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Scene Analysis Framework

The following framework has been designed to help you analyze scenes in films. After you watch the movie segment, try to answer the following questions: Setting: Is the setting authentic or constructed? Support your answers. When and where does the scene take place? How does the director use color in the scene? Are there any colors that stand out? Support your answers and give examples. Camera Where is the camera in the scene? Is it moving or fixed? What is the effect created by moving or positioning the camera in this way? Objects Describe what elements you observe in this scene. Are all the elements treated in the same way, i.e, does the camera focus more on some elements than on others? Why? What emotion does the combination of all the elements in the scene evoke? Mood What is the general mood of the scene? How do color, camera angles, and movement contribute to this mood? What emotions does the director want to convey? In your opinion is he successful?

Film Music Over the past 50+ years, music used in motion pictures has become increasingly more important to the success of the film. Rather than to serve just as background music, film music has evolved into multiple techniques that composers use in order to help support the action, emotion and characters of the film. The following four techniques are the most popular and successful ways of integrating music into a movie with great success. 1) Music Establishes Mood (Mood Music)

You will hear musical examples that are used in the opening of a motion picture to set the mood of the film. For each example, place any word or phrase from the list that fits or describes the opening mood of the movie. Takes you into from the real world and into the movie world. Comic Dramatic Romantic Horns Urgent Future Example 1: _____________________________________________________________ Example 2: _____________________________________________________________ Example 3: _____________________________________________________________ Gentle Lively Religious Stately Roman Empire Happy Majestic Orchestral Exciting Heroic Spacious Determined Heavy Serious Smooth Chimes Lofty Middle-Eastern


Music Establishes The Characters (Character Theme Song)

Short theme played at a specific moment to enhance the characters traits

Listen and describe how Supermans theme portrays his character. a) What are Supermans character traits? Does the melody match his traits? b) Does the rhythm match the traits of Superman? Why? c) What instrument plays the melody for Supermans theme? d) Why is the melody instrument a good choice for Supermans theme?


Music Gives Psychological Insight (Insight)

The scene is a burning village from the movie Platoon, a movie about the Vietnam War. As you listen, describe what you think might be happening during this scene.


Music Gives Continuity To The Movie (Continuity)

Many composers use music to connect different scenes together throughout the movie. What purpose does this serve?