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03 Data Modeling

03 Data Modeling

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jdevloper introduct
jdevloper introduct

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Modeling the Database Schema (optional


Copyright © 2008, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Objectives After completing this lesson. . All rights reserved. you should be able to do the following: • Describe JDeveloper’s tool for database modeling • Create a schema model • Modify the schema model • Reconcile the modifications to the database • Import database object definitions to an offline database • Reconcile offline database objects with the database 3-2 Copyright © 2008. Oracle.

Modeling Database Schemas With JDeveloper’s database modeler. . Oracle. All rights reserved. you can: • Create a schema model • Modify the schema model • Reconcile changes to the database 3-3 Copyright © 2008.

Goals of Database Modeling Database modeling can help you achieve the following goals: • For existing database objects: – Visualize the schema to help analyze whether it meets requirements. – Generate DDL to create the required database objects. – Make any necessary modifications. Oracle. All rights reserved. 3-4 Copyright © 2008. . • For new database objects: – Design schema to support business requirements.

such as • Use Property Inspector to set tables and foreign keys. . All rights reserved.Characteristics of the JDeveloper Database Modeler With the JDeveloper Database Modeler you can: • Model existing objects. Oracle. by properties on diagram and its dragging from Database objects Navigator • Create new objects by dragging from Component Palette 3-5 Copyright © 2008.

– Generate changes to online schemas. – Generate changes to online schemas. All rights reserved. • Diagrammer: – Create and modify objects by dragging from Component Palette and Database Navigator. – Import objects from online database.Database Modeling Tools in JDeveloper You can work with database objects in the following ways: • Online: Create and modify schema objects directly in a database through a JDeveloper connection. 3-6 Copyright © 2008. – Import objects from offline database model. . Oracle. • Offline: – Model metadata for database objects outside the context of a database schema.

. All rights reserved.Modeling Database Objects Offline You can create offline database definitions in the following ways: • Create new offline database objects • Copy from database with filters 3-7 Copyright © 2008. Oracle.

4. 3. expand Database Tier. 3-8 . enter properties for the database. such as its name. In the Application Navigator. All rights reserved. 2. • After an offline database is created. perform the following steps: 1. and select Offline Database Objects.Creating a New Offline Database • To create a definition for an offline database in which you can model database objects. Select Offline Database to launch the Create Offline Database Wizard. In the pages of the wizard. you can create various database object definitions within it. In the New Gallery. right-click a project and choose New to display the New Gallery. Oracle. Copyright © 2008.

Oracle. .Creating New Schema Objects in an Offline Database Create new schema objects in an offline database by using wizards to define: • Functions • Materialized views and view logs • Packages • Procedures • Sequences • Synonyms • Tables • Triggers • Types • Views 3-9 Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.

Oracle.10 Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.Creating a Database Diagram 3 . .

11 Copyright © 2008. . All rights reserved.Importing Tables to the Diagram from an Offline Database 1 2 3 . Oracle.

All rights reserved.12 Copyright © 2008. Oracle. .Editing Objects on the Diagram In-place editing: Edit Table dialog box: 3 .

Specify operation. All rights reserved. In the wizard: – – – – Select objects. • SQL script opens in editor. Set SQL script options. Set database options. . Oracle.Generating Changes from the Diagram to the Database • • Invoke wizard. right-click to run it. 3 .13 Copyright © 2008.

14 Copyright © 2008. Oracle. 3 . All rights reserved.Reconciling Changes to the Database Choosing ALTER with Manual Reconcile enables you to choose changes to be generated to the database. .

or choose to create a SQL script or SXML 3 . Oracle. . All rights reserved.Generating Changes from the Offline Database Object to the Database To generate imported offline database objects to the database: • Right-click the object in the Applications Navigator • Select Generate To • Select the JDeveloper connection.15 Copyright © 2008.

Importing Database Objects Without a Diagram You can import database objects to an offline database without using a diagram: 3 . . Oracle. All rights reserved.16 Copyright © 2008.

17 Copyright © 2008.Presenting the Storefront Schema 3 . All rights reserved. . Oracle.

Summary In this lesson. All rights reserved. .18 Copyright © 2008. you should have learned how to: • Describe JDeveloper’s tool for database modeling • Create a schema model • Modify the schema model • Reconcile the modifications to the database • Import database object definitions to an offline database • Reconcile offline database objects with the database 3 . Oracle.

.Practice 3 Overview: Modeling the Schema for the Course Application (optional) This practice covers the following topics: • Creating a database diagram • Adding existing schema objects to the diagram • Adding a new database object to the diagram • Creating the DDL to add the new object to the database 3 . All rights reserved. Oracle.19 Copyright © 2008.

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