Written By Dhuran Modha (Final Draft)



EXT. FOREST - DAY As the sun is shining bright, the camera pans out from a flaming candle through the middle of the church to the back of the church beam and up, revealing the nest. (The sound of an instant fire, fades out) The camera pauses and focuses on an egg, with a 2 second pause the egg starts to shake and crack. (Crack) More and more of the egg cracks and a small beak pokes through. The camera starts to revolve around the egg as the bird stars to emerge small and simple. (Bird chirps) The bird is frail and wooden and unable to move, it is born with the wooden bones for the wings. The bird falls to the bottom of the nest and rolls onto its back

The Bird finally finds it's strength and talks a walk out past through the cracked egg. The bird stops and notices an opened window 'freedom' with the sun shinning inside. CUT TO: A front view of the the ribs as it starts to form, surrounding cogs and machinery as they start to whir. (Gears grind and clunk) The camera zooms out to a wide shot of the bird taking off, landing on the end of the stage beam as the camera does a 360 shot on the bird, showing its organs working all the way back to the back of the bird as the bird takes off - flying towards the opened window as the camera follows it, the sun getting bigger and brighter as the bird is getting closer to it. The Bird flies upwards leaving the camera moving in to the sun.


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