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Jake Simpson
This page is a reformatted version of the original Project Camelot publication.

On return to Europe from the 2008 NEXUS Conference in Australia, flying out of Sydney, e stopped off in li"es on the island of #oh Samui$ Samui is ell %no n as a tra"elers& international crossroads, and is also a p nationalities ha"e settled$

!here e had the good fortune to meet )a%e Simpson *an agreed pseudonym+$ ,e spent se"eral days ith him family, "ery ell$ -is story, hich e heard in great detail, as one of the most important and interesting e None of the many long con"ersations e had ere recorded, and e hope to capture an audio inter"ie summary as compiled upon return to the US, and has 'een chec%ed for accuracy 'y )a%e himself$


.or reasons hich ill 'ecome o'"ious, e ere at first /uite unsure hether to release this at all$ After a gr consultation ith )a%e, e decided to ma%e this information a"aila'le$ Assuming it is true 0 and e 'elie"e th significant$ 1t do"etails ith e"erything else e %no $ And in many ays, e ish that it did not$

2uch of hat follo s is 'arely 'elie"a'le, so this may 'e its o n 'est defense$ !hose ho choose not to 'eli 3ust a little, and may'e for a little hile 0 ith the %no ledge that none of it can currently 'e pro"ed$ .or the monitor this information, e do not ha"e any documentation of any %ind$ ,e are delighted, ho e"er, to cons a'solutely certain that he is e(actly ho he says he is, and ha"e tal%ed ith a num'er of people ho ha"e %no

In the report that follows, exact written quotes from Jake himself are presented indented and in italics, as Enhanced abilities

)a%e Simpson as in a &specialist field& *his preferred term+ or%ing for a nation friendly to the US$ -is early featured an enhancement of his a'ility to a'sor' ritten information$ 1ncredi'ly, he has a reading speed of 'e minute$ !o graduate from that class, he as gi"en a copy of 5eorge Or ell&s Animal Farm and had three min e"ery detail$ -e scored 607$ !his as ade/uate for a pass, 'ut as not the highest score$$$ another student sc

)a%e is a "ery a'le psychic intuiti"e to this day$ -e is a'le to percei"e hen the A1 *artificial intelligence+ inf &focused& in his direction and ould periodically pic% his e(act moment to relate something to us$ ,e o'ser"e times seemed the same to us, sometimes )a%e told us it as safe to tal%, hile at other times it as not$ 1t too e(actly hat as going on here$

See 'elo for more on this$ ,e ha"e not heard this information any here else in the literature, on the interne 8ut 1 *8ill+ had one e(perience that sho ed me directly that this as "ery real indeed$ Approaching Project Camelot

