To Mr.

Engineer Khurram Dastagir Khan Minister of State for Commerce & Textile Industry, Islamabad, Pakistan November 20, 2013


Immediate demand to Pakistani Government

Dear Sir: We are seriously concerned over the recent development in the WTO negotiations with respect to the Peace Clause on G 33 Proposal in the WTO. We demand a long-term solution to protect livelihoods and food security of our farmers and vulnerable communities of our country. As Pakistanis, it is the right of our farmers to have access and control over food production. In this respect we demand our government to REJECT a short-term Peace Clause. The proposed peace clause is in fact a threat to food security. Pakistan is among the top six countries at the Global Hunger Index which is a very alarming situation. The proposed peace clause further contribute in intensifying the hunger since it has a negative trend towards ability of developing country governments to procure food from their producers for public stock-holding and distribution to the poor. The price being asked to be paid at Bali for this Peace Clause is very high. For a very weak Clause that only lasts for four years, developing countries have been asked in return to agree to a Trade Facilitation Agreement. This Agreement will be very expensive to implement for lower income countries. In addition, it will increase imports for net-importing countries. This will be an immense challenge for the domestic national industries, increase countries' trade deficits, and lead to countries diverting scarce resources from more deserving budget priorities at the national level towards putting in place very onerous and unnecessarily elaborate customs procedures geared towards clearing the goods of exporters quickly. Signed by: 1. Pakistan Kissan Mazdoor Tehreek, Karachi, Sindh 2. Roots for Equity, Karachi, Sindh 3. Sojhla for social change, Multan, Punjab 4. Roshni Tariqiyati Tanzeem, Ghotki, Sindh 5. Innovations for Developmental Empowerment and Accessible Services (IDEAS), Sawat, KPK 6. Jobs Creators Development Society (JCDS), Charsadda, KPK 7. Human Unity Movement (HUM), Haripur, KPK 8. United Rural Development Organization (URDO), Lower Dir 9. ASR Resource Centre, Lahore 10. Gilgit Baltistan Union of Journalist, Karachi 11. Young Writers Forum (YWF), Gilgit 12. Women Social Organization, Muzaffar Garh 13. Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz, Lahore CC. Mr. Qasim M. Naiz, Secretary Commerce

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