around chest.%ZSiti -^ $21. Worsted Saiiitary Cotton. Pair. Maroon. I I * \ Sanitary Cotton. No.00 Doz.

STORES G. entire -TRADE-MARK a\ AN SANDOW'S five steel springs^ TuTif Culture is No. 4. $3. 2. FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OF THIS BOOK rdo* in effect July 5. $2. the effort necessary in gripping compelling the pupil to continually devote his whole mind to each movement.SPALDING IN &. Black enameled The bells are made in two halves connected by steel springs.00 Sandow Patent Spring Dumb Bells are used by all the greatest athletes in their training. Pair. 5.5(1 No. f>ATeNree Per pair. Subject to chemge without notice. $2. 6. Patent Spring Grip MARTIN SHERIDAN Training with Sandow Patent Spring Grip Dumb Bells Dumb Bells PROMPT AHENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUNICATIONS APDRESSEO TO US . This concentration of will power on each muscle involved is what is responsible for the great results obtained through properly exercising with them. $2. ALL LARGE CITIES BROS. EUGCN SANOpW... MEN'S. Kickel-plated seven steel springs. four steel springs.sbSe THE SPALDING system of Physical embraced withm the exercises possible with these wonderful dumb bells. Per pair. Nickel-plated. 1912.00 Nickel-plated: No.0(1 No. LADIES'. MEN'S. five steel springs. A. For Canadian prices see special Canadian Catalogu . Per pair. BOYS'.

