1450-1600 A.D

Social Studies Ms. Lancaster

An Age of Exploration
• An overland trading network existed throughout North, Central, and South America before Europeans arrived • Trade goods came overland from Asia to the trading centres of Europe • When trading goods overland became too expensive, European traders began to seek

• European Explorers searched for a passage through North America to Asia • They came across a huge new land mass that existed between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Trading Overseas
• Ocean voyages were very costly $$$ • Wealthy European merchants and Monarchs provided money for these voyages • Monarchs wished to find out more about the world and gain power and riches from Asia – They hired mariners to send ships to seek a route to Asia.

Looking for an ocean route to Asia

Explorer Map

• The Northwest Passage

Trading Overseas
• Portugal and Spain were the first European countries to send ships to seek a water route to Asia • England and France sent expeditions shortly after • While searching for trade routes, the Europeans explored North and South America

Now what????
• After the Northwest Passage was discovered the Europeans acquired new knowledge of the world’s geography • They wanted to make the very most out of their new discovery • This meant…….

New Inventions
• New technologies were create or improvements were made on old gadgets to enable sailors to navigate better
– Such as : Compass, astroblabe, ruder, and lateen sail

New Weapons
• Cannons were added to trade ships to protect them from pirate attacks
– Pirates would kill members of the crew and steal all the cargo

Availability of Knowledge
• With new areas of the world being explored also came new knowledge which lead to stories of travel and explorations – Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press which used type letters to make words (early typewriter) – Books were made faster and cheaper and became widely available

Map CreationS
• Many areas of the world were previously unmapped because they were unknown • European sailors explored more of the world and new information was added to maps and corrections were made to existing maps • Maps were created to record where they had been and to mark trade routes

Any Questions???

• Powerpoint lesson will be available on the website if you missed any important notes.

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