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' or 'Forgive the interruption, but... '?"..................................................115 The "What Hypnosis Is" Pattern ................................................................................................................................116 The Wonderful World of ANCHORING .......................................................................................................................117 Bishop's Bedroom ..........................................................................................................................................................124 Patterns and Stories ........................................................................................................................................................128 A Warm Fuzzy ...........................................................................................................................................................128 The Rain of Desire .....................................................................................................................................................129 The Sapphire Flower ..................................................................................................................................................130 "Pondering The Innermost Thoughts of a Butterfly" Story........................................................................................130 The Diamond Dragon.................................................................................................................................................132 The Whisper of Anticipation......................................................................................................................................133 The Lover's Dance......................................................................................................................................................133 The Lover's Dance 2: To The Garden Once More .....................................................................................................133 The "Center of Energy" Pattern..................................................................................................................................134 The Lovers Ring - MASTER'S OF A.S.S. Edition ....................................................................................................135 The "Soul Jewelry" Pattern' The MASTERS OF A.S.S. Edition ...............................................................................135 The Star of Bishop .....................................................................................................................................................137 The "Adventurer vs Explorer" Pattern .......................................................................................................................137 "Amazing Women" Pattern ........................................................................................................................................138 The "Long Distance Relationship" Pattern.................................................................................................................138 The Iced Tea Pattern ..................................................................................................................................................139 "New Technologies" Pattern ......................................................................................................................................139


The "Seduction Land" Pattern....................................................................................................................................139 The "Secrets" Pattern .................................................................................................................................................140 "Companionship vs Romance" Pattern ......................................................................................................................140 The Mermaid and the Blowfish..................................................................................................................................141


My name is Bishop, and I'm a Sarge-aholic!
Since you didn't buy this book to read about me, or to read that I actually DO respect women, or that I think 42DD is as big as I like a woman's breasts, or that my favorite part of foreplay is going down on a babe, or that I only take a woman to dinner if she's independent enough to pay, I won't tell you about any of that! Instead, I'll offer some suggestions on getting the most out of this book! Here are some suggestions, use them or ignore them, it's completely up to you! 1.) Read this entire book multiple times. Why? Because in these stories I am giving you a MASSIVE amount of knowledge, ideas, and tools to use, and your mind Just won't retain it all in a single reading. You'll be amazed how you're going to find little nuggets of inspirational stuff that you missed the first time, or even the third time you read the stories! 2.) If you have a tape recorder, or micro-recorder, have it close by, because you never know when you'll get an idea from one of these stories (Writing it down is too slow, so you might forget something. Besides, you'll want a recorder to practice your tonality anyway) 3.) Don't try reading the entire book in one sitting! And take at least a 10 15 minute break between stories, so you can absorb the information. 4.) HAVE FUN? I didn't put together this book to make you feel like you were in grade school again, I did it to inspire you! So don't just use what I share in this book, allow it to inspire you to develop your own "get laid" patterns, poems, and stories! Let's face it, if it you ain't having fun with Speed Seduction, you're FS%#ING yourself!!! Some pitfalls and pratfalls went into making this a book you are actually holding in your hands, so I feel compelled to thank some people who were there for me when a couple of little armageddons occurred, and some folks who were a great , inspiration for me. First, I would not be able to bring this to you if not for Ross Jeffries, who is someone I trust and whom I'm fortunate enough to call my friend (And I neither "trust" nor keep "friends" much) Brother Riker was kind enough to gather some of the stories I seemed to have misplaced, and for taking the time to be a doctor to my computer when it was ready to give birth to this book, and complications arose. Thanks to Yates Canipe, who on top of being a wonderful energy to be around, is just as important for this book being available. Thanks, Yates, dinner's on me when you're in town! Thanks to Richard Brodie, who gave me the idea to gather my stories and publish them. You get a free meal too, Richard, whenever you're in The L.A. area! Thanks to Brother Rick, Mr. "Banged 5 Babes In One Night" himself! He is a freak of seduction that has to be seen in person to truly appreciate! I just wish I could get away with wearing the kind of shirts he does!!!


Thanks to Rene Ross, one of the most intelligent women I have ever met! (And I swear to God she always finds a front row parking space no matter what mall we've gone to!!!) She has a way of seeing new angles I never considered, and is truly the best friend I have ever known. Thank you "Imzadi." Thanks to Tabby Jean Tigress, for allowing me, a lowly human, to breathe the same air as she does. I thank her for all, her love and purring, and for accepting my gifts of toys and shrimp. And finally, I want to thank Merline Forrester, a diamond in a city full of cut glass. Of course I don't need to mention that I thank all the Brothers on the Speed Seduction E-Mail List, for all the input and inspiration, so l won't mention it after this mention of not mentioning it. Oh, hey. by the way, did I mention... ;-) Enjoy this book, have fun with what you learn, and SARGE ON!


"Sarging a Songbird"
My Brothers, here is a partial transcript from the latest success that I had. She is a singer, so naturally I used that in my patterns. I started this transcript at the point where she first revealed herself to be a singer, and ended it where we both agreed on a "coffee break" ME: "So, if I were to ask you what gives you the most fulfillment, what would you reply?" HER: "The most? Singing at the clubs I get booked at, without a shred of doubt! That instant gratification of hearing their appreciation, for my singing, gives me a rush, a legal high." ME: "I imagine it's as if you have an incredible connection with the entire audience. Here you are, feeling that rush, and as that feeling gets stronger, inside, right now, you don't want to walk away from this. You know there's a connection here." (1) HER: "Exactly! It's like this high. I don't do drugs, but it's like a drug. It's an addiction, a legal addiction. But I know that the only way I'm going to get that high I'm looking for, is if I give the audience a great show. When I do that, they reward me with their applause. So I look at it, like me and the audience are giving each other a gift." ME: "And isn't that an incredible gift to give? It's just like you're sharing a private moment, with only them. I mean, in this moment, no one else exists, but you, and whoever is right in front of you. And before you even let one single note flow from your lips, before you allow your gift to be given, you just STOP, and ask yourself, what would be the most rewarding feeling to have right now? And as you allow that feeling to rise to the surface, feeling it get stronger, and stronger, until finally, you can feel the most incredible connection, as you look straight ahead, and give your gift to those who can really appreciate it." (2) HER: "Wow! That was beautiful. Please tell me you write songs! (she laughs) ME (laughing): "If it will allow me to have even half the energy I can see rushing through your eyes right now, I'll learn to write songs." HER: "My eyes? That's a unique way of putting it, I like that. Most people comment on me having a lot of energy in my smile or something." ME: "Your smile is but a back up singer, to the spiritual song of your eyes." HER (Smiling): "Ooh, say that again, I want to write that down." I touch her arm, and repeat, "Your smile is but a back up singer, to the spiritual song of your eyes." (3) HER: "I like that. You must impress quite a few women with your words." ME: "Only the ones who can fully appreciate, that my words rush out, based on who is inspiring me." HER: "I bet your girlfriend must love to hear your words."


ME: "She used to. But then her. hearing started going, so I took her to the doctor and had her put to sleep." (4) She laughs. ME (with mock sadness): "It broke Tiny heart, but I knew she wouldn't be in pain anymore." HER (still laughing): "You are so terrible!" ME: "Did I mention she had cataracts too?" HER (touching my arm and laughing): "Stop that." ME: "Actually, I'm still looking for.that unique woman who can offer me the same long term adventure, that I give." HER: "Maybe your standards are too high, for them?" ME: "Maybe. If it's one thing I've learned; living in L.A. all my life, it's that beauty is common. I could walk outside my front door, and chances are a beautiful woman would walk by within just a few minutes. So, for me, a woman has to have more to offer me, than just her beauty. She has to have the ability to allow that sense of adventure to come out. This world is filled with people who are ("nearly interested in having an exciting adventure. But if you just do it, and you find your own reasons for why this has to happen right now, the chances of capturing my attention long term, increases dramatically." (5) HER: "What kind of adventure are you talking about?" ME: "That kind of adventure where you go deep inside yourself, and pull up all those exciting feelings you had, when you were younger. Can you remember a time, when you had a deep fascination about experiencing something new? And the more you look at this, the more you convince yourself that this is an opportunity you want to grab hold of, right now. Because you know you deserve this gift, so you just go for it, without having to think about it." (6) She didn't answer at first, and just looked at me with eyes that were now getting very shiny. Then she let out a, "Mmm." And then said: "Yeah, I can think of a few things." ME (tapping my finger on her wrist): "Can you feel that to be the kind of adventure you want to enjoy over and over. With me, that's the greatest gift you can give yourself. (7) HER: "Yeah. I'd like that." ME (looking at my watch): "Oh, is it that time already? That sure flew by. Listen, I have a previous engagement I need to go to. It's too bad we didn't have the chance to talk longer. I found it very refreshing. Thank you for the gift of your time." (8) HER: "Yeah. I had a nice time." ME (looking as though I was thinking): "Let's meet later, for coffee or something. Is seven good for you, or would seven thirty' be better?"


HER: "Oh, actually, tonight is bad. I have a gig tonight." ME: "Oh, well. I guess the adventure ends here, huh?" (9) HER: "Well, are you free tomorrow? We could meet sometime in the afternoon, like one or so." ME: "I might be able to manage that, sure. Is there a number where you feel comfortable with me calling you?" HER: "Oh, yeah. Do you have a pen?"•" `' That was yesterday. Today I called her and we arranged to meet at one this afternoon. The end result was a blowjob, as I fingered her, in the back seat of her car, in the parking lot. (She said the risk of getting caught was a huge rush for her) I'm going to a club she's singing at Friday, and I'll bet my copy of Amazing SpiderMan # 121 that I bang her!


The good news is, I got laid Friday night. The great news is, it was the singer I mentioned. The unexpected news is, a "YesterLAY" named Kristen. I bagged months ago, was also at the fuckin' club!!!! (And before you get excited, no, they didn't join forces and pull a threesome with me) What would you think the odds, would be of Kristen and the singer knowing each other???? They fuckin' KNEW EACH OTHER!!!! This is the first time I've run into this kind of situation, and was curious as to what may transpire. Long story short, Kristen turned out to be engaged, to a pretty cool fitness instructor, and she introduced me to him as. "A wonderful adventure I had." (This dude could've broke my ass in three places, but apparently they have a VERY tolerant relationship about each other's past. My ass thanks them, and plans to go half's with me on a wedding gift for them) And the greatest part is, all I had to do, pattern-wise, on "singer", was link the high she had from singing on stage that night, to me! That was it! Kristen had apparently told "singer" some good stuff, because I swear I ran ONE pattern, anchored that feeling to me, and after the show, BOOM, she wanted to fuck on the goddamn roof of the club. (For all you romantics out there, be warned, it was so cold on that fuckin' roof, my dick couldn't stay hard!) This chick was bound and determined to fuck in an odd, yet sexy, location. So we found seminal success at a High School, in the football field. (Don't ask why, I damn sure didn't care to know) (10) Not as cock-hardening as my previous success stories, but perhaps this will serve as a reminder that sometimes, two separate chicks, on two separate occasions, who both know each other, might work in your favor at times.


"Banging a Blabbering Babe!"
There was this HB named Janice (25. Blonde. Green eyes, 38D bra size I "came" to learn) that I had been trying to bed off and on for weeks, but kept running into obstacles. For starters, she seemed to be the one who wanted to dominate the conversation, which made completing a pattern on her a tad difficult. Another obstacle was that whenever I tried getting her to visualize, she claimed to not be able to "see" the images in her mind. Long story short, I finally wised up and let her ramble on, thus revealing to me her "key words" and values. And I overcame the "I don't see images in my head" situation, by asking her a simple question one time about a vacation she took. I asked her what the place looked like from her Hotel balcony, and when she described it, in fine detail even, I asked her how she remembered all that. She replied. "I was so captivated by it, the image just ironed itself onto my mind." Ah-HA! So if I could get her CAPTIVATED, I could get her to accept seeing images in her mind. The following is what I used on her a few days ago to finally get some success. It's not all verbatim, but most of it is, and it DID just happen recently, so the main stuff if still fresh in my mind. I should mention that the vast majority of the time I see her, is when she's outside having a cigarette (I don't usually go for smokers, but you have to see the beautiful boobs on this lusty lass) (1) I started off with a little humor, and said to her as she was smoking, "Oh, I see your smoke alarm went off." A couple of minutes of fluff talk followed, some of which was about how tired she was from the long shift she was working (she's a Nurse) and how she plans to go to San Diego on her day off. ME: "Really? Do you plan to visit Seaport Village while you're down there?" HER: "I don't know, mainly I Just want to relax. Why, what's there?" ME: "There are some shops all through there, but what I like about it, are the spots where you can sit back and JUST RELAX YOUR MIND. I mean, have you ever made yourself JUST STOP for a moment to enjoy the great things that are right in front of you? (I pointed to myself at "right in front") Janice replied that she had never had the time to do all that, and that she found it hard to relax for very long periods of time. I asked her if she was able to relax on that CAPTIVATING vacation she took, to which she replied, "Well, yeah, but that was someplace far from around here, it was different." I probed, and discovered that what she found most "captivating" about her vacation, was that she wasn't being hit on all the time by guys who just wanted to be breast-fed. She talked herself right into my web, because she revealed EXACTLY what a guy would have to do to get her attention. The simplified list is: His first compliment to her is NOT a compliment about her looks, but rather her "energy". He NOT offer to buy her a drink, but would allow her to buy HIM one when she offered. He must be funny and not take himself too seriously. And instead of asking HER out, he has to let it be HER idea. (2) JACKPOT!!!! As soon as she finished, I threw in some humor by saying, "Yeah, that's pretty much what I look for in a guy too." Naturally she laughed. Then I said to her,


ME: "I bet you get a lot of compliments about your energy too, right? I mean, how could they not notice it?" HER (shrugging her shoulders): "They do sometimes, but mostly they must see my energy in my chest, because that's where they keep staring." ME: Your chest? I admit it's nice and all, but while their eyes are down there I'm surprised they don't compliment you on that pretty charm on your necklace. The beautiful blue is what color I imagine your energy must be." (3) (the charm is of 2 seahorses that are holding a Tanzanite stone) HER (with a look of pleased surprise) "I dated a guy, named Frank, who thought the same thing about the color. Thank you." ME: "I assumed that's why you bought it, for the matching color." Janice went on for a few minutes about how it was a gift from a female friend when they and a few other friends went to the islands of St. Martin. But that she had never given her "energy" a color; so.. she didn't associate it that way until she met Frank. They had dated for several weeks, but he traveled a lot, so the relationship fizzled. At this point, I didn't want to linger, so I said that I enjoyed our little conversation, and that I had to get back to work. An hour or so later, I ran into Janice down the hall. She looked very busy, but said to me, "Can you hold here for a minute? I'll be right back." I decided to wait, curious as to what she wanted. When she returned, she said, "You were telling me about Seaport Village. What were you saying there was to do down there?" This was a small breakthrough for me, because she had NEVER brought up to me any of our past conversations. She said that she had a couple of minutes, but then she had to get back to work. I made the best of it, and said back her own key words. And the great thing was, she shut up the whole time!!! ME: "Well, the view from all around, is truly CAPTIVATING. There are boats in the bay, that if you watch them long enough, it will make you JUST RELAX AND STARE FASCINATED BY WHAT YOU SEE (I point to myself) There are sidewalk vendors who spray paint truly amazing scenes on canvas, and I guarantee you'll NOTICE SOME FEATURE THAT CAPTURES YOUR ATTENTION <- (pointing to myself) and makes you smile, (she smiled when I said that) But the great thing about Seaport Village, are not the many shops, or the relaxing areas for you to enjoy the view, but the fact that you FEEL A ENERGY THAT EXCITES YOU and makes you FEEL VERY PLEASED INSIDE. I find that when I'm there, and I ALLOW THOSE FEELINGS TO TAKE CHARGE, it's like you can JUST STOP, and REMEMBER HOW GOOD YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW. WITH ME. it's a place I enjoy over and over." (4) Then I added with a grin, "But there might be a lot of guys there who'll be hitting on you the entire time." I nearly popped a boner right there when she said, "Well, if you don't mind going with me, they'll leave me alone, right?" I wanted to say, 'HELL YEAH! right then and there, but wanted to make sure nothing went sour, so I anchored it by taking her hand and saying, "Can you feel that as being the kind of time you'd enjoy?" She said, "Sure, we'll have fun." I didn't say yes right then, but instead said, "I'm pretty sure I can make it, but


let me double check my schedule, because I know I have plans around that time." I found her later, and said, "Just as I thought, I can make it. Those other plans are for the day after." I said that, so I had an out in case things didn't quite work out that night. Well, last night was the day we spent together, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I fired off the anchor I set that one night in the hall, then recited my personal version of the "Ajibawa Indian" story Ross gives in the tape series (I believe it's the Advanced Seduction tape series) and anchored those feelings by griping her left forearm, and running my thumb up and down. I'm excited to report that we made hot, passionate, monkey love at an Embassy Suites right across the street from Seaport Village. And I even tried out that pussy eating technique Ross shared, it worked VERY well I must admit! Pants off to Ross! Thanks for some excellent stuff, that got me the muff. "That's my opinion, but you're welcome to it."


Subject: Passport Pleasure

I met a cute brunette Tuesday, when I went to get a passport, and wanted to share with the group how things went from start to current conclusion. As anyone who read my "Tennis Babe" post knows, my work is sending me to Russia in the near future. I need a passport to go (I can't believe I've never had one!) so Tuesday I was at the Federal Building, submitting my paperwork. There were around 40 or so people waiting, but only 5 employees! It was going to be a long wait, as I'm sure you can deduce.. Any hoot, I saw this shorthaired brunette cutie, reading a paperback book,, and waiting for her number to be called (modest breasts, but nice and silky long legs). I sat right behind her, and one seat to the left. My initial intention was to see what kind of book she was reading, so I could add words, popular in that genre, to my seduction. But fate sent an angel, to make the bookmark from her hand fall to the floor. I stuck my foot under her chair before she could lean down, and I kicked it back towards me. I reached down, picked up the bookmark, and as I handed it to her I said with a slight laugh in my voice, "I know it's boring sitting here, but please stop throwing things at people." She gave a small laugh, and said, "Yeah, I feel like I've waiting here all day." I got a slightly surprised look on my face and said, "YOU'VE been waiting long? When I first got here I was only 15 years old"' She gave a more full laugh at that, then asked me, "Where are you traveling to. I told her, "Russia." She told me she was going to England. I asked her, "Oh, so is that a British novel you're reading?" She said no, then showed me the cover of her book. It was a "Harlequin Superromance" who's title I can't recall right now. But I replied to her with a genuine expression of surprise, "Oh, no way! This is so amazing!" I shut up/ and waited for her to inquire. She got a slight look of suspicion and asked, "What, don't tell me you read these too?" I told her the truth, "No, sorry." Then I leaned in a little, and added, "But I was having the most interesting conversation, not more than a few hours ago, with a friend of mine, named Rachel." She gave me a look of curiosity, so I went on with, "We were discussing the number of romance novels being sold every day. Robin loves romance novels, she calls them her 'guilty pleasures,' and she must have dozens of them." She smiled, and confessed, "I have a few myself. Quite a few actually."


I said, "Rachel was explaining to me that the reason she buys romance novels, is because they offer her a chance to go to far away places, places she may never have been to before." She perked up a bit more, turned more towards me, and said, "Oh/ yeah, it's a great way to escape. For five bucks you can experience some wonderful adventures. And the romance of it is so passionate." I smiled, then said, "That's almost the exact same thing she said! Rachel said to me/ 'You never know what kind of guys are really right for you. And it can be a hassle weeding through all the losers to get to these great guys. But when you read a romance novel, you can just stop, and enjoy spending time with this handsome stranger, knowing that this is who you want to escape with. This is who you've been looking for, to join you in experiencing all those wonderful adventures you dream about.' " She began to get "the look" and asked me, "Do you think that's silly? Most guys do." I replied, "Having never read a romance novel, I really couldn't say. But there must be something valuable here, if it can make you feel incredible, and make you feel absolutely passionate. Now, with me, I would enjoy that." I noticed she tilted her head slightly, so I "went first" by offering my hand and saying, "By the way, I'm Michael." She shook my hand and replied, "I'm Nicole. Nice to meet you, Michael." When our hands touched, I anchored her positive feelings by rubbing my thumb across the knuckle at the bottom of her index finger. I then made small talk, basically asking Nicole questions that would reveal things I wanted to use. For example, her trip to England was to visit a childhood girlfriend who was going to school in England. So I asked about that friend, and. what she thinks has made their friendship last so long, and become so strong, that she was flying so far to visit this friend. Nicole used lots of visual and emotional words. More the former than the latter, so I added more "seeings" to the "feelings." (her words are in BOLD) I then used her own words back on her, as I said, "Nicole, I can see how that would be a connection you want to enjoy, FAR INTO THE FUTURE. When it becomes perfectly CLEAR that a connection is happening, you don't have to IMAGINE spending more time with this person, it just happens, like that. I find that when I meet someone new, and I start to feel that growing connection between us, it's like you can see yourself spending much more time with this person. It can be as detailed as spending vacations together in the exotic tropics, surrounded by BEAUTIFUL blue waters, and breathtaking sunsets, or as simple as just sitting at home, watching something really great on television. Just being in their PRESENCE fills you with comfort and happiness." She said, "Precisely! She and I took our first cruise together, because I couldn't picture having done it without her." I said, "That's a valuable commodity to have. That's PRECISELY why I always allow room for people like.that to enter into my life. And you know that it's worth it, when you can feel it right... here (I touched her right above the charm on her necklace) It's too bad there are some people who can't imagine


feeling that same kind of connection with other people. There are some people who go through their entire life, never being able to see the benefits of what this has to offer you. With me, Nicole, as I see it, you want to take advantage of this wonderful experience." Nicole said, "I agree, completely." Then she asked me, "Who do you have that kind of bond with?" I gave her a true-life experience, of a great lady I was stationed overseas with, while I was in the Army. I said things to her like, "You can allow yourself to relax around this person." and "When you allow yourself to see that this is something worth pursuing." Then her number got called, and as we stood up, I offered my hand and said, "It's too bad we'll never get the time to discuss this further, you really made the time go by more pleasantly." I was shaking her hand as I was saying this, and I rubbed my thumb across her knuckle, firing off the anchor. Nicole smiled, and said, "I enjoyed it too." Then walked away. When she finished, I was still sitting down, waiting for my number to be called. She walked up to me, leaned in a bit, and asked, "Would you be interested in grabbing something to eat with me after you* re done here? I have a boyfriend, just so you know, this is not a date, just food and conversation." I gave a look of disappointment, and said, "I've really got a lot to do today, to prepare for my trip. But I can probably set aside about 15 minutes for coffee, so -we could enjoy continuing our fascinating discussion." Nicole said that she would go ahead to the cafeteria and eat, which would give me time to take care of my passport paperwork, then she'd wait, and we'd have coffee when I was finished. She left, and I sat there, having just made an interesting observation. Either she was lying about having a boyfriend, or he's less than she wants in her life. Because why would she have spent several minutes talking about "bonds" and "connections" but not once mention having such an experience with her boyfriend???? Either she didn't HAVE a boyfriend, or else she was looking for more than he was giving her. Zoinks! I just noticed how loooong this post is. So as not to make it much longer, I'll reserve what happened at our "coffee break" for those who e-mail wanting to know the rest. (1) Subject: My Brothers, I stand before you, an improved man. Not only did I succeed in getting Nicole into bed, but amazingly I also... Naw, I don't want to ruin it for you. (Ain't I a bastard?) I WILL tell you though, that the complete results from last night's party are a first for me. What I accomplished with SS last night, I have never pulled off Passport Pleasure: Mission Accomplished!


before. There are likely many of you who already have, and I now add my name to that list. Anywhoot, I will be posting some VERY detailed info on last night's party, and the results. It will a long post, so I hope that since I'm giving powerful information, that Ross will allow it. I have something to do right now though, so look for "Passport Pleasure (The AMAZING Party)" sometime Sunday afternoon or evening. Subject: Passport Pleasure (The AMAZING Party) Part 1

Guys, the party Friday night turned out to be THE BEST FUCKING RESULT I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! There are those of you who may have already had this kind of result, but this is A FIRST for me personally' If you haven't already read what lead up to this night, and find yourself very interested in reading about it, email me and I'll zip it off to you' Because I can only send a max of 30/000 characters in an AOL e-mail, this conclusion to the success story is broken up into two parts, which you by now can see have been sent together. Okay, enough build up, let's get to the party! I had called Nicole on Thursday, around 7 that night, as she suggested, and got the address and directions for the Friday party. I wore a white, mandarin collar, dress shirt, with a Yin Yang clip to go over the top button, and nice black slacks. I borrowed a cool black wool gabardine long coat from a buddy, and I wore my gray lizard skin boots. The house in Manhattan Beach, where the party was, looked incredible, and sat mere feet from the beach! (I was loving this party already!) Before I got out of the car, I closed my eyes, and said to myself, "No matter how incredible, or how dead, this party may be, you fucking OWN it!" Once properly "juiced" for my adventure, I got out of my car. (2) I had arrived close to 9 (The party started at 8) and the most amazing blonde answered the door (Turned out it was Marie, the married babe who was throwing the party) I said, "Hi, I'm Michael, the passport guy Nicole met." (Those of you who read "The Coffee Break" portion of this story, know that Nicole said I just needed to mention to Marie where I had met Nicole, and I'd get in.) She invited me in, and asked me what I'd like to drink. Naturally, I asked for an iced tea. The house wasn't huge, but there were probably about a dozen people just in the kitchen alone, when I followed Marie, as she fetched me an iced tea. I didn't see Nicole at that time, though when I introduced myself to Marie, she had said Nicole was already here. So, after Marie gave me my iced tea, I drank a swallow, then did a glance over the area, looking to see what kind of potential was here. There weren't a ton of chicks, but enough to give me some choices. There WERE however, a ton of guys, so I felt that itch (Itch, not INCH!) of arrogance creep up with the remark of, "I bet you get more of these babes attention than these fags do tonight!" The people seemed pretty cool,, they were having a great time. But there was a greasy haired, "good fella" jerk, (Surprisingly without a pinky ring), sneered


when I walked by, and he said to me, "What's with the coat? What are you, the Highlander?" He had on a small, dangling, earring, so I touched my ear and replied, "What are you, a chandelier?" I fully expected the guy to get defensive, but he actually laughed and said, "Damn, good comeback. What's your name?" I gave him a weak handshake, a half a smile, my first name, then began to walk away as I said I had spotted someone I was interested in talking to. I then continued to scope out the other babes at the party, and look for Nicole. She ended up finding me first. As she put it, "You're easy to spot in a crowd." (I'm 6' 5") I saw that she had a white wine, and hoped she wasn't going to have a bunch of it. We went out onto the first floor balcony, where apparently the entire fucking party had decided to move to! Nicole asked me if her directions to this party were clear enough, which I told her they were. Then I looked at her and gave a crooked grin as I asked, "So, have you read any good romance novels lately?" (3) She gave a small laugh, and looked away a moment,' then looked back at me and replied, "I'm in the middle of a pretty good one right now. " I liked how she phrased that, it had a twin meaning to it. I said, "I have a confession to make, Nicole." Then I kept quiet until she inquired. Then I said, "I actually paged through a romance novel today." (Which I did, though not to read, but to check out some of the words they used) She smiled and gave a small laugh, and said, "No way! Did you really?" I gave a sheepish look, and replied, "I was curious. Did you ever feel very curious about something?" She replied, "Sure, everYone does." I then said, "Isn't it fascinating how you find yourself doing something very spontaneous? I mean, here you are, with certain thoughts in your mind, and you just act on that, without thinking twice about it?" Nicole revealed, "Oh, yeah! I remember one time I snuck into this concert, because I really wanted to hear this awesome band. I had never done anything like that before, because I guess I was just a big chicken. I was about sixteen, and scared the whole time we were sneaking in. But once I got inside, I was so stoked, that I couldn't wait to do that again some time." SHE HANDED ME THIS STUFF!!!! I said, "That's great! So, what, had you already made plans to sneak in, or did you just happen to be in the same area as the concert and thought, 'I really want to enjoy this?' " (What follows next is paraphrased, because I don't recall her exact words right now)


