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Survey Questionnaire

Survey Questionnaire


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Name: ____________________________________ Year Level: ________________________________ I. Please rank the following according to what is being asked. 1.

Which of the following attributes most influence your decision to eat at fast-food restaurant? (Pls. rank your answer from 6 as the mostly influential and 1 as the least influential) __ Food quality __Speed of service __ Food/Menu Price __Ambience/Cleanliness __Location __Friendliness of staff

Age: _______ Sex: _______

2. Which chain do you believe offers the most consistent and reliable quality from one restaurant to another? (Pls. rank your answer from 10 as the restaurant which is consistent and reliable and 1 as the least.) __ McDonald’s __ Hen-Lin __Kenny Roger’s Roasters __Dim Sum Diner __ Jollibee __Greenwich __Wendy’s Hamburger __ KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) __ Chowking __Burger King

II. Pls. put a check ( ) on your best answer. 1. Which fast-food restaurant do you frequently visit? __ McDonald’s __ Jollibee __KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) __Chowking __Greenwich __Others (Pls. specify) _________________ 2. Do you frequently visit or are you loyal to this restaurant? __ Yes __ No 3. Why do you prefer this restaurant? __Food quality __ Food/Menu Price __Location __Speed of service __Ambience/Cleanliness __Friendliness of staff 4. What influence your visit to this restaurant? __Self-Decision __because of Friends and families III. Pls. put a check ( ) if you: (1) Strongly Agree, (2) Somewhat Agree, (3) neither Agree/Disagree, (4) Somewhat Disagree, (5) Strongly Disagree. Questions 1. The food being served in your restaurant choice has a good quality. 2. The food being prepared in your restaurant choice is healthier. 3. The service is fast but assures quality product. 4. The surrounding is clean and there are no foul odors. 5. The location is accessible and is visible. 6. The staffs are friendly. 1 2 3 4 5

Signature: ____________________ ***Thanks for sparing time, may god bless you! ***

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