Senator Patty Ritchie

Taste of New York Wine, Craft Beer and Spirits Restaurant Survey
Do you currently serve New York wine, or locally produced craft beers or distilled spirits in your restaurant? YES 65% Have you noticed an increase in customer requests for locally produced beverages? YES 30% Are you aware that award-winning wines are produced in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties? YES 65% Do you currently serve wine, beer or spirits that are produced in Oswego, Jefferson or St. Lawrence Counties? YES 51% Have you ever tried wines, beer or spirits produced in Northern or Central New York? YES 78% How would you rate these products? Better than better known, national brands/products 7% As good as those other brands/products 84% Not as good as other brands/products 7% When you buy wine for your restaurant, what matters most? Taste 62% Price 54% Familiarity 34% Have you ever visited a winery, brewery or distillery? YES 67% Have you ever experienced a tasting of locally produced beverages? YES 65% Would you be interested in hosting a tasting of locally produced beverage products at your restaurant? YES 51%

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