Nicole revealed, "No, me and two of my friends went down there looking for tickets, you know, from a scalper. Then one of my friends said, 'Hey, I know how we can see the concert for free!' Her idea was to watch the people going in, and see if any guys went in without any women with them. So anyway, I guess she saw this one guy go in, and she ran up to where they were taking the tickets, and she said to one of the people, "Hey, that's my boyfriend over there, he has my ticket in his jacket, can you call him over here?' They got the guy, and my friend -motioned him outside. My friend looked really hot that night, so she had no problem getting the guy to come outside to her. Besides, they stamp your hand when you go inside, so you can go to your car, or whatever, and still get back inside. So she tells the guy we'll pay him a hundred and fifty dollars if he'll let us, you know, rub that stamp on his hand onto our hand, so it looks like we already had a ticket. He said okay, we gave him the money, and then he rubbed his stamp on each of our hands. I was so freaked, I was sure we would get caught. But we didn't, we got inside." I asked, "You were really nervous at first, then once you were inside, you got really excited that it worked, huh?" She replied, "It was such a rush, because I had never done that kind of thing before." I said, "Isn't it great, when you do those things that give you such a rush? Something comes along that really captures your attention. At first you might be nervous, or unsure what to do. Then, for whatever reason, you just act on what it is you want to have. With me, I find that to be a wonderful adventure. (4) Nicole smiled, and said, "It's scary sometimes, but I like when it works out." I then said, "Oh, me too. I find that when I see an opportunity, and I know that this could be rewarding, it's like you can take that chance, and experience the rush of having exactly what you want." (5) Nicole said, "Adventure makes life less boring." I then said, "That's just like when you're doing something new, and you wonder what's going to happen. You have this feeling inside, and you know you want it to work out to your satisfactio.n. And as .you start to see that this is going just as you desire, an incredible feeling of certainty hits you... right... here. (I fired off the anchor I had placed by her necklace charm) Can you imagine feeling that all the time? With me, as I see it, that would be the kind of experience you want to remember for the rest of your life." (6) I saw that this was working well, so I said, "It's getting a bit overcrowded on this balcony, how about we walk down to the strand?" (7) (For those of you not familiar, the strand is a stretch of concrete on the beach, for runners, walkers, rollerbladers, etc.) She said, "Sure. But first, let, me introduce you to Marie, and Phil, her Husband." I told her I had met Marie when I arrived, and thought she seemed like a cool person. We found the Husband first, he was chatting with some people by the couch, and he was the funniest dude! This guy MUST be rich, because he didn't seem like he


had a worry in the world! He was a great guy, and I actually felt HIM making ME more comfortable. (I suspect he's a secret SS Brother) After a couple of minutes, Nicole asked Phil where Marie was, and he joked, "We ran out of whiskey, so I think she's upstairs, letting Jesse feel her legs, so he'll enjoy the party again." We laughed, then went looking for Marie (Personally, I wanted to find out if Marie would be as nice a hostess to ME, if the iced tea ran out!') Along the way, Nicole said "Hi" to some people, introduced me to them, and we moved on. One babe asked Nicole, "Where's Robert?" (I had to assume this was her boyFIEND's name) Nicole said, "Oh, he went to Mojave for the weekend with some friends. You know, guy stuff." (Dist mine ears deceiveth me? The warted toad hath left Princess Nicole alone for the weekend?) We finally found Marie, who was apparently without shyness, because she said she had been in the bathroom. We talked for ail of a minute, then I said, "This is a very impressive party. But if you don't mind, I'm going to step outside a moment. The night sky is actually clear for a change, so I want to admire it while I can." Nicole and I went outside, and walked out onto the strand. There's a short wall (About 2 feet high or so.) that separates the strand from all the homes. There were about a half dozen or so other people out there too, and I noticed a group of three babes over talking amongst themselves. I really wanted to run some more sensual patterns on Nicole, but I also Wanted to do some stuff with other babes around too. So I pointed to the three babes and said, "Doesn't that remind you of when you were in school, and there was a click of girls who all hung out exclusively?" Nicole laughed as she looked over, and said, "Yeah, I know what you mean." Then she added, "But Linda, the redhead, in the blue dress, she's pretty cool. We've hung out." I wanted to get closer to Linda and her friends, so I casually walked us closer, as I said to Nicole, "So, are you getting excited?" She looked at me with her eyes slightly wide, "Uh, what?" I smiled and said, "Your trip to England, are you getting excited?" (8) She smiled back and said, "I'm really looking forward to it. My itinerary came in the mail yesterday, which makes it even more real that I'm going." I asked, "Would you consider sending me a postcard?" She replied, "Sure." By now we were roughly about 10 to 15 feet from Linda and her babe friends. Close enough for them to accidentally overhear" what I would be saying, but far enough so that Nicole and I were by ourselves. We sat down on the small wall, and I looked up at the stars.


I said, "There were ancient philosophers who believed that everything we did, said, and lived, personified itself in some form or another. Take the stars for example. They believed that every single star represented all the positive emotions that you feel." (9) Nicole said, "Really? That's interesting!" I continued with, "The more intense the feeling, the brighter the star. So when you start to feel fascinated, a star begins to shine. And that star will only get as bright as the intensity of your feelings. It may start off as a soft gentle flicker. But as you feel yourself becoming more fascinated, that star will begin to warm, and build, to a strong, and steady glow." Nicole put her hand on my leg and said, "You're very descriptive with your words. Has anyone ever told you that you'd make a great writer?" I shrugged and said, "I'm not always this descriptive. Some things just awaken that inspiration inside of me, then words just pour out from my soul." Nicole then slapped my leg and said, "There it is again! Did you just hear what you said? Even when describing your inspiration, to describe your inspiration, you make the words sound so... I don't know... real, and alive." I rubbed my finger along her left hand, firing off one of the other anchors I had set, and said, "That's very kind of you to say." At this time, Linda, the redhead, saw Nicole, and called over, "Oh, hi, Nicole!" Nicole waved, and asked how Linda had been. Linda said that she was fine, and mentioned something about having finished some project she had been working on. (Linda had started to walk over to us as she was talking, and the other 2 babes followed her) Linda greeted me, and asked if I was a party guest, or if I lived around here. I smiled as I told her, "Neither, actually. I'm a rookie Amway salesman, and I couldn't resist trying to make some sales when I saw this party going on."(10) Linda and one of the other babes laughed (The third one you'll hear about shortly) Linda said, "Cute, I like your sense of humor." She then asked Nicole if she knew Melanie (a Blonde) and Diana (also a Blonde), the two babes she was with. They had their introductions, and I could sense that Diana, the third babe, might be the uptight kind of babe. Either that, or she might have been in the middle of talking, when Linda noticed Nicole and interrupted. Next, Nicole said, "Michael was telling me this story about the stars, you have to hear this!" I played shy, but then said, "It's just something I recall reading about in college."


They sat down next to Nicole, then I repeated what I had said to Nicole, making sure to change the introduction by saying, "There were philosophers who believed that all our positive emotions personified themselves in the stars." I made sure to alternate looking at each of them during the story, and looked for any signs that the story might be having an affect on them. If it did, they didn't really show it, though Linda and Melanie both thought the story was, "really cool." Diana on the other hand, looked at me with a crinkled brow and asked in a slight edgy tone, "Where did you read this?" I replied, "I seem to remember the author's name being Bishop something." Nicole asked me, "Do you remember what else the book said?" (The story I was telling them, was "The Star of Bishop" story I first used on Deanna, the tennis babe, from last Saturday, Since I'm already going to be writing a very long post as it is, I'll summarize it here: The energy from the stars becomes a shared energy if you happen to be in the presence of someone at that time. Then I move into a variation on "The Warrior Bottle" by saying that a bottle is given by the warrior to his lover whom he shares this "star" connection with. If he returns to finds the bottle filled with tears, he knows that his lover had maintained the star energy connection as he had. If the warrior were to fall in battle however, the lover would make the journey to his gravest, and pour her once bottled tears onto the grave. This gave the lover joy, because now she knew that her warrior lover was not only watching her from above, but was maintaining the star they shared together. This is a very watered down, brief, version of the story, but I'll share it with the group once I'm confident it's worthy) Linda and Melanie were starting to show signs of being very interested in what I was saying. Even Diana gave the backhanded compliment, "Yeah, right. Too bad that could never happen in the real world." Nicole said to Linda, "Wouldn't he make a great writer?" Linda replied, "I'd buy your books." Melanie said, "Yeah, your very good at painting a picture "with your words." Even Diana said, "You have a good imagination." (Okay, so it wasn't full-fledged compliment, but it was a start!) At this point, I guess Nicole had to pee, so she said to me, "Let's go back inside." As the five of us headed back inside, Melanie asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was in sales, then asked her what she did for a living. She said she processed employee injury claims. Linda was an architect's assistant, which prompted me to say, "I find that kind of work so fascinating. We should talk later, I'd really love to hear more about it."(11) Then I asked Diana what she did for a living, and she replied, very matter-offactly, "I'm a model."


I was NOT about to lay some bullshit compliment on her, so I instead said, "Oh, you mean like a hand model or something?" (12) . She gave the expected look of surprise, then said, "Nooo, I do catalog modeling." I then said with a genuine encouraging tone, "Oh, cool. Well, good luck with that then." (13) We got inside, then Diana quickly went her own way. Nicole said she'd be right back, and went to go pee, Linda said she's talk with us again in a little bit, and Melanie hung out with me. Since I had Melanie to myself, if only for a moment, I decided to run some stuff on her. I asked her, "Do you by any chance practice martial arts?" Melanie laughed and said, "No, sorry." I then said, "I ask because I noticed something about you." Then I shut up and waited for her to inquire. Then I said, "I noticed that you carry yourself confidently. You walk with the assurance and energy, that a lot of my martial arts friends have. So I wasn't sure if that was why, or if you just have that naturally." (14) (Keep in mind, I really DID notice she had a self-assured walk) She smiled and said, "That's just me I guess." Then I said, "I'm always fascinated, when I'm first getting to know a person, what it is about what they do-for a living that they find most rewarding. Because I know that there are some things about your job that you can do well, without having to even think about it. Then there are aspects of your job, which you might have to really get yourself motivated to do. So if I were to ask you what it is about being an Injury Claims Processor that you find the most fulfilling, what would you say?" (15) Melanie thought about it a moment, then replied, "I like it because it's almost like being a detective. I read what the injury claim is, and I try to see if I can find something about the claim that might be less than truthful. I gather more information, and see what I can find. And it's a very satisfying feeling, when I know that I just saved the company money on a false claim." I said, "I can see how that would be a very satisfying feeling, to know that because of you, the company is spared a financial loss, by a less than truthful person. And you don't even have to feel the need to show off, you just do it. Because you know, right in here (I touched her just above when her cleavage started) that no matter what anyone else acknowledges (I motioned behind me, to the people at the party) you know that this (pointed to myself) makes you feel the most satisfied." (16) Nicole was coming back, as Melanie responded to me with, "Oh, absolutely. I'm the kind of person who acknowledges myself, and my own actions, and it's not important for me to be recognized for what I did, by others."


Marie came by and asked if we needed any of our drinks refreshed, which I did. Nicole had been nursing her white wine, so she was fine, and Melanie had another diet coke. We all three chatted for several minutes, but nothing really useful worth mentioning here. It was just basically Nicole and Melanie talking about the people they knew at the party, Melanie asking me if I lived in the area, and me trying to talk over the noise that had begun when Karaoke started. Melanie ran off at this point to go join in on the fun, leaving me and my victim... I mean, Nicole, alone. I told Nicole I wasn't much into Karaoke, which she said she wasn't either. She suggested we go back out on the balcony, to which I counter-suggested we check out the balcony on the second floor. Nicole took my hand, and led me upstairs. To reach the upstairs balcony, you have to walk through a bedroom, which I thought might come in handy soon. When we got there, we saw a couple already there, and having a private party of their own on the couch in the corner. We were going to leave, but the couple left instead. To give you a visual of the balcony, there is a small table with one of those big umbrellas sticking out from the center, on the right, with two chairs, and a small couch at the left corner (Where the couple had been making out). I leaned forward against the balcony, and was in awe of the abso-fucking-lutely incredible view from here. (For those not familiar with Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula is off to the far left, and is lit up nicely at night. And to the right, is Malibu, which isn't as full of lights, but still looks nice) I said to Nicole, "This reminds me of the view from my hotel, when I went to Baja, last year." (I actually borrowed the location, and some of the words I used, from Janice, the "blabbering babe" Nurse I banged a couple of weeks ago.) I said, "The view was absolutely captivating. The lights from along the shoreline, seemed to dance, like a magical gala ball, on the ocean waters." (17) Nicole said, "Wow, I bet that looked beautiful." At this point, Diana showed up, along with some frizzy-haired brunette I hadn't seen already, and asked, "What, looked beautiful?" Nicole told her, "Michael was telling. me about the view from his hotel, when he went to Baja." Diana shrugged, "I've been there, it's alright, nothing spectacular." I replied, "Then I was exceptionally fortunate, because the entire weekend there, looked gorgeous to me." Diana and her frizzy friend sat down at the small table, and I turned my attention back to Nicole. I continued with, "The view looked so amazing. It was as if you were to just stop, and focus on this (pointed to myself) opportunity


of enjoyment, for whatever your own reasons are. And whatever pleasurable thing you choose to focus on, in this moment, grows stronger, and stronger, until you suddenly realize, that this is something you will remember, for the rest of your life." (18) Nicole just looked at me with that dinner bowl look, then said, "Wow, I want to go on a trip now, and feel that." Diana remarked with an edge, "That doesn't sound like the Baja I went to." (I wanted to ignore her, but I didn't. Don't ask me why, I just wanted to see what I could accomplish) I turned to Diana, and said, "Being a model, I don't imagine the wonderful things you want to enjoy, are available to you. You likely work long hours, so the time to truly experience this, has passed when you finally get off, or you're too tired to enjoy it." Diana snapped, "That's not true! We have lots of time! I had a wonderful trip when I was on location in the Bahamas. I had a lot of free time to enjoy the ocean, and the area I was staying at." (Her expression did NOT match her words of "I had a wonderful trip." but I wanted to play a little, so I continued.) I asked, "So if you decide you could go back, and experience those wonderful things again, those things you really want to enjoy, what would you choose to do first?" Subject: Passport Pleasure (The AMAZING Party) Part 2

Diana replied, "I don't know." I said, "But if you did know, what might, you choose?" She said, "If I knew, I'd say it." I then said, "So what's stopping you?" She said, "You know what, no offense, but you're weird." I said (without a break on the first sentence), "I usually hear that from people who don't allow themselves the luxury of experiencing what they really want to feel deep down. But, you don't strike me as that kind of person. What I see is a human being having a model experience. Do you really think that makes me weird?" (19) (Keep in mind, these words make hardly any sense, but it worked to confuse her) Diana said, "It's just that you sound like a romance novel." THOSE WERE HER EXACT WORDS!!!! She continued with, "You know, all sunshine, banana daiquiris, and words to sweep some woman off her feet." I smiled and said, "Careful, I might take that as a compliment.


This actually got Diana to smile! (Which to her credit, she has a beautiful smile) I turned back to Nicole and asked, "So, how do you feel about banana daiquiris?" She laughed and said, "Make it strawberry, and I'm there." I smiled and replied, "Strawberry daiquiris, and Baja." We touched glasses, laughed, and took a sip from our respective drinks. Then I looked back out at the awesome view and asked Nicole, "What do YOU see when you look out there?" She looked silently for a few seconds, then said, "Mmm, Greece." I joked, "What, you mean the movie?" She laughed, slapped my arm, and said, "No goofy, I mean like in Athens." I said, "Ooh, now THAT must have been a great trip." Nicole replied, "I haven't gone yet. But I imagine this is what the night would look like there.- I've always wanted to visit Greece." I asked, "So, is that where you would go, if money were not an issue?" She said yes, then I asked her, "I know the reasons why I would enjoy going, but what is it about Greece that inspires you to want to see it?" (21) She said, "I've always wanted to visit the Acropolis and see the Parthenon. The thought of actually seeing a structure built centuries ago, yet still standing, would be an amazing thing to say you've seen in person. I bet standing among all that history, has this energy that you can feel, and you have automatic respect for it. Like when you visit a museum. You know that feeling you get when you walk through a museum? There's this energy." I said, "Oh, absolutely." (The truth is, she's RIGHT, there does seem to be an energy inside a museum as you're walking through it) then I continued with, "I can see that we share many of the same thoughts about things, and that is so refreshing. Because there have been many people who just don't see that this is an amazing connection to have." (22) Diana apparently thought I was talking about her, because she snapped, "By many people, you mean me, don't you?" I maintained a pleasant demeanor and said, "I don't know you, Diana. Nor can I speak for you, or how you accept the things that I'm saying. You do that for your own reasons, and that's something only you can control. There's no way I can tell you to believe that I'm someone you can relax around. I don't expect you to listen to me with great interest, because only you know if this is what you want to do." (23) Diana thought a moment, then said with a crinkled brow and a less edgy tone, "Oh... okay." Then I turned back to Nicole, and asked, "So tell me more about this energy you feel."


She looked caught off guard at first (No doubt "misreading" my words), then she replied, "Oh, yeah, the museum." I noticed as she was speaking, her tone was losing it's "trace-like" quality, so I suggested that we continue this outside, on the strand, claiming, "I want to stand closer to the ocean, I really feel some great energy there." (24) We walked downstairs, and went to the kitchen to put away my empty glass. While I was gone, some shmo started hitting on Nicole. He said some lame shit like, "If your eyes looked any brighter, I'd need to put on sunglasses." (Her eyes are BROWN, you meat puppet!!!!! I suspect this dude got lucky later, by getting drunk and taking advantage of himself) She stayed polite, but quickly said to him, "Will you excuse me?" Then we went left. Once we were outside, I said with a laugh, "If you'd rather go back inside with that stud muffin, I'll entertain myself out here." Nicole laughed and said, "No, that's okay. But if YOU want him... " We both laughed, then walked back down to the strand. I put my hand on Nicole's shoulder, got a serious look on my face, and said, "Before we go any further, I need to tell you something." She just looked at me, waiting to hear what I was about to say. I stayed serious, as I said, "I'm not sure how to say this ... but." She kind of stepped back, and looked at me. I said, "Nicole... " She said, "Yes?" I said, "I have to tell you... I waited a moment. Then I said, still serious," If your eyes looked any brighter, I'd need to put on sunglasses." (25) She... cracked... up! As she was laughing, she said, "You are so mean." I took her hand, and walked her across the sand.

As we were walking, I said, "Isn't it great, that two people can have such an energy with each other, and the adventure has only begun?" She smiled, then asked me, "Why is it you don't have a girlfriend?" I said, "Excuse me?" She elaborated with, "You have such an amazing way with words, that I find it remarkable you don't have a girlfriend."


I said, "Not everyone sees my words like you do. Diana didn't seem affected." She gave small laugh and said, "She must be a lesbian." This made me laugh, it was so NOT what I would expect someone of her pedigree to say. I told her, "My life has been filled with some of the most inspiring things, but I guess in the past I just didn't find a lady who inspired me quite that way." (26) Then she asked, "What would a girl have to do, to make you feel inspired by her?" I didn't reply for a few minutes, and was thinking of how to best use this in a pattern. Then I finally replied, "She would have to see the adventure. Remarkable as it sounds, many women just settle for guys who appear to fulfill their needs, instead of looking here (pointed to myself) for what truly makes them feel amazing inside. I'm inspired when you can see that incredible adventure unfolding, and allow yourself to just stop, and let go of your fears, let go of your hesitation, and go for it, right now. With me, that will lead to the most amazing shared adventures. "(27A) Nicole nodded, but didn't say anything. I added, "Can you feel that (ran my left hand across her right forearm) is something that would be an interesting thing to experience?" (27B) She replied, "Oh, yeah! You don't have to convince me. I love the excitement of a good adventure. It has that same kind of energy we were talking about earlier." I smiled and said. "Isn't it exciting, when you can feel that energy growing? And no matter where that adventure leads you, you find yourselfjust wanting to do it, if for no other reason than to continue. feeling that energy. Now with me, it's like a cord of light." (27C) 26 She asked, "Ooh, a cord of light? I like that visual." I then said, "Yeah. It's like this cord of light, glowing brightly, and connecting these two people (motioned back and forth between us) And as you feel that cord of light, and feel that energy you enjoy, building up stronger, and stronger, you can see that you want this to go further. And very quickly, you notice this is growing into something very passionate, and you find yourself wanting to explore it to climax, because you just gotta know. And as you look back, say, six months from now, still feeling that sense of adventure, and excitement, and pleasure, you come over and over, to the conclusion, that today is where it all began. Today is the start of the amazing adventure that you're going to take advantage of." (28) Nicole didn't respond, she just looked at me for several seconds. Her eyes kept darting back, from my left eye, to my right eye, back and forth, back and forth.


(In the past, when I've seen a woman give me this look, it usually meant sex was next on the menu) I looked her, not saying a word. She took in a deep breath ... ... let it out... ..then reached up and kissed me! It lasted for several seconds, but not real long. Then, as we pulled back, she said, "Please tell me I didn't just make a complete fool of myself." I smiled and said, "Not at all. I doubt a fool could kiss like this." Then I kissed her. This one lasted a tad bit longer, and was a bit more aggressive on both our parts. But then Nicole pushed herself away, and said, "I'm a good person, I've never cheated on my boyfriend before." I just looked at her, and didn't say a word. After a few seconds she began rubbing her hand on my arm, and asked, "Should I be doing this?" (Notice she said, "Should I" not, "Should we." I found that to be a plea for reassurance that she was doing the right thing) I took her right hand into mine, then fired off the knuckle anchor, as I said, "I think the answer lays in what you're really feeling right now." Then I ran my finger down her left hand, firing THAT anchor, as I said, "Because whatever your feelings are right now, I support them." Then I ran my hand down her forearm, firing off that anchor, as I said, "If you're feeling something, whatever it is, that's what you need to do. There's no reason to do what I say you should do." Then I touched her right above the charm on her necklace, firing off that anchor, as I said, "So whatever you feel right here, is what you know, deep down, is the right thing to do, without question. " (29) She fucking slammed me! Right down onto the sand! She whispered, "Fuck him, this is for me!" And then proceeded to kiss my neck, then sucked my neck, then sucked my ear, then, well, you get the picture. Not wanting to make her mad, I let her continue. And I finally got to feel those silky long legs of hers. I ran my hand over her chest, and as I said before, modest breasts. (34B, I eventually learned) She said, "Let's get out of here." Then got up and was literally running back toward the house. Long story short, we had relations upstairs. (Not in the room with the balcony, but the guest room next to there) After it was over, we were laying there talking for a few minutes. (She asked me what I thought of Linda, and of Marie, and a couple of other chicks who's names I didn't recognize.)


Then I said to her, "Now THIS was something inspiring worth writing about." She laughed and said, "Ooh, are you going to become a romance novelist now?" I ran a finger under her chin, then replied, "Actually, I was writing a poem in my head." She insisted on hearing it, so I obliged. I created one right there, saying, "Come with me, my lovely, as we start The Lover's Dance. Take hold of my hand, and rise up with me. Our wings spread wide, and our passions laid bare. Higher we soar, with each heated breath. And upon the clouds we sit, looking over our kingdom below. Me upon you, for we have begun The Lover's Dance. Words never spoken, yet images abound Time does not hold us here, so we dance without a care And all that you have dreamed shines brightly into reality Then once we are done, we embrace with just one thought That we have entered the garden, and planted a tree." (This was all "cumming" out, as I was speaking, I had not planned this in advance) (30) She expressed pleasure in the poem, and began to suck my cock (Gee, I wonder what gave her THAT idea?) Then, I'd say just a few minutes into this, she stopped and smiled when she asked, "How adventurous do you feel?" I smiled back, unsure where this might be going, and said, "Right now, I'm as adventurous as you'll allow yourself to be." She got off the bed, and got dressed saying, "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back." I waited, wondering what Nicole had in mind. Roughly five minutes later, Nicole returned, and told me to get my clothes back on, we were leaving. My first thought was, "Fuck, I bet she tried getting another chick up here, but it didn't work, so she wants to leave." (No, that wasn't the case after all, as you'll learn here in a moment) Nicole wouldn't tell me anything, other than, "Don't lose your adventure." I recall wondering if she was talking about my "sense of adventure", or if she was being cute and suggesting I not let my cock go limp. Needless to say, getting dressed would have been hard (no pun intended) if my dick stayed stiff. Anywhoot, I got dressed, and we headed out. Nicole had this expression on her face as we were leaving, that I interpreted as something she was thinking about, was getting her more excited. I followed her in my car. GET THIS!! We get to Nicole's place (She didn't live very far from where the party was) and we went to her couch and she wanted me to tell her that poem again.


For whatever reason, I couldn't think of a fuckin' word that I had said in that poem. So I started to make up another one, but then I recalled the original words, and picked it up from "Our wings spread wide." After I finished the story, Nicole asked me if I was into anything kinky. I replied, "When two souls unite as one for however long, the thoughts YOU have, become the thoughts WE have. So if you have a thought, it must be mine as well." (Corny, I know, but it worked!) She said, "Then come with me to the bedroom." We were making out, no clothes removed at this stage, and then ... well, maybe I shouldn't say. (Just kidding, put that rock down!) As I was saying, we were making out, and gradually the clothes came off again. Let me be polite and say that I was inspecting Nicole's "snack bar", when something happened that I NEVER EXPECTED! There I was, chin deep in "Niki's Sticky" when I hear someone come into the room. My knee-jerk thought was, "Fuck, I've been set up, her god damn boyfriend is here!" But, it was 'ya, ready for this? It was Linda and Melanie I ABOUT CAME RIGHT THEN AND THERE! It turns out, at the party, while I was naked and in bed upstairs, Nicole had approached Linda and asked Linda to come join us. Nicole wanted to make out with Linda while I watched. (It was an apparent fantasy of hers to have sex with another woman while a guy watched. And as Nicole explained it to me later, she and Linda have "experimented" with each other a couple of times before. Yeah, Baby! Yeeeaaah!!) But Linda, who it turns out is Bi, was trying to get into Melanie's panties. So she would only join us, if Melanie was into it. Melanie wasn't comfortable doing stuff at the party, so Nicole talked them into coming by her place, then Linda and Melanie could get off on each other while watching me and Nicole getting off, and vice versa. I'm not sure what the hell Nicole said to convince them, but she pulled it off!! And I have to assume Nicole left a key outside for them, because the door was locked when we arrived. So before you assume we had a foursome (I can only WISH for such a thing at this time!) let me tell you the short version: I fucked Nicole in every way imaginable, I fingered Linda and played with her tits, and she gave me head. The best I could get from Melanie, was playing with her tits, as Linda visited her "snack bar" (If memory serves me right, Nicole got more pussy than I did, that bitch!)


