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Daily Lesson Plan

Day: (Day 8) Objectives: 1. Show results from the research and construction of the campaign. (DOK 2) 2. Cite evidence about where your tour visited, what events took place while there, and the expenditures for the tour. (DOK 3) 3. Critique each group based on the rubric provided for grading. (DOK 4) Materials: Teacher US Government Book TE Markers Pencil/Pen Teaching Notes Remote for Television Teacher Rubric (40 Copies) Student Rubrics (100 Copies) Students Pencil/Pen Paper US Government Book Opening (Set): Good morning/evening students I hope your groups are ready to present. Remember that the presentation has to be 7-10 minutes in length. We will not be doing Channel One today because of the presentations we have to do. Today you will present your boards with your research. If you have prepared a PowerPoint then come up here and lets get that squared away. Learning Tasks (Procedures): First, group one will present their poster and research first. Start off with what city youre out of, and who are the President, Vice-President, and the Campaign Manager of the group. These are the things I will be looking for: 1. What city youre out of 2. Who in your group are the President, Vice-President, and Campaign Manager 3. The 5 destinations each group will visit 4. The 3 speeches given with each topic, where they are given, and why that destination 5. Two volunteer services or projects you do for the city The groups will go in order from group 1 to group 3. Then I will take up the student-graded rubrics on these first 3 groups. The students will put their posters on the desk in the back to be hung up. Closure: Good job today guys! Your presentations were good and yall seemed to enjoy this project, so I may use it next year as well. Hopefully these first few groups have given those of you last minute ideas for your projects tomorrow. Have a great day and Ill see you all tomorrow.

Differentiated Instruction: Enrichment: For my stronger students they will present theirs with a PowerPoint. Intervention: For my weaker students I will help their presentation with questions: What is your hometown, what places are yall visiting, what topics did you speak on and why in that city, and what kind of volunteer work did your group do for the city? Accommodation: I will make whatever accommodations are needed for students with disabilities or with learning impairments.

Grading Rubric

Required Elements: _____________ Knowledge Gained: _____________ Attractiveness: ______________ Grammar: ______________


Total Score: ___________ / 16

1. Starting Point. (ex. Denver, Colorado) 2. Cities (minimum of 5) that will be visited. (ex. New Albany, MS, Athens, GA, etc)

3. What cities you will be giving your speeches in (minimum of 3) and why you chose that city for your speech. (ex. I chose to speak in New Albany on my stance against Abortion because it is a conservative city that supports anti-Abortion stances)

4. Where in the city did you give your speech. (ex. The Cine in downtown New Albany)

5. Who are the President, Vice President, and Campaign Manager of the group.

6. Financial Report for costs and expenses. (Estimated Costs) o Lodging Costs: Dont worry about specific hotels; only the cost is important. o Food and Transportation: Calculate for 3 meals a day. Airfare or Bus travel.

o Clothing and Leisure Activities: Golf, city tours, outlet malls. Avoid specifics on clothing. All I want is the cost for it all. o Rallies and Events costs: How much did it cost for your special event or rally that you threw.

7. What two volunteer services did you attend or do. (Specify what city each service was performed in)