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Our Community Is Going Green! SOLS Social Studies 2.

10 The student will explain the responsi ilities o! a good citi"en# with emphasis on. c.$ descri ing actions that can impro%e the school and community. &eading 2.' The student will use phonetic strategies when reading and spelling. a.$ (se )nowledge o! consonants# consonant lends# and consonant digraphs to decode and spell words. .$ (se )nowledge o! short# long# and r*controlled %owel patterns to decode and spell words. c.$ +ecode regular multisylla ic words. 2., The student will expand %oca ulary when reading. a.$ (se )nowledge o! homophones. .$ (se )nowledge o! pre!ixes and su!!ixes. c.$ (se )nowledge o! antonyms and synonyms. d.$ +iscuss meanings o! words and de%elop %oca ulary y listening and reading a %ariety o! texts. e.$ (se %oca ulary !rom other content areas. 2.- The student will read and demonstrate comprehension o! !ictional texts. a.$ .a)e and con!irm predictions. .$ &elate pre%ious experiences to the main idea. c.$ /s) and answer 0uestions a out what is read. d.$ 1ocate in!ormation to answer 0uestions. Teaching Objectives The student will e a le to explain the responsi ilities o! a good citi"en. The student will e a le to descri e actions that can impro%e the school and community. Summative Assessment The students will e gi%en a wor)sheet called Earth Day Pledge that will e graded. Materials and Preparation

/ 2!t x 2!t piece o! lue utcher paper per group o! students 3' groups o! ' students$ Scissors Crayons 3students should ha%e in des)$ Glue stic)s 3students should ha%e in des)$ Construction paper

4arth +ay# 4%ery +ay story# http566a 4arth day pledge wor)sheet# http566 a alisme. The city I li%e in wor)sheet# http566www.tls oo)s.com6cityili%ein.pd! 3extension$ 4ach student will get a copy o! the oo) !eing a "ood #iti$en% Small# .ary# and Stacey 7re%in. !eing a "ood #iti$en. .inneapolis# .85 7icture 9indow# 200:. 7rint.

1 pair o! scissors !or each student : pieces o! paper# %aried colors# !or each group 1 !older !or each student 1 pledge wor)sheet per student 1 4arth +ay# 4%ery +ay story per student 1 The city I li%e in wor)sheet per student 3extension$

Anticipatory Set&'ocus ;Today we are going to learn a out our community and how we can help to ma)e it green. 9e will e choral reading together a short story called Earth Day( Every Day # and indi%idually writing responses a out the oo). I will then read to the class !eing a "ood #iti$en% y .ary Small# you will need to listen closely ecause we will e discussing the oo) a!terwards. 9e will then di%ide the class into !i%e groups and create a picture o! our community. ; ) minutes *evie+ o, Prior -no+ledge /s) the students what and who are community helpers# and write the answers on the oard. ) minutes .nstructional Plan /0 Choral read the short story Earth Day( Every Day0 The students will then write a response to the story in three sentences. /1 minutes 20 The teacher will then read the oo) !eing A "ood #iti$en% y .ary Small# aloud to the class. The teacher will then as) the class 0uestions a out the oo) such as5 ;9hat are some di!!erent ways to e a good citi"en<= ;9hat ha%e you done lately to help your community<= 3 looming 0uestion$ ;9hat did the little girl do to e a good citi"en.= 3 looming 0uestion$ ;9hat do you thin) would ha%e happened i! the little girl wasn>t help!ul<= 3 looming 0uestion$ /1 minutes 2. The class will then e di%ided into !i%e groups o! !i%e. The teacher will pass out the utcher paper# scissors# and construction paper to the groups. 30 The students will create a picture o! what they percei%e their community to e. 21 minutes

)0 4xtension5 4ach student will get the wor)sheet# The City I 1i%e In# and answer e%ery 0uestion. /1 minutes #losure 1. The students will hand in their wor)sheet !or a grade. 20 The teacher will then hand out their homewor)# one sheet per student# and explain what they are to do5 ;?or homewor)# you will need to ma)e a pledge o! how you will personally try and )eep your community green. Then you will need to ma)e a pledge o! what you will not do. This could e something that is ad !or the earth or !or your neigh orhood.= ) minutes 40 The teacher will re%iew what the students had learned that day5 ;Today we learned what you can personally do to e a good citi"en in your community. 9e also wor)ed on our choral reading s)ills as well as our writing s)ills. /re there any 0uestions a out the homewor) assignment<= ) minutes