I No. 3 Swinging Rings. 1 No. Iron only 25-lb. Medicine Ball. 20H Bar. G. List on inside front ^c«ver of this catalogue.. I 1 1 1 2 pairs No. No. 5 Sandow Dumb Bells. I No.74WallHorizont. the size. 1 No. 02 Mattress. Bells. Price is F.3 HeadandNeckAttachm't. 3 Head and Neck Attachment. Mattress. 1 5 only No. 2 pairs. etc. ^^ 205 Bar Stall Bench.. 1 2 Chest Weight Machine. No G No. No. Moline Platform. The room need by those of varying ages of both sexes. No. nearest A. Home Uylnnasium. G. 3 Swinging Rings. is sug. Shipping weight of complete outfit. 1 Medicine Ball. Where space and funds permit we recommend as a desirable addition to either of the above Outfits.SPALDING & BROS. No. and should be secured if possible. pair No. nearest Size 12 X 12 feet. and other mercantile estabhshments with It provides a great variety of simple exing ages. WX. 6 Sandow Dumb Bells. 1 No. 2 Foot and Leg Attachinent Consisting of: 25 feet X 40 feet.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 pair lO-lb. 1 1 pair No. Spalding Bros. 570 lbs.' 3 Head and Neck Attachment. Shipping weight of complete outfit. 20H Bar Stall. 12 Medicine Ball. leather covered. being suitable for use by those of vary. Dumb Bells. leather covered. one of our special Wrestling Mats. 6 Sandow Dumb Bells. 1 1 pair No. IN FOR COMPLETE UST OF STORES ALL LARGE CITIES SEE IHSIfiE FRONT GOVEB OF THIS BOOK Price* in effect July 5. Iron Dumb Bells. 5 pair No. H. listed on page 41 of this catalogue & NOTE— : A. Striking Bag.2 set 1 Sandow Dumb Sandow Dumb Bells. height> 1 1 1 No. 12 Medicine Ball. 1 1 No. 1 No. is arranged particularly for Employers of office workers banks Outfit No. 1 set No 18 Boxing Glovey 1 set No. I pair No. I No. 1 No I 1 I No.andVaull. 15 Boxing Gloves. 5 Chest Weight Machine. I Abdominal Masseur. nearest A. how1 No.ned in smaller space arid . For Canadian prices see special Canadian Catalogue. List on inside front cover of catalogue. Store.O. length o( room required. pair No. 6 Sandow Dumb Bells. 12 Medicine Ball. Medicine Ball. No. 600 Kern? Rowing Machine. use recreation room of a pnvatehou. 2 pairs No. 10 Striking Bag. Store. . Also Vaulting Horse No. are desirable. Nq. 600 Kerns" Rowing Machine. I Moline Striking Bag Platform. icine ball. course. 3 Swing. Subject to change without notice. J Athletic Club Outfit Consisting of: Machines.O.50-lb. I No. 1 pair No. 5 Boxing Gloves. with sufficient equipment find a Recreation Room fitted out ercising apparatus at a very moderate shown to supply as many as are likely to Spalding Exercising Equipment a most cost The equipment .c. Shipping weight of complete outfit. Dumb Bell. Price F. Iron only. can be rnainta.Stall.'O. I set No. G. 1 No. 2 No 20H Bar Stalls. (Shown on page 1 102). STORES G. 5 Sandov^ Dumb Bells. 1 No.Bat. set No. 03 A H _ m N G H M G O . No. priced outfit of Spalding Exercising Apparatus installed in the club room provides the means for healthful recreation that inRecreation Room Outfit No. 2 Sandow No. Moline Striking Bag Platform. Store. standard we would recommend a room ] No.leather cov Doorway ^ Horizontal Bar. gested exclusively for recreation rooms. No.e be using the room at the same time under profitable investment.Rings. 1 No. with room for "group" games and medI No No 'PR Striking Bag Disk. 18 Boxing Gloves. Machine. Private Small Athletic Clubs only.Hkely to use the room at^the same For the purpose of establishing a 1 No. arranging the balance of the outfit. 2 No. 1250 lbs. No. I rooms of 14 feet in height. r. Spalding Store. 2 Foot and Leg Attachment.SPALDING EXERCISING EQUIPMENT For Recreation Rooms. Use Jind TEAMS organized for the season BASE BALL disband usually until the following yeeir unless something is done to keep the players moderate together during the winter months. 1 No. pair No 3 Swinging Rings. 218 Boxing Gloves. K Athletic Club Outfit 1 1 No. while additional Consisting of equipment may be added aS required to depending upon the number who are time. List on inside front Price F. Good air. 119 Laflin Rowing Machine.B. No. 2 (For traveling rings. No. 1 pr. 5 to 6 1 1 No Consisting of: 3 Chest Weight ft.600 Row.O.B.3HeadandNeckAttachm"t. Bros. excellent results can be obtained in 1 No. List on inside front cover of catalogue.B. 1 No. No. 725 lbs. 74 Wall Horizontal and Vaulting Bar. 74 Wall Horizontal and Vaulting Bar 2 No. sures a winning team on the base ball tf't '»'"«"»"« /^'Outfit No. of large very be not ordinary circumstances. Kerns' . 18 Boxing Gloves. take care of a larger number without dis. G StrikingBag. 2 Sandow Dumb Bells. 1 No. 6 Sandow Dumb Bells. 450 !!>•« Price & No.40 ft. 12 Medicine Ball. 101 Parallel Bar. neMPTAnENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUmCATieNS ABBHESSED TO US A. leather covered. Spalding cover of this catalogue. Dumb Bell. 2 Foot and Leg Attachment. INo. WXX. irg height of 16 feet. No. I No.| jsj^. pair No. Spalding & Bros. nearest A. ever. referred to below. 1 1 Bros. boxing. Size 15x15 feet.c. Recreative rooms . with a minimum ceil. G. 1912. set No.s suitable for u. 5 Chest Weight Machine.B. . . & is F. 1 I 1 1 1 1 I . I^hipping weight of complete outfit. 03 Mattresses. 03 Mattresses. diamond next season. 1 1 1 I No. 18 Striking Bag.

Pair. "P'KSEPTOUS Pricei ill STORES I G. Championship" Boxing Glove Per Per Per set of set of set of 4 gloves.No.SPALDING & BROS. and by their peculiar construction absolutely prevent ariy chance of injury to the hands or wrists. Made in three sizes in sets of four gloves.00 Hand Made. yet at the same time they are the lightest in weight of any. $6. Spalding "Special" Boxing Shoes. This style leather is the only kind that is uppers are of very easy suitable for a first-class boxing shoe sole. 7. Light Weight.sSbSe THE SPALDING ss TRADE-MARK ^Sl^v^^ QUALITY 9$ Boxing' Gloves Spalding Boxing Gloves have been used and endorsed by all Champions of the World since the days of John L. $5. 1 1 i* ?P^^^f"S 5-oz. Sullivan The Spalding "Championship" Boxing Gloves been exclusively used are endorsed by all for years in championship contests and in training. These shoes are made with elkskin soles. Each set is ^paretuUy inspected before packing and guaranteed in every particular.00 PIOIiPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ANT 6OMMUNICATI0NS A.00 4 gloves. For C»o«diBn price. . these shoes are very durable. Championship" Boxing Glove. All Spalding Boxing Gloves are Hair Filled. No cotton or carpet floclt used. real kangaroo leather. lee special Canadiui Catalogue.00 4 gloves. Ho lis. 15. 6. Championship" Boxing Glove. pliable fitting. which do riot wear smooth. Subject change without notice. S^ fP^Hi^S ^°^- ?L 1 he bpaldmg 8-oz. The material are of the highest quality. the fit is perfect. . The and Being made by hand and of best quality materials throughout. 1912. IN FOR I ALL LARGE CITIES COMPUTE UST OF STORES SEE INSIDE FRONT GOVEI OFTHISROfll effvct July S. champions and have and workmanship K°' Ki°' i\o.

