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Teaching Practice Lesson Plan


14 of November,2013

40 minutes Time Sumayya SST Sound Recorder Lesson unit/page Context of the lesson

Student teacher School Class No of student

Maryam Saeed Bin Darwish Mona Saeed Heera School Grade 2 28

Indicate the presence of the related tasks in sound recorder.

Using simple instruction for the students to move from the table to the carpet area. The teacher engages students during control her tone of voice, using body language, gestures, positive word and asking some questions.

Teaching goal

Improve their knowledge on using sound recorder. Know how to use sound recorder. Students know other recorder. Teacher faced a problem on the computer to show the students (Teacher can use own computer
or request from the expert to help them).

Learning objectives (by the end of the lesson students will be able to)

Assumptions about prior learning Anticipated problems and possible solutions

Teacher faced problem with some students didnt focusing with her (Teacher can remember for
the students the rules of the class).

Personal focus for this lesson


More confident Monitor the children more closely Eye contact Body language My voice Language\ grammar Moving

Target language
Microphone Sound Recorder Pause Save Listen

Teacher language

TP3b 2006-7

Good morning.. How are you today? Did you feel excited for our lesson today? Lets check who is absent today? Do you know what our lesson today? Ok we will play game; during this game we will discover the topic of our lesson? Do you like song? I need first five students on one group , the second five girls etc Know log on the computers, open the program and start record your voice together. What did you learn in this class?

Are you like the program?

Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in sequence)


Resources and teaching aids (list the aids eg. realia, poster, WB, flashcards etc)
computers whiteboard Projector Microphone Sound recorder program picture

Discover the topic Discuss Explain

Consider these grouping strategies:

Whole class Groups

Consider where the children are working: - Seats - Carpet

TP3b 2006-7


Engagement s

Teacher activity (T will ) Discover the topic.

Student activity (eg. In groups ss will )

Teacher will check the attendance and give each students card of her name. Teacher will move students to the carpet. Teacher will remember students the rules of the carpet. Teacher will make for students games to discover the topic of the lesson. Teacher will show students some picture related to the lesson.

Students will listen to their name also they will take their card. Students will move to the carpet by applying the rules of the carpet. Students will play the games and will discover the topic. And will tell for teacher about each picture what they know. Students will tell teacher if they know any program, or know how recorder sounds. Students will focus with teacher and will know how to record. Students will back to their seat. Students will listen to the teacher and will start to record with their friends.

Building knowledge Transformati on Presentation

Discuss. - Teacher will ask them if they know how

recorder the sound? Or any program they use it same this.

Explain .

Teacher will explain for them how to use record sound in this program. Teacher will tell students to back to their seat. Teacher will divide each five girls in one group and record their voice.



Asking questions.

- Teacher will ask students what they learn in


- Students will teacher what

they learn in this class.

TP3b 2006-7