Industrial Revolution

Written By Anass Moudakir Kym Mumford Peta-Gaye Brown

Final Script

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SCENE 1: TRAIN INTERIOR- DAY FADE IN: The Character stands up while 80's song can be vaguely heard from headphone. While the Character is nodding his head to the music, the train's planes come from each side to form the carriage.The whole shot shrinks down to fit the screen of his Ipod and shows a medium shot of his hand holding the Ipod. The 1980's album cover slides to fill the Ipod screen while the music gradually gets louder. SCENE 2: BEDROOM INTERIOR- DAY The album cover expands to fill the screen and becomes the wall with posters. The wall rotates to the right and the posters to the left to show another shot in which the shelves rotate from the bottom and the wall from the top. The camera focusing on the Character's hand swinging back and forth holding a walkman. The whole scene slides up to focus on the Character's legs, while jumping on the bed.Shelves come from right side of the screen and the wall with posters from the left to show his hand holding the walkman hitting the box on the shelf. While the box if falling, a vinyl disc stops in the air and transforms into an old radio. SCENE 3: LIVINGROOM INTERIOR- AFTERNOON While we hear an intro to a speech, the wallpaper, shelf and curtains slide from different directions to form the living room. Footsteps running down the stairs can be heard. Still focused on the radio, the speaker expands to fill the screen. As the speech fades out, the spinning wax vinyl disk appears and waltz music fades in. SCENE 4: HALLWAY INTERIOR- NIGHT The scene of the spinning wax vinyl does a radial wipe into a scene showing the hallway with a phonograph and the character dancing while holding the broom. The character stops and while starring at the vinyl, bits from the hallway start to fade out. The whole scene rotates 180 degrees to show a close up shot of him leaning on the table next to the phonograph listening to Mary little lamb. Bits of the room start sliding away while the Phonograph expands and start detaching and the rest fades to white.

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