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Introduction: Dogs make up a large part of our community.

Forty-seven percent of households own at least one dog, and twenty percent of those have two dogs ("Pets by the Numbers"). In reference to the UALR student population, Bryant is the number one town in which students attend campus from, and Benton is ranked number three(UALR ). The student body needs to be show more concern for the students living off campus as well as those on campus. Providing all of the appropriate amenities for attending UALR students includes the addition of an off leash dog park within their home community. It has been shown that dogs benefit tremendously by receiving the appropriate exercise they need, and that the lack of exercise can be very harmful to their health. In order for them to get this adequate exercise there is a need for more off-leash dog parks that are more convenient for every community surrounding the UALR campus. Two parks out of the forty-six or more surrounding the campus and outside communities arent enough to accommodate the forty-seven percent of households in that area that needs a place to provide their dogs with exercise. Therefore, Saline County should provide an offleash area for dogs to create a more convenient community for the majority of our pet owning students. 1. We need a dog park in Bryant, AR because a. 47% population owns at least one dog b. 20% owns multiple dogs c. Saline County contributes the most students to UALR enrollment 2. Lack of exercise for dogs is hazardous to their health and behavioral manner a. Lack of exercise is hazardous to their health i. Dogs are more prone to injury and bone disorders 1. This results from dogs not actively working their muscles properly ii. Dogs can become obese 1. Most dogs today are better known as couch potatoes sitting at home eating constantly while their owners are at school/work b. Lack of exercise is hazardous to their behavioral manner i. Excessive barking 1. Excessive barking is annoying to neighbors in surrounding homes and neighborhoods ii. Biting 1. This inappropriate behavior is the result of a dog when too much energy that lacks the appropriate exercise and attention they need. iii. Predatory actions 1. Growling and jumping on kids could be prevented with an off- leash area for dogs iv. Digging 3. Creating an off-leash dog park in Bryant, AR is an easy solution a. Get public involved i. Get a petition signed

1. Students and people surrounding Saline County in support of a local off-leash dog park ii. Contact Director of Parks and Recreation and City Council for support 1. The more support you have the easier this is going to be! b. Develop a plan of action i. Financial costs 1. This includes any cost(lawn maintenance, water supply, fencing cost, waste disposal center, etc.) that will be related to building and maintaining an off leash dog park ii. Choose a place to include this off leash dog park 1. Mills Park 2. 30 acres open land 3. Centrally located in Bryant, AR 4. Land already includes lawn maintenance cost! c. Set a meeting with city officials with your proposal! 4. Off-leash dog parks require little extra costs and are beneficial to every community a. Little extra costs i. Already has lawn maintenance 1. The open area is already financially covered with lawn maintenance ii. One time fees

1. Fencing 2. Initial waste disposal station b. beneficial to every community i. social interaction for pets and owners ii. good exercise for pets and owners iii. convenient to local families

Conclusion: Providing an off-leash dog park for the Saline County student residents isnt only beneficial to students, but for other pet owning residents as well. An off-leash dog park is a simple solution to the issue of students and pet owners not having a convenient dog park within a ten mile radius of their homes. The two dog parks in the area are located with a seven mile radius of the school, which is inconvenient to the majority of the student body living off campus that is not within that area. The solution of providing Saline County with an off leash dog park is a city issue that doesnt require much more than support of the public for a change! If we all come together and push for this change in support of our students living off campus in this area, then a solution is just around the corner!