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Daily Lesson Plan

Day: (Day 1) Objectives: 1. Identify the Presidents many roles (DOK 1) 2. Analyze the formal qualifications (DOK 4) Materials: Teacher US Government Book TE Markers Pencil/Pen Teaching Notes Remote for Television Students Pencil/Pen Paper US Government Book Opening (Set): Good morning/evening class, lets put away our work in other classes and put our technology away, so that we can watch Channel One news and discuss it afterwards. Todays lesson is about the Presidents roles and qualifications. Learning Tasks (Procedures): First I will cut off the television after Channel One has finished and pick one current event to discuss with the class and have them interact with me. Then I will have the students get out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a web graphic to list the Presidents duties as the head of state. Next I will move forward into the lesson let the students draw and allow them to use their book for picture drawing ideas. Here are the 8 duties they will be correlating drawings to: 1. Chief of State ceremonial head of the government of the United States. 2. Chief Executive the executive power immensely broad over domestic and foreign affairs. 3. Chief Administrator director of the huge executive branch of the Federal Government. 4. Chief Diplomat main architect of American foreign policy and the nations chief spokesman to the rest of the world. 5. Commander in Chief commander of the nations military might with direct and immediate control. 6. Chief Legislator the principal author of its public policies. 7. Chief of Party the acknowledged leader of the political party that controls the executive branch and is unchallengeable in that role. 8. Chief Citizen is expected to be the representative of all the people. After the web graphic I will have the students draw out the Presidents three qualifications in order to become president. 1. Be a Natural born citizen 2. Be at least 35 years of age 3. Be at least a 14 year Resident of the United States

Closure: All right guys, I hope todays lesson was informative of what President Obama is responsible for as your and my President. Remember his 8 duties as Chief of State, Executive, Administrator, Diplomat, Legislator, of Party, Citizen and also Commander in Chief. Tomorrow we will pick with Channel One and discuss the Presidents terms in the past, the new term set, and his benefits from being elected. Ok guys yall have about 5 minutes till the bell so go ahead and get your things together. Differentiated Instruction: Enrichment: For the more elevated classes I will have them use their technology to Google some contradictions to the Presidents expectation of being a Model citizen, so that they can get a better grasp of where some Presidents like Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were caught not fulfilling this expectation of Chief Citizen. Intervention: For students who are struggling with notes or key concepts from the lecture I will come by their desk as they are working on their worksheet and explain to them further with examples of Presidents in the past that were great military leaders, effective moderators in legislation, and model citizens in order to give the student a better grasp of what is being learned and then applied to the worksheet. Accommodation: I will make whatever accommodations are needed for students with disabilities or with learning impairments.