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Literacy-rich Environment

A literacy-rich environment is one in which the students are submerged and surrounded by literacy constantly. There are many ways to provide this type of environment to students. Having books in the classroom that relate to all content areas such as: math, science, and social studies. Connecting reading to all subject areas is a great way to provide a literacy-rich environment. Reading the students a book about math that relates to the current content they are learning about helps relate the material to real life situations. Also having students read and write about all content areas not just reading. One way to provide a literacy-rich environment is by having the students help label all of the things in the classroom. For example, put a label that says clock next to the clock or a label that says bookshelf on the bookshelf. This will expose students to reading more words on a daily basis, and will hopefully help them remember those words and how to spell them. Another great way to provide a literacy-rich environment is by bringing to life the content the class is learning about. This could be by having the students creating a project about the topic, letting them design and create a bulletin board about the book they are reading. One of the most important ways to provide a literacy-rich environment is by modeling to your students. I think it is important to have a great attitude about reading and try to help choose content that students will get excited about. One way of doing this is to read your own book while it is reading time in the classroom. This helps model to students that reading is interesting. Think out of the box, take suggestions from students and use their suggestions.