So there you have it! And I forgot to mention, Marie (the party hostess babe) contacted Nicole this morning (Saturday), because Diana was asking Marie if she knew me, and how she might be able to contact me. I'm not sure what that might be about, but I must admit, I'm curious. Like I said, there are those of you who can beat this success story, it just happens to be my personal best so far. My reasons for posting this are tri-fold. 1) I want to offer those who get discouraged along the way, proof that SS will ultimately bring you success with woman that you once only dreamed of. 2) I wanted to share the patterns as I have used them in a successful scenario, to hopefully assist you in figuring out how you might want to use them. 3) I'm just a fucking show off, who's ego got a blowjob last night! (c: Please contact me with any feedback, both positive, and other than negative. Subject: Brothers, Passport Pleasure (The E-Mail)

Nicole E-mailed me today, and I wanted to share it with you. I called her on the phone just a little bit ago, and she's coming up to see me. (Sorry, just her, no friends) I'm thinking of taking her to Seaport Village, and then Embassy Suites, like I did Janice (Hmm, wouldn't that be cool if those of us in the L.A./San Diego area made it a little ritual to once in awhile take a babe to Seaport Village, then fuck them at the nearby Embassy Suites? Just a thought!) Bishop P.S. I rarely ever give a babe my Bishop e-mail address, I usually use my MnofMystrE address, so don't get confused by the different e-mail address below. Subj: About Friday... Hey there Mr. Romance Novel. Cute profile by the way, very mysterious. But that goes with the screen name, right? :-) I did something last night that I should have done sooner, but did not have the courage until last night. I broke up with my boyfriend. But do not get concerned, I understood you Friday and am not looking for you to come into my life on a white stallion with strawberry daiquiris. I suppose my reason for telling you is because I really want to see you this weekend. I thought maybe if you knew I was not with him anymore, you would feel more comfortable coming down here. I don't want you to feel smothered or that I'm going to be some obsessed freak. I just have to experience you again and soon. You have given me an adventure I never imagined before, and now I find myself wanting more of that. If you do not wish to see me this weekend, or if you cannot make it down, I will understand. At least call me, will you? I would like to hear your voice again. Think about it please. Sorry to make this brief, but I only have an hour for lunch. A girl needs her energy, she never knows when she might need it. :-)


Please let me know what you decide. -Nicole



Banging a Babe in Beijing

As most of you already know, I have recently returned from a month in China. Well, here's a 100% USDA Choice Sarging Success Story! It's a detailed account of my seduction of a babe in Tai Yuan, China (Yeah, the, title says Beijing, so sue me!) (c: I was staying at the Shanxi Grand Hotel, walking into their restaurant, when I saw this beautiful blonde sitting at a table, talking to an older man and older woman. (l later found out it was 2 associates of hers) I walked up to the blonde and said, "Excuse me, but I have to ask you something." She looked at me, waited a few moments, then said, "Yes?" I smiled and said, "You look absolutely... stunning. And I wanted to compliment you on the impeccable dress suit you're wearing. It's always a pleasure to see a beautiful woman who knows how to look both sexy and strong in the same outfit." (1) She let out a small laugh, looked at the older couple she was with, then looked back at me and said, "I believe I'm about to blush. Thank you, that's most kind of you to say." I about came in my pants, because she had a British accent!!! But, I remained focused, and said, "By the way, my name is (Bishop)" She told me her name was Deena. Then I said, "Well, I'll be going now. It was a pleasure to meet you." Then I walked away, and found myself a table. (2) About 15 minutes later, she approached my table and said, "You've piqued my curiosity, so now I have a question for you." I smiled and said, "Really? Well, now you've piqued my curiosity as to what your question is." She remained standing as she asked, "Rarely do I have the luxury of coming to China and talking with a fellow English speaker. So I was wondering, what line of work are you in, and what brings you to China?" I laughed and said, "Actually, that's two questions, so you owe me one." (3) . She laughed and said, "Fair enough." Then I answered her question with, "I'm a Linguistics Student, in the area of mental processes in the unconscious mind. How fascinated would you be to learn something absolutely amazing about how things work inside of your mind?" (4) She looked at me with mock suspicion, and said, "You're a mind reader?" I laughed and said, "No, I'm a mind MASSAGER. I can massage the areas of your mind, only as deep as you'll allow me to get, and such wonderful things about how you process things, that you'll experience this (point to self) adventure over and over again." deepest you'll discover want to (5)

She sat down and said, "Either that was a smashing sales pitch, or you have a talent for saying the right things to the right people. Okay, I'll take a nibble, massage my mind."


I did a "Take Away" and said, "Well, I have a previous engagement in about twenty minutes, so right now is a bad time. However, if you're staying here at the Shanxi, give me your room number, and I'll call your room when I return. In the meantime, stay in your seat, and as I eat, you can tell me what brings you to Tai Yuan." (6) She said, "Oh, you wouldn't want to hear such a boring tale." I said, "Oh, okay." (7) Deena laughed and said, "By the way, so there's no misunderstanding, I have a boyfriend." I smiled and said, "Then you'll be relieved to know that I have a girlfriend." (8) She said, "You do? Oh, what a relief, I was starting to think you were picking me up." I smiled and changed the subject with, "So, what line of work are you in?" It turns out she's in Telecommunications, her title is Systems Manager" and she is in town because she needs to show some Chinese clients how they can use her company's new tracking software. I didn't even pretend to be impressed, because I truly was not. After all, lying is for supplicators and people who don't have goggle! So I said to her something that WAS true. I said, "I have an intuition about you." She tilted her head slightly and said, "Oh?" I said, "Because of your beauty, you've had to prove yourself more than others have, maybe even more than your best friend has. Because society has stereotyped you beautiful women, by saying you get special treatment and advantages; you have everything handed to you, which of course is not the case. So I suppose you've overcome quite the obstacle, right?" (9) She said, "That is very true. And because of the way people wrongly categorized me, it forced me to be highly competitive, and prove to them that I was more than boobs and legs." I smiled and said, "So let me ask you a question, because you seem very satisfied with what you do now. If I were to ask you what it is about being a Systems Manager that you find most pleasing, what might your response be?" (10) She thought about it a moment, then replied, "The fact that I'm respected for my efforts and abilities, not my cup size. I work with an all male division, who used to treat me like a lunch special, but now they respect me, they ask my opinion on things, I 'm on their level, I'm one of them." I said, "Isn't it great, when you can have that kind of respect, and know that it's all due to your efforts and abilities. And the highest level of that respect, is the level where they ask your opinion." Then I tapped her left wrist as I said, "That feels incredibly rewarding, right?" (11) She nodded her head and said, "Absolutely." By now, it was time for me to exercise my congruency, and get to that "meeting" I told her I had. I said, "Well, I should head in to that meeting." (12)


She said, "Yeah, I have things I need to do as well." Then as we stood up, I said, "It's too bad we'll never get the chance to talk further, without all these interruptions." (13) She said, "Perhaps we'll bump into one another this week." I said, "True, I don't leave until Tuesday evening, so we have time." (This was Sunday, so Tuesday gave her just 2 days) (14) She said, "Oh, you leave so soon?" I said, "Yeah, but we might get lucky and meet before then." She said, "Well, how about we meet for breakfast in the morning?" I said, "Hmm, possibly, if the morning meeting doesn't start until afterwards." She gave me her room number and said, "If I don't hear from you by seven o' clock, I'll assume you were unable to make it." Then we parted company. I purposely ordered breakfast through room service the next morning, because if Deena and I met that morning, I would have not had the time I wanted to fill her in every possible way with the pleasure she was going to enjoy. I called her room around 4 that afternoon, then again at 5, but there was no answer either times. Then I called just before 6, and Deena answered. (15) I said, "This is (Bishop), how about we finish our conversation over dinner." She replied, "Oh, Hi! Can you hold on one moment? I just step from the shower and I have only a towel protecting my dignity." (I nearly burst through my zipper with THAT visual image in my head) We agreed on meeting in an hour down in the restaurant, then hung up. When I arrived in the restaurant, she was at a table already, doing some work on her laptop. She had on a very nice cream colored blouse, and an almost hip hugging dark blue skirt that missed her knees by a good zip code or two. As Cartman would say, "Sweeeeet!" As I sat down next to Deena, I said to her, "You need to join me the next time I go shopping, because you have a great eye for fashion. For example, nice shoes, where did you get them?" She said she didn't recall. So I said, "I guess this (point to self) mystery remains unsolved." She smiled, then she said she'd be off the computer in just a few minutes. I placed my order, then I sat there, saying nothing, not a single fucking word. She looked up from her computer and said, "Go ahead and talk, I can hear you." I do NOT reward it when a woman knows we are to meet, and brings work with her, thus compromising the quality of the moment together. So I did what I call "Jabba Gabba" Basically, it's nonsense, like "Abba say who what beetle dog?" And it always has the intended affect. In this case, she gave me her full attention


as she said, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch .a word you just said." To which I replied, in a pleasant voice, "You know what, you're obviously too busy right now to continue that great conversation we had the other day. Maybe we'll see each other later, when you're not so busy." Then I began to get up from my chair. Deena closed her laptop, and said, "Please forgive my rudeness, I can finish the work later. Please, sit down." (16) I sat down. She smiled and asked, "So, do I get to have my mind massaged now, or do I have to wait?" To which I put on my best Austin Powers impression as I said, "Shall we shag now, or shag later? Yeah, Baby!" She cracked up. She asked how I liked the original movie, to which I said, "It put the gumbo in my mojo. Baby!" She was loving this stuff! I took this opportunity to anchor. I said to her, "People who can enjoy a good laugh, are more likely to see a wonderful opportunity (point to self) and enjoy the adventure of it. Because they know, without even having to think about it, that the pleasure of what this has to offer (point to self) gives them the same feeling they have when they enjoy that good laugh." Then I tapped her wrist as I said, "Can you feel that to be true for you?" She replied, somewhat breathy, "Oh, I would most certainly say so." I asked her, "So what part do you want massaged first?" She looked at me with a smirk and replied, "Dare'] ask if you're talking about my mind or not?"' I smirked back then asked, "Do you have something else that you need massaged?" She blushed as she said, "Nothing a nice powerful piece of machinery couldn't fix." We shared a laugh, and I whispered, "Do you own a vibrator?" She looked at me coyly and replied, "A lady has to have her secrets, doesn't she?" (Don't ask me where it came from, but I made up a pattern from that right then and there) I said, "Have you ever noticed how some secrets affect us in amazing ways?" (17) She inquired with, "How so?"

I said, "Well, there are some secrets that you know you'll 1 never utter to another living soul, and then there are those secrets that you have to really work on keeping to yourself." She said, "I suppose, yes." I said, "For example, I recall a conversation I had one day, with a friend of mine, named Rachel. Now Rachel had apparently been told this really juicy secret, and she said that she ready to explode. The way Rachel described it, it's like this ball of light, or energy. And as you... feel that energy forming inside of you... right... here (I touched her just under the breasts, where the two sides of the rib cage meet the breastbone) you can... feel a warmth start to spread. And the more you... focus on this energy... the more intense it gets. To the point where you... suddenly feel it growing... all through your body. And like most secrets, you try your best to keep it in. But sometimes, this (point to self) can be quite an intense experience. You want to hold this inside of you as long as possible, but you're also tempted to let it slip out. So you start to debate with yourself, to keep it in, or to let it out. In, out, in, out, in,


out, until you feel yourself wanting to just explode. With me, that can be a most intense situation. (Tap the back of her hand) Can you feel that applying to you?" She was shifting in her seat towards the end of that pattern, but she managed to compose herself enough to reply, "I imagine that would be quite a situation to be in." I smiled and said, "So, wanna see just how powerful your imagination is?" She smiled back and joked, "Why is it I suddenly feel like a hypnotist's volunteer?" I replied, "Because you are." She laughed and asked, "Are you really going to hypnotize me?" I said, "I'm going to join you in exploring your imagination. You will have complete control over whatever it is you imagine." (Notice I didn't actually answer her question) She said, "Okay." So I asked her, "What's your favorite color?" She replied, "Yellow." I said, "Perrrrrfect... Now, I bet you can... see me holding a rose in this hand... and of course... it's yellow... your favorite color ... I want you to... take this yellow rose... from my hand... being careful... to hold it ever so gently." She took the "rose" from my hand. Then I said, "Now... hold the rose up... up to your nose... and smell the wonderful scent... that pleasing aroma... Mmm, nice, isn't it?" She said, "Oh, yeah, this is very nice indeed." (Her breathing at this point had slowed down to match my speaking pace.) Then I said, "Now I want you to... close your eyes... and... imagine the wonderful... metamorphosis... of the rose... becoming your favorite flavor lollipop." She said, "Lollipop? I don't have a favorite one of those. I like chocolate though." I said, "Perrrrfect... because just as quickly... as you... close your ayes again... that lollipop... becomes your favorite chocolate treat. Mmm, do you want some?" She licked her bottom lip, and replied, "That would be nice." I then said, "Slowly... open your mouth... and... let this treat... touch your tongue... Now, can you... imagine... that first... explosion of flavor... as this treat... touches your tongue... and begins to.... slide down your throat." (18)


She said, "Oh, my, I believe I'm getting quite excited, and it has nothing to do with chocolate." I laughed slightly then said, "Do you want more?" She opened her eyes quickly, let out a small laugh, then whispered to me, "is there a hidden offer in that question?" I smiled and joked, "Ya' don't know, do you?" (19) She touched my arm as she said, "You have quite the way with words (Bishop), I'm surprised your girlfriend isn't afraid to let you out of her sight." I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Nah, she's not worried. She's confident that no other woman can compete with her. She's won every time so far." (20) Deena perked up a bit and said, "That confident is she?" I said, "Absolutely. In fact there was this one neighbor we had who tried to seduce me, but failed. She was about your height, blonde, very stunning, and said some pretty sexual things to me." (Notice that when I described "the neighbor" I used Deena's general description) Deena asked, "What did the neighbor say? Or can't you repeat it?" I took her hand and said, "She took my hand like this, looked me right in the eyes, like this, and said, 'Can you imagine having the most incredible orgasmic experience of your life right now? No matter how good you think you've had sex, you would experience a whole new level of pleasure with me.' Can you believe that she said that?" (21) Deena looked wide-eyed and said, "That was awfully bold of her. So what happened, you turned her down I gather?" I took her hand again and said, "Well, I took her by the hand, like this, and told her, 'Can you imagine the most intense orgasm you've ever had in your life? Imagine that now, exploding through your body over and over again, to the point where you can almost feel yourself losing consciousness. Now, it's too bad our situation prevents us from making that happen together.' How does that make you feel?"' (I held her right hand, and tapped her right wrist on the "How does that make you feel?" part) (22) She let out a slight moan and said, "You certainly know how to get a woman all worked up." I smiled, and said in my Austin Powers, "Do I make you hor-ney?" She bit her lip and said, "Actually, yes, you are making me horny." I stood up from my seat, to which she did too. I said, "Perhaps I should leave." (23) She said, "What? But dinner hasn't arrived."


I said, "That's okay, as I think about, that's not what I wanted to eat, anyway." (23) She said, "No, you don't get away THAT easily." I asked, "What do you mean?" She smiled and replied, "Can you honestly stand there and say that you weren't trying, even a little bit, to get me sexually worked up?" I said, "Deena, the truth is, you're incredibly beautiful, you're smart, and you're a great energy to be around. But you have a boyfriend, and I have a girlfriend." Then I began walking to the elevator. She came after me, and whispered, "Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't fancy having a go at me." I smiled and said, "But what about your boyfriend?" (25) She leaned in and said, "He's not here, your girlfriend's not here, and I have little doubt at this moment that we are both very sexually frustrated. So let's forget about home for tonight, let's treat ourselves. Like I said before, a lady has to have her secrets." One of the waitresses had come out of the restaurant when she saw us leave, and we basically got her to put the dinners in containers and we'd be back for them later. As far as I know, the damn things are still in the restaurant waiting to be picked up (c: (26) So, there ya' have it, that's my China Sarging success. Bishop Subject: Re: Banging a Babe in Beijing

I am in awe of a master at work Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Thanx for the positive feedback, and I look forward to hearing about your own success. By the way, how long have you been involved with SS? What products do you have? Bishop



Bishop's Bookstore Babe

Kinda long, but filled with useful goodies! There I was, in a bookstore, minding my own business in the metaphysics aisle, when the most amazing blonde I have ever seen in my life walked down the aisle I was at. She was close to '6 feet tall, mid 20's, had loooong hair, ocean blue eyes, lovely big breasts, incredible legs, and the finest ass ever to be smothered in a pair of shorts. Suddenly, my google beamed into me, and I was ready to invite her on a rewarding adventure. I put my hand up and said to her, "STOP!" She looked at me with surprise, and said, "Yes?" I said, "This might sound very corny, but I swear I've seen you somewhere before." She smiled and said, "Oh, really? Where?" I acted like I was racking my brain trying to think of where I had seen her, then l gave a look of recall. I said, "I remember now! 1 was looking at an illustrated dictionary, and your face was under the word "Angel."' (1) She let out a small laugh and said, "Oh, that one was clever." I smiled and said, "if I can find the book again, will you sign it for me?" (2) She laughed a little harder and said, "Sure, no problem." I extended my hand and said, "I'm glad you laughed, because I wanted to make sure you had more going for you than incredible beauty. By the way, my name is (Bishop). (3) She shook my hand and told me her name was Merline (Pronounced MerLEEN) Then I said, "I don't have a lot of time, but I want to let you know, I would be interested in talking with you over coffee or tea sometime, and finding out if you're the kind of woman I want to get to know." (4) She smiled, and playfully asked, "What makes you think I would want you to get to know me?" (5) I replied, "Because you strike me as the type of women who may have more to offer than her looks. You can have a thousand guys drop to their knees and only respect the physical side of you. And if that's all you're about, then I wish you a good day and will be on my way. However, if you'd like to spend a brief moment in time, sharing your valued opinions and ideas, your hopes and your hobbies, then I would enjoy being the man who learns about the woman which resides in this angel's body." (6) I said nothing at first, and allowed all that I had said to sink in to her mind. She just looked at me with the look of a woman who had never in her life gone a solid minute without being asked for her phone number.


I broke the silence with, "But if you're not interested in such a thing, I thank you for your time." I began to walk away, when she said, "Hold on!" I stopped, turned around, and let her speak. She said, "I'm sorry if I was acting suspicious, I just get tired of being hit on all the time." (7) I said, "No need for an apology, I completely understand." She said, "Thanks for that. But listen, I really have someplace I need to be in an hour, so we can sit and talk for a few minutes." Because she was so fucking drop dead gorgeous, I couldn't in good conscience let the poor babe only have three minutes of my time, so I said to her, "Oh, I must apologize, I didn't mean we could, sit together right now. I have to leave in a few minutes, so I wanted to sit and talk with you later tonight, or perhaps early tomorrow." (8) She said, "Oh." She had a slight look of disappointment as she said, "I don't think I'll be free tonight, and tomorrow I'm going down to San Diego for the Fourth of July." I said, Oh, what a shame. I guess this adventure (sp) ends here, never to be explored." (9) She thought a moment then said, "I might be home tonight around seven, how about I call you?" I said "Excellent idea. In fact, let's exchange numbers." We exchanged numbers, then before I left I said, "if you do happen to be free after seven, I want to share with you something that might very well amaze you. It amazed ME when I learned about it." (10) She said, "Oh, no fair, what is it?" I smiled, walked right up to her and whispered, "if I share it now, I won't do it justice. Just trust me when I say you'll most definitely be amazed." (11) She said, "You are quite the suspense builder, (Bishop)." We shared a laugh, then I said goodbye and left. Around 7:10 that night, she called and we made arrangements to meet at a coffee house near her. When I arrived, she was sitting in a corner table. After sitting down, I casually looked around the room, and took sadistic glee in seeing more than a few guys shocked faces that it was ME she had been waiting for. (Ahh, the joys of having google!) I I ordered an iced tea, then ran my "Iced Tea" Pattern on her. (I'll repost it for those not familiar with it) (12) Afterwards, I said to Merline, "I meant to ask you a question back at the bookstore." She cocked her head and said, "Oh?" I said, "By any chance are you involved in the martial arts?" She replied with a small laugh, "Does Tae-Bo count?"


I said, "I ask, because you have a very noticeable energy. You walk with a confidence and assurance that many of my friends in the martial arts have. So I -didn't know if that was why, or if you just naturally possess that energy." She said, "People tell me a lot that I carry myself really well. I can't really explain to them where it comes from; it's just there I guess." Then I said "So if you were to give a color to the energy you have, which would it be?" She smiled and said, "Red, definitely. Because the color red reminds me of warmth, passion, and excitement, which I think describes who I am." (13) I then said, "You strike me as definitely being a person of warmth. And there is a definite glow of excitement within your eyes. So I imagine you have a great passion for whatever it is you do." She replied, "Oh, definitely! My belief is, whatever it is you do in life, do it with passion or give up. I mean, what's the use of getting up in the morning if you can't find a reason to make it a great day? Right?" I said, "I am a big believer of positive thinking, no question. The thing is, and I'm sure you agree, that beyond positive thinking you need to have a goal in mind as to where you want that passion to take you. " She said, "Oh, definitely. You can run around in circles accomplishing nothing until you know what it is you want out of life. I have no respect for people who only talk about doing things, and seem to have an excuse as to why it never seems to pan out. Life is for a short time, why not do all that you can with it? Right?" I said, "Oh, definitely. If you can only IMAGINE A NUDE ERECTION, yet have not taken the steps to MAKE THIS NUDE ERECTION YOURS, then what are you waiting for? That reminds me of a conversation I was having with a friend of mine the other day, her name's Rachel. And Rachel believes that when you first NOTICE THIS OPPORTUNITY (sp) RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU it's important to know what you want from this. So, as Rachel describes it, you have to first FIND A FEATURE YOU ENJOY about this new opportunity, then FOCUS ON THAT FEATURE. And as you focus on that feature, you start to FEEL A WARMTH flow through your body. Rachel believes that this is an inner sign that you're supposed to take advantage of this opportunity, it's your body letting you know what it wants you to do." (14) Merline interrupted at this point and said, "I believe that, absolutely! I had that happen to me when I saw an ad for the agency I work through now. I have been to countless talent agencies, but when I saw the ad for XXXXXXXXXXX Talent Agency I got a warm feeling in my solar plexus, which I never got with any of the other agencies. So I knew they were who I wanted to be represented by." I asked, "So, what do you do through this agency?" She said, with a great exaggeration, "They're gonna make a staaaaar, baby!" Then she laughed and said, "I'm an actress, well, an aspiring one." I said, "I have a lot of respect for people who not only dream of making it in Hollywood, but actually go out there and make it happen. Being an actor, you have


agift that is unique to you and fellow actors. And that gift is, the gift of powerful imagination. You have to have a powerful imagination, or else you wouldn't be able to totally immerse yourself into your character. I'll give you an example of how powerful your imagination is. This is what I said earlier would amaze you." (15) She said, "Oh, good. I was wondering what this big amazing surprise was." I said, "Let me take you someplace." She looked a bit uncertain and said, "I don't think so. You're a nice guy, but, I'm just not comfortable enough... " I interrupted her with, "What I meant was, let me take you on an amazing adventure... sitting... right... HERE." (16) Merline's eyes widened, and she said in a slow voice, "Ooh, that sounds intriguing, where are we going?" I said, "On the most amazing adventure you have ever imagined. Shall we begin?" She smiled and said, "With a promise like that, let's go!" I began with, "If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?" She said, "Jamaica." I said, "Now, close your eyes, and imagine being in that ideal spot in Jamaica." She did. Then I said, "Is it daytime, or night?" She said, "Night, sunset." I said, "Peeerfect. Now, are you inside, or outside?" She said, "Outside, I'm on the beach." I said, "Peeerfect. Look down at your feet, and tell me what you see. She said, "I see the water. I'm standing at the shoreline, letting the water hit my feet as I walk." I said, "Mmm, what is the temperature like?" She said, "The water feels really nice, and the beach is very warm." I said, "Mmm, that feels nice, doesn't it?" She said, "Definitely!" I said, "Now I want to you to listen... very... closely... what sounds do you hear as you walk along this warm beach, with the cool water hitting your feet?" She said, "I can hear the ocean hitting the surf, and the sound of the ocean spray." I said, "Peeerfect. Seeing this ideal vacation spot, hearing these ocean sounds, feeling the water hitting your feet, tell me what kind of feeling you have right now."


She took in a deep breath, and slowly said, "Peace, comfort." I ran my index finger down from her wrist to her knuckles as I said, "That feels nice, doesn't it?" She said, "Oh yeah, it feels wonderful." I said, "Now, slowly open your eyes, imagining that where you are right now, is just mere feet away from that wonderful spot you were walking along the beach." She opened her eyes, and said in a relaxed breath, "Mmm, I feel both relaxed and energized right now, does that make any sense?" I said, "Absolutely." Then I tapped her wrist and said, "Can you feel that to be something you can really enjoy. With me, that's an adventure worth making your own." (17) She said, "Oh, definitely." Then she laughed and said, "I want to go to Jamaica now, really bad." I laughed with her and said, "Right now, in this moment, you and I ARE in Jamaica. How long shall we stay?" She said, "Forever would be nice." Then she laughed and said, "That was incredible. You have a very calming voice, you really made me feel like I was there." I said, "You are an amazingly visually woman, so I'm curious if you are more of an adventurer, or an explorer. There's a difference, though most people miss what it is." (18) She said, "Oh? What are the differences, and I'll tell you which one I'm most like." I said, "Well, an adventurer sees this opportunity right in front of them (sp)and they start to FEEL THE WARMTH OF EXCITEMENT. And the longer they focus, the more intense the warmth becomes. To the point where no matter what else is going on around you, this adventure right in front of you is all you want. A connection begins, between the adventurer and her adventure. Like a cord of light... drawing them together (motioned back and forth between me and her)... connecting them to each other... and filling you with complete certainty that this adventure is what you want. And all those fears, and objections that might stop the average person from enjoying this adventure, simply melts away from you, allowing you to take full advantage of the excitement and adventure waiting to be enjoyed. Now, with me, that's how you know you have the freedom to be an adventurer. An explorer on the other hand, notices something they've never experienced before, and says to himself, "Ooh, I wonder what THAT would be like? Images form in their head, about what great things they might want to explore, and uncover. The mystery of what you might have the opportunity to enjoy causes a great fascination. An explorer also feels that warmth inside, just as intensely, but with an added feeling of desire, to see if the fantasy of what they might find here (sp) is just as rewarding as the incredible images you see inside your mind. So an explorer has a passion based on making this unmolested territory known to them in every way possible. Looking at it just like that, would you be a committed adventurer, or a passionate explorer?"


She said, "Oh, definitely an explorer. I love learning things I never knew before, and solving mysteries that not everyone else has the determination to see through to the end." I said, "I would agree with you about that, you do strike me as having a passion for exploring new things, with the powerful imagination to enjoy the process." She said, "Thank you." I smiled, held out my hand like I was holding something, and asked, "What color is this flower in my hand?" She said, "Pink." I said, "Take the flower from my hand." She DID! Then I said, "Smell the fragrance it possesses." She did. Then I said, "Feel how soft the petals are as you brush it against the side of your face." She did, and said, "Mmm, like silk." Then I said, "Now, imagine that flower turning into your favorite flavor lollipop from when you were a little girl." She said, "Mmm, strawberry." I said, "Now, put that strawberry lollipop up to your mouth... and... feel... that... first... burst... of... flavor, as it touches your tongue." She literally made all the mouth motions of tasting a lollipop!!! She said, "This tastes good." Then I said, "Now notice how much you enjoy it, as that sweet... flavorful... sensation runs down the inside of your throat." She smiled and said, "Mmm." Then I said, "As you enjoy that strawberry lollipop, you feel no guilt, only enjoyment. And the more you enjoy it, the more clearly you can hear this voice inside your head, letting you know that you deserve this treat, this is all for you to enjoy. In fact, every time you hear this voice, it's your own personal signal that the opportunity right in front of you is what you want most, you deserve this, so you just go for it. So no matter what anyone else says, whatever this voice inside your head says, is what you know you want to experience." She opened her eyes and said, "Wow! This IS amazing!" I smiled and anchored her by saying, "I bet it's an amazing feeling that warms you, excites you, and fills you with absolute certainty... right... here (I ran my finger in front of her chest, and lightly poked her right at the top of her stomach on the word "here") -" She said, "Yeah, now that you mention it, it does feel like it's coming from there."


I said, "That reminds me of an article I read the other day, about our desires... with new technology." Then I ran the "New Technologies pattern on her. (I'll repost it for those who are not familiar with it) After that, she said, "I have to admit something to you." I said, "Oh? What would that be?' She said, "When I agreed to us having coffee together, I wasn't sure if you were the kind of guy who plays nice at first, and then tries to get me into bed. Or if you were going to be exactly as you portrayed yourself to be back in the bookstore." I smiled and said, "And what is your verdict?" She smiled back and said, "I am having the most incredible time with you, more than I thought I might. And if you don't mind me being blunt, I find you to be mysteriously sexy. But don't misread that, I don't believe in sex on the first night. But I have no objections to having my mind made love to on the first night. You have an amazing way of speaking, and you speak in words that fill my head with some pretty interesting pictures. If you wrote a book, I would buy a copy the day it came out." I smiled and said, "That's quite the compliment, I'm flattered. The truth is, I DO write. If you have an e-mail address, I would love to get your opinion on some things I've written." (19) She said, "Oh, that would be wonderful!" She got a pen from the waitress, then wrote down her e-mail address, then asked, "What kind of things do you write?" I replied, "I write the kind of stories, poems, and love letters, that would make a blind man understand what the color blue is like." She said, "That's fascinating! How would you do that?" I fired off the "wrist to knuckle" anchor and asked, "Remember that Jamaican trip you went on earlier?" She moaned and said, "Oh yeah!" I said, "THAT is what the color blue is like." She smiled and said, "You are good!" I looked at my watch, and noticed that about 45 minutes had passed. I decided to do a "Take-Away" and said, "Oh, it's coming up on an hour, I should let you go so you can finish getting ready for your San Diego trip. Besides, I have some things I need to finish writing, for a contest I'm entering. " (20) She said, "Oh, really? Share it with me!" I said, "I'll make you a deal. I have two entries I'm considering, I'll let you read them, and you let me know which you think is better." (21) She said, "Deal." We got up, and I walked her to her car.


