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Teacher Interview Mrs. Toolan, Holy Cross Art teacher 1.

What were your expectations when first getting into teaching? How has teaching surprised or disappointed you? a. Originally I didnt want to be a teacher, I wanted a more creative field. One of my professors talked me into it, and I loved my placement, I liked working with kids. I was originally placed in Chester County, but was disappointed by the class size, 32 kids. I wanted something smaller more intimate. 2. What do you do outside of school to prepare for class on a daily basis? How have your preparation and/or philosophy changed over time? a. The first three years I didnt leave on average before 5 pm. Every so often I would basically go into lockdown to get all the work done. As time moved on I got into a routine, I dont have to sit down for 72 hours anymore. My preparation has changed because no I have a family of my own. When I started I was alone and as I got used to being a teacher then I got a husband, and then came the kids. 3. How do you handle difficult students and/or situations in the classroom? Do you have a school-wide disciplinary policy? a. Well when I started in public school everything was structured and prescribed, in the Diocese theres no plan just because it would just never happen here. When I was at Pocono, I had a tense situation around 199899. A boy was standing in the hallway with his girlfriend and refused to come to class. I finally got his attention and as he walked past me he said [something repulsive]. When I asked him to repeat it, because I couldnt believe he said it, he changed his story and called me a bitch. I wrote him up and told him he couldnt speak to me like that as a teacher and a woman. I learned later that he changed his story because one was considered criminal and he would have gone to jail, and the other was an expulsion. 4. How do you handle diversity in your classroom? (Learning disabilities, various cultural background, etc.) a. I had a student with ADHD who would drum his fingers all the time. I would just let him and try to gain the attention of those around him. I would let him pass out stuff. I also had a few foreign exchange students and ESL students and I would try to do things relative to them, while also introducing them to our culture.

5. Describe you ideal classroom experience. a. I would love to have block scheduling, so I would have enough time to accomplish everything, with students of average ability so I could try more complex art projects. 6. How do you communicate/interact with parents? a. I used to worry about making phone calls, but now with Edline, it phenomenal. It takes the pressure off, everythings there for the parents to see. 7. As an art teacher, what is you method for getting students interested in art? a. I try to convey that everyone can learn, its more than just drawing. I design a lesson where everyone can be successful and make they work a little harder to get success. 8. Would you ever change anything about your teaching strategies? a. When started the standards always seemed to conflict with the content. I would take a step back, drop all the baggage and look at the standards first. 9. What are you opinions on some of the policies implemented at you school? a. Its all very specific procedures, they take up a lot of time which is less time for content. 10. I had a 10th question, but I originally wanted to speck to my high school English teacher and she was unavailable for several days, on sick leave, so I tried for me second favorite teacher, Mrs. Toolan, my computer art teacher, who actually made an artist out of me.