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Questionnaire for Intern Candidates

Please answer the following questions in not more than 200 words for each answer. 1. What is it that interests you in working for a start-up?

2. What according to you is the prime reason for failure of start-ups?

3. What role you like to work on and why de!eloping "usiness models# pulling "rands# digital marketing# research on content merging$?

%. &ow do you feel one should go a"out implementing a disrupti!e concept'idea?

(. )o you think current "usiness model of *ace"ook is sustaina"le in the long run? Why or why not?

+. Play the ,emple -un'.ngry /irds game and comment on the assets any !isi"le part or characters in the game$ which can "e used for ad!ertisements and which "rands fit those spots the most.