Character Bible

Name: Dr. Shaw Age: 63 Height: 8 inches (20cm) Occupation: Alchemist Location: California, North America Species: Amphibian, Salamander

Dr. Shaw was a scientist who was interested in Amphibians re-growing parts of their bodies back, particularly with Salamanders. Salamanders have tendinitis to make their tail fall off if was caught or pinched in a way to protect itself from being prey; it will then regenerate over time, starting off a paler colour and then slowly returning to its original colour. As well as regrowing its tail Salamanders can regenerate legs and in some types regenerate spines, organs and eyes too. With this in mind Dr. Shaw carried out an experiment to see if he could speed up the regenerating process. The experiment was a success but his skin was in contact with the solution which had caused a tingling/itchy sensation and before he could do anything about it he had turned into a Giant Salamander. The cleaners walked in and saw this Amphibian and instantly started to whack it with a newspaper, to try and get it but luckily he made his escape through a crack. Dr. Shaw then thought there’s not much else he can do until he solves his mistake. Little does he know that the security man had watched and shown the video tape of what happened to Dr. Shaw to the main guy in charge of the labs and have since been on an investigation to find him.


I looked at a vary of different Amphibians and Alchemists/ Scientists for inspiration but ended up staying with the classic approach of what an Amphibian looked like in a funny and cartoony way.

Additional Drawings