Then SHE kissed ME before getting into her car. I smiled and said, "Mmm, strawberries." (22) She laughed and said, "Mmm, iced tea." She drove off, and the 40 foot me whistled the Scooby-Doo theme all the way to my car. (23) When I got home I sent her my "Warm Fuzzy" story, and my "Lover's Dance" poem, in separate e-mails. ,In each I said, "Input will be welcomed." (24) That was Friday! This morning, she gave me this reply: You wrote both of those? They were very well written and really arousing. Did you do that on purpose, or was it just my imagination? I could actually hear your voice reading the lines as I looked at them, which made the experience even more erotic. I like that, you need to send more! (ha) Sorry this is so brief, but I was on my way out the door when I read your poems and had to write you something expressing my delight. Call me Monday afternoon if you can, we can have an early dinner or something. And bring more of your stories, I want to hear you read them. Got to go! Merline I'll keep you posted as to what develops Monday. Bishop Subject: Bishop's Bookstore Babe (The Dinner)

I called Merline around 10 a.m. Monday, and learned that she would be in Buena Vista on an audition. Since I was in the L.A. area, I suggested we meet at Redondo Beach pier for dinner. She said that was cool, gave me her cell phone # and asked me to call her at 5 that evening so she could get directions. I called her at 5, and in my Mr. Mackay voice (He's from "South Park") I said, "Yeah, Merline? This is officer Mackay, of the fashion police, mm-kay? I have a pair of bellbottoms here that claim you abandoned them, mm-kay? I'm gonna need you to come down to the station and clear this matter up, mm-kay?" She cracked up and said she saw the movie over the weekend, but said she had to be dragged. (Uh, yeah, riiiiight!) Funny thing was, she did a good Eric Cartman!!! We discussed dinner on the pier, and she suggested that we take her car, so we can save on parking fees. I thought that was a sign that she was cheap, which naturally made me VERY aroused! (c: I gave her directions (It turned out she was just 20 minutes from where I was staying), then said to her, "Oh, and I brought some of my poetry down." She laughed and said, "Should I read it when I'm alone?" I laughed and said, "Naw, it's much better to have poetry read to you." She said, "True."


Then laughed and added, "Feed me grapes too?" I said, "No, you'll be feeding ME grapes, it's just that damn good." We shared a laugh, and she said, "Okay, okay, now I guess I'll have to speed to your house so we can get to the poetry quicker." I said, "Only... CUM QUICKLY... if... THAT'S WHAT YOU DESIRE." (1) She laughed and said, "Ooh, that was very suggestive." We laughed, then she said she was on her way, and we hung up. She arrived about a half hour later, and said we needed to swing back by her girlfriend's house because she left her cell phone on the counter. So off we went. It turned out the "girlfriend" was actually 3 girlfriends who had gone in on a house together, so I was pleased when Merline said, "Why don't you come in with me and meet them? I let them read your 'Warm Fuzzy' story, so I'm sure they'd like to meet you." (2) ME with 4 women? It was a tough decision, but I ultimately chose to go ahead and meet them. (c: Two of the three were worthy of a shared adventure with me, especially the redhead, Naomi. They were in the backyard, getting ready for a BBQ. One of them said to me, "So you're the poet? I liked your wording, where did you get the inspiration for it?" I replied, "By taking the time to notice what feels good, for myself and for others." She said, "Nice answer, you're a poet alright!" We laughed. Then one of the other women said, "If you're a truly gifted poet, you should be able to create a poem right here on the spot. Do your stuff." I said, "With such attractive women here, how could I NOT be inspired?" Then I acted as if I were making a poem up, but in reality I simply used a poem I had written to read later, and just added "thinking" pauses. Here is the poem: The sweetest sound I've ever heard was the coo of a newborn child. It reminded me of a song by bluebirds, on a cloudless day, among the lush cool green grass of a country field. The melody was far reaching, and I soon found myself standing on the beach. The magical music of the crashing water on the rocks was a thing so beautiful, that most people could not hear it, but which lovers could not resist hearing. And now, as I stand here with you all, talking of bluebirds, and magical seas, I once again hear the sound of that newborn child cooing, and I smile. (3) ALL 4 OF THEM WERE STARING WIDE-EYED AT ME!!!! One of them said, "That was... beautiful! " I smiled and said, "You may keep it all for yourself then, if you want it." She smiled back and said, "You are certainly a romantic devil, ain't cha?"


I said "Modesty prevents me from absolutely agreeing with you, so I'll simply refrain from saying no." They all laughed and Naomi asked me, "You're not by any chance gay are you? Because most romantic guys are either gay or married to someone else." I said, "So it would really suck if I were a married gay man, right?" They all laughed, and I said, "Well, I assure you I'm not a married gay man... I'm divorced." They cracked up! Then another one asked me, "So you don't have a girlfriend either?" I replied, "I have several girlfriends actually. The truth is though, in the past, none of them has had that same powerful sense of adventure that I feel, so we hang out, and stay friends instead. Perhaps my standards are too high, but if it's one thing that I've learned from living in Los Angeles my whole life, it's that beauty is common, so a woman will have to have more to offer me than a dynamite body. She has to have a great intellect, and a passion for adventure that takes you back to when you were a young child, and had that need to satisfy your curiosity no matter what." They all liked that answer, but one of them said, "So she has to be beautiful too? In other words, you won't consider her girlfriend materiel if she's ugly?" I had to think on my feet, so I took it slow and said, "No, not at all. In fact, there are several women I've dated, who were not California pretty by many people's standards. But, they had an energy, a deeply passionate drive, which not only made them radiate confidence, but also made them someone I enjoy being with again and again. THAT kind of woman, despite what the outside world's prejudice may be, is beautiful in MY eyes." They were impressed, so I took this moment to "use the bathroom" and let them talk while I was gone. (As you'll learn later, this was a very good idea). (4) After 2 minutes, I returned, and Merline was in the hallway and said, "Let me use the facilities, and then we can go." I used this time to gauge how the other women were towards me, by returning to the backyard and shaking their hands and telling them it was a pleasure to meet them. Naomi gave me her card (She runs her own crafts/scrapbook shop) which has her e-mail address on it, and said, "Send me some of your poems sometime, I'd love to read them." I said I would enjoy hearing her feedback on them. Then she said, "Come visit my shop sometime, when you're next up this way." I said I would indeed. Then when Merline returned, we left. On the way to the pier, we chatted about her audition, and I asked her, "What's it about being an actor that makes it what you want to do and be? (5) She said, "Well, I normally tell people it's because I love the feeling of being a part of something that people enjoy, but I feel comfortable telling you the truth, and hope you don't think I'm a psycho or anything."


I listened as she said, "Growing up I was made fun of because I was taller than most of the other girls, and pretty much most of the guys, And in High School I was labeled a stuck up bitch because I didn't go out with anyone from school on Saturdays and hang out. My mom used to take me to the movies, and I loved how all these actresses could be someone else in a movie, so I wanted to do that so I didn't have to be me. Then low and behold, my drama teacher thought I was a natural actress and helped me get a scholarship to SDU. So I guess a part of me still likes that I can be someone else for a short period of time, and leave Merline's life on a shelf. Not that I hate my life, but it's fun to escape sometimes. Do you know what I mean?" I smiled and said, "I think it would be fun to escape sometimes, yeah. And I can relate to the 'too tall' situation, believe me." Then I paused a moment, and said, "I bet beyond the teasing because of your height growing up, or your labeled a bitch because you had interests away from anyone in High School, you have likely had to overcome a stereotype about your looks too, right?" She said, "You mean that I'm conceded if I don't date some guy?" I replied, "No. What I mean is, you've likely had to overcome the stereotype that because you're a stunning looking woman, you don't get handed everything you want like people think. You've had to work a little harder to prove yourself, because people wrongly assumed your beauty got you to where you are currently." (6) She said, "Yeah, a little. In College 1 was accused of getting good grades in some classes because of my looks. Never mind the fact that I traded a social life for my good grades, I must have been blowing some professor to get the grade I received. Yeah, it was very unfair, but I don't let it make me bitter, because people being ignorant is sad, so I felt sorry for them actually." I laughed and said, "I can just see it right now, you're at the podium accepting your Oscar, and someone watching on television from your college days is saying, 'She slept with someone for that award!'" Merline laughed, and then I changed the subject so as to get it back to a more positive path. I said, "What would you say is your outstanding quality as an actor? What makes you unique among the other tall, drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, female actors who are also dining with suave and sexy men tonight?" (7) She laughed and said, "Hmm, what's unique about me is that my date tonight is neither suave nor sexy." Then she said, "Meow-Hisss!" and laughed. I laughed and said, "Another remark like that and you'll get McDonald's tonight, and no Super-sizing it!" She said, "Mmm, I love their fries. But, no, that's okay, no McDonald's for me tonight. Besides, I'm paying." I smiled and said, "Hmm, don't think you can buy my affection. Many have tried, and... well, many have succeeded, but that's besides the point." We shared a laugh, and by then were pretty much at the pier. When we got to the restaurant, it turned out we would be waiting 10 minutes for a table, so we waited at the bar. We fluff talked at first, mainly about where she grew up, which gave us something in common, because she grew up in Colorado and I was stationed there while in the Army. Then I said, "How about I read you a poem while we wait?" (8)


She said, "That would be nice, sure." I read her a poem I created that day also, called "Red Satin" The color came from her revealing to me Friday that she thought her energy was the color of red. Here's the poem: I sit upon the rocks, watching the sunlight dance upon the ocean, and feeling the warm wind across my face. It feels nice across my skin, like a lover's touch. The touch of satin, red satin. I close my eyes, and enjoy the moment. Suddenly the warmth upon my face seems to fill me from within. Is it my imagination, or did I just feel my lover's fingers on my chest. I breathe in deep, as a touch upon my neck is like a sensual kiss. The warmth within begins to build, and I let out a pleased moan. Dare I open my eyes, or shall I stay like this... forever? Merline let out her own pleased moan and said, "That was mildly erotic." I gave a look of disappointment and said, "Bummer, I was going for mildly psychotic." She slapped my arm and laughed. I said, "So you enjoyed it?" She replied, "Oh, yeah, I was picturing things as you were reading." I smiled and said, "What kinds of things were you able to conCOCK INSIDE YOU?" SHE FUCKING CAUGHT ME!!!! She laughed and said, "Did you just say cock inside me, or was it my dirty imagination?" I smiled and said, "Why can't it be both?" (9) Then she asked me to read her another poem, but a few lines into it, our table was ready. I told her I would finish it later, and we went to our table. A minute or so later our waitress came, and it was all my fault! (Sorry, I couldn't resist) Anyway, when the waitress came, I naturally ordered an iced tea, which made Merline smile. After the waitress left to fill our drink order, Merline said, "By the way, don't hate me, but the other night, at the coffee house, I had a girlfriend sitting a few tables away, just to be on the safe side." I laughed and said, "So I take it I made a favorable impression?" She said, "I'm here now, right?" After ordering our meals, I said, "Merline, I have a question for you." She smiled and said, "This might be interesting." I said, "What area of being an actor do you want to accomplish? I don't mean winning awards or starring in a blockbuster movie, those are fine as a reward, but, they really don't define you exactly. So my question really is, what kind of actor do you want to be?"


She said she wasn't sure what I meant, so I clarified by first asking her, "Who are a couple of your favorite female actors?" She said Julia Roberts and Demi Moore. Then I said, "Great! Now, Julia Roberts is best recognized as being a comedic actress, romantic comedies. She's done dramas and other kinds of movies, but romantic comedies are her domain, that's what genre she's strongest in. And Demi Moore, is known as being a strong actor in dramas, that's where she excels best. So, looking at it just like that, what kind of actor do YOU want to be known as?" (10) She said, "Wow, that's a very good question. Give me a minute to think about that." And as she was thinking, she remarked, "I'm impressed you thought to ask such a deep question." Then after a few moments, she said, "I suppose I want to be known as an actress who does roles that have no gender specific guidelines. Strong, intelligent roles that are not limited or defined by if the character is a man or a woman. And I'll write the scripts myself if I have to get those kinds of roles." I had to admit, that was a pretty impressive answer, especially the end. So I said to her, "Wow, very impressive! Unlike many actors who would whine about the injustice of where they find themselves stuck, you get down (point with both hands towards my crotch) to what you really want deep down inside you. With me, as I see it, that's a quality anyone would admire." (11) She began to blush, and said, "I'm really feeling warm all of a sudden, you have a way with words that must make any woman feel special." I said, "Do you feel special?" She smiled and said, "Remember what I said in the coffee house, about how you were mysteriously sexy to me? I realize now what it is. You don't just compliment in a sucking up way, you do it in a way that makes me feel like you genuinely are interested in what I'm interested in. That's very sexy." I smiled and said, "Perhaps after dinner, we can walk along the beach, and see how it compares to how you felt about Jamaica the other night. Now THAT was special." (On the last part, I fired off the anchor I had set regarding "Jamaica" that previous Friday) (12) She smiled and said, "There you go again. You remember what I said three days ago, where every other guy would have forgotten what color my eyes were." Our dinner came, and we fluff talked about pets we've owned. Then, out of the blue, Merline asked me, "What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for a woman?" I took her hand into mine and said, "I don't know, what are the limits you'll allow yourself to go in order to have the adventure of your life? Because in the end, the woman decides what is romantic, based how well I paid attention to her... needs... and desires... and fantasies." (13) She leaned in close, smiled, and asked, "Are you trying to get me into bed?"


I smiled and said, "As much as I would love to share such an experience with you, the fact is, I have three unwavering rules I follow before I'll go to bed with a woman." Then I let that hang there, without explaining what the fuck my rules were. (14) She looked at me for several moments, then asked, "Okay, now you have my full attention. You have GOT to tell me what these three rules are." I played with her a little and said, "Not here. We can discuss it as we walk on the beach." Needless to say, she was a little obvious in her hurry to get out on that beach! I changed the subject by asking, "So, how did your audition go today?" The interruption to her train of thought was obvious, but she finally said, "It was nice, but I won't be too disappointed if I don't get the part. It's ail of two lines, in some suspense film, and from what I understand, the character is one that could easily end up on the cutting room floor. Nonessential role, you know? But the credit would be nice." I said, "Well, if it doesn't pan out, may it be because a better part was meant to come your way." We touched glasses. As we began to walk down to the beach, I purposely took the conversation into a non-sexual pathway by saying, "I liked meeting your friends, you all seem pretty tight together." She said, "We are. You should see us when we go out on a ladies-only night on the town." I mimicked a movie announcer as I said, "Four women, twenty bars, and a slew of drooling drunks. Don't call these women 'Baby'." She laughed and said, "Baby, or Honey, or Sweetheart. Those names are just asking for castration." I grimaced and said, "Bad kitty! Bad kitty! No mentioning severing male body parts!" She laughed and said, "Sorry." At this point, I wanted to introduce some feeling of competition, so I asked her, "How good of friends are you and Naomi?" She shrugged her shoulders and said, "She's actually more Sara's friend (A brunette that is among the three women living there) but she and I hang out from time to time. Why do you ask?" I said, "Just asking. She gave me her card, I guess she has her own business, so her name popped into my head out of the three of (15) them." Merline was silent a moment, then she took my hand and we walked on the beach near the shoreline. Finally she asked me, "Okay, if you're going to volunteer it, my curiosity forces me to ask what these three rules you say you have about sleeping with a woman." I said, "Well, they're really quite simple ones, but very important to me. The first rule I have, before I'll sleep with a woman, is I have to wear a condom. Not only because it's safer, but because to me it shows that you are showing


proper respect. And the second rule I have is that making love with me is something you are absolutely certain you want to do. Inside your mind you have to say to yourself, 'Yes, no question I want us to make love. This is what I want.' Because if there's uncertainty, it will seriously weaken the absolute complete fulfillment of our making love. And the third thing is, this has to be a shared moment that you will never forget. Because I'm not interested in just the act of making love, I'm determined to make it a night of shared passion so absolutely unlike anything you've ever felt before, that just the thought of what we have done brings a warmth to your heart and makes your soul purr. A night so perfect, that months from now, after already having shared that intimate, unforgettable night with me, you still feel as energized as when we first made love. And allowing yourself to look back on today, and realizing that this was when it all began." (16) By now we had reached a large group of rocks that went out into the ocean (Actually, I purposely paced it so we reached the rocks at this time, because I wanted her arousal to be awakened for what I was about to share with her next) I said, "CUM, NOW, let's sit up on the rocks." I helped her up onto the rocks, and we both sat on one of the larger, flat rocks. Then I said to her, "Close your eyes a moment." She did. Then I said, "Now, take in a deep breath (I took one to lead her into doing it), exhale, and... allow the sounds... of the ocean... to engulf... your mind." I watched her breathing, and her physiology, and was waiting for her to feel a really good emotion. She smiled, let out a small moan, and relaxed her head back. I anchored it by slowly running my hands up her knees and a little farther up, as I asked, "How does that feel?" She said in a relaxed tone, "Feels really nice." I said, "Peeerfect. Now, as you feel that really nice warmth, I want you to... slowly... ask yourself... to say... the first word... that enters your mind." Keeping her eyes closed, she smiled, and said, "Jamaica." I fired off the new technologies anchor and said, "That feels even nicer then, right?" She opened her eyes and said, "Yeah. I can hear... music. Can you hear it too?" I reached in and kissed her, and she kissed me back MORE passionately. We were kissing for several moments, then I pulled back and cupped one side of her face in one of my hands. She whispered to me, "Tell me you're for real." I said, "I'm as real as you are, Merline." I noticed her eyes were alternating looking into my right eye, then my left, then right, then left, and so on. (This has been a frequent indicator to me that sex is close at hand... well, close at cock actually) Then I anchored her feelings by gripping her earlobe between my thumb and bent index finger, and rubbing the back of the lobe with the index finger. She said, "Mmm, that feels nice too." Then we kissed some more. She leaned down onto the rocks, and I ran my hand down the side of her leg slowly. Then I ran my hand slowly up to her flat stomach, then up over her shirt BETWEEN her breasts (I find that this adds to her sexual arousal, by getting close to the nipples, but not actually touching them) then I


lightly gripped her neck and slowly rubbed my fingers along the stem of the neck. At this point, she broke the kiss, and whispered, "Take me to my car." (17) So, to her car we went. She said she wanted me to drive, because she had something she wanted me to do. Once in the car, and after some more kissing, I fired off another anchor at the top of her stomach/under her boobs as I said, "Are you certain? What do you feel right... here?" She lowered her seat back all the way and said, "I want you, I want you, no second thoughts about it. (18) I was going to have you work on me down below as you drove, but I don't want to wait." She unbuttoned her pants, pulled me to her and said, "Taste me!" About the only other thing I'm going to share here, is the fact that I had to lower MY seat as well to get the right comfort level. She's 5' 10" and I'm 6' 5" so you can imagine the slight discomfort. Long story short, I did her orally, then we made hot monkey love. As Cartman would say, "That's super-sweet!" There it is my Brothers, my bookstore babe success story! Let this inspire you, drive you, and remind you that NO BABE is unapproachable. Get it? Got it? Then GO! Bishop



had been working off and on with for I was at lunch with a brunette today who with her two young kids though, so no being a hot redhead, whom I almost

Here is a sarging success story that I about three weeks. The funny thing is, was a snap to put into trance (She was sucky-sucky for Bishy) But it ended up cancelled, that I ended up banging!!

That just goes to show you that sometimes you get your rewards, but not always in the way you might have thought! Here is are the details, from first meeting to first "meating." Almost three weeks ago I got invited to a club by a singer named Denise I had banged a few months back (details in the "Sarged a Songbird" post from a few months ago) to come hear her sing. When I arrived, I figured that since Denise would be on stage off and on for a couple more hours I would do some sarging of the babes at the club. Since sarging in clubs sucks, with all the noise, I chose to linger outside and scope out the babes coming and going. Just outside the club is a gated patio-type area, with round tables and plastic chairs, so I could sit and sarge a babe without having to go back inside the club. There were no tables that were free, so I just stood and casually watched for possible "adventure partners" to approach. (1) Soon I saw this AMAZING longhaired redhead named Jennifer walk outside, (5' II", 36 or 38D chest, and beautiful legs that came up and made a perfect ass of themselves! And she was alone!!) So I beamed in my google, and gave her a chance. I said with a slight laugh, "What made you come out here most, the noise or the overwhelming body heat?" She smiled and said, "Both." I noticed she had on a very nice silver rope necklace, with an emerald stone in the center, so I commented, "I like your necklace, may I?" And I reached up toward her necklace, which she let me touch. I said, "Either you really know how to reward yourself, or someone must think very highly of you." (2) She smiled and said, "My mother bought it for me, it's very special to me." I said, "Your mother must be quite a woman to express her love in such an elegant way. And while I believe we should never attach too much importance on materiel things, gifts from mom are forever priceless." (3) Jennifer smiled and said "Yeah me and my mother are quite close." Then I decided to connect that to ME! I said, "Isn't it great to have that kind of bond with another person, in this case your mom? I mean the incredible feeling of knowing that when you're around this person (sp.) you can relax, and be yourself, and let down your guard. Because you know, without even having to think about it, that this person is someone you can trust. Can you feel that (Wrist tap) to be something you agree with?" She said, "With my mom, yeah." (4)


Then like best talk

I said, "I don't have a lot of time, but if you give me five minutes, I'd to analyze your handwriting. You'll discover things about you, even your friend doesn't know, and I'll know if you really are someone I'd like to with further."

She agreed, but we couldn't find a table for us to use. Not one to be limited, I had her use the wall to write on, and we stood up as I showed her what her writing revealed. She was impressed, and said, "That's a little spooky, but very fascinating." We chatted for a few minutes, then a table became free, so we took it. As we sat down, I said to Jennifer, "I've been staring at your necklace, trying to figure out what it reminded me of, and now I recall what it was." She asked, "And what does it remind you of?" I said, "it reminds of a story I read once, called The Eros Stone necklace." (5) Then I ran that pattern on her. (I posted that pattern a few weeks ago, so you already have it) After that, I heard the music inside the club stop, so I decided to do a very small "take-away" and said, "Well, I should be going now. The lead singer of the band is a friend of mine, and it sounds like they're taking a break, so I want to go say hi to her. It was a pleasure to have met you." Then I extended my hand. She shook it, but then asked, "Is she your girlfriend?" (6) I said, "Not in the commitment sense, but yeah, I'd call her one of my girlfriends." Jennifer then asked, "What does that mean?" I replied, "It mean that she's one of my friends." Then Jennifer asked, "Oh, okay. In that case, would you mind if I said hi to her also? I'd like to tell her how much I like her voice." (Hmm, she likes voices does she? I wonder how I could use that to my advantage? -insert wink here-) It turned out Jennifer was here with her Brother, who like most AFCs, was hitting on the female bartenders. And Jennifer had just ended a 2 year relationship in May, so no BORE-FIEND either! When I found Denise, we hugged and I introduced her to Jennifer, and told her matter of factly how Jen and I had just met outside (And in case you were wondering, NO, I didn't do this to make Denise competitive, she and I already ranged. I did it to see Jennifer's reaction.) Think about it a moment, and you'll see where it makes sense) (7) It turned out that Denise and the band were just taking a five minute break, because one of their amps was acting up. We all three sat down and chatted. I could see that Denise and Jennifer were getting some nice rapport going, and my "Rick BI-ometer" went off. Denise had told me back in April that she has sex


with women from time to time, so the chance for me to get a "table for three" in bed was possible. (8) Denise had to go potty before getting back up on stage, leaving me and Jennifer alone. Before I even opened my mouth, Jennifer said something that was a great segue into a pattern! She said, "I wish I were good enough to be a singer. I'm not someone who needs a lot-of attention, but I'm fascinated to know how it feels to have that applause at the end of singing a song, a song that you sang." This was a perfect way to introduce the "Deep Fascination" pattern, so I probed a little to get her trance words, and then introduced the pattern. (9) (I will gladly send my original version of this pattern to those who request it. But if you want the version I used on Jennifer, which I like much better, I'll be giving it out at the seminar in Palo Alto this September. Speaking of the seminar, I'm telling you guys right now, there will be an incredible team of guys at this seminar, which naturally will be lead by Ross, and I know that my own skills will be improved as a result of listening to these seduction masters. So if you want to learn the most amazing, most advanced, most up-to-date Seduction technology, you' l 1 want to make sure you book yourself a seat there. Shameless plug, I know, but it's for YOUR benefit, believe me!) Anyway, when I finished, Jennifer said, "Wow! The way you described that... it was almost like I was hearing the applause in my head." (Right about here my recorder's batteries ran dead, so I'm relying on memory until the end of this encounter) I asked her, "And how did that feel?" She said, "Pretty nice!" I ran my finger up from the knuckle on her left index, up to her wrist as I said, "Purrrfect." She smiled. Then I said to her, "Let me show you something really cool about how you process things inside your mind." She said, "Sure. How?" The music was now starting again, so I suggested we continue this outside, where we could hear each other better. We tried to find an empty table, but none were available, so I took Jennifer to a park-type bench outside a building right next door. From there I ran the BJ Pattern on her. While I had her tasting that favorite piece of candy she enjoyed so much, I noticed her rubbing her legs a little, and DEFINITELY licking her lips. I anchored that by running my finger up from her left wrist, to about her shoulder as I said, "And the more you focus on enjoying this, the more you feel your pleasure for it increasing."


She let out a moan of pleasure, opened her eyes and said, "That was very nice, I liked that." (10) I said, "It's nice to reward yourself with a little pleasure now and then, isn't it. She smiled and said, "Depends on the pleasure." I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is where she let off a negative vibe, and began talking about her bad break-up, and how guys just don't understand women need breathing room sometimes: I chose to not attempt a reframe, and instead said, "Listen, I loved our conversation, and I would like to continue this sometime. But right now I need to get back into the club and at wait for Denise to finish her gig. You're welcome to join me. If not, then it was a pleasure to have met you." She didn't follow me inside, so I let it go and just waiting at a table inside for Denise to finish. About 20 minutes later, Jennifer approached me and said that she and her Brother were leaving, but could I give her my number, she'd like to call me some time. I took out one of my cards, and told her to write her number on the back. She asked for my phone number,. and I said that I travel a lot, so I currently don't have a guaranteed number that I will be at. But I told her she could email me at the address on my card, because I check my e-mail daily. She seemed cool with that, and as she was about to leave, I said, "Hey, let's meet for dinner this Sunday. I'll 1 have Denise join us, so the three of us can talk without all these interruptions." (1 1) She said that would be nice, and to call her that Friday. Then she left. That was two and a half weeks ago! That following Sunday, the three of us met for dinner. I had already talked with Denise about working with me on Jennifer, and that we might get a threesome going. (For those who read my "Sarging a Songbird" post, you know that Denise is into some wild shit, and had already expressed being bisexual.) Dinner was uneventful really, and it was mostly fluff talk... mostly. I noticed that Jennifer was a little uncomfortable, so I waited until Denise left us alone for a few minutes, and I tried something out. As I fluff talked with Jennifer, I would periodically touch her glass, then a minute later I would move her fork. Then I would play with her napkin. THIS RELAXED THE FUCK OUT OF HER!!!! (12) Someone's cell phone went off in the restaurant, so I used that as an intro to my "New Technologies" Pattern. (13)


About halfway through the pattern, Denise returned, but remained quiet. After the pattern, Denise said to Jennifer, "Doesn't he have the most amazing way of talking about things?" Jennifer smiled and said, "He certainly does. You can tell he's a writer." We laughed, then paid the bill and left the restaurant. Once outside, Denise offered, "You guys want to come over to my place for a little bit, we can do whatever?" Jennifer said, "Maybe some other time, I have to work tomorrow and I'm feeling tired." . . Denise asked me to call her later, then left. I walked Jennifer to her car, and said, "Well, I'm glad you joined us. I'm heading out of town soon, and I was hoping to talk with you again before I left." She smiled and said, "Yeah, this was nice." We stood by her car and I said, "I need to ask you something" She laughed and said, "Uh, oh." I laughed back, then said, "It's not a trick question, you're safe." Then I got this image in my head, about Jennifer's mother. Don't ask me where it came from, because all I could tell you is that it came from up and to the middle on my mind. So I asked Jennifer in a soothing voice, "Was your mother not doing well, or was very sick not that long ago?" (14) She looked at me with slightly wide eyes and asked, "My mother? Why would you ask me about her health?" I told her exactly what came to me, which was, "I have this intuition that your Mother was very ill not that long ago, and that's why you appreciate her so much now." She put her hand on my chest and said, "Oh my God! How did you know that?" (I swear it just came to me, make whatever conclusions you want) I said, "Because as close as you are to your mother, your concern for her shows." She just said, "Oh my god!" again. I didn't want to let a negative energy weaken the night, so I said, "Well, I take it she's fine now, so I'm glad you and she have more time to appreciate each other now." Jennifer looked me in the eye and said, "This is really strange."


