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December 6, 2013 Michael Koontz Interim Mayor, Town of Mount Jackson PO Box 487 Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 RE: Moving the Historic Nelson House Dear Mayor and Honorable Members of the Council: The State Historic Preservation Office has stated in an email to me that the Historic Nelson House will be considered as a contributing structure to the Mount Jackson Historic District if moved into the District. Working together, the house CAN be moved and will be a great asset to the Town once restored. Restoring the home will provide local employment, an increase of the property tax revenue to the Town and ensure the home will be secured for future generations. My proposal is to relocate the house to the vacant, town-owned lot on King Street (Parcel ID 091A1-A-104A), where the Towns recycling dumpster now sits. The lot is large enough to accommodate the house, as well as a substantial parking area, and is already zoned commercial. The structure is ideal for use as a small professional office. The lot will would once again become an income producing lot in the Town. Relocating the house to the Historic District, and specifically at the proposed location, will meet all three goals of the Urban Design Guidelines: 1. It will create a streetscape oriented to pedestrian use along King Street. 2. It will create a cohesive driving experience for residents and tourists, especially along King Street. 3. It will maintain and enhance the current historical character of the corridor. As part of the proposal, I would like to request (2) $25,000 grants one for 5973 King Street and one for the adjacent lot from the Towns Economic Development Fund to provide sidewalks, curb, gutter, and street lamps along King Street. The reason that a grant is requested is that this is a Town Owned street and the economic benefits to the Town will be substantial with redevelopment of King as furthering the Historic Downtown Commercial District. It is also my understanding that the TEA-21 funds are to be used only for VDOT owned streets. The Town has stated publicly their responsibility to pave in front of 5973 King Street. With the grants, I will be able to leverage the funds necessary to move
P.O. Box 957 ~ Mount Jackson, Virginia 22842 Washington, DC: 202.670.2164 ~ Virginia: 540.477.2377

December 6, 2013

and restore the house, as well as provide the sidewalk improvements along King. This request is in keeping with the Considerations for Implementation, page 43 of the Urban Design Guidelines, which states, Efforts should be made to provide financial aid to property owners as an incentive. The primary concern is moving the structure ASAP so Mr. Holtzman can commence construction. The sidewalk project can begin as soon as the house is located on the lot, with an estimated completion of summer of 2014. This proposal will vastly improve King Street, as well as preserve the Nelson House for the enjoyment of future generations. Sincerely,

Gerald N. Forsburg Cc: Kevin Fauber, Town Manager William Holtzman Bonnie Good, Town of Mount Jackson Planning Commission Chairwoman Rick Koontz, Chairman, Town of Mount Jackson Economic Development Authority David Edwards, Northern Region State Historic Preservation Office Phil Griffin II, Attorney