FCE Reading: Multiple matching.

You are going to read a selection of letters from a problem page in an International English Language magazine. Choose the most suitable heading ( ! I" for each letter (# $ %". &here is one e'tra heading (hich )ou do not need to use. &here is an e'ample at the beginning (*". 0 I I study English for 6 hours a week in secondary school. For one hour each week we have conversation classes with a native speaker of English where we talk about topics such as drugs, politics and culture. I know it's a really good opportunity to practice my spoken English, but I never make a contribution to the discussion. It's not that I don't have an opinion, or that I'm shy, but more that I don't have the vocabulary to e press my views. I feel really frustrated at the end of the lesson. !obody else in the group seems to have the same problem. Katalin " ###### I'm a $%&year&old business student from 'alaysia and I've been attending English classes at night for the past ( years. )p to now I've considered myself to be a good student. *ast month I went to +ritain to visit my relatives over there and it was awful. !obody could understand my pronunciation and I couldn't understand them either. ,hat went wrong- 'y English teacher is very good and I always score the highest in grammar tests. Fazlinda $ ###### I'm writing to ask your opinion on a matter which is really annoying me. 'y English teacher never corrects my mistakes when I'm speaking. Isn't that her .ob- /ow am I going to improve otherwise- 0lso she's telling me that, now I'm an advanced student, I should forget all the rules of grammar that I learnt when I was younger. Gunther 1 ###### 2an you help me- I really want to speak English the right way, with the correct accent. 3o you have any good ideas- I have a particular problem with sounds like 's'. I plan to work in the )4 in the future and nobody will take me seriously if my English pronunciation is anything short of e cellent. Jose % ###### I am working as an au pair in *ondon looking after two small children. I love my .ob but the way that English people speak is a little pu55ling. For e ample, I often hear them say things like 'more friendlier', whereas I thought it should be 'more friendly'. It also seems to be common for them to say 'we was' instead of 'we were'. 2an you e plain this- ,ould it be impolite of me to correct themLana ( ###### I am an intermediate student of English 6I have been studying it for 1 years7. I'm 8uite good at reading and writing but listening is very difficult for me. 'y teacher suggested that I listen to the ++2 ,orld 9ervice every day in order to improve my listening. :he problem is that it's hard for me to understand every word. 3o you have any ideas about how to make listening to the radio less difficult- I like to keep up with the current news in particular. Yuki 6 ###### I have studied English for ( years at school but for the past 6 months I have been doing self&study using the Internet and books to improve. :here are lots of materials to choose but I'm not sure what is best for me and how I should use them. I really would like to take the F2E e amination but don't know how to study on my own. 9hould I take a course in my local school ; which is a little e pensive for me right now ; or is it possible to prepare for the e am doing self&studyPaula < ###### 2ould you please give me advice on a problem I have at the moment with my English studies. I decided to go to the )4 to improve my English but the college I am studying in at present is full of people from my own country. 0lthough the teachers tell us we should try to speak in English with each other, it is very difficult to do this, especially in our free time when we go out together. I am worried that my speaking will not improve. Maria

6""7##### that is how the ma.0 + 2 3 :rouble with teaching methods 'aking it easier to comprehend =oin a class or learn alone 2ommunication breakdown E F > / I 9hould I point out mistakes 0wful grammar 0iming for perfection 9urrounded by my own language Unable to express myself Choose the best ans(er + . :ea is without 617##### the +ritish national drink@ every man. :eas are generally tasted with milk. +ritain is 667##### the largest importer of tea in the world. :he tasters move down the line with surprising 6"$7#####. :he types of tea that are popular in +ritain are 6"%7##### ine pensive but they are of a very high 8uality. tasting each sample from a spoon and deciding what is a 6"17##### price for each tea.ority in +ritain drink their tea. It is the centre of an industry of 6"7##### importance in the 6$7##### lives of the +ritish. :he best are delicate 6"(7##### of numerous teas from different sources and countries of origin. where they are tasted by 6A7##### professional tea tasters before being sold at each week's tea sale. The London Tea Trade :he *ondon :ea :rade 2entre is on the north 607 B of the ?iver :hames. Cver a hundred samples 6"07##### in a long line of tables. 9amples of the vast amounts of tea brought into the country to 6<7##### the national thirst go to the *ondon :ea :rade 2entre. 0 " $ 1 % ( 6 < A B "0 "" "$ "1 "% "( 0 area 0 high 0 common 0 doubt 0 for 0 route 0 considerably 0 satisfy 0 effective 0 action 0 composed 0 out of 0 speed 0 fine 0 roughly 0 mi tures B bank + wide + typical + dispute + by + way + by far + match + skilled + operation + put up + since + hurry + right + comparatively + associations 2 side 2 great 2 everyday 2 disbelief 2 at 2 direction 2 largely 2 answer 2 developed 2 practice 2 settled 2 so 2 rush 2 fair 2 slightly 2 unions 3 part 3 large 3 usual 3 uncertainty 3 on 3 .ourney 3 by much 3 serve 3 handy 3 work 3 laid out 3 owing to 3 dash 3 reserved 3 appro imately 3 gatherings . It is fascinating to see them at 6B7#####.+ C or -+ to complete this passage. 9ome thirty per cent of the world's e ports of tea makes its 6(7##### to *ondon. woman and child over ten years of age has 6%7##### average over four cups a day or some "(00 cups annually.

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