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Molykote® High Temperature Greases

The following Molykote® Greases have been formulated to operate

under high temperatures in the core industries:
• Molykote® G-0103 : Ca-Sulfonate complex grease
• Molykote® G-0106: Polyurea grease
Molykote® high temperature greases are high performance multi-
service lubricants designed to extend service life of bearings in high
temperatures and presence of moisture and cooling water.

Molykote® G-0103 provides heavier oil film for applications with

excessive loading, like roll neck and table roll bearings. It is
successfully used as a slip seal lubricant in recent years. The product
is approved and used by many steel mills and sponge iron plants in

Molykote® G-0106 exceeds the already high weld loads and has still
higher shock load resistance. A premium polyurea grease, approved
and recommended by many OEMs in the steel industry, including
SMS Demag, the product has been successfully used for slab and
billet caster lubrication in India and worldwide.

Molykote high temperature greases are designed for the hostile

environments in steel mills, primary metal, cement, and paper mills.

The key features of these greases are:

•High Dropping Points to address the issue of high temperature
•Excellent Water Wash Out test results to address the resistance to
Features the washing action of mill water
•High dropping point >250°C
•Higher base oil viscosity of ISO VG 460 to increase the load carrying
•Very good extreme pressure capacity in hydrodynamic lubrication at high temperatures
characteristics •Molykote® proprietary lubricant formulation to provide superior shock
•Very good water resistance load resistance.
•Very good shear/mechanical
stability These Molykote® Greases should be used for applications involving
•Economical prices for high heavy loads and high temperatures.
performance greases
Typical application areas include:
Pack Size: 25 kg pails and • anti-friction and bush bearings including mill roll neck bearings
180 kg drums. • bearings subjected to washing action of process water
Further details:
fax +91-891-2590482 • continuous casting machines bearings exposed to heavy loads,
phone +91-891-2564393 temperatures and moisture. • oven dryer fan bearings in paper mills
• furnaces