No. Full size. Same model as our "Championship" Glove No.00 A Spalding Pupil's Boxing Glove .50 Spalding Instructors' Glove. This glove IS additionally padded on the forearm and over the w^rist. $6. Per set of four gloves. to prevent that soreness vrhich is one of the most j. Set of four gloves. D. Furnished in 8-ounce only. 18N. $5. 100. 1 218 No. popular glove with some of the greatest fighters in the ring during the past twenty years.. Made of a special "sea-green" leather. $7.# IN No. IN THE NAVY by G. 110 BOXING Copyright.SPALDING & BROS. very soft and smooth. Made after th^ suggestion of one of the most prominent athletic officials in this country A boxing glove that is really an aid to the pupil learnmg to box. X No. and with padded wrist and laced wrist band. U. 18. 6-K>unce "Battling" Glove None Better at Any Price of special quality light tan colored glove leather.ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE GUARANTEES QUALITY ves Jill Spalding Boxing Q loves Made are hair filled. X. Washington. the leather being best quality soft tanned. 8-ounce. ALL LARGE CITIES Far Cen«iM«n pHcm* 'vrff-iaisr C«n««H«n C*t*lofiiK Prieca ia effect July 8^ 1912. Per set of four gloves. Per set of four gloves. — ipecikl . extra heavily special large padded thun^b to prevent injury to either instructor or pupil. W.50 answer the requirements 1 Spalding "Club Special" No. No cotton or carpet flock "^eJ The Spalding No. Fawcett. STORES G. Plain laced wrist-band. 10-ounce No. Made of best grade brown padded over the knuckles and with leather. Good quality glove leather and careful workmanship. patent palm lacing and patent palm grip. 106 No.00 Spalding "Navy Special" Championship Glove Used by the Champions of the Navy Showing Padding on Wrist and Forearm of No. of particularly durable qua:lity. 218. 110. similar in style to No.>•«. Laces extra far to provide ample ventilation and has patent palro grip. 218 1 miiFi>miiiioii(i(EKii A. 18. $5. Superior to any of the gloves put out by other manufacturers in imitation of our Champion^big^tjflee. discouraging features following a brisk lesson in the art of "blocking" The glove part is well padded with curled hair. 106. $6. 1905. This glove we got up specially to of the United States Navy. « Per set of four gloves.00 . Suhject to eliaag* %rikhoBt Botk*. An ideal glove for limited round contests.

