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THE ENTIRE LESSON 1-class period STATE STANDARDS ART.VA.I.HS.1 ART.VA.II.HS.1 ART.VA.II.HS.2 ART.VA.IV.HS.1 DESIGN/CRITICAL THINKING CONNECTION Identif the problem !mpath "Research # $efine Ideate # %rotot pe # Test # OUTCOME(s) Students: &ill be able to create a narrati'e b collecting fo(nd ob)ects to create an abstract form or memor &ill be able to identif color and te*t(re+ as ,ell as shape and form to add meaning. BRIFF DESCRIPTION OF LESSON

Students will be creating a narrative by collecting found objects to create an assemblage that represents an abstract form or a memory. I will enco(rage st(dents to disco'er ,a s to la er the ob)ects+ create patterns and incorporate a 'ariet of te*t(res. They will use color and texture, as well as shape and form to add meaning. Objects will be transformed in order to create unity within the artwork.
SCOPE AND SE UENCE (ORDERED FLO! OF LESSON) DA" # $ All materials ,ill be laid o(t and read to (se ,hen st(dents arri'e !*plain ,hat assemblages are and gi'e a brief histor of the artists represented to engage the st(dents in learning. As- if there are an .(estions or comments abo(t the artists or their art,or-s. Sho, st(dents a 'ideo demonstration of process Sho, st(dents ,hat their finish Assemblage ,ill loo- li-e %ic- ob)ect to place on board /et st(dents begin hot gl(ing their ob)ects to the board 0nce st(dents ha'e gl(ed do,n ob)ects to the board the ,ill spra the ,hole piece blac St(dents ,ill pic- one of the three color spra s and spra their art piece

/et stand to dr 1lean (p

DA" # % 0nce all pieces are finished each st(dent ,ill place their piece on a ,all in the hall ,a + placing them side b side to create a large collaborati'e piece ASSESSMENT St(dents ,ill be as-ed no, that o( ha'e created this piece can )(n- be art2 This ,ill sho, the (nderstand the e'er da ob)ects or )(n- can be (tili3ed in their art,or-. St(dents ,ill (se the method of assessing their ,or- on a scale of 1-14. At the end of the class st(dents ,ill be as-ed ho, did this assignment help o( (nderstand the (se ,ith other materials2 Ho, can ,e e*pand this pro)ect in the f(t(re2 VOCABULAR" (ESSENTIAL TERMS FOR THE LESSON) /ine 5orm Act(al form %rimar colors Secondar colors MATERIALS (!HAT IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE LESSON) !*amples of assemblages either teacher-made %hotos depicting assemblages b /o(ise Ne'elson+ 6oseph 1ornell+ or /eo Se,ell An t pe of )(n-. 78ottle caps+ piping+ fabric+ ,ood stic-s9 : ;l(e and gl(e g(ns Spra %aints ACCOMMODATIONS: There are t,o st(dents in class that ha'e learning disabilities+ one child has A$H$ and the other is hearing impaired. I ,ill pro'ide instr(ctions for each st(dent indi'id(all directl after gi'ing a demonstration for the ne*t step to the class. The child ,ith A$H$ ,ill be allo,ed to stand ,hile doing the pro)ect if needed and ,ill be redirected to foc(s on the steps. 8oth children ,ill be placed in the front of the classroom.