Can you help them buy a small plot of land for a church? Rev.

Wangai Rukwaro of Kitale, Kenya helps A !" widows and orphans with practical help, and with spiritual gems from the teachings of Christ from #aramhansa $ogananda%s book, &'he "econd Coming of Christ&. Rev. Wangai Rukwaro has been a member of the (ealing #rayer )inistry for over *+ years. (e has taught $ogananda%s healing prayer techni,ue to many people in his area. (e is a natural leader, and a worthy instrument to spread these sacred teachings in Kenya now. n Kenya you are considered an orphan if your father dies, even if your mother is still alive. "o it is truly bleak if both parents die. n -+*+ one of the widows died and left . orphans behind. /ormally such children would become street kids. 'he other widows agreed to take on raising the . new orphans, once promised them the sewing machines. 0therwise it was simply too much to ask. "ome friends and purchased treadle sewing machines so the women could start a business. http122kushona.wordpress.com2cooperation2 t is a beautiful cooperative effort. Rev. Wangai taught the widows a meditation of watching the breath while saying the 3esus #rayer. 'hey begin each day this way and say it brings them such peace. "ince then, some friends and have sent him money to help in practical ways. 'his has funded the purchase of goats, chickens and a cow, which the widows use to feed their children milk and eggs, and sell any e4tra. 5unds were also sent to help the children with modest tuition costs. 'hank you for any gift you can give. t helps them so much. $ou can give at the 67o 5und )e8 link, above, or send a check to1 Mary Kretzmann, 14618 Tyler Foote road, Nevada City, CA 95959

Alternate link1 http122www.gofundme.com2$ogananda9to9Kenya

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