00 Styles for Friendly Bouts and Private Styles for Practice and Amateur Use 8-oz. $3. Used Spalding Youths' Boxing Gloves are made in exactly the same manner and of similar material to the full size gloves of our manufacture and are warranted to give satisfaction Youths' Championship Glove. .THE SPALDING(il)TRADE-MARK STYLES FOR SPORTING AND ATHLETIC CLUBS Iltustratingr QUALITY ING BOXING GLOVES Elastic tector. and . No. well padded with hair. padded with best curled patent palm lacing. glove. 14. 11. Regulation 5-oz. extra well finished double stitched. Patented elastic hand protector in gloves. Otherwise as No.00 No. Corbett pattern. $4. 9E. $5. This glove is a better article than what other manufacturers supply for limited round contests. hair No. patent palm grip. padded wristband. 7-oz. Full size. Set of four gloves. 9. well padded with hair. Youths' size.00 patent palm lacing. otherwise same as No. 8-oz. 23. Set of four gloves. best brown leather. 15. dark wine color leather. G. patent palm lacing. $3. Corbett pattern. Regulation 5-oz. patent palm Set of four gloves. 9. Set of four gloves. dark wine color Set of four gloves. olive tanned leather. No. Corbett pattern. STORES SPALDING & BROS. glove. 1912. Otherwise as No. padded wristband. Substantially made throughout for hard usage. $4. special padded thumb. Corbett pattern. patent palm lacing.00 quality . large 7-oz.00 " " 1 4.. No. tan leather. well padded. No. and has laced wristband. 40.00 No. . ther. brown tanned leather. Regular pattern. patent Set of four gloves. 9E and 14E Gloves. patent palm grip. padded wristband. $3. No. patent pcilm grip. Corbett pattern.. 19. 21.00 No.25 EACH SET OF SPALDING BOXING GLOVES CONSISTS OF FOUR GLOVES MATED IN TWO PAIRS FBOMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO I ANY COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSED TO US A. Set of four gloves. patent palm grip and Set of four gloves. glove. 1 7. Patented elastic hand protector in Use gloves. Glove. Corbett pattern. $2. All Spalding Boxing Gloves are Hair Filled. $4.. Prevents injury to hands. dark wine color leapadded. No. . Hand same Patent Proas we are including in our Nos. soft tanned leather. patent palm lacing $2. regular pattern. Set of four gloves. 14E. 24. soft craven tan leather.00 . $1. padded with hair. Set of four gloves. palm grip. 5. lacing Yo^fLlhs' All Styles Bosiimg Gloves No Cotton or Carpet Flock Padded with Hair. patent palm lacing .00 Corbett pattern. $ 1 .50 palm grip .50 Youths' size. 7-oz.. Brown glove leather. Corbett pattern. leather. Set of four gloves. hair. hair padded. No.50 No. $6. Subirct to change without For Canadian prices see special C«nii«ii«n Catalogu*.50 patent palm lacing. I i . patent palm lacing. . Set of four gloves. Used by some contests No. $5. best quality brown glove leather. SpaMmg No. 25. of the best organizations for their club Set of four gloves. IN I FOR COMPLETE UST OF STORES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER ALL LARGE CITIES OF THIS BOOK Prices in effect July 5. improved model. 45. Hair padded and patent palm lacing. No Cotton or Carpet Flock Used. wrist and heel.

. red welted seams and reinforced throughout. $8. . The " Fitzsimmons Special. No. 50c. With removable socket for quickly suspending or removing Each. 4 bag punchers. so that the bladder may be inflated without interfering with rope. Rope can be changed instantly without interfering with any Each. making them the most certain in action of any. ALL LARGE CITIES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OFTHISBOOI Subject to change without notice. 17. bags are made of pure Para rubber (not compounded) and are fully guaranteed. 18. welted seams size and lined No. $2. Intended for very skin. throughout. . double stitched and red welted seams. 1912. 12. 6. in all our striking. double stitched. For Canadian price* cee special Canadian Catalogue. specially double stitched. lace aitid rope. the lightest and strongest of leather. With loop top. For training purposes particularly this bag w^ill be found extremely satisfactory in every respect. Each $5.00 No. 12. selected .00 No. Each bag is most carefully inspected and then packed complete in box with bladder.G. nickel-plated PROMPT AHENTION GIVEN TO COMMUNICATIONS m A. Especially suited for exhibition work.00 Very well made. . $4. 19. red welted seams and Hned Each.. Elach.L1ST OF STORES HOOBESSEDTOnS Prices in effect July 5. reinforced throughout. extra well made double stitched. 18. . Each. Sewed with linen thread. same as used in our best grade foot balls and basket balls and made in the same way. red welted seams and reinforced throughout. $3. . Same as No. but smaller in size and lighter. Ball and Socket Fastens permanently to disk. . $7. full size No. G. $3.MARK QUALITY Tlie Spaldimg Our The bladders used No. . Mc^de of olive tanned leather. speedy work.00 . 4. $8. action.00 ." Made of finest selected olive Napa tanned leather. STORES IN FOR C0MPLETE.50 SFAILBIHG STRISilHG No. 14. 185. Very fast and a durable bag for all around use. $1. No. bag Virithout readjusting " 35c. It will outlast two or three bags of any other make. red welted seams and reinforced throughout. with features that overcome disadvantages of ordinary style. but furnished with special light bladder The and weighs only 7|^ ounces complete.00 No.00 No. Good quality colored sheepskin lined through- Each. throughout. and a very fast bag. Specially tanned brown glove leather. Japanned iron stem for use with platform or disk. made according : iggestions of experienced No. AG . Excellent for quick work. No.00 No. S W2 VE ILS A special swivel. 19. 'No. 12 Olive tanned leather. The cover is of heavy English grain leather. Made double C?i . 9. Each. Made of highest quality Patna kid. of finest selected calfstitched. Elach. This is a heavy. suitable for all around exercise work and the strongest bag made. Laces on side at top. $6. double stitched.SUBSTITUTE THE SPALDING (C^jjTR APE. Striliiiig' Bag's sii^Te end bags are made with rope attachment carefully centered. 20. No. No. red welted seams and reinforced throughout. Each. fastest bag made. $6. Elxtra fine grain leather. well finished. .00 Each. 16.50 full No. Same material as No. but very strong and durable. Each. 15. Each. 10.50 other part of swivel No. $8. 19S. $1.SPALDING & BROS.. Fine craven tanned leather.00 No. red vrelted seams. durable Gym- nasium Bag. out.