I said, "Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything then. Listen, I didn't want to make the night strange, so maybe I should go." Jennifer said, "No, no, don't leave yet. I think that's very fascinating that you were able to pick up on something like that." Then she opened her car door and asked me to get in on the other side. We sat and talked, and she told me what had happened with her Mother. But that all was fine now, and she and her Mother have been much closer since then. (Rest assured, this could have gotten negative if her Mother had still been ill. But that's not the feeling I got, so that's why I mentioned it.) Jennifer smiled and said, "You really are impressive. You MUST have really paid attention to me at the club, or else there's no way you could have picked up on that stuff about my Mother." I said in a joking tone, "If you smile one more time, I'll be forced to leave." For whatever reason, Jennifer reached over and began to kiss me. It was nice, VERY nice, so I went with it. This went on for a few minutes, but then she pulled away and said, "That was impulsive of me. I'm not normally like that." I said, "Yeah, we should probably call it a night." (15) As I got out of the car she revealed to me that she really felt that she could trust me, but that being involved with a guy right now is a bad idea to her. I said that was a mutual understanding, and I wished her a safe drive home. As I was leaving she mentioned having gotten my "Warm Fuzzy" story, but had not had a chance to read it yet. She promised to read it, and let me know what she thought of it. We said goodbye, and parted company. That was two weeks ago yesterday. Sorry guys, but I'll have to conclude this Monday or Tuesday. It's after 2 in the morning right now, and this Sarger needs some sleepy-time, Mmkay? Bishop Subject: The got and her OH MY GOD, BISH F$#%ED JENNY!!! (The Loooong Conclusion)

Monday (Aug. 1 st) following the Sunday dinner with Jennifer and Denise, I an e-mail from Jennifer saying how much she enjoyed my "Warm Fuzzy" story how she began to hear my voice as she was reading it. She asked me to send some more stuff, and also asked me to call her that week.

I e-mailed her back saying that I "may be busy all week, but will try." Also in my reply, I used some of her own wording back on her. Then that night I sent her .my "Lover's Dance" poem. A couple of days later she e-mailed me saying that she enjoyed the poem, and that she hoped I wasn't trying to romance her, because she wasn't looking for romance right now.


I didn't reply to her e-mail, but instead called her the next day. I got her answering machine, and after leaving my name, I said in a slow, calming voice, "I got your e-mail, and wanted you to know, I'm not looking for romance right now. The fact that I made you concerned enough to bring such a thing up, is unfortunate. It was not my intention to get you to think of satin sheets on a summer night, or images of bubble baths and whipped cream. I mean, you're a very attractive woman, but I just don't see enough beyond that to warrant taking the romance route, which I'm sure puts your mind at ease. Well, if nothing else, you'd make a great friend. I'm glad we got this cleared up, for both our sakes. Take care!" Then I hung up. (BTW- This was not something I just made up right then and there, I had already written this out, and would have used it even if she had answered the phone. The only difference is, I would have stayed on the phone longer. If I had ended the phone conversation that quickly, it could have been easily viewed as a "You can't fire me, because I quit" type of reaction from me) (1) I didn't have access to my e-mail that night, so I didn't read her response until the next day or so. Here is what she said: I did not mean to be so paranoid, I'm just not used to a guy sending me poetry and not wanting sex. My reaction was silly since l didn't give you a chance to show me you were different. I like the idea of being friends, which is safe. And to make it up to you let me treat you to a meal sometime. Does that sound fair? Jennifer I e-mailed her back saying that lunch the next day would be nice. I told her to meet me at a Chinese restaurant I frequent at noon. (The manager there loves me since I can speak a little Chinese) She e-mailed me back and wrote: No, I meant I would cook you a meal, here at my place. Hmm, her place? Great idea! It has stuff inside it, stuff that I can ANCHOR to ME!!! (2) She also said in the e-mail that dinner would be better, since she had to work that day. I called her (She was home this time) and I said that I would be there. I was going to phone sarge her, but she had a girlfriend over and didn't want to be rude by staying on the phone long. We confirmed the dinner, and she gave me directions to her house. Then we hung up. When I arrived for dinner the next evening, I came with a brown paper bag under my arm. Jennifer answered the door and I said, "I come bearing gifts." She said, "Don't tell me you brought wine?" I replied, "No, it's not wine."


As she invited me in, she opened the bag, and gave a small laugh as she pulled out the contents and asked, "You brought a candle?" I smiled and said, "A three-wicked candle actually, and you'll like the aroma it gives off." She looked a little concerned and said, "Did you want me to light it tonight, over dinner?" I said, "The choice is yours. I find it to be dinner with a friend. The soothing flicker of scent that rewards the nose, and in the right special touch that makes this dinner a memory and said, "Ever the poet I see." an added enjoyment to a nice the glowing wick, the pleasant room, it can really add that worth recalling. (3) She smiled

We fluff talked pretty much until dinner was ready, but I began what was to be my objective for the night. Since she had expressed not wanting a romance right now, I didn't want to do a lot of direct connecting of desire and lust to me. So instead I began to link her feelings for items in her home to me. I began with a beautiful painting she had in her living room. It was a swirl of reds, yellows, purples, and whites, and while not an actual painting OF anything, it had a beautiful effect in the way the colors blended. So I asked her, "I like your painting, where did you get it?" She said she got it at some art gallery in San Diego. Her voice and mannerisms told me that she had a fondness for this painting, so I asked, "What do you see when you look at this painting?" She didn't even have to look up from the pot she was stirring as she said, I think of warm rain in the country, like when I used to visit my Grandmother back east." I said, "Ooh, that must make you feel really good every time you look at this." She smiled and said, "I like it, yeah." Then I began to link those feelings to me by saying, "I can see what you mean. When you look at this (point to painting) you can almost feel that warmth. With me, it's a comfortable feeling that you really enjoy." She came back out of the kitchen and stood next to me and looked at the painting as she said, "Yeah, almost like a warm fuzzy feeling." Then we laughed. I continued with, "What a nice reward to give yourself. Every time you look at this painting (point to painting) you get this reward (point to self) and it warms you, just like those warm rains in the country." She smiled and, said, "Yeah, I kind of feel warm right now, so the painting must work." We shared another laugh, then I walked around her living room and looked for other items to anchor to me. I would compliment items I honesty liked, and paid attention to her reaction to them. If the reaction was a very good one, I would anchor it to me. For example, she had this set of three blue crystal birds on her mantle. They had been something she bought during a trip to North Carolina, when her parents moved out there sometime last year. Each bird represented each


of them; her, her mom, and her dad. So I said, "So it's like a part of them are here with you, in your home." She said, "Yeah, exactly. That's very intuitive of you... again." (Referring to my intuition of her Mother having been ill) We shared a laugh, then I asked her which one represented which person, making sure to notice which one she said represented her. After showing me her bird (no, not the middle finger, you asshole!) I casually ran a finger over the top of it as I said, "It's nice to have these reminders of special people in our lives." Then I tapped my finger on it as I said, "You are touched in a special way, by this special person (put my hand on my chest briefly). So that simply by looking at this, you remind yourself of how special this person is to you." More fluff talk after that, then dinner was ready. She asked if it would look dumb to have the candle lit, but still leave the lights on. I assured her that this candle would make her feel good even if all the lights were on. As we ate, she asked me about where I come up with my ideas for my poems and stories. I smiled and jokingly said, "Sorry, Government secret, I can't reveal my sources." This got a laugh. Then I ran some imagery on her. Nothing fancy, just very visually descriptive. I said, "I am inspired by a great many things. Where some people just see an old man sitting on a park bench, I see a young man with jet black hair, who once held a beautiful blond woman in his arms, and they laughed together, as they walked along the boardwalk under a starry night. And this young couple saved up their money to afford the wedding they had always dreamed of. Everyone was there, on this special day, under a beautiful birthday cake sky. A year later this couple became parents, and years after that a tearful wave goodbye as their only child drove off to college. And now, even in their old age, this couple keeps romance alive. Because every year, on this day, at this time, they pretend to meet for the first time, on this park bench, just like they did over 50 years. (4) Jennifer looked at me wide eyed at first. I just smiled and said, "Or where others would see a rusty old car, I see a machine that has had many owners, and with them, many stories. Like the first time Timmy learned to drive, or when Helen returned home from the Hospital with little baby Joey, or when Jerry went to his senior prom, or when Francine and David drove cross-country on their honeymoon. Generations of memories, all in this one... loving... lasting... car." Jennifer said breathy, "That was really good. Did you just come up with that, I mean, as you were talking?" I smiled and said, "Modesty prevents me from denying that this was the case." She laughed and said, "That was really good. I was really seeing those people you were talking about." I accepted her kind words, then we fluffed talked for a little while more.


After dinner, I said, "So, do I get the grand tour?" She said after she finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and said I could turn on the television if wanted to. I said, "That's a good idea, we can see what kind of relationships are on TV." (In reference to my Relationships/Television Pattern) She cracked up and informed me, "I thought about that the other night. A girlfriend of mine came over and we rented a romance movie, and I started laughing. She thought I had lost my marbles, so I told her what you said. No offense, but she thinks you have too much time on your hands." I laughed and said, "So I take it there's no chance that she's my soul mate?" Jennifer laughed again and said, "Doubtful." Then she took me on a tour of her home (Two story, five-room layout. That's a lot of rooms, but you could go almost a week without having sex in the same room twice!) During the tour she revealed to me that the dolls she had on a shelf over her closet, were from different countries she had visited over the years. As she spoke about the dolls, and which one came from which country, she really sounded fond of them. One was from Germany, a place I've been to in the Army, so I chose to anchor that doll. (5) I first asked if I could take it down, which she said was fine, then as I held it, I said, "The great thing about Germany, is not just the great food, or the abundant choice of beers, or even the wonderful old buildings and castles. What's great, to me, about Germany, is how well the people there treat you." She said, "I agree, they really made me feel good, they were patient with my lack of knowing their language very well. They speak pretty good English, fortunately." I smiled, began stroking the doll's hair, and said, "Yeah, that's a nice form of respect, don't you agree?" She said, "Yeah, it was nice." Then as I continued to stroke the doll's hair, I said, "Having that kind of respect is like a connection. A connection between us (motioned back and forth between us with the doll) that really makes you feel good. Because this allows you to just relax, and enjoy this experience. Like a special friend, someone you can really enjoy spending time with. So you can look upon this (holding up the doll) and feel that special warmth from that connection" Then I put the doll back, and we went into another room. Nothing really stood out in the next room. But in her guest bedroom, there was a VERY special item I could tell she had a special feeling toward. And the beauty of it was, she literally gave me the words to anchor it'!!!


It was an old stuffed animal, a bear named Nathan, on it's own shelf. And while it looked like shit, it caused her to recall some very special childhood memories. Jennifer described it like this: "Nathan was my first gift when I was born, my Grandmother gave it to me. And I took him with me all over the place. He's been with me to every home I've lived, he was with me all through college, and I even took Nathan to England with me, so he's been around the world." I felt a treasured item like that should not be held in MY hands, because it wouldn't have the same power. So I got HER to hold it by asking, "Is he still as fun to hold for you now, as it was when you were a little girl? (6) She said, "Always. He's worn and restitched all over, but I still love it." Then she took it off the shelf and held it. (It's important to note that she NEVER referred to that bear by anything other than "Nathan" or "him" making it crucial that I do the same!) As she held him, I tapped him a few times on the arm, then held my finger there and said, "I can only IMAGINE THOSE FEELINGS of what Nathan means to you. Knowing that as a little girl, he (tapped bear) was with you, so this (Put hand on my chest) made you feel safe. And as you were growing up you knew that while other girls loved Barbie dolls the most, you loved Nathan." She said, "Well, I played with Barbie's too, but, yeah, I loved Nathan more." I said, "That's a special friend." She said "The most special." Then I said, "So having him (tap, tap) in your life, was important to you I gather?" She said, "Oh, yeah. He saw me every time I cried, and saw me through the awkward times of being a girl growing into a woman." Then-l said, "It was special having him (tap, tap) for the bad. This special friend (tap) right here (hand on him. And every year as you grew up, here he was (point through the hard times, and here to celebrate with you all the good times and my chest) when you need to self) here for you during the good times."

She tilted her head and said, "Yeah, there from the beginning and still here now," I said, "Exactly. And you'll have him in your life long into the future." Then squeezed her left arm slightly as 1 said, "And that feels good, doesn't it?" She smiled and said, "I must be comfortable around you; I shared a deep secret with you." We laughed, then she put Nathan back on his shelf, and we left the room. It had gotten dark outside, so I suggested we step out onto the upstairs balcony, so I could see what kind of view she had. Once outside, I looked up into the sky and said, "Look at all those stars."


She looked up and said, "It's usually like this around here." Then I did my "Star of Bishop" pattern. (If you don't have this pattern, don't e-mail me for it, it's no longer in my files. Perhaps one of the other Brothers has it. Although I will have a printed copy with me at the Palo Alto seminar) Then I decided to call it a night, a take-away. We hugged goodnight, then she said, "Maybe just one." Then kissed me. The next morning I e-mailed her, thanking her for dinner and telling her what a nice home I thought she had. Then I added, "Keep the candle. It's a way of making what was a nice night between friends, last longer." For the week that followed, I was not able to get to a computer with AOL in it, so I couldn't check my e-mail. Then last week I read an e-mail that Jennifer had sent, saying that she felt we should keep a distance from each other for awhile, because she was feeling strange about our relationship. I replied back that I would respect her wishes and would not contact her until she contacted me first. (7) Then, this past Sunday, I got an e-mail from Jennifer, asking me to please call. I called, and she said that she felt very confused when she had wrote the "let's keep a distance" e-mail, because she was feeling things for me that were just too soon for her. But that she realized that since I had not tried, to pressure her into anything, that her feelings must be what she truly wants to feel. I said, "And how do you feel about me?" She said, "Can we talk face to face?" I said, "Sure. Do you want me to come over there, or would you like to come over to my place?" She opted to come over to my place. (Fortunately, I was staying at my, old place for a few weeks, so we would be alone, which is why I offered) When make you. way, she arrived, she sat down and took a deep breath. Then she said, "This may you very uncomfortable, but I have to tell you, I think I'm in love with It's weird, I know, but that's how I feel. You don't have to feel the same but I wanted to talk to you face to face anyway."

I sat opposite from her on the couch and said, "You make me feel really good too, but are you sure it's love you feel? I mean, the thought of spending time with you is a great feeling, but with my busy schedule, I wouldn't be able to devote the time you might need for a relationship." She said, "I know, I know, I thought about that. But, well, I have to find something out." And with that she came over to where I was, and kissed me... REALLY kissed me.


We were quiet for a moment, then she said, Say something. I said, "That felt really nice." She let out a small laugh and said, "Yeah, really nice." Then I said to her, "While I'm not looking for a relationship in the traditional sense, perhaps we could do what my friend, Rachel is doing." She asked what that was, so l did the "Long Distance Relationship" pattern on her. (8) (DO NOT REQUEST THIS PATTERN, it's only going to be shared at the Palo Alto seminar) After I finished, she scanned my eyes (a good sign) and said, "That might be the best thing for us." Then she scooted closer to me and whispered, "Will you kiss me again?" So, what the hell, I kissed her again! That led to more heated kissing, which lead to rubbing, which lead to more passionate things. And then we slowly took each other's clothes off, and did, well, more passionate things. (That's the end of the story, but there is an interesting note that I must mention. Jennifer revealed to me that what got her so determined today, was that the other day she had been doing some major cleaning (something she says she did out of frustration with her feelings for me, and wanting to get her mind off of it) and accidentally knocked one of her blue crystal birds off the mantle, onto the tiled floor near the fireplace, breaking the beak. She cried, because she really liked the blue bird. And that when she went outside onto the balcony to .get some air, she saw the stars, and thought of me again. Thinking about how not paying attention to what she was doing damaged something she had attached feelings to, she realized that by not listening to her feelings for me, she might damage whatever chance she had with me)(9)


"Clean Up on Aisle 5"
I wanted to share an experience 1 had last night, with a long haired redhead I met at the supermarket, who truly rocked my world! (5' 8" who is a 34C and has the most cock hardening seductive eyes this side of the planet!!!!) I was at the grocery store, picking up some goodies, when I saw this redhead picking up different cans of chili. She was checking the net weight in comparison to the price.

There is this mental ritual I go through, when I REALLY want to get myself into state. I'm a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, so I imagine all the things that will happen with me and this babe, then at the end, I hear Captain Picard say, "Make it so!" And the state this gets me into, is by far my most powerful one. (You can borrow that if you want. but I strongly suggest not limiting your own personal "inner command" to the one I use. I use Picard, because his strong voice, and those words, actually do give me a positive sensation inside my body. They set me off on my adventure every friggin' time!) (1) I approached her and said, "Excuse me, I have to ask you a question." She looked at me, and waited for me to ask. I asked, "I don't normally shop here, so can you tell me where the vegetarian chili is? I don't see it here." (I knew this was the case, because for some reason most markets don't put the veggie chili with the other chili. Check it out for yourself!) She replied, "I'm not sure. I didn't know they made vegetarian chili." I replied, "Well, many have tried, but only a few have succeeded." She gave a small laugh. I noticed she had on a very nice ring, which was a mix of gold and silver, with a big diamond in the middle and three small ones on each side. I said to her, "Absolutely beautiful." She looked at me, slightly wideeyed and said, "What?" I replied, "Your ring, it's absolutely beautiful. Your husband has remarkable taste. May I?" And I reached out to hold her hand and look at the ring. I said, "Mmm, baguette cut, very nice." She said, "Thank you." I then asked, "So, how long have you two been married?" She replied, "Well, actually, this is from a previous marriage." I laughed and said, "And you kept the ring? You're beautiful AND smart." She smiled and said, "Yeah, but my boyfriend isn't too fond of me wearing it." I said nothing and just looked at her. She continued with, "But, hey, I ended up paying for the ring anyway, so why shouldn't I wear it, right?" I replied with, "The way I see it, my girlfriend wearing a ring has no bearing on the fact that you're with ME now." She agreed. Then I said it was nice talking with her; and I left. (2) About five or so minutes later, I ran into her again, in the aisle with deodorant and toothpaste and such. I Just smiled, and said nothing at first. SHE actually spoke first, by asking in a Joking tone, "Are you following me?" I replied, "Oh, absolutely. If your boyfriend (Motioned to my left) is crazy enough to let a beautiful woman like you out alone; I feel it's my duty to follow you." She gave a small laugh and said, "Actually, I didn't invite him." I said, "Oh, an independent. woman, eh? I like that, because I believe that, while traditionally the man is supposed to be the bread winner, it's just not practical. Because what if something were to happen, and he was out of work, where does that leave you?" She said, "Exactly!" I continued with. "But you have the right idea. Be able to support yourself, and you won't be dependant on anyone. You will certainly have aspects of the relationship that you depend on, but finances and emotional support should be something we are responsible for


ourselves." She smiled, and said, "Wow, I'll have to use that on my boyfriend sometime, that's good!" I laughed and said, "Well. it's nice that you have a relationship with a man who you're one hundred percent happy with. That's just like television." She looked at me funny and asked, "What? Did you say television?" I replied, "I did indeed. Think about this a moment. Have you ever been sitting in front of the television, and there's a program on that at first captures your eye?" She said, "Yeah. of course." Then I said. "This program (motioned to my left) holds your attention for a little bit, but then you find yourself getting bored. So you change channels to see what else is available (motioned to my right), which is just like seeing someone new. You might pause on a certain channel, because it has something similar to what you enjoy, but then you decide you want more, so you change the channel again. On and on you keep searching, until out of the blue, something in this TV screen (used both hands to "draw" a screen around my face) captures your attention. And the more you pay attention to this (point to self) the more you find yourself fascinated. And as you focus on this, you find yourself going on an adventure. An amazing adventure, one that you know is just what you were looking for, to fulfill whatever needs you have in this moment. And for however long it lasts, it's exactly what you want. in a way you absolutely enjoy. And the desire to enjoy this over and over, is so strong, that you start planning your week around it, Just so you can have this adventure again and again." Then I touched her wrist as I asked. "Can you feel that, to be an example of a satisfying relationship?" She looked at me silently for a few seconds, then replied, "I never thought of it that way, that's good." I then introduced myself, and found out her name. As we shook hands, I rubbed my thumb along her index knuckle, anchoring the feeling. (3) Then she asked me, "Pardon the change of subject, but what's your opinion on Bill Clinton?" I told her the truth. 1 said, "As the man who is our President, he let me down. But, hey, you gotta admit, he'd make a fine salesman." She laughed. I added. "But I focus more on my own life, and things that I can change, instead of someone else's life, and the things that only they have the power to change." She said, "True. That's a good way of looking at things I guess. But you have to admit, when you first heard about the scandal, you were eager to hear more about it, right?" I relied, "Right, no question. Our eagerness to learn more about certain things, is very strong. That's just like when you were a little girl, and you were discovering all kinds of new things. Even though you had been told something was wrong to do, your eagerness to learn more about this (point to self) is very strong. You want the excitement, the hands on experience, of knowing for your own reasons, what this all about. You want to make your own decisions, and your own conclusions, so you when you're told not to do something, to just STOP, your desire to do it now, gets very strong.' (4) She replied, "Oh. I absolutely agree. I don't like it when someone else tells me what's best for me, I want to find out for myself. That way no one else can take the credit, or the blame, no matter what happens." I said, "I'm just like you. When I'm told not to do something. I Just want to find out for myself. Even if I had little or no desire to do it before, the moment I'm told I can't, or I shouldn't, is when I get the most determined to do it." She replied with a smile, "Where were you three months ago? With my luck, you're a married man, right?" Then she laughed, touched my arm and said she was just


kidding. I said, "I have to say. this has been the most refreshing conversation I've had in quite some time. It's too bad you can't join me for coffee later, I would have loved to talked with you further." She replied, "Who says I can't? When and where?" I replied, 'Well. I was planning on running these groceries home, then relaxing with a glass of iced tea someplace. It's one forty-five, so how does two thirty look for you?" She said that was fine, and suggested a place nearby. We parted company, and I finished my shopping. Two thirty rolled around, and she had not yet arrived. I went ahead and got seated, then ordered my iced tea. About 2:40 she showed up, and casually the excuse, "Traffic accident on the freeway, sorry." I replied, "No problem, (5) but unfortunately I have things I have to get done today, so don't be offended when I leave at three o'clock." She said she understood, and proceeded to tell me how she Just quit smoking, and is now addicted to chocolate. (Can you say, "Perfect lead in." my Brothers?) I said, "Oh. really? I make these really tasty chocolate dipped cookies." (Which I really DO make, because they serve as an awesome tangible anchor when I get a babe to my place! Simple as fuck to make. You put some chunky peanut butter between two Ritz crackers, and dip them in a melted vat of baking chocolate) She smirked, "Oh?" I explained how I make them, then I added, "And they serve as a nice reward for me at the end of my day." She smiled, and asked, "A reward, huh?" I said, "Certainly." Then I ran the BJ Pattern on her, using what chocolate treat she likes, and adding in the elements of my own special cookies (And by "special" I am NOT implying that I shoot my load in the cookies... though that is a great idea!) She asked, "Mmm, I'll share my treat if you share yours." I joked, "I don't know, the mixture of ingredients might cause something to explode." HER FACE TURNED RED! Then I changed the subject, by doing my Iced tea Pattern. (By the way, this was one of those rare times when 1 did not use my iced tea pattern right away. Because she started the conversation mentioning chocolate, I did the BJ Pattern first)(6) I said, "Did you know, there's a little secret about iced tea?" She gave the expected, "No, what secret?" inquiry. I said, "I was reading the most interesting article the other day, and it said that if you place a raw tea leaf under your tongue, you'll start to feel a progressive calm in your mind. But that unlike a harmful drug, which causes you to lose control of your will, the tea leaf simply makes you feel completely at ease. With me, I take a different approach. Because the article also said that drinking certain kinds of iced tea, can still allow you to feel the benefits of what this (point to self) has to offer you. In a fifteen year study, they learned that people who drank iced tea, as the dominant beverage, were less prone to illness, and could listen very intently to what is being said to you. I've noticed that in me, since drinking iced tea primarily. Plus, it tastes better than coffee to me. But there's no reason at all for you to feel the way that I do. I respect whatever opinion of this that you have."


