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Log 4 - Classroom Structure I am placed in a 1st grade classroom, with a strong classroom structure.

When I enter the classroom I notice that the teacher is going from small group to small group giving personal instruction. While the other children are left on their own you I can see that they are engaged in tasks that have meaning for them. They know what they are expected to do and are self-directed. The teacher has established a very clear classroom dynamic that the students adhere to. The very first day my teacher went over the classroom rules with the students and they know that there is a distinction between her being their teacher and their friend. While the students are working at their desks the students know that talking is not permitted or there will be consequences on the smile chart. The structure in the classroom has been established in multiple ways. The teacher has organized the physical environment so that the students know where to find the materials they need. This keeps them from disrupting the teacher and asking unnecessary questions. Secondly, the teacher follows a consistent schedule and set of routines so that the children know that the day is predictable. The teacher has a flow of the day chart and the children strongly rely on it, and refer to it. Finally there are clear expectations about behavior. The teacher has a smile chart, where the children get praised or reprimanded for their behavior. She moves the childrens names up when they do something good and moves them down when they are not behaving. Whoever is in the sky high zone, gets choice time at the end of the day on Friday. When it comes to communicating the instruction purpose to the students the teacher is proficient. She states clearly and uses examples about what the students will be learning. The teacher models to the students what they will be doing and how to do it. Her explanation connects to the students knowledge and experience. The teacher also models the process to be

followed in the task. I also found effective her academic vocabulary and how she motivates her student to use higher vocabulary when describing something. The teachers vocabulary and usage are correct and entirely suited to the lesson, including, where appropriate, explanations of academic vocabulary. I think that my teacher has a really good classroom structure set up, where she is able to teach effectively without distractions from the children or anything else. This classroom structure has led the children to become self directed learners, who know the classroom rules and follow them. They are able to make choices and are in control of their learning.