7. quality.00 No. $2.well made throughout. 5. 25e.25 .SUBSTITUTE THE $RALDING(B))TRAQEIVIARK gum bladder. Mitt. fine craven tanned leather and red welted seams. 3. 30c. No. doublestitched Ea. well . cylinder 5% inches.. 90c.. red welted seams. Double stitched. 4%. $1.3 Regulation size. Each. Regulation size.. IMfSftft'S A^-!ilH£l£S> Will protect the hands and recommended for use with all Striking Bags G» S> ISSX!®'' ^®^fe) fr ^^^^ M ^ No.. 50c. 12.5. For C«nadian price* *ee ipeda) . well padded. floor.7 For Nos. G. 5. Subject to change without notice.00 No. .. $4. No. . 4. For Nos. substanti2il brown leather cover. m Spi^Edlasag Brass Ssafflaters ... 8. 1912. tanned leather. red welted seams. 75c.. Note special expl 1 : made of ation of guarantee pure Para rubber (not compounded) and. 4 and No. Elastic cord for double end bags. remforced and double stitched seams. 18. Regulation size. IN FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES ALL LARGE CITIES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OF THIS BOOI Price* in effect July 5.5.B. 1 5 10. also Madeofsoft tanned fti leather. Regulation size. Knuckle No. $1. Each. good colored sheepskin. 16 With top Stem.00 No. 2. ....2'v. Each. best quality cord. I9S and 20. . made $1.3. lined throughout Each.. •Ea.50 No. properly shaped and padded. $1.50 1 . 2. No. 3. I I .. .dldles'g Bladders used in all our Striking Bags i are fully guaranteed. put together. 2. OS. specicdly tanned brown glove leather cover.00 2.G. No.00 No. 19. 4 "NiTs Knuckle No. I8S. For No. 6. Each.50 padded and well made. " 'sOc. 4'^. 2%. Each. 75c. Ea. special and 17 No. Pdr. $5. .. No. 1..E. lined throughout. STORES SPALDING & BROS.. F.00 No.D. $5. ventilated palm Pair. red welted seams. " 25a PROMPT AnENTION GIVEN TQ ANY COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSED TO US A.$2. I No. Each.. 2. padded. For Nos. Pocket size.. lace for QUALITY SPALBING DOUBLE END BAGS Ajl double end striking bags are supplied complete with guaranteed pure rubber cord for* bag and rope for ceiling attachment. $6. Sps^Sdlana^ Blla. No. 4. " "°i' l"-^^^^=^:^ESS5S^!^^^i| H U . Medium size. G Bag. Elastic floor attachment for all double end bags.00 No. Made of finest selected olive Napa tanned leather. An extremely durable and lively bag. 4. .$3. Each. ladies' size. substan.50 No. Each. cylinder 10% inches.*. Each. Made of soft tially and extra well padded. good quality dark olive tanned! leather. Pair. 20c. fine grain leather cover. $3.7. . red welted seams. Well finished throughout." . Club size. Each. . double stitched. on tag attached to each bladder No. Mitt. Elxtra well inade throughout Each. and Made of olive Napa leather special elastic wrist in glove. double stitched and substantially made throughout...00 IC"'" - ll No. workmanship of same quality as in our "Fitzsimmons" Special No. No. Regulation size. heavy bladder.. . Fine olive tanned leather cover..

BROS. No. yi (J Pat. rendering it almost noiseless and very quick in action. Complete. without Bag. June 30. which we list. without Bag.^))trade-mark Sfl sSaUH E $palding(( ^ SFAILDUNG PATENT SOLID STRIlilMG A striking bag disk must be substantial if it is to be of use. No. . 1912. this feature has not been neglected. Completei . i FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES ALL LARdiE CITIES For Canadian prices special SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER OF THIS BOOK Subject to change without Canadian Catalogue. and in the two both adjustable and braced.with h9i$. STORES SPALDING IN i &. ADDRESSEOTDOS Prices in effect July 5.- DISK Can be put up quickly when not Patented April 19. G. PROMPT mENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUNICATIONS A. CR. 1904 SPALDING in PLATFORM a very small space and taken down in use by simply detaching the pipe fixture The metal disk against which the from the wall plate. while we have str to put out a disk which is suitable for home use and styles. Wall style. moderate in price. bag strikes constitutes one of the best features ever incorporated in an arrangement of this character. 1903 Adjustable Style No. FR. braced Complete. ble Patent adjusta- style. This disk also combines an adjustable feature that is simple to operate and makes it possible for various members of the family to use the same disk. PR. Spalding Adjustable Disk Platform.