She said, "I agree with that, I've been drinking iced tea for many years. It's less heavy than other drinks, plus it comes in so many different flavors and varieties, so you get to choose what you want." I did some fluff talk, because I wanted to find out her trance words. I asked her about what she does for a living, then set it up with Ross' "What is it about an X that makes you the most fulfilled?" Turns out she's working in a photography studio, just under the person who owns the place, and has plans to open her own studio by the end of the year. She said things like "SPARKS her IMAGINATION" and "PASSION" and "CREATIVITY." So when she finished, I said, "I think that's great when you can have that PASSION to do something that SPARKS your IMAGINATION and allows this CREATIVITY to flow out of you." She said. "Exactly! I can't imagine doing anything else." By now. 3 O'clock had arrived, but I wanted to stay longer, and I could see that she did too. So I said. "You know what. I'm really enjoying this, but it's now three. How interested would you be in continuing this as we drive to run some errands?" SHE OFFERED TO FUCKING DRIVE!!!!! I went ahead and paid for our drinks, because I knew the return on my investment would be substantially more. Then we left in her car. with mine remaining in the parking lot. She had a cell phone in her car, so I found this to be the perfect opportunity to run my "New Technologies" Pattern. In the middle of the pattern, she asked, "Are you married?" I was caught off guard for a second, but then I replied, "No, divorced." She then asked, "But you have a girlfriend, right?" I replied, "There are some women I'm seeing, but none of them have that fire of adventure I'm looking for in a relationship." Then she said. "Okay, so, there won't be a problem if I suggest we go back to my place right now?" Needless to say, there was no problem. And she was able to "convince me" that my errands could be done later. (7) It turns out, her "boyfriend" is just some rich sales schmuck she gives head to from time to time, and lets him believe that she'll marry him one day. And after she gave ME head. I could understand why the poor bastard is hanging on! And get this! She insisted that I let her know when I was about to shoot my load, because she wanted it all over her bare breasts! (Just curious, are there any other Brothers who have had a chick with this kind of "requirement" too?) Anywhoot, that's my latest success story. As always, I welcome any feedback, both positive and other than negative. Bishop Bishop


Subject: "Banging a Bored Housewife"
I'm momentarily back (for a day at least) and wanted to share a success story I had with a neglected housewife. (My recorder wasn't behaving, so this post will not be as detailed as it usually is, but I took some pretty good notes!) Oh, and just to clear something up. my absence from the list is not due to the flaming I've received from the "don't-get-it" boneheads, I'm not THAT thin skinned! No, my absence it's due to my schedule and frequent change of location. I will visit as often as time and AOL access allows. Now, on with the juicy stuff! I was in Manhattan Beach last Tuesday, eating lunch, when I heard this AMAZING sounding female voice in the booth behind me. I approached the booth, where I found two rather attractive women, both blondes (around early 30ish). I said to the woman with the nice voice, "Excuse me, forgive my interruption. but I have to tell you something." She said. "Oh?" I said, "You probably get this compliment all the time, but I think you have an incredible sounding voice. It has a strong quality, yet very alluring. I Just had to introduce myself, my name is (Bishop)" She said her name was Sara, and her friend's name was Claudette (not sure on the spelling) (Sara wasn't as well breasted as my usual adventures, she was an A, possible B cup, but her incredible voice made it a non-issue really) Then I said, "I read somewhere that a person with an exceptional voice, is often highly intelligent as well." Sara smiled and said, "Oh really?" I said, "Yeah, I think I read that in a fortune cookie or something." They both (1) laughed, so 1 said to Sara, "Your laugh adds beauty to your already impressive voice, and makes you even more attractive." She smiled and said, "Did you get that one from a fortune cookie too?" I smiled back and said. "Naw, Reader's Digest." They both laughed again. Then I told Sara that with the kind of writing I do, and the quality of voice she had, we could make a fortune selling tapes of her reading my poems and stories. She asked what I write, to which 1 said, "I write stories and poems that awaken the sensual side of an adventurous person." Sara wanted to hear one, but I said, "You're having lunch, perhaps afterwards. It might be hard to really get into a story when you have images of lunch dancing in your head." They both laughed and Sara said she'd "Pop over" to my table after they both ate. So I returned to my table and thought about which story/poem to share with her. (2) After they finished eating and were about to leave, Sara gave me her Husband's business card with her personal e-mail written on the back and said, "Send me some of your stuff, and I'll let you know what I think of it." I replied, "Sure, no problem. It's too bad we couldn't do it over the phone though, because then you'd get the full affect when I read it to you." She (3) laughed and said. "You're not too subtle, but I like your approach." Then she took the card and wrote a phone number down, then said, "Call this number in about an hour, Mr. "1-haveto-read-it-toyou'." She laughed and went on her way, leaving me with a soul full of GOOGLE and an hour to prepare her adventure. I called her an hour later, and read her my "Sweetest Sound" poem, with obvious changes to suit the situation. Here it is:


The sweetest sound I've ever heard, was the coo of a newborn child. It reminded me of a song by bluebirds, on a cloudless day, among the lush cool green grass of a country field. The melody was far reaching, and I soon found myself standing on the beach. The magical music of the crashing water on the rocks, was a thing so beautiful, that most people could not hear it, but which lovers could not resist hearing. And now, as I talk with you, Sara, talking of bluebirds, and magical seas. I once again hear the sound of that new born child cooing, and I smile. Sara said that it was very impressive and joked. "You didn't write that, you got if from another fortune cookie." I laughed and said, "If you liked that one... and you can allow yourself to feel a little naughty... ! have a story that just might turn your whole body into one big blush." She said. "I barely know you, why would I feel at all like being naughty on the phone with you?" I said. "Because you strike me as the kind of woman who doesn't allow other people to tell her how she should feel. If you want to do something, and your mind is made up, regardless of what anyone else says you'll do it. You'll do it for your own reasons, because you know that you deserve to feel as warm... and naughty... and fulfilled... as you want to be." She was silent at first, then said, "(Bishop), you are one smooth guy. You're full of bullshit. but I'm impressed. Go ahead, tell me your naughty story." (4) I read her my "Warm Fuzzy" story (I've posted it three different times now, so instead of adding extra weight to this post. just e-me and I'll get it out to you as quick as I can) Any-whoot. I read it to her. and her EXACT WORDS WERE, "Wow, I Just got wet." I said, "Then I take it you enjoyed it?" She laughed and said, "Where did you come from?" I replied, "Excuse me?" She said, "Forgive me for sounding stuck-up, but I get hit on all the damn time, and I've heard everything in the book. Guys think they are so original, but it's the same bullshit with different words. But YOU, you surprised me, you're a little different from the flock, I like you." I said. "Then forgive me for sounding like a jerk. but I thought you might just be another pretty face. I mean, living in LA. all my life has taught me that beauty is common, so for me to be interested, a woman has to offer more than the best body money can buy. But YOU, you struck me early on as having more to offer me than another pretty face. I'm glad to notice that my instinct was right." Sara laughed and said, "So if I was another pretty face, you would have walked away?" I said, "Absolutely! Pretty is one thing, having what it takes to justify more of my time is another. You seem to have more to offer, because you do your own thinking, make decision based on your own opinion, and you likely get things done without having to rely solely on your pert breasts and shapely rear end." Sara was silent again for a few seconds, but then said, "I like to do my own thinking, yeah. How about you, do you do your own thinking, or do you let a woman control you?" I said, "A woman who can fill me with a sense of adventure, and is capable of things that make me forget my next thought, can control me. Other than that. Fallow my own thoughts to dictate what I do.' (5) She laughed and said, "Ooh, a challenge, eh?" I laughed back and said. "Only to the kind of woman who's up to taking it on." She said, "How far are you from P.V?" (P.V. means Palos Verdes) I said, "About twenty minutes, why?" She said, "Write this address down, I'm at Claudette's house, be here within a half hour, and we'll see if you can keep this up face to face." I wrote the address down, and said I'd be there within 29 minutes and 59 seconds. She laughed and said she looked forward to meeting again.


I actually arrived at the address in 25 minutes, but I took an extra two minutes to do a ritual 1 have, where I do my "Star Trek" GOGGLE GETTER, and say to myself, "No matter what happens, you OWN this place!" (I say that not for ego, but to insure my GOGGLE stays where it needs to be) (6) I knocked on the door, and Claudette answered. She smiled and said. "Sara says you need to tell me that story about the gift." (That would be the "Warm Fuzzy" by the way) I said, "Then perhaps I'll share it with you." Claudette's house was fucking KIK ATH! In lieu of a detailed description, let me just tell you to imagine huge beige walled rooms, with an ocean view on one entire side. and high ceilings that must surely cause massive heating bills! Sara was sitting out on the patio, sipping some fruity drink and striking a nice catalog pose as she admired the ocean view. As I walked up to her, I said, "You know, something this beautiful to the eye needs to be photographed... and what the hell, Sara, you can stay in the picture too." She laughed and said, "No thanks, I hate people taking my picture." We sat down in the living room, and Claudette asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said, "If you have some iced tea made, I'd love a glass." She didn't, so I joked with, "No iced tea? Welp, it was nice to meet you both again. Bye!" We all shared a laugh, then I complimented Claudette on her ocean view. Then I used the ocean as a primer for the "Incredible Connection" pattern, by saying, "Some people find that simply spending time, looking out at the ocean, gives them a feeling of connection with the beauty and tranquility of the sea." After running the pattern on her, Sara said, "I don't throw compliments around, but I think you really have an impressive imagination, and are highly creative. I think you'll do very well as a writer." I thanked her then said, "What I find just as impressive, is your ability to cut through all the bullshit, and see what it is about a person that you like most. Many people are bad judges of character, but by inviting me here, you obviously are light years beyond all of them." She smiled, thought a moment worse judge of character." I picking up married women?" I asked, "So with your talent, asked. and asked, "That sounds like you think I'm an even said, "No, not at all." She said, "So, do you like smiled and said, "I do today." She laughed and why is it you don't already have a girlfriend?" I

"Why would you assume that I don't have a girlfriend?" She replied, "Why are you answering my question with a question?" I smiled and replied, "You mean like you're doing?" She asked, "So, tell me, what's your dating life like?" I told her the truth, and said, "I only date women I'm already sleeping with." She said, "What? That doesn't make sense. How do you sleep with a woman without dating her first?" I said, "Dating is a ritual that has been misused for decades. Most people think that dating is the key to getting to know someone, but I disagree. Dating, to me, is the reward you give each other, when you want to celebrate the adventure you've just had. Most people waste a good night going out on a date with someone that they end up not liking after all. But by spending just an hour with me, we can decide together, without a dime. being spent, if this (motioned back and forth between me and her) is something you want to pursue, or does the adventure end here?" Sara asked, "So what if the woman doesn't want to have sex with you?" I replied, "Then I'm glad she had the ability to deny herself that kind of pleasure. Because people often see sex as an end result, but I believe that it's really about a NUDE ADVENTURE between you and me. Sex isn't about me giving you an incredible orgasm, it's about YOU wanting to share an incredible and personal adventure with ME, because that's what you decided, all on your own. regardless of what I say." (7)


She smiled, looked at Claudette, and said, "This guy's definitely a writer." Then the subject turned to relationships, and about the best and worst ones we've had. Claudette even shared, but none of it is really incredibly relevant, aside from the fact that it gave me a perfect opening to my "Long Distance Relationship" pattern (If you're coming to the Palo Alto seminar this September. I'll share it with you there) She said that a long distance relationship was kinda like what she had with her husband, because he's working all the time. But she added that instead of it being an exciting time when they get together, she's left feeling like his little trophy wife at company parties, and when guys come to the house. So she said that if she had the kind of L.D.R. that I described, she'd prefer it. Then I said, "Well. relationships are a lot like television programs." She laughed and said, "What? How did you link THOSE TWO together?" Then I did my Boyfriend Destroyer of "relationships/television" but modified it slightly by starting it with, "Lets say you're watching a program that you've followed for quite some time now, that's like a marriage. But. strong marriages, like favorite TV shows, can make you suddenly wonder, 'Hmm. this isn't what it used to be for me, I wonder what else is available?"' (Then I proceed from there into the rest of the pattern. (Yes, I'll send the destroyer to you if you don't have it) (8) Afterwards, she said,, "Wow, that made a lot more sense than I thought it would." I said, "You'll find that I'm full of nice surprises." She then said to me, "I'm going to help myself to another daiquiri, you sure you don't want anything?" I replied, "If I had a drink, I might. cease being a gentleman, and try to kiss you." She laughed, walked up to me and said, "You don't need a drink to prepare you to kiss me." Then SHE kissed ME! Claudette had been upstairs around the tail end of my "destroyer" pattern, and had now come downstairs and announced that she had to step out for a little bit. At first I thought this was "Goodbye!" But Sara said to her, "We'll keep the house safe while you're gone." I'd say about ten seconds after Claudette's car was heard leaving, Sara asked me, "She'll be gone for a little bit of time, and her Husband's away for a few more days. Do you want to fuck me?" I said, "No, I just want to make you cum. And the harder you try not to cum, the more intense your orgasm will be." We kissed for a few minutes, then she led me upstairs to the shower, where... ahem... I was cleaned. Then hot monkey sex followed. Guvs, this took me just 2 and 1 /2 hours from first word to first orgasm!!! There are those of you (Ross) who have done it in less time, but this is my personal best so far! (9) Also,. this is my first housewife bang! I've done babes with BORE-FIENDS before, but this is the first that had a HAS-BEEN! Two golden moments in one sargy success! In closing, I want to offer some "Bishop Wisdom" to those of you still struggling with SS. It's not money, but it's as priceless as you want it to be.


What can be imagined can be achieved. While we have come so far in what seems a short amount of time, let us never forget the efforts of those who came before us, who's shoulders we now stand upon. Never lose sight of the fact that there is no substitute for hard work, and persistence. And teamwork, because no one gets there alone. Even a self made man had to buy the parts from someone. That's my opinion, but you're welcome to it!


"Making Michelle Moan"
Okay, gang, here is the success story I briefly referred to in my "Lover's Dance 2" post a few days ago. Her name is Michelle (5' 5" shoulder length brown hair. lovely bluish green eyes), and she works at one of those places that sells all that you need to get in touch with your aura, and the aura of those you care about. While inside her store (Ooh, that sounds sooooo naughty!) I overheard her talking to a couple about a book on creating OBEs (Out-of-Body-Experiences) and she seemed very well versed on the subject. I took this time to ask myself, "What question can I ask her that will reveal to me her trance words?" Then, when the couple left, I approached her and said. "Hello. I take it you work here, right?" She smiled and said, "Yep. Is there something I can help you with?" I said, "I couldn't help over hearing you talking about OBEs, and I must admit, I'm intrigued! What can you tell me about it?" (Instead of boring you with odd terms, let me simplify what she shared that I was listening for) "Blah, blah, Total relaxation, blah, blah, blah, Experiencing the energy flow up, blah, blah, Releasing, blah, blah, blah, Spreading out beyond yourself, blah." I said. "Wow, that must feel nice. Do you EXPERIENCE that often?" She said, "I only do it anymore when I want to let go of the extra tar-like negative stress energy I collected some days. Otherwise I get just as much fulfillment from the soft centerness of my usual meditation time each day." I said, "So, it's a FULFILLING way to just LET GO. and EXPERIENCE that SOFT CENTERNESS... that feeling of TOTAL RELAXATION... " the point where you're SPREADING OUT. And not just out beyond the moment, but out BEYOND YOURSELF." She said, "Exactly! You grasp the concept very well, you should buy the book!" The truth is. I wasn't interested in buying the book just yet, so I made a suggestion. I asked, "Do you own the book?" She said, "Yes! That one and three other ones." I said. "Then I'll make you a deal. If you'll let me borrow your copy. I'll analyze your handwriting, free of charge, revealing things about you even your best friend doesn't know. Plus, it'll let me know if you're just another pretty face, or if there's something more there that I'd like to get to know better." She agreed, so I did her handwriting. She turned out to be resistant to authority, strong sense of humor, Spontaneous, low self esteem, and sexually creative. SHE WAS BLOWN AWAY! She asked, "That's really cool! Teach me how to do that!" I took out one of my business cards and said, "Write your number on the back of my card, and when we get together in the next couple of days, I'll share something with you-that will be just as amazing. I know I was sure amazed when I found out about it!" She wrote down her name and number, then looked over my card and asked, "Ooh, do you have another card, that I can keep?" (My card has my name, with "Bishop" between the first and last name. Just below my name it reads: Hypnotist * Sensual Writer. Then below that is my personal quote, "Amazing Experiences, One Adventure at a Time" And at the bottom is my e-mail address (Since I'm so mobile, I chose to leave out a phone number) I gave her one of my cards, and she asked, "What kind of sensual writing do you do?" I replied, "The kind that would


make a blind man understand what the color blue was like." She said, "Nice! So, tell me, how do you show a blind man the color blue?" I said, "No, not right now. But, I promise to e-mail you a little something, provided you have an email address." She said, "The Goddess must like you, because I just got an email account last week." She then wrote her e-mail address on the same card with her number. Then we she asked about hypnosis. I told her, "It's nothing like the 'dance like a chicken then sing like an opera singer' kind of thing you're used to seeing. Because while hypnosis CAN cause you to do things you might not have normally done otherwise, the difference is, YOU make them happen. 'It's a process, an awakening that you cause to... CUM FROM DEEP INSIDE. It's like an energy, a ball of fulfilling energy, that you recognize during your best moments of meditation. An energy that you can feel... right... in... here (Then I poked lightly in her solar plexus) She said, "Yeah, I know what you're talking about. That energy that frees up your mind, opening a door for the things you want to let in." I said, "Exactly! Once you acknowledge it, and you OPEN THE DOOR to this NUDE ERECTION you want to take hold of. you can ALLOW THIS (s.p.) TO GO INSIDE YOU. And the more you ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN, the more certain you become that THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT (s.p.) so you JUST GO FOR IT. She said, "Ooh, I can almost feel that energy now." I touched her wrist with my finger and said, "Now imagine how good this can feel when you allow the power of that energy to increase (1 drew my finger up from her wrist, and ran it up her arm) She pulled away slightly, then rubbed her arm, where I had traced, and said, "Yeah, I can imagine." I sensed her insecurities were kicking in, thoughts inside her head that she shouldn't let herself feel this way because she'll be disappointed again. So I said to her, "But the true magic of this. is when you start to HEAR THIS VOICE inside your mind. Because when you can LISTEN INTENTLY to what's being said, you realize that this voice inside your mind is your safeguard, protecting you from harm. It's your own personal way of knowing that THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT (s.p.), THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE(s.p.), SO GO FOR IT. Now, with me, that's all that's required to recognize an excellent opportunity." She asked, "What books can I read to learn more about this? Because I've always had a belief about voices in our minds." I said, "Hypnosis is a powerful tool, so merely reading books will not do your abilities justice. If for no other reason, you simply can't ask a book a question and get a reply. The best way to learn Hypnosis, is by sitting down and talking with a Hypnotist." She laughed and asked, "Hmm, I just might do that sometime." I said that it was great talking with her, but that I really needed to get going. I bought the item I was there for, then said I'd e-mail her later that night. Instead what I did, about 7 that same night, I called her and said, "I just felt this energy flow up through my body, and I suddenly had the urge to call you." She laughed and said, "Be nice. OBE's will be kind to you, once you show them respect. No negative energy, bad karma, or the like." I said, "So, what are you wearing?" She laughed and asked, "What did you just ask me?" I feined confusion and replied, "Huh? I said, 'So, what about swearing?' Why what did you think I said?" She said, "Oh. That is so NOT what I thought you just asked me. I thought you just asked me what was I wearing? But, no, no swearing either." I laughed and said, "Hmm, a bit forward of you, Michelle, but I'll let it slide." (BTW, I don't normally call a babe the same day I get their number, unless they request it. BUT, according to Michelle's handwriting, she has low self esteem. And her "pull back" when I ran the energy level up her arm, made me realize that the sooner I get her in state again, the better! So I called her that night.) I wanted to gather some more of her words, so I talked about meditation. I asked her, "What skill or skills have you learned as a result of your meditation? What


I mean is, beyond the relaxation, and the peace that comes from meditating, one of the skills I've realized is a deeper, more vivid way to visualize things in my mind. So what is it that you notice improvements on?" She thought a moment then said. "I don't know if it's from my meditations, or what. but I have noticed that I can narrow my focus to one area and not be distracted very easily. Like when I'm at a movie and people behind me are talking, I can get myself to focus so much on the movie that I can't hear anything else but the movie." OOH. I CAN USE THAT IN A PATTERN!!!! Then I asked her. "Does that have a different feeling, when you're focused like that versus when you're not?" She replied. "It doesn't really feel any different, no, but it certainly sounds different. Well. NO sound, really Is what I mean. You know how when you finish doing something, then your focus is somewhere else you realize there are certain sounds that you didn't notice a moment ago? That's what it's like when I'm that focused, no other sounds except the ones in the movie or whatever I'm focused on." JACKPOT!!!!! She practically CREATED the pattern for me!!!! So I said, "Yeah, I think that's amazing, and very useful, especially at a noisy theatre. Because no matter what other sounds are going on around you, you JUST STOP, and FOCUS ON THIS VOICE, this image, that you want to hear and see. And I'm sure that's a very helpful skill for you, since you dealing directly with customers at your job." She interrupted and said, "Oh, yeah it really does make the customers happy, because I'm not easily distracted when I use my focus. I can help them better, because I listen to them without being distracted." I said, "And I'm sure the customers appreciate it. Because when you NOTICE YOUR NEEDS are being fulfilled, with me, it's a more pleasurable experience. Nothing shows more respect and generosity, than being able to USE YOUR FOCUS and providing what I'm here for. There's a difference between being able to LISTEN TO ME, and being able to FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY ON ME. And I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not, but when I'm giving someone my full attention, later on, as I recall the conversation, I start to GET VISUAL IMAGES about certain words they used. Like the word 'sand' might make you PICTURE A TROPICAL BEACH. And beyond just being able to SEE IT CLEARLY, you can also HEAR THE SOUNDS that you imagine being there. Like the sound of the ocean... mmm... very nice. And the many other sounds that you imagine hearing in this moment. And the more you focus on these sounds, the more you start to FEEL EXCITED about the experience. And the more excited you get, the more you say to yourself that you know YOU WANT THIS." She laughed and said, "Wow, it's funny, but I felt like I was at the beach as you were talking about it. I was hearing the sounds and everything! So, yeah, I guess I do feel the same way." Then I said, "Excellent! By the way, since I have your full attention, let me share a poem I wrote. I was going to e-mail it to you, but I might as well read it now." Then I read her my "Lover's Dance" poem. She said, "Very romantic, I liked the part with the clouds and looking at the kingdom. You're very good." I said, "Modesty prevents me from disagreeing with you."


She laughed and said, "Read me another poem." I said, "Tell you what, I'll make you a deal. I have to go in a few minutes, so I'll e-mail you one of my stories. In return, call me tomorrow and let me know what you thought of it." She said it was a deal, and then I began to wind the call down. That night I sent her my "Warm Fuzzy" story. The next day, around 11, she called me from her work and said, "That story was so incredible! It was erotic, without being too explicit, very sunsual. You weren't by any chance trying to get me aroused were you?" I replied, "Absolutely! The ability of having someone awaken the sensual side of you. in an erotic but not very explicit way, can fill your body with the google of pleasure." She laughed and said, "Google? What's that?" I replied. "Google is confidence. No, it's that grounds you to that series of desires about, and those sounds you listen to. And body with such an energy, that nothing can beyond confidence. Google is the root you have. those thoughts you think it takes all of that, then fills your get through it and harm you."

She said, "Hmm, you'll have to teach me how to find it." I said, "I have some free time tonight, let's get together over coffee or something." She said, "Oh, I can't. I have other plans tonight, sorry." I said. "No problem, it just would have been nice to see you before I left." She asked, "You're leaving? Where to?" I said, "Most likely tomorrow afternoon. I'm going up north for a little while." She asked, "When will you be back?" I replied, "Hard to say, it's rarely ever a consistent schedule. Maybe a week, or even a month, who knows." She said, "Oh, well, I wish we could have gone out at least once before you left, I admit I find you fascinating and have a bunch of questions I'd love to ask you." I said, "Well, since this will likely be the last time we talk for awhile, let me share with you another story I wrote. And I want your honest opinion." She said, "Really, another story? Cool!" I said, "How busy is it there? Because I want your full attention." She asked me to hold a moment, then came back on the phone and said that she was going to go into the back office so she could not be distracted. Once she was


back on the phone again, I read her my "Lover's Dance 2" story. At once point through the story, I DEFINITELY heard her breathing increase. (Images of her locking the office door and grabbing an absorbent rag danced in my head) By the time I finished, she was pretty much a goner! She said. "That was a slightly more detailed story, I wasn't prepared for that." I asked, "Good, now you have a powerful reminder of me when I'm gone." She said, "Can I call you back, in like a half hour?" I said sure, and we hung up. About a half hour later, she called and asked me to have dinner with her. She said, "I told my friends I'd join them tomorrow night, I can always see them. But since you were kind enough to share your writings with me, and I really do what your opinion on some things, I figured, 'what the hell, he's leaving and all."' Dinner plans were made, then we hung up. That night (It was actually more like 7, so it wasn't quite nighttime yet) we met at a nice Chinese restaurant that I suggested (I chose this place because the manager and I hit it off when he found out during my month in China, I stayed not far from where his parents still live. Now the manager and I are on first name basis, and I get treated like a celebrity) I got my usual beverage, iced tea, then ran my "Iced Tea" Pattern on her. She said that she was a huge believer in the magical properties of tea leaves. By this time the manager came to my table with his usual gift of "Pot Stickers" (And they use the REAL stuff in the dipping sauce!) He and I chatted for a brief moment, then he said goodbye, smiled, and walked away. Michelle inquired about my trip to China (The manager had made reference to it) so I talked about the wild way they drive, how I was told the cigarettes taste like shit. and how the food is incredible. She told me about a trip she had taken to Japan, when she was a military brat, and how the people there are incredibly nice. the food is distinctive. and the cigarettes tastes like shit there too! As we ate, I refrained from any patterns, and jut probed her opinion on things. We talked about certain movies, and she liked "The Matrix" best. She likes cats over dogs (Which I said was proof of a brilliant mind) She also expressed a belief that when we die, since we have a spirit, she believed that while it remains here. it helps guide the living, like a guardian angel. (I used that in a pattern later) Once dinner was finished, I asked her to elaborate more on her "guardian spirit" thought. She said, "When we die, I believe that our spirit is assigned a living person to help guide. People call them voices, or your conscious, but I think they are


souls of those who have passed away. If you ever stop to think about it, there are points in your life when you were about to do something, but something inside you talked you out of it. It wasn't your rational thinking, because sometimes it's knowledge you didn't have before, so where did it come from all of a sudden?" I said, "That... is... amazing! I never really thought of that possibility, but it could make sense. You HEAR THIS VOICE inside your mind, and it's telling you what is truly in your best interest. Like this person (sp) going inside you, and giving you what YOU NEED. ME, I think that's very exciting. Because what if you're right, and this person is guiding you? Shouldn't you LISTEN COMPLETELY to find out were it takes you? Because it's one thing to go with what you feel in your heart, but it's a much more powerful result if you go with what you feel... right... in... HERE (Poking the solar plexus, which now stacked another anchor created the day before) So as you have certain... thoughts... and ideas... and desires... you know that when you HEAR THIS VOICE, whatever it says, is what you need to do, no question." Michelle said, "Yeah, pretty much. I mean I believe that we are free to make our. own decisions, but the information we're given should be seriously considered." Then I asked, "So if you had a desire to do something, what would this voice say to you that was your sign that you should act on that desire?" She said with a smile, "Depends on what I was desiring." Then I got purposely seductive and said, "So what would your guardian soul say if you had a desire to join me for a night of adventure, and experience something that promised to be so magical, you can't get the thought out of your mind?" She laughed and said, "No offense, but I don't fuck on the first date." I smiled and said, "Good, because I wasn't suggesting we fuck, I was suggesting we share a moment that transcends physical interlocking, and goes to the very root of mutual pleasure." She gave me a grin and said, "Sex, basically, right?" I said, "I don't have sex on the first date, because my experience has been that the woman misunderstands and feels that I have committed myself to only her. While having sex has a certain implied commitment, the truth is, I travel too much for a relationship that requires a commitment. And unless a woman can handle my not being around most times, there's no way I'm going to let sex ruin whatever connection you and I share." She said. "So you don't want to have sex with me. Is that what you mean?" I said, "As much as the thought of being intimate with you fills me with a warmth, the truth is. I can't promise a relationship. And even if we shared one, my time away would be too much of a strain." She paid, "I don't think people need to be in a relationship to be lovers."


I said, "Then you're a rare woman, and it's too bad we'll never find out where this might have led." Then I changed the subject and talked about where to go, now that we had finished eating. I suggested taking a drive, watching the sunset and seeing who could spot the first star of night. She was up for that, and so we left We hung out near the pier in Newport Beach, and watched the sun set over the ocean. Then as the stars came out, I ran my "Star of Bishop" pattern Then I simply said to her, "What's your guardian voice telling you right now?" She reached over without a word, and kissed me. We kissed for several moments, then she suggested we slow down. I said, "Oh, absolutely. There's no reason for us both to feel very aroused right now. And as for my hand on your thigh, don't even enjoy it." She laughed and kissed me some more. Then in a whispered breath she said, "I don't know what to do?" I poke her in the solar plexus and asked, "What is the answer in here?" Within 20 minutes, we were at her place, buck naked, and she was calling upon the Goddess. (One odd note though. She told me that as I was about to cum, to pull out, take off my rubber, and cum into her mouth. She said it was a "circle of pleasure" or some shit, where the fluids she released were replaced by mine, and that I was to go down and suck up her juices, which replaced mine spent fluids with hers.) (1) There it is, that's the story, and now I'm outta here! Bishop


Bishop's Success Stories Notes
Pages 1 - 4 "Sarging a Songbird"
(1) I took her feelings of connection with her audience and put myself in there with it. This is not only a great way to get powerful rapport, but the next time she goes on stage, even though I'm not there, she'll be thinking of ME! Anytime you can take something that a babe really attaches strong positive feeling for (A job, a pet, a movie, a song, etc.) and connect them to you, you basically "piggy-back" on it, and so she starts attaching those same feelings for YOU! (2) I amplified her feelings and connected them to being with me, which is a great rapport builder. (3) By touching her arm I anchored the positive feelings she was having in that moment. Anchoring is one of my key elements in seduction, which I go into great detail about elsewhere in this book. (4) I introduced humor here, which is a great way to build rapport. NOTE: Making her laugh a few times is great, just don't rely on humor alone, or it might backfire and she'll think you're too goofy to take home and bang. If you can throw in a a piece of humor out of the blue, it seems to create some pretty nice rapport, and relaxes babes most of the time. (5) I did several things here! I let her know that her beauty alone wouldn't take her very far with me. Then I "revealed" that I'm attracted to women with a sense of adventure. Next I issued a challenge by saying a woman has to do more than just talk about adventure, she has to act on it. And at the end I had her search for her own reasons why she would act on it. (6) Here I amplified her "adventure" feelings, and used hypnotic wording like "this opportunity" and "this gift" to lead her into trance. (7) Tapping the wrist is an anchor I use in virtually ALL my seductions, because it's subtle, and it's usually the very first anchor I use on a babe because it's not intrusive. (8) Here I did both a "Take-Away" and left a subtle opening for our encounter to continue later. By wording the take-away like I did, it let her know that my life is busy, which is important if you want to appear like a scarce commodity in her eyes. And by telling her how "refreshing" I found our conversation, it "revealed" that she is unique to me.. NOTE: When I checked my watch for the time, I was really just looking at my wrist, because I DON'T WEAR A WATCH!!! I have done this dozens of times, and no woman yet has ever said, "But, you're not wearing a watch." I'm not recommending you go watchless as well, I just thought it was an interesting fact to share. (9) I LOVE USING THIS!! I! Simply put, I'm letting her know that this is her LAST chance to make a counter-offer to meet with me. (10) The "pattern" I used, was actually not a traditional pattern at all. As she waited for the M.C. (master of ceremony) to announce her, I fired off the "audience anchor" I placed on her when we were in the mall, amplified it by asking her, "Can you feel that rush we were talking about?" She said, "Yes."


