Bette Price

Generation Y Expertise Based on Multifaceted Research for Real-Life Results

What’s around the bend for employers of a new generation of talent? Al indications are that business conditions going forward will remain unpredictable, trust issues will intensify, loyalty will become a variable and self-direction will become critical.

This is exactly Why “Y.” Generation Y is ideally suited
Bette Price, and her colleague, Mark Holmes, have engaged in extensive, multifaceted research that refutes the stereotypical belief that Gen Yers lack motivation, are impatient and entitled, have a poor work ethic and are disrespectful. If you’re looking for an expert who has real-life, reliable, accurate data about this important generation and why they are so important to the future—insights that go beyond the anecdotal—then you’ll want to talk to Bette Price. Find out Why “Y” and learn why incorporating a GenBlending™ philosophy into the workplace is critical to sustainability and future growth. Bette Price, CMC, is a Certified Management Consultant and President of The Price Group, a twenty-plus year-old management consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. She is the author of True Leaders, published in five languages, and speaks nationally on the topics of management, leadership and developing a new generation of leaders. She has been quoted frequently in such publications as Investors Daily, The Dallas Morning News, The Financial Times and Harvard Management Update. Contact her @ 972-404-0787. 972-404-0787

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