i9U. and it is absolutely the best that has been used by the National League in its history. .Spalding' 'Official National League Ball («O. Mr.. .00 Each ball wrapped in tinfoil. have used it satisfactorily for thirty-four years. because we recognized it aa the best ball made. last a full when used under nary conditions. STORES f 9^^m^kafmmiw$. KT^ WO.SPALDING IN &4MI>db«(i*i(&Mfaafl» &. believe to'be the only ball for the future. the We The new Cork Center Ball intro- duced for the first time last year and used in the World's Series. gave the following as the reason for this action: " The SpeJdIng Ball was adopted by the National League for twenty years. is the only used in Championship since that time and has for twenty years more. In adopting the Spalding "Official National of Ball for twenty years League" more the Secretary NationeJ League. Heydler. Jolin A. making a total ball games now been adopted adoption of fifty-four years.«T. ordi- ^dlng piOMnAmNTiONGn Tl ANT COMMUNIS h Complele Calalogiie ol Alhletlc Goods Mailed Free. ALL LARGE CITIES BROS.G. 1 1 ( (Each. $15. and sealed in accordance with the latest Tbe Spalding "OfficuJ National League" Ball ha« the Official BaU of the Game tince 1878 1 League Warremted to regulations. .." we This ball has the Spalding "Patent" Cork Center. without change in size of cork or construction. A. the same as used since August I 1910. packed in a separate box.U.$1^5 Per Dozen.OF«) Patent Cork Center Adopted by the National League in 1878. COMPLETE UST OF STORES ON INSIDE FRONT COVER OFTHISBOOi F« CcwA^Mrtai m «cc(ii/ Cin«&m CildgfM.