Then I anchored that feeling as well by squeezing her shoulder. After she got offstage, I fired off both anchors, and BOOM, that was it!

Pages 5 - 7 "Banging a Blabbering Babe"
(1) This took place around the time I was finally mastering the ability to pace the seduction. Up to this point, I used to get frustrated that a babe would interrupt me in the middle of a pattern, and then she would change the direction of the conversation, making it stupid for me to reply with something like, "Yeah, that's a great point about the inability of birds to control their bowels. So anyway, about that incredible connection... " Here is where I finally learned that sometimes it's best to let go of an interrupted pattern and use what she gives me to start another pattern. (2) This was the exact moment I found solid platinum! When Janice mentioned wanting to be noticed for her "energy" not her boobs, it was like a bolt of enlightenment. That interesting angle, to notice a woman's energy and compliment them on it, gave me a new approach that I've used quite often ever since with great success. (Great success meaning it gets them to stop and talk with me) (3) A couple of things were done here! First, I acknowledged she indeed had a nice chest BUT that it was not the most impressive thing I noticed. Which lead into my telling her what I DID find more impressive, meaning the charm on her necklace. And the last part, about the color of the stone being the color of her energy, accelerated the pace. Note that I did a variation on what she wants guys to notice, I mentioned her energy by way of the stone on her charm. (4) I began by using her own words, in this case it was CAPTIVATING. From there, I had her attention both consciously and unconsciously, so I placed in some embedded commands (The words in CAPS of course) which I then anchor to me. As you no doubt notice right after that, the whole thing worked like a "charm" (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Pages 8 - 29 "Passport Pleasure"
(1) I have not included the "coffee break" section in this book, because I can easily summarize here what happened. We met at the cafeteria, and I asked her if she and her boyfriend were both going to London, to which she said it would just be her. I said something to the affect that it was great she had a boyfriend who trusted her to go on a vacation without him. Simply put, the way she looked as she said certain things about this, told me she had suspicions about her boyfriend while she was going to be gone. So, I noticed televisions hanging from the comers of the cafeteria, and I went into my "Television is like Relationships" pattern, anchored her, then fluff talked for a few minutes. I did a take-away by saying I had to go, and that I really enjoyed talking with her and wished we could have continued it. The result? She invited me to a party a friend others was having that week-end. I said that I needed to check my schedule, but added that I was fairly sure I would be able to make it. That was the end of the coffee break, and what happened after that is provided in detail starting on page 11. (2) This is a great way to get into state, and it's all the more powerful when you just allow yourself to truly believe these words as you say them. Oh, I want to also add that not long after this post I developed an even more powerful way


for me to get into state and ramp my google up another notch. I "beam" my google into my solar plexus, with a golden glow, and the same sound that you hear when people beam aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The google starts in my solar plexus, then evenly shoots both up to my head and down to my feet at the same time. Then I hear Capt. Picard say, "Make it So!" -and then I sarge! WOAH"!! I Just went into state as I was describing all that'!! See, it's POWERFUL!" Keep in mind, I'm very wired into Capt. Picard's voice and those words, so chances are you'll not get the same results I do. That's why it's important to devise your own way of getting google to the Nth power. Some people wear a piece of jewelry with a certain symbol, and just looking at it gets them into state. Other people have a certain image they loom at, or imagine, to get that state going. Whatever would get you totally juiced up is an excellent "google" tool. (3) Note that this is making reference to our first meeting, when she was reading a romance novel. You will be AMAZED how much women dig a guy who remembers little stuff like that! (4) I took her personal experience, and connected her In this case she did something risky, and felt such a again sometime. I got her feeling those feelings of a by saying, " act on what it is you want to have. feelings about that to me. rush, she wanted to do it rush, and connected to me With me,... "

(5) This further implanted that connection I had just made her feel. (6) Okay, now I took those feelings of "rush" and amplified them with "excitement" by firing off the "excitement" anchor I had placed on her back in the coffee shop. (7) I saw that it was getting too crowded, so I took charge of the situation, and suggested a place where I could be sure to have her undivided attention. Always be aware of ANYTHING that might distract her, and take control of it! (8) What I did here was "test the waters" so to speak. I asked her something that could be taken a different way, depending on what her thoughts were at this time. By her reaction she was obviously having "lusty thoughts." But notice that I came back with something that fit in with my question, but was obviously NOT what she was thinking. I don't always look for stuff to use like this, it was just a perfect opportunity, so I went for it! I (9) This is out of Ego, mind. After thinking of tell me, is my "Star of Bishop" pattern, and guys, it's GOLD! I don't say that I say that out of how powerful it anchors the stars to me in her reciting this, virtually EVERY babe I tell it to can't resist ME whenever they see the stars, EVEN WHEN I'M NOT THERE!!! So you that Gold? The complete version is elsewhere in this book.

(10) Humor that is out of the blue is ALWAYS a great way to get rapport. The "Amway" joke was one I had made up there on the spot, but there are times when I have pre-made some humorous comments when I knew what kind of environment I would going into. Just be sure you're not cracking jokes all night, or you'll be seen as someone too goofy to take to bed. (11) This rates right up there with telling a woman, "I'd like your opinion on something." BUT, work related topics should be used sparingly, and with no mention of the negative aspects of it, especially at parties, because people want to relax and unwind, not "talk shop." .It just so happened that I truly AM fascinated by architects, so it made it all the more perfect.


(12) Since Diane was giving me an attitude before, and I do not reward bad behavior, this served as a great time to put her in her place. Notice though that my insult was an indirect put down on her looks, not an in-your-face insult. This kind of insult works GREAT on women who put too much stock in their looks, which I -gathered Diane did. (13) Basically a slap with the other hand. AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (14) This is by far one of my favorite compliments when I first talk to a babe. It lets them know that you looked beyond their tits and saw something truly magical about them. WARNING: This complement must always be used if you truly DO notice a confidence in her, otherwise she'll know you're bullshitting and the words will lose their power. In other words, use a different approach with a hunchbacked paraplegic babe with a colostomy bag on her hip. (15) THIS is what I meant job the right way. Notice why she's in that job, or feelings. By the way, the credit for it. above, in note #11, about how to talk about a babe's I asked her what gave her the most fulfillment, NOT any other way that could bring about negative approach I used I got from Ross, so he gets full

(16) I took the positive feelings she had about her job, and attached them to me. (17) Notice the descriptive languaging? I took an inanimate object (lights from the shoreline) and gave them a human characteristic (dancing). This is great to weave into a story, because since it's so out of the realm of reality, she has to create it herself inside her mind, which I've found causes a babe to go into trance that much easier. Just be sure not to give EVERYTHING you describe a human characteristic, a few are just fine to get the desired effect. (18) I took whatever images and feelings she had with what she saw in her mind, and connected them to me. Doing it this early won't get her hot and bothered just yet, but the more she thinks about those images, the more she'll connect them to me, so the more she'll hot and bothered later! (19) This is really nonsense that I said, and it was meant to be. Saying stuff that makes no immediate sense, and saying it slightly fast, tends to cause the person to go into a state of confusion. Notice at the end I inquired her own question back to her. To save face, she couldn't say, "Uh... what?" and look foolish, so she was left with saying what her REAL objection was. (20) Here I did not get defensive, which is likely not how Diane expected me to react. By reacting in a positive way, and injecting a little humor to it, she was thrown slightly off-guard and it .worked to get her to smile at least. (21) GOLD STUFF HERE? This is an elicitation question, which means she'll reveal some of her "trance words" and you'll find out if she uses Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual, Scent, or Taste words primarily. Every so often, you'll get a babe who will reply, "I want to go because I've never been there." I have a solution to that one, which is, "So since you've never been, how do you imagine the trip will be like?" This gets the info you're looking for, so use it (22) I accomplished 3 things here if you notice. I made us alike, I separated her from women I nominally meet, and I showed that I appreciate who she is. Important stuff, guys!


(23) Diane may be a polarity-responder, meaning she takes the opposite opinion of yours, which is why I framed this comment the way I did. I took the things I wanted her to do, and basically told her NOT to do them. Her mind likely said, "He isn't your boss, so I AM going to do them!" (24) Guys, it's so very important to listen to her voice as she speaks! If after talking with her she is talking slower and drawing out her Words slightly, she's likely in trance. You need to keep her there! If you notice her voice losing that quality, get her back by any means possible! Take her to a new location, fire off an anchor, run a pattern, whatever! Don't worry if she comes out of trance, because when you put her back into trance, she'll go in much more deeply. I personally make a habit out of putting them into trance, then bringing them out with fluff talk, then putting them back into trance, over and over. (25) Humor, once again, is always best used when it is out of the blue. (26) Notice the subtle way I said she might be someone who could be girlfriend materiel? By adding " the past.." lightly implies that here in the present she might fit what I'm looking for. (27A) Here I set up what is important to me in a girlfriend. (27B) Then I set the anchor. (27C) Then I took her own trance word of "energy" and used it as a way to lead into a pattern. In this case the pattern it lead into was Ross' "Incredible Connection" Pattern. (28) This is a perfect example of how you conform patterns to fit your situation. Notice that I did not follow the "Incredible Connection" Pattern word for word, because it would not have fit as perfectly as the way I adjusted it. So remember, patterns are nails, and as you build your house of seduction sometimes you use different sizes of that nail to make it hold more perfectly. (29) THIS IS THE PAYOFF! She's in a sensual mood, then I fired off all the anchors I had set to throw her over the edge! If you take note of where I placed each anchor, it'll be clearer to you why I chose the spots to anchor that I do. In this case, as I fired off each anchor, it seemed like innocent motions, nothing out of the ordinary for the situation. (30) This is my popular "Lover's Dance" poem, so now you have it! This one works GREAT in e-mails to babes, so AFTER you have sent her "Warm Fuzzy" and gotten her response to it, then send "Lover's Dance"

Pages 29 - 36 "Banging a Babe in Beijing"
(1) Notice I interwove her physical beauty with the attractiveness of her outfit? By my focusing the compliment on her outfit it was more meaningful to her, because the outfit was something SHE chose. (Unlike her physical beauty, which was a result of genetics, not personal choice) And keep in mind, as always, I genuinely believed what I said to her, which added more power to the words. The more you believe in the compliment you pay a woman, the more power the words will carry. (2) I don't make a habit of paying a compliment and then leaving like I did here, but she had company, so I felt it would have more impact if I left them


alone to talk about what I just did. Also note that I made a point of sitting nearby, which I did so she could see me AND so she could see that I was not dining with anyone else. (3) Humor out of the blue, as I've stated before, is always a great way to get rapport. (4) I set up a small challenge here. I was giving her a chance to learn more about me, by way of learning more about herself, but she had to agree to it or else it wouldn't take place. (5) Notice I corrected her, but in a powerful, not negative, way. By wording my response the way I did, I not only eliminated her "suspicion" of me, but I also let her know that what I would do would only go as far as she allowed it to go. She had the freedom, so she would offer little resistance! (6) What happened here in multi-layered, so allow me to chunk it for you. First I denied her what I offered her, then I gave her a chance to get it back by giving ME something first (in this case her room #), then I "paced" her (stay in your seat, and as I eat, you can... ) and turned the subject in a new direction. (In this case, why she was in Tai Yuan, China). This may take heavy practice in order for you to cover all these things in your own sarging, but believe me, it's a powerful tool to have! Especially the part where you take something away, but allow them to have it back by giving you something first. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! (7) Notice I didn't do what countless AFCs do and reply, "No, I really want to hear about it." I took a different approach and let her "win" by accepting what she said. Now, in this case she laughed and took it as me being funny, but there are times when a babe will not know immediately HOW to react. The vast majority of the times I do this, the babe ends up telling me much more about themselves, than I suspect they would have if I had "begged" by saying, "No, I really want to hear it." (8) While I wasn't technically lying here (I DO have girlfriends, just not ones I'm in a committed relationship with) this isn't always the best response to give. These days when a babe tells me she has a "Borefiend" I reply in a joking manner, "Of course you do, I assumed that. What surprises me is that you chose to give all that you are to just one man. He must be with you in exactly the way you want him to be, or else you would be expanding your options with other men." The impact of this, is that she has to go inside and ask herself if the guy she's with is truly who she wants to be with. The added bonus is that I end it purposely vague (What does "expanding your options" mean exactly?), and I purposely mumble the last 2 words so it's unclear if I said "another man" or " other men." So the last part can sound like I'm saying either, "if he's not absolutely everything you want, you'd find someone else who is." or "If he's not absolutely everything you want, you'd fill the void by seeing other men on the side." Like the response in note #6, this one takes lots of practice to pull of correctly, but this is one you can practice in private, using a recorder to test how it sounds. The whole thing is GOLD (Most of it was borrowed from Ross, but the last part is all mine) and if you can get the "other men/another man" part down, you're all set! (9) This one rates as SOLID GOLD in my book, as I have had such great responses from babes after I've said this. FULL credit goes to Ross on this one, this is just more proof that the man is truly a genius!


(10) As I've mentioned before, this is a much better probing question than asking her if she likes her job. The way it's worded truly will elicit her values, even if this job is not fulfilling those values! But 9 times out of 10 she will reveal what values ARE being fulfilled, and as a result, you'll gather valuable "trance words" from her! (11) As you probably noticed, I took the words SHE used, and used them back at her. This did a few things. For one thing it showed that I had been listening to her. Also by using her own wording, I established myself as being like her. And finally, since I spoke... slowly... and with a... lower... tonality, it put her in a mild trance, which of course you noticed I anchored by tapping her wrist (Just to make sure you know specifically how I do the wrist anchor, I'll explain it again. Using my index finger, I tap her wrist three times, then on the word "that" I hold my finger on her wrist for a good two to three seconds) (12) It's important to be as congruent as possible. There are times when I'll say I have to leave in a few minutes, then I end up staying for ten or twenty minutes, but I only do that if I see that the babe is highly suggestible and I believe I can close the deal in one sitting. Otherwise I leave, which is powerful as a take-away if you just put her in a highly excited state! (13) A take-away is not nearly as powerful unless you create a chance in her mind for the two of you to get together again. In this case, I expressed a subtle interest in continuing our conversation but wanted to do it where we would not be interrupted. This did two things; It let her know I wanted to continue this, and it put making that happen up to her. This works VERY nicely. (14) There are few things more powerful than creating a sense of "scarcity" in a person's mind. I got her interest, separated myself from likely ANY other guy she's met, got her feeling wonderful things, said I had to leave, then subtly revealed that her chance to continue this was very much limited. But keep in mind that I presented the scarcity in a way that was not obvious. Instead of saying, "We only have two days, so we should meet again soon." I said it in a way that made it seem like I felt we had plenty of time. Therefore the feeling of scarcity would be what she realized on her own, instead of me stating it outright. See, if you can word something in a way that implies limited quantity, but you don't say it's scarce -outright, the other person will believe the scarcity more deeply because it what THEY concluded "on their own." (15) It's important to be aware of your own available free time. I knew if I closed the deal at breakfast I wouldn't be able to bang her right then, because I had job responsibilities. So what I did here accomplished 3 things: It added extra power to the "scarcity" principle, because this was one less opportunity for her to see me again. It gave me time to develop a more detailed sarging plan. And it made the reality of her saying yes to dinner with me much more likely. This is kinda like that old rule of not calling a babe until 2 days after she gives you her phone number, but it's much more effective than that. While I do wait a day or two to call a babe, I will wait almost a week if I know I've established a powerful enough anchor on her. (Like anchoring the stars to me, or her television set to me, or some other thing she is likely to see when at her home) (16) I DO NOT REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR! This is something that is part of who I am, whether I'm sarging or not. Deena had agreed to meet with me for dinner, but she brought her work with her. That was not acceptable! The actual area I was not willing to tolerate, was talking to her forehead while her eyes were glued to her laptop screen. I find that behavior rude, and I do not accept it. Thus, I


"punished" her by starting to leave, and I truly had every intention of leaving the restaurant if she had not stopped me. It's important to note that I remained pleasant, and did not give her an attitude. This is important because if I had shown anger, it meant that I allowed her actions to get me angry, which I won't do! I should also note that Deena confessed to me later that the whole reason she brought the laptop along, was so she had a distraction from the power she felt I was having over her. Cool, huh? (17) I can not emphasize enough how useful it is to create patterns and other seduction stuff on the spot. Why? Think about it! If you're creating something on the spot, you'll tend to... pause more... as you... think of'd say... next. You're thinking, so you'll be talking slower. Gee, do you think those things might be useful while sarging a babe? You're damn Skippy they would! Oh, by the way, this "Secrets" pattern I used is found elsewhere in this book. (18) You should know by now that what I just did here was Ross' "The Blow Job" pattern. I want to point out that I find it has much more impact if you can pace your words with her breathing. It's very simple really; Say a few words as she inhales, then pause. As she exhales, continue on with a few more words. Do, this over and over and you might even get HER to match her breathing to YOUR speaking. (19) I hope you noticed that she's begun making suggestive comments, this is an indication (to me anyway) that I need to implement some sexual languaging and anchoring, then test it with a small take-away. (20) Did you notice the challenge I just threw at her? Deena admitted to be competitive, so I took this opportunity to get her competitiveness going by saying my girlfriend knows no woman will win me away from her. (21) Here is that sexual languaging I mentioned I needed to implement. It had added impact because it was structured as me simply repeated what "a neighbor" had said, and I certainly can't be blamed for what someone else says! (wink, wink) (22) This was the slam dunk to the whole "neighbor" story, and as you read in Deena's response, it had the desired affect! (23) I got her to admit getting horny, then I did the take-away by saying I should leave! (24) Notice the sexual subtlety of my comment. (25) POWERFUL STUFF!! This is something I came up with that I call a "Bridge Inducer" 1 have created a "break" in the road so to speak, by using her boyfriend as an excuse not to continue further. By her coming up with a reason to still continue, she has created a "bridge" across the "break" I created. And since it was SHE who created the "bridge" it is virtually guaranteed that she'll "cross over" to the sucky-fucky side!! (26) Note that she brought up the "secrets" angle, that's a very telling sign! I didn't fully know it at the time, but I now realize that it must have been during my running the "secrets" pattern on her that she seriously considered having sex with me. I say that because my experience since then has been that women who I end up banging sometimes make reference to something I said earlier as validation for why it's okay that she's in bed with me.


Pages 37 -45 "Bishop's Bookstore Babe"
(1) Sometimes I like to inject a piece of humor as quickly as possible in a seduction. The reason why is because I want to find out if a babe has a sense of humor to go with her looks, a sense of humor is VERY sexy to me! What I used here was something I learned from Ross. (2) This is what's called a "follow up." It's useful because it will let you know if a babe truly found humor in what you said the first time. Let me elaborate: When you hear something that truly makes you laugh, it's pretty hard not to laugh at the follow up. BUT if you faked a laugh the first time, on the follow up you're likely to just smile, or give a smile with a snorted "Hmmph." (Also called a "closed mouth laugh") By her laughing the second time, it's a pretty safe bet she genuinely found your joke funny. (3) I created a challenge here. l let her subtly know that I want more than looks in a woman. (4) I am notorious.for letting women know that my time with them is short, so that's what this established. It also let her know that I would be interested in talking with her. Not going on a date, but TALKING with her, something she may not be used to a guy wanting from her. (5) She issued her own challenge here. Granted it was said playfully, but at the same time she was subtly asking me to show her what I had to offer. (6) I made that up right there on the spot! Notice all that I said to her in a short amount of time: I acknowledged her beauty, I acknowledged she could have her pick of guys, I made it clear that if she was only into guys who wanted her for her looks that I wasn't interested in her, anal I let her know that I would like to hear her opinion on things. And I ended it by making slight reference to my "angel" comment earlier. I'm telling you guys, this is POWERFUL stuff when you say it to the hottest and absolutely most stunning women you meet! It works so well on them because it's so outside of what they're used to from guys that they simply can't help but talk to you further. Not to pat my own back, but this small piece has gotten more hot looking babes to cut the bullshit than anything else I say. It acknowledges their looks, but demands more from them! (7) Notice I was congruent with what I said; I made an offer, then was willing to walk away from her. THIS STUFF KICKS THEIR ASS!!' They don't know how to deal with this stuff, so they're left having to either let a great chance slip away, or they have to take on the role of supplicator (In other words, they take on OUR old role!) (8) This was a "Being Time Wise/Doing a Take Away/Issuing a Challenge/Creating an Opportunity" combination. I felt there would not be enough time to get her horny enough to MY standards in just a few minutes, so I did a take away, then presented a way for her to continue our talk, but with a limited doorway for her to take advantage of it. Believe me, it's easier to pull off than it seems, you just have to practice. (9) Another challenge issued, with a self-gesture to implant in her mind that I would soon be an adventure out of her reach.


(10) Since I knew a thousand things could distract her between this talk and seven that night, I wanted to "bait" her by saying I had something "amazing" to share with her if she called. I should note that this took place at a time when I did very little phone sarging, and as a result some babes would call me just to hear the "amazing" thing I had to share, but wouldn't go out for coffee with me. So make sure to do good phone sarging, or all you'll get is a phone call and no opportunity to put your "cream" in her "coffee." (11) Don't get more wordy than this when building the anticipation of the "amazing" thing you want to share with her. I tested this many different ways, and by far the best way to build it up is exactly how I have it written here! (12) The "Iced Tea" pattern is found elsewhere in this book. (13) Here she gave me three words that, by her own admission, describes herself. Do you think this is something worth listening for? This is just one example of why it's vital to keep you eyes off her tits, and your ears on her words. (14) Notice that this pattern fit in perfectly with what she had been talking about? This is yet another reason why listening to a babe is important. What I did here was more than imbed some commands, because since it was a topic SHE brought up, she gave no resistance to it. (15) I complimented her career choice, I added that she had a quality most other people don't have, then I tied it up by introducing the "amazing" thing I wanted to share with her. This made it virtually guaranteed that I would have her full attention! (16) - Credit goes to Brother Pelone for this little gem. I made an offer, she declined and said why, then I reframed it by saying I meant something different than she thought. The result was something... magical. (Oh, as for why there's a blacked out part, it was a credit I gave in my original post, to the person who created this reframe, but he wishes to go unnoticed) (17) Notice that throughout this entire "vacation" I'm pacing her (i.e. "As you're walking... ") it's very important to pace when you have them imagining something like this. It's even MORE important to ask them questions that will reveal to you if they're inside, or outside, on the beach, or on a boat, etc. because that lets you know HOW to pace. You wouldn't ask her to feel the warmth of the sand if she's in a fuckin' boat, right? No, instead you'd ask her to feel the wind through her hair as the boat cuts through the crystal blue water. The more sensory rich the descriptions, the more fully she will be immersed in what you're saying. (18) My "Adventurer vs Explorer" pattern is really a "false choice" when you read it closely. No matter which one she says she is, it will involve her doing something spontaneous with me in order to be congruent with her own choice. As always be advised that patterns are not a self-contained seduction, so it will not get you laid all by itself. Patterns are merely pieces in the seduction puzzle. (19) WOMEN LOVE TO HEAR THAT YOU WANT THEIR OPINION! So few guys ever bother to ask a woman their opinion, that when you do, they think you might be gay! The truth is, beyond merely ASKING her opinion, be sure to actually LISTEN to the opinion she gives you!


(20) I proved to her that I am a good listener by mentioning her San Diego trip, which she told me about earlier that day. One of the things I make a habit of doing is remembering something a babe tells me, then referring to it later that night or the next day we get together. It's such a small task, but it has such a strong influence. If you show a babe you're listening to her, she'll ultimately tell you EXACTLY how to seduce her! Ask Ross, Major Mark, Rick, or any of the other masters of seduction, and I'm confident they'll agree with me on that fact! (21) This is an indirect way of letting her know you value her opinion. (22) This was in reference to her "lollipop." (23) She referred to my iced tea pattern, an indication that she truly listened to me. (24) Note the sexual ambiguity of that last part? ("Input will be welcomed.") I did that fully on purpose, because she had already admitted that she found me "mysteriously sexy." And by that she no doubt meant, "You look like a retarded JFK, but you still made me moist!" In any case, I felt this made it the right time to introduce some sexual ambiguities.

Pages 45 - 53 "Bishop's Bookstore Babe (The Dinner)"
(1) Naturally you see where I placed the sexual imbedded commands. Notice that I didn't use these right away, I waited until after she had already said something suggestive ("Should I read it when I'm alone?") because that let me know that she was in the proper frame of mind for the embedded commands to have the desired effect. (2) This is something to take notice of, because she either showed her friends to make them jealous, or to show them, "Hey, lookie what a guy wrote for me!" Either way, a babe who does this will be very competitive if you hint at even the slightest interest in one of her friends. (Gee, do you think I would do that to her? wink-wink) (3) To us guys this poem may sound like sappy bullshit, but believe me when I say that if you read this to a babe, or e-mail it to her, she will be impressed! (When you have 4 babes staring wide-eyed at you while you recite this, you kinda get the feeling it kicks ass!) (4) I think excusing yourself a moment, after saying the things I just did, is VERY SMART! Think about it, Merline's girlfriend's are going to say stuff like, "Wow, does he have a brother?" or "If you don't want him, I'll take him!" or other positive comments that will do the work for me in convincing her I'm a good "catch" Never undervalue the power of positive comments from a babe's girlfriends. But again keep in mind that I was absolutely sincere about what I said, so it showed. So if you decide to totally bullshit instead; you run the risk of destroying a good sarge! ALWAYS have a nugget of truth to any lie to tell. (5) Two things to note here: First, notice I called her an actor not an "actress." This is important, because it compliments her by not being gender bias. Secondly, notice I asked what it was "about being" an actor, not why she "wants to be" an actor. Aspiring actors, both male and female alike, already


consider themselves "actors" so it's not an issue of "wanting to be" as it is a fact of "being" an actor already. When an actor becomes famous, they are said to have been "discovered " not "created" right? There's a reason for that, and I Just told you what that reason was. (6) This understanding is powerful to beautiful women, because in many cases it happens to be very true for them! It's also powerful because since you're a guy, you separate yourself from the other guys by having a deeper understanding of her obstacles. (7) I changed the subject to avoid her having any negative thoughts in this moment, and added humor to further distance her from any potential negative thoughts. As I've said before, and will likely say again, humor that is out of the blue is ALWAYS good for rapport. ' (8) I find that whenever me and a babe are waiting more than three minutes for a table, it's always a good sarging tactic to fluff talk at first, then lead into some probing questions and/or patterns. Of course with Merline I read her some poetry instead, but that was because it was better suited for this particular sarge. (9) Never panic if you get caught saying a sexual ambiguity, just have fun with it. For example, if she had shortened her question to just, "Did you just say cock inside me?" I would have replied in a girly voice, "if I didn't, YOU just did, you masher!" In other words, make fun of the whole thing (There I go again: "whole thing/hole thing") or turn it back around on her. Another babe caught me using this same ambiguity once and when she asked me if I had really said that, I replied in a semi-serious tone, "You're attractive, but I'm not THAT easy, slow down." Then I changed the subject. (10) Forget GOLD, this is PLATINUM!!! This is by far the best question I have ever created to ask a babe in the acting field!! Trust me, if you get some solid rapport with an actor babe, then ask them this question, you will have scored major points in her mind! Why? For one thing, it's virtually guaranteed that she has NEVER had ANYONE ask her such a deep question, so once again you've proven to be unlike any other guy she's met before! Second, it expresses a deep interest in her acting career. Another thing about it, is that it's a question more focused on her FUTURE, than what she's done in the past. This last part is important, because actors can be very insecure sometimes, so asking them questions that remind them that they have not yet "made it" in Hollywood is not the direction you want them to take. Use this question, and reap the (wet) rewards! (11) A compliment, with words and motions that things (Or "Stealth Sex" as I like to call it) so well, that she doesn't know if she Just got because she suddenly has the urge to suck your subliminally suggest sexual seems to get under a babe's radar hot because of the compliment, or cock!