it as understood that e trying to 'reach any legitimate national security$ -e stressed that e ere /uite li%ed 'y a num'er of the & h closely. 8y this time. apparently. he retained 'oth his idealism and his 3o'$$$ and many years later decided to appro hat he no %ne $ -e told us that e had many of the correct pu>>le pieces 0 and that.orld . !eep up the outstanding work. an of any definiti"e documentation$ Classified technology and the secret space program )a%e emphasi>ed to us that the current state of classified technology as something li%e 40. in some meaningful sense.nothing to orry a'out. and he told us that it soon 'eca -e told us he %ne e"erything a'out us.A00 mi ?. he a -o e"er. 'ut that e had . his connections ena'led him to do the re/uisite 'ac%ground chec%s. 8eyond our solar systemC "es. despite our 'eing on a num'er of & atch lists& of e"ery %ind$ )a%e helped us understand that if e %ept our information general and didn&t try to prove anything ? ith docu ould remain safe$ -e stressed that it as "ery important not to get too specific on certain sensiti"e issues.000 years per cal !his got our attention$ )a%e did not 'lin% hen e mentioned time tra"el. had 'een %illed$ -e told us he&d atched e"ery one of our "ideos.larger on the -ad they tra"eled to the outer reaches of the solar systemC "es. and that human of different races$ All these E! races. )a%e approached :ro3ect Camelot after our or% had 'een 'rought to his attention 'y a friend$ At first. or the ad"anced fleet of craft hich e had it$ )a%e told us that some of the ad"anced craft ere capa'le of tra"eling from geostationary or'it ?22.$ E"eryone ho had e"er tr doing 'efore. systems and times. the 2ars 'ase. e ere no longer surprised the superluminal craft ould 'e stressed in a su'se/uent con"ersation$ !he human race had had contact ith e(traterrestrials since 'efore . could 'e said to 'e .)a%e had ritten to us 'y ay of introduction9 I have spent many years previously working in abstract areas of national security on behalf of the variou very impressed by some of your interviewees comments. admired hat e -e assured us that some of hat e ha"e reported is "ery close to the truth.human or human0li%eE$ .ere some of them "ery largeC "es. .or% it out9 that&s a'out 4B million miles per hour 0 although )a%e made it clear that the craft ould not actu normal sense$$$ and ould also ne"er 'e seen unless this as intended$@ Some of the craft ere . )a%e told us. the E! "isitors came from "arious races.000 *ten thousand technology 0 and as accelerating a ay from pu'lic sector technology at a current rate of 4. and that e had his respect$ )a%e is one of many in military< intelligence circles ho are the & hite hats&$ 1dealistically moti"ated.ar 11$ )a%e told us that it as "ery heart attac% as at least partially induced 'y the stress of some of the information he had learned from the e( met a short time 'efore ?after se"eral pre"ious set0up meetings ith senior military officials@$ !a%en all together. he made anting to or% for man%ind and play his part in helping :lanet Earth 'ecome a 'etter place$ =espite disco"e of the orld he had entered. furthermore. Are some of th faster0than0light tra"el@C "es.

e 'oth spotte on it to one another$ )a%e forced himself to %eep tal%ing. as if t 'arrier$ Simultaneously. and ha"e returned ith the in . threaten our ci"ili>ation$ !he situation had 'een e(tensi"ely studied and e"aluated and the pu'lic could not 'e told$ )a%e descri'ed the threat 0 metaphorically 0 as a a"e that as heading our ay$ 1t as unclear hether this & hich the solar system is entering 0 or hether it is the result of a close fly0past 'y a large rogue celestial 'od three simultaneous situations or other unusual and impending cosmological e"ents$ 8ut hen 1 as%ed ho thi that the superluminal craft ha"e gone out to ta%e a good loo% at hat is around. and 1 made myself %eep listening through a spell of o"er helming dopin or may'e more$ . in real time.hether this system can lo mo"ie #inority $eport. )a%e told us. occurring early in the 24st century. from communicating effecti"ely. he immediately encountered pro'lems. he replied ryly9 #aybe it s %ust as well. the pro'lem is one hich in"ol"e could. 1 found 1 as 'eing put to sleep and could hardly %eep my eyes open$ .e ere 'eing forci'ly stopped. as a direct an intentions$ 1t&s "ery important to understand that this as unconnected ith electromagnetics. in extremis. 'a computing model that is 'asically our de"elopment 'ased on ac/uired alien technology$ !his system is so ad" unhappy that e ha"e it$ Not only does it ena'le access to hat any gi"en person is saying. )a%e confirmed.out of this orld. )a%e decided to tell me som re"ealed.AI surveillance and access to knowledge !he A1 sur"eillance system. sitting out in the open after a 'ar'ecue. targe nature$ 2y o n reference point for hat happened as a %ind of negati"e radionics ? hich also or%s hyper modality@$ 1n the end e concluded our con"ersation. comes to mind 0 e omitted to )a%e&s actions in 'eing sensiti"e to this de"ice ?if de"ice is the right ord@ 0 'y aiting for e(actly the right & certain things 0 ere not fully understood 'y us until 1 ?8ill Fyan@ had the follo ing e(perience$ On our last night together.orld .$ 1t operates hyperdimensionally.ar 11 costing trillions of dollars$ !he issue here as that military leaders had learned through E! contact tha magnitude. at a'out 2 am. The biggest secret !he international net or% of deep underground 'ases. no pretty tired$ !he ne(t morning 1 simply could not recall hat Upon meeting him again and reporting that 1 couldn&t remem'er a thing a'out our con"ersation e(cept for the e(perienced. sur"eillance or no sur"eillance$ As he 'egan to spea%. and as "ery possi'ly %no n as early as .ar 11$ )ust as e had presented in our important summary article !he 8ig :icture. or e"en thin%ing 0 if targeted for in"estigat and there'y access information a'out the thoughts and ords of historical figures$ . 'ased on a story 'y the prolific author :hilip #$ =ic%. as possi'le$ !his information as certainly %no n to Eisenh partially responsi'le for his heart attac%@. had 'een 'uilt in a continuing program . as literally . hidden microphones.

