MY VISION IN LIFE GOAL BENEFITS PRIORITY SETBACKS – Priorities in the wrong place Leave work for the last

minute Very few universities in neighbouri ng Namibia offering forensics degree SOLUTIONS/STRAT EGIC PLAN DUE BY:

– 1. B. Sc (Forensics) degree+ Litigation


– 2. M. Sc (Forensics) degree+ Litigation –

3. Job and Committed Relationship

Advanced Job Security Knowledge broadening in this field of expertise Ego satisfaction

Finance and time

✔ Do masters in Forensics after the completion of my Bachelors degree ✔ Work for a highly reputable

– – 4. Car (VW Jetta) Travelling and transport to and from various places Ego satisfaction Emotional Gratification End up being top C.S investigator/L itigator in the country – – – – – 9. Children – – Ego Knowledge Broadening Leave a Legacy behind to my future children Build a Lack of start-up Capital Funding

organisation with specialisation in forensics.

– 5. Standard house & Marriage – – 6. Job Excellence – 7. Profitable Business/Firm 8. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

✔ ✔ Invest in Profitable firms/projects


House& Car –

modern, Spacious house. Drive a BMW X5

My Happiest Day: SOCIAL: • • Happily married to a lovely wife with children Living my ideal life with an ideal house and car!

WORK: • • Excelling greatly in my area of expertise, Forensics and Litigation Setting Up Profitable firms/Projects

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