Coll . . . Vauhmg Volley Ball ' Ball 107. Hockey. Indoor . . _. Golf Posts. Knee Toboggans Toboggan Cushions . ATHLETIC GOODS manufactured by SPALDING & BROS. . Fool Ball.18 College . Bells Golf Sundries Colfette BladdersBasket Ball Foot Ball Striking . Home Outfits 103 Home . Roller Polo. eld = Hockey Hockey 72 65 66 40 Hockey . . Wrestling . . Basket Ball Protection. 83.»- for Indian Clubs Hats. Measunng.C. Indoor Bals. 34 Clock CoK Collarette. . . Fool Balls- 17. . Emblems Elasric - Embroideiy Exercisers— . . '"^ '. Tennis. 19 Hammers. Roller Letters - Ladiei Push Squash Volley 87. Murphy" I J Rmss Rowing Machmes AnUe Wrist Sweaters Swivels. Wands. 97 Mouthpiece. Slades. Foils. Rugby Soccer 33. Worsted Hockily Pucks . Foot Ball . Single » ^UcTosse Dumb Bells 34 Trouse.. See list of Spalding Stores PAGE on inside front cover of this book. . 9i 75 7J 37. Fencing Swords. Hockey . Foot Ball Mufflers. Gymnasium. University Basket Ball . 43. Golf Horse. Sandows Dumb . Ball. . 1 humb. Walking SholFencing Watches. Field Hockey Foot. Parallel Masseur. Striking L 11. Field . Adiusiable' Trapeze. Slop Weights.12 !i MasksBasket Ball Fool Ball . 89 Embroidered Liniment. . Coli Shoe Disks. Skate Score Books43. 92 04. . Rugby 76-78 76-78 60. Knitted . 66 80.44 43 Foot^'fifu . Striking Ice . Bag Teeing. Indoor Hockey. Bag . for Sack Racing Sandals. Steel Tees. Gvmnasiu Mattresses. Wciu Machioes PROMPT AHENTION GIVEN TO ANY COMMUNICATIONS ADDRESSED TO OS A. Safety Hurley Sticks Golf Uniforms— Base Ball. Toe Boards . . College is 14-15 . Field . . Running Shoes Squash Goods Standards Pucks. Bases. A. Water Foot BM SuitsBase BaU. 44 49 94 62 37 Tackling Machine .. Vaulting Hurdles.SPALDING & BROS. CoU . . Fencing Gymnasium Board. 69 Abdomen Eyeglass.81 Megaphones Sacks..SUBSTITUTE THE SPALDINGl^DTRADE MARK 'Z QUALITY SPALDING'S The New Athletic Goods Catalogue following selection of items from Spalding's latest Catalogue will give an idea of the great variety of A. Golf . . Athlehc Hangers Hangers for . Sticks. Swords. . College Foot Ball. Fool Ball Wresllin. E Caddy Badges . Bandage. Subject to change without notice. College Foot. . Home 105 Gymnasium. Wrestling . Basket Ball. Roller Polo Coll Clubs . Calisthe . Corks. Ball.61 47 76 Hockey. SEND FOR A FREE COPY. Field . . Running Holder. Skate Rollers Skate Straps Skate Sundries Skis . . Sla s. Ice . Cam Hole Cutter.84 84 Scabbards. STORES IN I FOR COMPLETE LIST OF STORES SEE INSIDE FRONT COVER ALL LARGE CITIES OF THIS BOOH Prices in effect July 5. 1912. Goal Cage. Abdominal Mattresses. Indo. Ice - . . Snow Shoe Milt^ Handball Sinking Bag . i. I . Sireet . 108 Pushers.n Guards>llege Tights— 19 10 . Finger. . Knitte Hockey Hockey Sticks. . Duelling ' Nose ' '. 56-lb. Rubber. Roller Polo . . "Mike supporters . Striking Bags MedSne Playground Polo. . Indoor Monograms Gymnasium. Marking. Rugby Fencing Chamois For Three-Legged Skate Sticks.99 EqueSr1anP< 106 106 . Full Full. . . Hockey. Sh. 3-6 16 18 7 Indoor Base Foot Ball Clothing Foot Ball Goal Nets foot Ball Timer Stockings Foot Ball Stop Boards . . Hole Rim. •Skate Chesl Weight 98. OumbBeU. . Trapeze. Indoor Base Ball Snow Shoes . . Clog Fencing Fool Foot Foot Foot Ball. 85 Bag . Rugby Hutley . Assoc. 9S Indian Clubs InHatersFoot Ball Striking 96 Pistol. For Canadian prices lee special Canadian Catalogue.' FlagsCollege Marking. Goli .. 34. Ice Hockey Polo. . Take-Off Board Tape. Ball. . 'aint. 35 35 Y M. Bar Bells Go"f Handball . Snow Shoes Lanes for Sprints Leg Guards. 108 TrunksVelvet .G. G. . 7S 84 83. BeltsElastic Leather and Wrestling Wcr . Field .

and acts in two ways : . is the " Spalding Policy. prices. the profits to both the manufacturer and the jobber are assured . All Spalding dealers. Chicago and other stores. To meet these conditions of Dual Profits. these deceptive high list prices are not air to the consumer. To enable the glib salesinan." which has already been in successful operation for the past 13 years. Spalding Goods Trade. as well as users of Spalding Athletic Goods. we can proceed with confidence in purchasing at the proper time. eind the consumer is assured a Standard Qyality and is protected from imposition." A. By ^i^ i^^f/lO^^CU*^ PSXSIDKNT. determined to rectify this demoralization in the Athletic since become known as "The Spalding The "Spalding Policy" eliminates the jobber entirely. but as there is no stability maintained in the prices to the consumer. these high list prices are absolutely essential. is not ever expected to pay these fancy list prices. This demoralization always reacts on the manufacturer. This briefly. it is impossible for a Manufacturer to long maintain a Standard Qyality. are treated exactly alike. a manufacturer must provide a profit for the jobber as well as for the retail dealer. is assured of genuine Official Standard Athletic Goods to everybody. " The Spalding Policy " is a " square deal " for everybody. the manufacturer is obliged to set a proportionately high list price on his goods to the consumer. so far as Spalding Goods are concerned. G. : the cheapening and degrading of the quality of his product. in 1 899. legitimate and certain profit on all Spalding Athletic Goods. to figure out attractive profits to both the jobber eind retailer. — — A. but their real purpose will have been served when the manufacturer has secured his order from the jobber. t-' . Under this system of merchcindising. when booking his orders. —^The user and the same prices — All retail dealers handling Spalding Athletic Goods are requested to supply consumers at our regular printed catalogueprices neithermore nor less thesame prices that similar goods are sold for in our New York. As manufacturers. who does not.DEC 13 1912 Standard Policy Standard Qyality must be inseparably linked to a Standard Policy. and demand for The Policy." which vary with local trade conditions. In other words. and inaugurated what has foregoing conditions became so intolerable that. on lower. However. Eind. the retailer begins to realize his responsibilities. in his turn. The "Spalding Policy" is decidedly for the interest and protection of the users of Athletic Goods. & Bros. To market his goods through a jobber. and no sjiecial rebates or discriminations are allowed to anyone.. SPALDING & BROS. G. and grapples with the situation as best he can. 1 3 years ago. well eihead of their respective seasons. and the jobber has secured A from the retailer. by offering "special discounts. the keen competition amongst the local dealers invariably leads to a demoralized cutting of prices by which the profits of the retailer are his order practically eliminated. the lowering of prices by the only v/ay open to him. viz. When the season opens for the sale of such goods. with their misleading but alluring high list prices. The jobber insists The manufacturer. Second. and this enables us to provide the necesssary quantity and absolutely maintain the Spalding Standard of Quality. meets this still lower. the very best raw materials required in the manufacture of our various goods. Without a definite and Standard Mercantile Policy.. and will be indefinitely continued. in reality. and the retail dealer secures the supply of Spalding Athletic Goods direct from the rnanufacturer by which the retail dealer is assured a fair. First.

