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Hiring During Recession

Hiring During Recession

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Published by Chaitanya Roy
Employee is an asset during recession how to hire and various other new ideas have been given in this presentation.
Employee is an asset during recession how to hire and various other new ideas have been given in this presentation.

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Published by: Chaitanya Roy on Aug 25, 2009
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What's Happened To Hiring?


• Cutting excess fat • Closing Doors • Adding men to your troops

Trends In Hiring
• Quarter 1 2009 - 22% expecting headcount to increase while 4% predicting a decrease • Management Institutes face Uncertainty

The Hiring Scenario
• Recession ripple deadly
– White Collared Jobs
• Executives Feeling the Pinch

– Blue Collared Jobs

• IT Sector
• Wipro To Do More With Less (Source: 29 Oct' 08 ibnlive.com)

 TCS is cautious about their hiring plans . (Source : Dec 13 08 Business Line)

Banking Sector
HSBC mulls layoffs (Source: 22 Nov' 08 Hindustan Times)

SBI To Recruit 4,200 Clerical Staff (Source: 03 Dec' 08 Hindustan Times Business)

IOB To Recruit 1,000 People (Source: 12

• Aviation industry
Jet Airways offered a “voluntary retirement scheme” to more than 300 of its staff and announced salary cuts. Kingfisher announced that 300 employees had “parted ways” with the company IndiGo, is on the look out for more. (source: Nov 10 2008,Business Line)

• Telecom Industry: – Telecom companies plan to hire over 16,000 people, – 15 to 20 per cent more than last year (Source: Nov 2008,Business Line) • Construction Industry : – Predict the strongest hiring plans among all industry sectors surveyed. (Source: Manpower Employment Outlook Survey )

Employer Psychology
• Employee as a resource • Two Phases exists in the market
– Bull Phase – Bear Phase

Employer Psychology


• Two Kinds of Mindsets dominate in a bear phase of a stock market
– The Zeitgeists – Herd Psychology – Risk Mitigator – Contrarian Investor

• Companies follow similar mindsets

The Zeitgeists - Herd Psychology
• Follow the Tide The Mantra • Freeze on hiring may be due to
– Direct decrease in demand – Anticipated decrease in demand – Following the other companies

Risk Mitigator
• Contractual Work Force (CWF)
– TCS- Benchers shifted as CWFs

• Internal Transitions
– Wipro - 13,500 engineers for BPO’s

Contrarian Investor

Counter Cyclic Hiring

DOGS OF THE DOW – Michael Higgins

• Death of retirement • Directed Creativity • Value Analysis
– Employee Life Time Value – Applying customer Selection Grid

• Outplacements

What will help ???
• Employee Demand Forecasting
– Managing Portfolio

• Designation Management • Pillar and Beam Structure • Your Challenge!!!!!

Hope It Made Sense..

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