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9/12/2013 The Rt Hon Ed Davey MP FRSA Department of Energy and !"mate hange 3 #h"teha!! P!

a$e %ondon S#1A 2A# Dear S"r& ' (rote to yo) !a*t month regard"ng the "mpo*"t"on of +green, $harge* on -. po(er /"!!*0 To date ' have not had e"ther a rep!y or an a$1no(!edgement0 The or"g"na! !etter (a* dated 12th 3ovem/er0 'n $a*e "t ha* gone m"**"ng& ' have "n$!)ded a $opy0 ' a(a"t yo)r rep!y0

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