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Historical Background of Environmental Education

In 18 the centaury Rousseau Louis Agassiz (Swiss

stressed the importance of an Naturalist) echoes Rousseau’s
education that focuses on the
Several decades later philosophy as he encouraged
Environment students to “study Nature, Not
This heldBooks”
in late 19the
centaury and early 20th

Anna Batsford Cornstock,

Nature Study Movement garner the head of Dept. of Nature
Tremendous support from community Natural Study Movement Started
Study at Cornell University was
leaders, Teachers and scientists.. and
changes the science curriculum for children
a prominent figure in the
across the US Natural Study Movement and
wrote the Hand Book for

Environmental Ultimately, the first Earth Day on April
22nd 1970 – A National Teach in about
Education Movement Environmentalis
Environmental problems- paved the
Started, which gain m Began way for modern Environmental
significant momentum in Education Movement
the late 1960s ans early
In 1970 President Nixon passed
National Environmental
Education Act, which has intended
Civil to incorporate Environmental
Rights, Education into K-12 schools
Vietnam In 1971, the National Association for Environmental
Education (Now Known as North American Association for
Environmental Education) was created to Improve the
environmental literary by providing resources to teachers
and promoting Environmental education programmes

Internationally Environmental Stockholm Declaration

Education gained recognition June 5-16 1972-The
when UN conference on the UNESCO and UNEP (United Declaration of the United Nations Conference on Human E
Human Environment held in Nations Environmental Program) . The document was made up of 7
created three major declarations proclamations and 26 principles "to inspire and
Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 guide the peoples of the world in the
declared Environmental that have guided the course of
preservation and enhancement of the human
Education must be used as a Environmental education
tool to address global
Environmental problems.

The Tbilisi Declaration The Belgrade Charter

October 14-26 1977-The Tbilisi Declaration "noted October 13-22 1975-The Belgrade Charter was the
the unanimous accord in the important role of outcome of the International Workshop on
environmental education in the preservation and Environmental Education held in Belgrade,
improvement of the world's environment, as well as Yugoslavia. The Belgrade Charter was built upon the
in the sound and balanced development of the Stockholm Declaration and adds goals, objectives,
world's communities." The Tbilisi Declaration and guiding principles of environmental education
updated and clarified The Stockholm Declaration programs. It defines an audience for environmental
and The Belgrade Charter by including new goals, education, which includes the general public.
objectives, characteristics, and guiding principles of
environmental education.