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1. Which of the followings does an open fireplace contribute to the environment? I. Radiant heat II. Convection III.

Latent heat A. I only B. II only C. Ill only D. I and II 2. Which of the following plumbing devices most affects the safety and health of a buildings occupants? A. A gate valve B. A globe valve C. A trap D. An interceptor 3. Which of the followings statement is NOT true of a heat pump? A. It works in the same manner as an air conditioner. B. It cannot deliver more heat energy than the energy required to run the pump. C. It works only between certain temperature ranges. D. It is often used in conjunction with a recirculating heat sink 4. What is the primary purpose of a leach field? A. To store storm runoff until it can seep into the ground B. To store sanitary drainage until it can be pumped out and removed C. To remove greywater before it enters the public sewage system D. To allow sewage cleared of solid matter to seep into the ground

5. Which of the following is UNRELATED to the definition of degree day? A. History of outside temperature B. Design day temperature C. Reference temperature D. Number of hours per day at a given temperature 6. What is the purpose of the trap in a sewage system? A. To keep sewer gas from passing up into the building B. To catch small valuables and other materials before they pass down the drain C. To catch grease before it clogs the drain D. To provide a cleanout when drains become clogged 7. A calculation of heat loss includes:
A. B. C. D.