This has all happened before One of the most startling snippets of information )a%e re"ealed as that in some locations the 'ase constructi much older facilities that had 'een there for thousands of years prior 0 apparently 'uilt for an identical defens had happened 'efore9 the catastrophic e"ents are cyclic$ 8ecause of hat had 'een learned through 'rea%ing into older facilities 'uilt 'y a prior Earth culture. as the threat of the deli'erate release of "iruses follo ed 'y .. though the date e put 8o' =ean&s date of 204G to him ?in the conte(t of the coming of 'ibiru@. "ariant 8A *!4"8 Of particular interest is the contradiction ith the !4"8A information. he responded9 &hat s about right. )a%e&s response is that that 2ore immediate. and also =an 8urisch&s information hich culminates in the report on !imeline 4. uncharted timeline$ 1n =an&s ords to us a fe hen e put =an&s phrase to )a%e. and he confirmed th orld nations ere continuing to ma%e their detailed and e(tensi"e preparations$ Australia. ould happen not in 2042 'ut se"eral years after that. hich is hat they do 'est$ Feaders familiar ith our or% ill note the connection it :olitician.lood 2yth. . )a%e&s information is that it had never 'een certain that the catastrophe had 'een a"erted. nor precisely hen this may orst case scenarios. under an administration in hich -illary Clinton had 'een elected :resident of the U Since that information as researched 0 a year ago at the time of riting this article 0 it has 'ecome "ery clea &'ro%en&.. and that e are no instead hurtling along on another. a 'een designated as such many years pre"iously$ )a%e confirmed that he had personally seen some of the classified maps sho ing dramatically altered future c possi'ility of a "ery ad"anced high0speed &shuttle0li%e& system that connected many places.)a%e stressed that 1! 1S NO! #NO.N hat the effects of this situation ill 'e. is e"ident in many do>ens of different cultures all o"er article !he 8ig :icture$ The threat of stealth viruses !hese catastrophic e"ents.. as many anthropologists ha"e descri'ed.000 feet *6000 meters+$ !he great classified li'raries of the orld.. said )a%e. in the Iatican and else here. in hich =an told us that in the latter h portal intelligence retrie"al pro3ect ?for lac% of any 'etter phrase@ had analy>ed a num'er of possi'le alternati "ariant 8A 0 the most pro'a'le of the many that had 'een in"estigated 0 demonstrated that the &!imeline 2& cat hile ci"ili>ation ould not 'e under threat. I wouldn t disagree with that at all. e ere told. the ne(t fe years ould 'ring ma3or pro'lems$ !hese included period of glo'al conflict.the acceleration presses you back into your seat for a very long time. in some increase the depth of the ne facilities to as much as A0. all contained detailed accounts of the .the hideous effects of spontaneous eruptions of new generations of opportunistic bacteria like 'ecroti(i versions of golden staphylococci which would further reduce the world s population after the initial first occurred. li%e the US and A longstanding 'ut al ays uncorro'orated rumor ithin the U. )a%e told us.illiam Cooper in the late 4680s$ )a%e told us that .O community that had ac/uired semi0mytholog )ohn Hear and .

