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Word Constitutional


Definition Sanctioned by or consistent with or operating under a constitution The system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed


A legislative assembly

Sentence Despite its questionable nature, the law was deemed constitutional. The still-young nation had undergone many forms of government before deciding on a parliamentary democracy. The core of Englands political system lies with its parliament and prime-minister. The US is most highly encompassed as a republic through the Electoral College.



A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them The idea that government is only supported by the consent of its people The right to vote, most commonly in reference to women or minorities A union of political organizations or affiliates

Popular Sovereignty



Popular sovereignty dictates how political officials are selected in the United States. The number of voters in the US increased dramatically when women were granted suffrage. When the Southern states seceded before the US Civil War, a confederation was formed.






The idea of a federal organization of more or less selfgoverning units A legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate Lying under oath

Federalism is the chief structure of US government.


Tuesday marked the beginning of the referendum vote on the new park plan. The witness was accused of perjury after it was discovered that he disclosed a false alibi. Pork-barrel legislation was utilized to garner funds for an expansion of the interstate highway. An expressed power of Congress is the ability to declare war. Congress adjusted the punishment for counterfeit under the Necessary and Proper Clause Without Congress approval of the appropriations bill, the president cant initiate reconstruction in Detroit.


Pork-Barrel Legislation

Laws passed by Congress to accumulate money for local, federal projects

Expressed Powers

Powers of the government explicitly stated in the constitution Congress has the ability to go beyond what is explicitly stated

Necessary and Proper Clause

Appropriations Bill

Laws proposed to authorize spending money





Interstate Commerce

Commerce between states

Interstate commerce allows for wealth to be distributed more evenly across the nation. After the death of vice-president Leroy, President Whitaker selected a new VP under the 25th amendment. Despite the success of his Bill, the senator was displeased with the accompanying rider. Because of his administrations focus on expanding the paper industry, the president vetoed the environmental bill. Standing committees tackle ongoing problems.

25th Amendment


When the vicepresident position becomes empty, the president appoints a replacement A provision on a subject other than the one covered by a bill


A check on the legislature when the president refuses to sign a bill

Standing Committee

A permanent committee

Select Committee

A temporary committee

Joint Committee

A committee consisting of Senators and Representatives from the House Definition

Select committees are assembled to tackle temporary problems with the intention of absolute resolution. Joint committees have more power than unicameral committees due to the bridging of hierarchies. Sentence Picture



The end of a debate

The cloture marked the conclusion of the debate between Obama and Romney. The ways and means committee was created to create solutions for the tax crisis. The president was unable to proceed until his requested funds were appropriated by congress. Lobbying is viewed by many as an essential facet of campaigning for political office. Shelter is typically regarded as a natural right.

Ways and Means Committee

A committee created to deal with financial affairs


A congressional approval of government spending


Persuading officials to support views

Natural Rights

Rights inherent to human beings from birth

Loose Construction

A perspective on the US constitution implementing non-literal interpretation

Hamilton was widely considered a practice of loose construction in his desire to interpret the constitution.

Word Ideology

Definition The infrastructure and inherent core of thinking

Sentence Jeffersonian ideology differs from Jacksonian ideology.


Judicial Review


Implemented by John Marshall, the idea that justices can determine constitutionality of laws A form of government in which one person holds absolute power

Judicial review is a significant factor in every landmark Supreme Court case

Because of Castros complete control, it is accepted that Cuba is a dictatorship.


Those in favor of a stronger national government

Federalists were chiefly inspired by the failure of the Articles of Confederation. Because of his avid support of the second amendment, Bill was regarded as a conservative.


Holding more traditional political views, typically Republican


Holding more nontraditional political views, typically Democratic

Because of his avid support of the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage, Rodney was cast as a liberal.

Implied Power

An accepted power not explicitly stated in the constitution

The presidents total access to the media is widely regarded as an implied power.

Separation of Powers

The division of government in order to divvy control


The official recognition and acceptance of something

The separation of powers contributes to the prevention of one person or group from seizing control. The constitution had to first be ratified by a majority of the states in order to hold. The 3/5 compromise allowed the south more representatives in congress.

3/5 Compromise

A compromise that denoted slaves as contributing towards 3/5 of a person in regards to a states population


Divided into two houses

The United states has a bicameral legislature with the H.o.R. and the Senare.