Spalding & Bros. because without this precaution our best efforts towards Standard Quality and preventing fraudulent substitution will be ineffectual. G. a Secret Service other tricks. citizen manufacturers must protect themselves against great extent upon Trade-Marks and similar devices to products—without the aid of "Government Detectives" or "Public counterfeit Opinion " to assist them. we urge all users of our Athletic Goods to assist us in maintaining the Spalding Standard of Excellence." with whom low prices are the main consideration. by athletic goods which insisting that our Trade-Mark be plainly stamped on all maintaining they buy. therefore. A We know from experience that there this poverty in quality —and we avoid is no quicksand more unstable than quicksand by Standard Quality. Therefore. high-priced." thirty. ous as is the necessity of the Government in maintaining a Standard Currency. to which are compared all other things States is the Standard unit nature. is. must necessarily have higher prices than a Standard Quality turer of cheap goods. Consequendy the "Consumer's Protection" against misrepresentation and responsibili^ of die "inferior quality" rests entirely upon the integrity and " Manufacturer. For instance. The necessity of upholding the Guarantee of the Spalding Trade-Mark and as obvimaintaining the Standard Quality of their Athletic Goods. considerable money is expended in maintaining depend to a Bureau of Experts. by their rigorous attention to " Quality. years. with a reputation to uphold manufacand a guarantee to protect. manufacturer of recognized Standard Goods. the Gold Dollar of the United proportion of pure gold. caused their A.five Trade-Mark to become known throughout dieir field as the the world as a Guarantee of Quality as dependable in U. whose idea of and basis of a claim for depends principally upon the eloquence of the seJesman.standard Quality of a simUar conceded to be the criterion." for Thus each consumer is not only insuring himself but also protecting other consumers when he assists a Reliable Manufacturer in upholding his TradeMark and all that it stands for. S. have. of currency. Currency is in its field. . Manufacturers of Standard Articles invariably suffer the reputation of being and this sentiment is fostered and emphasized by makers of " inferior goods. because it must legally contain a specific Stamp and the fact of its being Genuine is guaranteed by the Govemmerit As a protection to the users of this currency against counterfeiting and An article that is universally given the appellation "Standard" is thereby thereon. Under the law.



<-%.. ' a << .:5S^^Y^ o5 ^c^ \ - V * .<b'^ .^^^ •</>- <?- A^ /^.1 i' :...= .V -^. .1 . k' ^^ <i: ji?^v%/:^.A^' "^.-^^^V'^^ V ^^>i^^ ^ ^-^^ ^-..0* "^.0^ c N G -t ^"^'*.

^ ^^. 'C>^ 'i' '. \.. .A-^' ^^ \.-(^^ •"-VV--.<-"_- ^ . MANCHESTER. INDIANA .^' .^^ ^«t .^ ^ * ^ e-.-.J^ /^"Vi^^^^ i-r 0^ o^ X^' s.v^^v- SEPT 68 V^^ N.r .^^^.o<co.%*"^ A * ^ -^ 4" % %^^^ : .^> v>. L « '^ a^ A 0^ o V N C ^ ^^ %<^^--^X--^X"-^ ^ ^^ ^^% .. >.--%%:°"".

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