speed and direction relative to several neighboring galaxies is also important. *ven more important shortages of quality foods containing all of the necessary levels of active and absorbable vitamins and mi in the right or proportional quantities. &he pursuit by some at the expense of the many seems to always end up to be the ultimate price.--. &here are very many locali(ed effects experienced subtly.inally. ith ma3or impli port or airport controls$ )oupled with these outbreaks there will be a very real possibility of food shortages. some of these po er elite&s moti"es constituted . here o relation to the specific location to other locali(ed celestial bodies. In very special circumstances. to allow for the human body to properly and adequately nourish it &hese shortfalls and omissions of some of the fundamental basic substances of various foods will prevent operating at optimum levels.. )a%e told us of research that had unloc%ed technology surrounding access to other dimensional states In these other alternate states of reality sometimes it turns out they can very briefly and spontaneously ma naturally. detractors and . &hese funds are managed and area of the ma%ority of the world/s countries through an ama(ing array of abstract instrumentalities and &he research involved with this sub%ect is at the top of the world/s power elite s priorities. thus leaving them exposed to these new virulent types of diseases. especially the larger ones.both on *arth and not from *arth. apart from our sun. &here is a massive amount of research funding being applied to this very obscure part of the broad spectr programs of the world/s budgetary allowance for these types of programs. &he play is st same motives and allegiances. ithin hours. particularly when the individual sells out all that is sacred to the ongoin As )a%e e(plained. along wi *ternal 3rand 4elf2 4oul2 4pirit. the position of our solar system in relation to our gala(y is also of "ital importance$ )a%e&s 0ur galaxy/s position.. and ma%e populations easier to control )a%e predicted that it as /uite possi'le that sometime 'efore the end of 2006 0 or possi'ly early 2040 0 there escalation of international reported out'rea%s of e(tremely dangerous "iruses ? hether manmade or other is announcements of a glo'al pandemic could suddenly emerge from no here . currently ongoing across the world. these can s only this universe but indeed into alternative universal realities. or choose to /uarantine themsel"es. cause chaos.-+ onwards.+.if we *arth humans are ever to be freed from this particular part of existence and universal 2 multiversa . here on *arth and in any other part of this universe. &his is why the some of the largest scientific programs. 1ey technology that not only allows for absolute universal travel and capitali(ation of the fantastic power tha to move or travel dimensionally. Technological access to other dimensions ... 'othing much has changed over all these eons of time. contained within a On a larger scale.. there ha"e 'een supporters.!his ould trigger orld ide infrastructure 'rea%do n. and that it ould that some countries could /uic%ly 'ecome /uarantined. !he geographical location ?in three dimensions@ is a'solutely critical in some special cases$ )a%e rote9 &he *arth/s specific rotation is also of consideration and its relationship to the sun and the other planeta solar system . )a%e e(plained that this %no ledge is essential to the ne(t phase in &Earth human& de"elopment$$$ )a%e stated that as in e"ery aspect of human history here on Earth. &his will l of people exposed to disease vectors through +.

e close here ith this remar%a'le man&s o n ords9 &his suggests an even more powerful. $oaches will got to keep them under control..e gained the impression that the po er elite ha"e largely left )a%e alone$ 1t as e"ident to us that he has an and %no s ho to ensure his and his family&s safety$ ..9 !he /uote reminded us of -enry =eacon&s reported 'riefing in hich he had 'een ordered to read !he Feport told9 :&here are the wolves and there are the sheep. and we are the wolves. &he 6estroyer of 7orlds *sic+ bring renewed and clean prolific growth for yet another new direction in *arth 8uman evolution.a viable and sustainable level of a heavily manicured and vastly reduced human population. off. )a%eJs strong personal ethics and morality al ays pre"ented him from recei"ing the rich 'enefits that he told told us he as ..9 )a%e said that hat he had 'een told as highly distur'ing to him. )a%e told us that it had 'een e(plained to him9 5"ou have to break a few eggs in order to create a really great meal.world group or association that I may have a very special relati discreet helping hand.. where possible......happy to remain obscure while still contributing where appropriate to assist humankind in meaningful . We are hopeful that we might record a voice disguised audio interview with !ake" and although this has be arranged or agreed# We will post more information as soon as we can# We thank our friend here for his courage in providing this remarkable testimony# $erry and I are as certa well informed and has the highest integrity# %ill &yan and $erry Cassidy P&'!ECT CA(E)'T * !anuary +. under the p and next the vast ma%ority of all of the other diverse range of different species here on *arth. and stressed 3ust ho at odds he ultimately ..with the paramount agenda of a significant element of the absolute power elite.&&&&&&&&&& unique visits .

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