(12) Merline basically admitted to finding me very sexy, so I accelerated, that feeling by firing off an anchor. This is one of the reasons why I love setting multiple anchors, because it gives you so many opportunities to amplify her feelings' as they surface! Also note that as I was firing off the anchor I referred back to something pleasing she had shared with me days ago, which let her know that I remembered our conversation (Which many guys neglect to do) (13) This is what I call a "trial closing of the deal." Because what I'm doing here is seeing if she's ready to take this to a more physical level, or if I


need to continue sarging. If she scans my eyes at this point (looking from my right eye to my left eye, to my right eye, to my left eye, etc., etc.) a "close" is pretty assured. (14) This is slightly sneaky on my part, because I'm now taking things in a different direction than she thought I wanted to go. In a sense, I did a ."takeaway" on her. She thought I would say yes to sex, since every other guy would, but I make a habit of doing what other guys DON'T do. By the Way, there seems to be some confusion regarding the authorship of "3 Rules Before Sex." The truth is, I did NOT create this incredible piece of work. Brother Riker did. As much as I'd love to claim ownership of it, the credit goes to Riker, not me. (15) Remember in Note # 2,1 spoke about how she might be competitive since she showed her friends my story? Well, here's where I tested the theory! (Merline later admitted to me that she DID feel a little territorial about me when I asked about Naomi, so there ya' go!) It's interesting to note too that Merline's very next question is about the "3 Rules Before Sex" comment I had made earlier. Perhaps this is the point where she seriously contemplated putting my "oscar" into her "trophy case." (16) Again, this gem is the creation of Brother Riker, so show him your gratitude! (17) There's a lot to cover here, so let's begin with why I had her on the rocks. I had her on the rocks because it was a tangible reminder of what I had said in the poem I recited to her and her friends, which naturally caused her to re-feel the positive feelings she had when hearing the poem. Next I had her do some slow breathing with her eyes closed, rubbed my hand up her knees and asked, "How does that feel?" At this time her unconscious is wondering, "How does what feel? The breathing exercise or the touching of the knees?" Since it doesn't know, it connects the two and attaches a positive feeling to both! Next I had her tell me, while in this relaxed state, the first word that came to her mind. I asked that to get an idea of where she was emotionally. In this case she said the word "Jamaica" so I knew that by firing off the "New Technologies" anchor, that would put ME into the picture more deeply. Then she opened her eyes and said she could hear music, which is another reference to the poem I recited to her and her friends earlier. Note that she then asked me if I could hear the music too! Remember, in my poem I said that the music was something not everyone could hear, but which "lovers could not resist hearing." I took this to mean that she was ready to accept me as her lover, so I went ahead and kissed her. The rest, well, I think it's pretty obvious that the deal was now closed. (18) Note that when I fired off the anchor I basically was asking her if it felt right to her to have sex with me. This was a combination of firing off a powerful anchor, and making reference to one of my "rules before sex." As you can tell, it worked damn well!!

Pages 53 - 60 "OH MY GOD, BISH F$#%ED JENNY!!!"
(1) As I stated, sarging at clubs with a band sucks! I refuse to be an AFC and yell over the music to seduce a babe! I NEVER sarge at bars (Alcohol and sarging may seem like a perfect pair, but trust me, it's like mixing oil and water... it don't blend!) And if I sarge at a club. I ALWAYS hang outside and wait for a babe to step outside for some air (And the best babes always do!) In fact, as of this writing, my most recent sarging outside of a club was the night after


Christmas, when I banged TWO college babes in the same night! (They shared an apartment is how it worked out) (2) Commenting on a necklace, ring, or bracelet, is one of my favorite "walk ups" because it's rarely used by guys as an initial approach, and women love to hear compliments about the jewelry they chose to wear that day. I also like it because it's a compliment that's NOT about her physical beauty, plus if you notice how I word it, it's a sneaky way of finding out if she has a boyFIEND or HAS-BEEN you need to help her forget. (3) Her tone expressed a genuine affection for her Mother, so I found it wise to compliment her Mother indirectly. (4) In hindsight, I feel I ran this pattern too soon, and should have instead commented on her energy (which was an interesting mix of strength & caution) then used that as a lead-in to the handwriting analysis, followed by my "Eros Stone Necklace" pattern, and THEN run the connection pattern on her. (5) This is one of my patterns that I no longer use, mainly because I found "The Lover's Ring" to be a more effective pattern to use. (Just switch "ring" for "necklace" and instead of running the anchors up her fingers, just run ONE anchor slowly up from her stomach to the necklace and tap the actual charm of the necklace) . (6) If a babe asks you if you have a girlfriend, it's a DEFINITE sign of her being interested in you! Don't take MY word for it, but trust my lady friends who confirmed this fact for me! Keep in mind, being "interested" and being "hot for you" are two different things, but at least if you have her interest there's some good rapport going on! (7) In case you don't see where it made sense, let me clarify. By referring to meeting Jennifer outside with the same level of emotion I do when I tell someone what time it is, it comes off as my not attaching anything special to meeting her. If it's one thing I think is a bunch of crap, it's that nonsense about making the babe your center of attention! Babes make a habit of treating guys like a pair of dirty sneakers, so I do the same thing back to the babes! (8) Two quick notes here: The "Rick BI-ometer" is in reference to Brother Rick, who not only banged 5 babes at once, but he only bangs bisexual women! The other note is: Do whatever it takes to have at least one bisexual babe on your "team" to assist you in "scouting new talent" because the experience is pretty damn cool! (9) Knowing patterns is smart, but knowing when to use them is smarter! If a babe brings up something that is a great segue to a pattern, it will be most powerful if you act on that immediately! Not five minutes later, not the next day, IMMEDIATELY! Think about it, SHE brought up the topic, so you'll have her full attention. Besides, she will not resist a topic that she herself brought up. (10) While it might go without saying, I'll say it anyway: WATCH HER REACTIONS! If her breathing gets more shallow, if her voice becomes breathy, if she plays with her hair, if she licks her lips, if she rubs her legs, if she bites her lower ip, if she bites her UPPER lip, if she tilts her head if she scans your eyes, if she strokes her throat, if she rubs the side of her glass, or if she rubs her finger up and down her fork or yours, SHE IS SENSUALLY STIMULATED!!' These are signals you NEED to look for! Women are not always going to rip open


their tops and announce that you're making them wet, so you have to look for the signals! There are probably more signals than the ones I mentioned, but I listed the majority of them. And just because she's sensually stimulated, doesn't mean she's also ready for bed. AH this means is that you're getting her going in the desired direction and should now move into sexual themes (sexual ambiguities, sexual patterns, or sexual metaphors), if you haven't already done so. If you HAVE already started sexual themes, be sure you're also anchoring it at least two different times. I almost always use the solar plexus, and the "charm" zone (That's the area just above a woman's cleavage, where a charm on a necklace would be resting) (11) Inviting a babe to dinner with you and another babe is not something I would make a habit of. I did it in this case because I sensed a slight discomfort vibe, and felt it would put Jennifer more at ease to know that there would be another woman there besides her. Besides, with Denise being Bi, it was a great opportunity for Denise to assist in getting the three of us in the sack! (12) You really have to be careful when playing with a babe's table setting, because it makes some babes feel like you're trying to dominate them, and the seduction will fizzle. So "test the waters" first by tapping your finger on one of the babe's eating utensils or tapping the side of her glass, and seeing if she shows any signs of being territorial (Like adjusting the item you just tapped, or moving it away from you) (13) As Ross says, "Structure opportunities." As I mentioned in Note # 9 above, knowing when to run a pattern is important. Notice that I took the ringing of someone's cell phone and I let it "remind me" of the article I read in my "New Technologies" pattern. (14) These psychic they happen. But I Ross' teachings. I skill stronger, so intuitions always trip me out, because I can't control when do know that they're one of the perks of seriously following have not become qualified yet to recommend how to make this I suggest you ask Ross about this one, if you're interested.

(15) I could have taken this further right then, but the vibe wasn't right. Besides, I like being the one playing hard to get.

Pages 60 - 68 "OH MY GOD, BISH F$#°/oED JENNY!" ( The Loooong Conclusion)
(1) Notice how I used a woman's excuses on the answering machine message? Basically I said I just wanted to be friends, and I was sorry if I lead her to think otherwise! Naturally I included embedded commands like, "It was not my intention to make you. THINK OF SATIN SHEETS.." (2) If you are EVER in a babe's place, make sure you anchor some of her stuff to you! (I call these, "Tangible Anchors") A perfect pattern to use in this setting is the "Relationships are like Television" pattern, because the next time she watches TV she'll "mysteriously" think of you! I have dozens of ways to anchor stuff in and around a babe's house to me, so maybe sometime in the future, if you're interested, I'll put out a video on that topic! WARNING: You don't want to anchor more than a few items in and around a babe's house, or else you run the risk of creating a stalker. (Think about it, how obsessed would YOU be if fifteen things in your house had you thinking of a specific babe?)


(3) Notice I used the word "friend" with her? She will relax, because obviously you have no romantic intentions... which will naturally make her WANT romance with you!!! (4) THIS IS PLATINUM!!! This is my "The Old Man & The Bench" story, and I'm very proud of it! This story is by far the ONE story that will almost always put a woman in a romantic mood. Of course you'll want to establish some rapport first, and somehow get the conversation directed towards "imagination" or "creativity" so the story flows with the conversation. Just recite it in a... slow... gentle pace... and watch her... reaction. BUT, as I've stated before, all by itself it will NOT get you laid! Use this as a piece in your seduction puzzle. (5) Having a personal frame of reference is a good way of choosing what to anchor in a "babe's home. it also tends to make the anchor more powerful, because of the "connection" you and the item now share in her mind. The doll was from Germany, I spent a year in Germany, BOOM, perfect anchoring item! So try to find items you can personally relate to in one way or another and anchor them! (6) Most times when a babe has a deep attachment to an item in her home, she'll automatically pick it up or touch it, but you should still be aware of her voice as she talks about the items in her house so you know what holds special meaning to her. NEVER, under ANY circumstances pick such an item up yourself, because it may cause her feel somewhat violated (Think back to when you were a kid, and you had a really cool toy, a toy that you really, really, REALLY liked! You played with it before you even left the store, and you might have even took it to bed with you at night. Now, remember When that kid, what's his name, started playing with that toy? YOUR toy? Remember that tingle of anger you got, and that immediate need to let that kid know that this toy was yours, and you told him to give it back to you? THAT'S what she'll feel if you pick up that item she has a deep attachment to!) To anchor such an item to you, the only safe physical contact is to tap it gently, or stroke the side of it two or three times. If she wants you to have any contact with the item beyond that, she'll let you know! I hope that I have emphasized this point enough, because it really can blow up in your face if you violate it!!! (7) See, I had anchored too many things in and around Jennifer's home to myself, and it spooked her to be thinking of me so much! I have since limited my "tangible anchors" to no more than three in the entire house, and sometimes I still add in the "Star of Bishop" on top of that. (8) I have found this pattern to be a safe way of banging a babe and letting her realize that seeing each other only once in awhile is fine. (9) Again, be VERY careful with the "tangible anchors" you place in a babe's home. One of the main reasons I included this success story in here was to show an example of how you can seduce a woman TOO well. So be careful out there!

Pages 69 - 72 "Clean Up On Aisle 5"
(1) As I mentioned in Note # 2 of "Passport Pleasure" before I hear "Make it so!" my google beams into me. I hear the sound of it happening, and the warmth of it spreading all through my body! (2) Note the command here, "..You're with ME now."


(3) There you have it, one version of my "Relationships are like Television" pattern! (4) See how I took what she was talking about and used it to go back into the seduction? This is a perfect example of how you do that, so always be prepared. It's important to listen to her, but also take a moment to figure out how you'll take charge of the conversation again to continue the seduction. (5) By telling her I had to leave at three o'clock, it did two things to the situation: First it let her know that I'm not the kind of guy who will wait all day for her, and secondly it introduced some "scarcity" to the seduction. I was leaving at three, so she better make the best if it! (6) It's important to remain flexible when sarging a babe, which means that you should not be sitting there thinking, "Okay, first I'll run this pattern, then I'll anchor that, and then I'll read her this poem, and then I'll say this, and then I'll... " If she brings up movies, don't launch into a pattern about vacations, do something related to the topic of movies! Having patterns ready to go is fine, just don't make advanced plans on what order you're going to use them in! (7) Guys, I know I talk a lot about doing take-sways and playing a little hard to get, but if a babe asks you to go back to her place DO IT!!! The only reason to use, take-sways and play hard to get is to get her to take action, or to add more importance to being with you. So if she's already offering her place she's MADE the favorable decision!

Pages 73 - 76 "Banging a Bored Housewife"
(1) Both women were looking at me with slight suspicion, so that's why I cracked 'the jokes. And as you read, it had the desired effect! (2) Key things to remember: NEVER sarge while a babe is eating, because she's having an "incredible connection" with her meal, and not with you! The other thing to remember, which is actually related to the first thing, is to use the eating time as an opportunity to decide where you might take the seduction after she's done eating! (As I said before though, be flexible with what she presents to you!) (3) As obvious as that sounds when you say it, it can actually work if you say it like you don't care either way.. (In other words, say it like you would when you tell someone the time) (4) I took the fact that Sara was a strong-minded woman and used that to my advantage. Notice that I actually said things that were likely very true, even though I presented it in a slight "challenge" way. (5) This is a truism! If a woman is capable of making you forget your next thought she IS in control then! (6) By "you OWN this place" I basically mean, "Act as if this is YOUR party, these women are YOUR guests, and it's your job to insure your guests are having FUN" If I were to act like I owned the place literally, it would likely have negative results, so I make a party of it all!


(7) I said a lot there, but only two things really need noting: What I said about dating is what I truly believe, and it makes absolute sense, so use it with confidence! As for the sex part, notice how I basically said, "If you don't have sex with me you're losing out and it was all your own fault." (8) A version of my "Relationships are like Television" pattern can be found on page 70. (9) I've more than beat that time since. Currently my best time stands at 40 minutes, with a lovely vision of ebony beauty I met on the pier in Redondo Beach.

Pages 73 - 76 "Banging a Bored Housewife"
(1) Both women were looking at me with slight suspicion, so that's why I cracked 'the jokes. And as you read, it had the desired effect! (2) Key things to remember: NEVER sarge while a babe is eating, because she's having an "incredible connection" with her meal, and not with you! The other thing to remember, which is actually related to the first thing, is to use the eating time as an opportunity to decide where you might take the seduction after she's done eating! (As I said before though, be flexible with what she presents to you!) (3) As obvious as that sounds when you say it, it can actually work if you say it like you don't care either way.. (In other words, say it like you would when you tell someone the time) (4) I took the fact that Sara was a strong-minded woman and used that to my advantage. Notice that I actually said things that were likely very true, even though I presented it in a slight "challenge" way. (5) This is a truism! If a woman is capable of making you forget your next thought she IS in control then! (6) By "you OWN this place" I basically mean, "Act as if this is YOUR party, these women are YOUR guests, and it's your job to insure your guests are having FUN" If I were to act like I owned the place literally, it would likely have negative results, so I make a party of it all! (7) I said a lot there, but only two things really need noting: What I said about dating is what I truly believe, and it makes absolute sense, so use it with confidence! As for the sex part, notice how I basically said, "If you don't have sex with me you're losing out and it was all your own fault." (8) A version of my "Relationships are like Television" pattern can be found on page 70. (9) I've more than beat that time since. Currently my best time stands at 40 minutes, with a lovely vision of ebony beauty I met on the pier in Redondo Beach.

Pages 77 - 82 "Making Michelle Moan!"


(1) - If you've read all my notes up to this point, there's really nothing new here worth noting that hasn't already been covered. HOWEVER, this last part, about the replacing of fluids, is a very serious matter! After I posted this, I got e-mail from some trusted sources who informed me that a babe who uses words like "The Goddess" and does this replacing of fluids stuff, is someone you want to build a "psychic shield" against. The master source for learning psychic shielding is Dr. Latourrett, so check out his stuff.

Pages 77 - 82 "Making Michelle Moan!"
(1) - If you've read all my notes up to this point, there's really nothing new here worth noting that hasn't already been covered. HOWEVER, this last part, about the replacing of fluids, is a very serious matter! After I posted this, I got e-mail from some trusted sources who informed me that a babe who uses words like "The Goddess" and does this replacing of fluids stuff, is someone you want to build a "psychic shield" against. The master source for learning psychic shielding is Dr. Latourrett, so check out his stuff That's MY Opinion, But You're Welcome To It Because I want you guys to have the absolute best quality product I can make, I have included this BONUS section. In this section I have included things that many of you have asked me about, like my success before Speed Seduction, my sarging schedule, why I use multiple anchors, how I dress to sarge, what I REALLY think of women, my phone sarging method, and my sex tips. And because I believe in sharing what works for me, I have also included my very best patterns, poetry, and short stories. So enjoy this BONUS section, and happy sarging!


Bishop: From Dark Ages to Pink Abundance
In the days before Speed Seduction, days I recall with an emotional tear as The Dark Ages, my sex life was pretty limited. In fact, my sex life was so limited that I actually had my first sexual encounter 3 years AFTER I actually had my first real chance at "dorfing" a female. Confused? Apparently so was I. In High School, me and some buds of mine used to take chicks, ditch school, and go to my house (I lived about two block from my High School) and try to score! Well, this one chick, named Rhonda, started rubbing my chest and saying she was all wet for me because I was in the school dance troupe, so she knew I had the right muscles for the job. Guess what Pre-Bishy did? I LAUGHED AT HER!!!! Here I was, sitting on the couch with a nice breasted brunette who wanted to test my dance moves in bed, and all I could do was laugh! My logic at the time was, "She's setting me up. She'll get me all hot and horny, then say she changed her mind and leave." (Back then, "Bishop" was spelled M-O-R-O-N) Needless to say, she wasn't wet after I laughed. And it would be 3 loooong years before I found a woman horny enough to take my virginity. My sex life even AFTER the great "deflowering" was limited. From my first sexual encounter, to the time I learned Speed Seduction, which is about 13 years, I could count my sexual conquests on one hand!!! (Never mind about the other hand, that's a "score" of a different kind!) So March 1998 came along, by which time I had been married, divorced, engaged, no longer engaged, but remaining "best friends with benefits" with my exfiancee. I had my sweating palms on a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine with Kate Winslet on the cover. I read her interview with just a tad too much drool spilling down to my chin, and I looked at-her photos with rock hard stiffness. I thought to myself, "I'd love to bang the piss and vinegar outta Kate!" as the urge to check on my supply of hand lotion creeped into my thoughts. My next though was, "Who am I kidding? She'd never give a guy like me the time of day!" Then, just as I flipped to the next page after the "Great Kate" fantasy, I saw an interview with a picture of some dork sitting in a diner. I glanced over the interview and read that this dude named Ross Jeffries was claiming he could show a chump like me how to score with babes with a program called Speed Seduction. My first thought was, "What a great scam! Who in their right mind is going to take this clown to court, and say in front of God and country, 'Your Honor, this guy said his program would get me laid, but I didn't get laid.' " But then I looked at Ross' picture and thought, "If I were going to run a scam like this, I would have hired a better looking actor to portray me." So as I read the article more, I saw words like "NLP" which I had been exposed to for years before this, and knew it was powerful stuff. Then I read that he grew up in Gardena, just like I had. So I thought, "Okay, his web site address is mentioned in here, I'll check it out." I listened to some audio files, read a couple of the newsletters, checked the catalog, and was impressed. That night I took the magazine to work (I worked a graveyard shift back in them days) and showed a buddy of mine the article. He and I agreed to split the cost of buying a "Home Study" course, and take turns listening to the program. The next day I placed the order.


When it arrived, I listened to the first few tapes, and thought it was fairly informative. I told my buddy about what I had learned so far, and we agreed that if nothing else, we had some new stuff to try on women. I had the next two days off, so I was able to listen to the remaining tapes in the course. When I finished, I was a new man on a new mission. The next time I worked, I walked right up to my buddy, handed him his half of the money and said, "This stuff is gold, I'm keeping it. Order your own, the price is worth it!" Long story short, I ordered more products, studied the hell out of the materiel, did the exercises, tested it every chance I got, and within 5 months I was the kind of guy woman just naturally found themselves happy to sit and talk to... oh, and they would "dorf" me too. So there ya' have it guys, my sexual history in a nutsack..uh... nutSHELL. Now I'd like to elaborate on the process I went through, from the time I first listened to the "Home Study" course, to the time I finally got consistent results. I think it's important so some of you can see what I went through to reach the level of success that I have, and see that persistence pays off! As I stated a moment ago. it took me about 5 months to see consistent . results, and the road leading to that was very painful, as well as exhilarating. I must have gotten rejected, laughed at, slapped, yelled at, and spit on, more times than I care to count. I definitely thought of quitting MANY times, I even went so far as to write up a fiery letter to Ross detailing what a fraud I thought he was. Thank god I never mailed that letter, because I would have never known how successful I would have been. I had been using "anchors" for years, so I had that part down just fine. I had found a perfect tonality to use, so that wasn't an obstacle anymore. I really started to believe that I wasn't worthy of beautiful women in my bed, and I began to get depressed. I thought I was doing everything the tapes said to do, but I was not seeing the results I expected. The truth is, I was coming at the whole thing from a state of -"hunger" so while I did the walk-up and patterns the way it was stated to do, women could sense my internal panic, and were turned off by it! My moment of clarity came about three months into practicing Speed Seduction, while I was looking up celebrity porn on the internet. For years I have known that if you want a more intelligent answer, you have to ask a more intelligent question. So I didn't ask myself, "Why isn't this working?" because I would have likely gotten the reply, "Because you suck!" Instead I asked myself,"What can I do to be successful at this, that I haven't already tried?" The answer came to me in two simple words: Be Different. So I sat there and wrote out dozens of questions related to being unique, like, "What do most guys fail to notice that a woman would like to be recognized for?" As I wrote these questions down, I listened to the "Unstoppable Confidence" tapes, and created my 40 foot self once again. (I can not mention enough how absolutely powerful the "Unstoppable Confidence" tapes are. So if you don't already have a set, BUY THEM TODAY!!!) I had my 40 self step into various scenarios and handle things in ways most guys don't think of. Like complimenting a woman on her wedding ring, asking their opinion on stuff, refusing to accept a woman's bad attitude, and on and on! Within two hours I had begun a whole new


foundation for my sarging. And that night, at work, I made a point of asking some female co-workers how they first knew that the man they were with/married to was the person they wanted to be with. I made note of their answers, and found ways to use them in patterns. And my "friend with benefits" Rene was a big romance novel reader, so I peeked at some of her novels to see what kind of guys were in these things, and made notes. All in all, it took about two weeks of note taking, pattern writing, and testing on babes, before I finally started getting women to sit and talk with me for more than ten seconds. And keep in mind this was almost a year BEFORE I knew how to analyze handwriting using the "Grapho Deck" (Another great item, if for nothing more than an excellent ice breaker!) As time went on, and I worked harder on my skills, women began sitting with me longer, and I developed the thought process of "No matter what, you own this place, so have fun!" Soon, I had my first success, and guess what? I thought the babe was playing games with me!!!! I thought, "Okay, she'll get me into bed, then laugh at me as she scoops up my clothes and runs away!" But before I royally fucked this up, I asked myself the question, "But what if this is all real?" Suffice it to say, she was being truthful and we made hot monkey love! A month later I banged a babe I had been eyeing for months, and the "hits" have been "cumming" ever since! I know beyond any doubt that if I had not gone through such massive failure at first, I would not be as successful at Speed Seduction as I am today! There's something so damn exhilarating about overcoming a giant obstacle, that you develop such a momentum you surpass your own expectations after awhile! I want to make clear that even though I have had great success with women using Speed Seduction, I in no way get ANY woman I want. There are still some women who agree to meet me someplace, but then they don't show up. There are -some women who swear they will call, but they don't. And there are even some women who tell me no. (*GASP*) But this isn't about banging every babe we get a woody for, nor is it about controlling women. It's about going out there, having some fun, and maybe sharing an adventure with a babe or three who have something to offer beyond their implants! So the best advice I can give the Brothers who are struggling with this stuff is this: 1) PRACTICE! Make the time to practice this stuff EVERY DAY, or at least every other day! 2) No matter what, HAVE FUN! If you're not having fun, have fun instead! (how's that for a mind-twist?) 3) PRACTICE! There is no better way to make this stuff a habit than to practice ft all the time! 4) Keep a journal! Write down what you notice works, and add in what no longer works. Trust me, we get so busy living life, we tend to forget what we've learned if we don't write it down! 5) PRACTICE! If you don't have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?


6) Communicate with other Brothers! There is a vast wealth of knowledge and support by using the e-mail list, and talking with brothers on the phone! Use it, and get laid as a result! 7) PRACTICE! I know I saved this one for last, but believe me, practice is important! I get asked quite often, "Bish, how many women have you banged so far?" And the truth is, I don't know! I don't know because I don't keep score! This never has been, nor ever will be, about banging the most babes I can get, so I don't keep track. For me. Speed Seduction is about taking what I can already do right, and adding what women respond to on a much deeper level. Those two things combined mean that not only do I get to have a kick ass time with the kind of women I want, but she's having the time of her life too! It's about mutual satisfaction, not selfish motives... okay, so maybe a few selfish motives, but that's ALL! One other thing I get asked a lot is, "How do you get babes to say 'Yes' so quickly?" Well, the short answer is this: I'm a busy guy, and my job takes me away for long periods of time, so the chances for babes to get together with me are limited. I'm not looking for a relationship, but the right kind of women, with the same sense of adventure that I have, could change my mind. This works very well for me, especially because it's based on the truth! You can lie to babes and say that these same things are true about YOU, but be careful not to get caught in the lie, or else you just destroyed ANY chance of getting her in the sack!


The Bishop's Sarging Schedule
When I was first learning Speed Seduction, I went out sarging EVERY SINGLE DAY! It didn't matter if the day was shitty, or if I only had 30 minutes of free time, or whatever the excuse, I just did it! I did it every day because I wanted to make the skills a habit, so I could eventually approach a babe and not even have to think about what to say! Besides, the only way you'll ever know the best times to visit certain locations for babes, is to visit places daily and note when the busy and slow times are. The busy times will let you know when to sarge the customers, and the slow times will let you know when to sarge the waitresses! And once you have that accomplished, you have a powerful chunk of knowledge attained! These days, I rarely make plans to go out sarging. Instead, I just go about my regular day and sarge as the opportunities present themselves. Sure, if I'm in the mood for an iced tea I'll visit a place I know there's likely to be a lot of babes, but I was going to get that iced tea anyway. See the difference? Once you have several places nailed down for best sarging times, you can chose to visit those places on a given day or not! Take your time with this stuff too, because if you get too eager to "close a deal" you'll likely screw it up, or freak the babe out with how fast you're moving. I realize that sounds funny coming from me, a guy who is getting known for rapid closes, but the distinction is that closing the deal my way does not involve me being eager, it involves making myself appear limited in availability. When I close a deal in under an hour, the biggest reason why it closes so fast is not only because I got her feeling amazing things inside her body, but also because I made her perceive me as being available for a limited time! In other words, she had better act NOW or some other babe will get to enjoy me instead! If you've already read my success stories, then you know how I have accomplished this.


Bishop's Opinion of Women
Personally, I enjoy the company of a woman. I not only enjoy them as flesh pillows, but as friends as well. Having grown up with two sisters, I grew up with the ability to make more female friends then male. That was my problem though, the women just wanted to be friends!!!! Since learning Speed Seduction though, the "let's Just be friends" line is a thing of the past. But I still keep women friends (Or "ladyfriends" as I like to call them) and I actually keep in touch with women I have no plans to get into bed! I am in no way telling you that to be successful with Speed Seduction you must have women friends, because there are guys who are great at this stuff but who don't really have much respect for women overall. I just wanted to let you know what my opinion is of women, because many of you have asked. Oh, by the way, do you want to know a benefit of having women as friends? Take a ladyfriend to lunch and see how much easier it is to sarge a waitress! Since the waitress sees you with a woman already, she won't have her "shields at maximum."- In fact, she'll likely not have her shields up at all!! And if you treat your ladyfriends with respect, they'll even reveal to you some secret stuff from the "Female Gender Playbook" that we guys have been trying to get our hands on since puberty! (And yes, I've included some of their "secret stuff' in this book. So, who's your daddy?!) But, again, it's completely up to you if you decide to have women as friends. Bishop's Phone Sarging Strategy The funny thing is, I used to do very little phone sarging. Why? Because I was a moron that's why! I had this weird idea that phone sarging was weak and a waste of time. I thought if I got her to agree to meet me someplace, that was all the phone sarging I needed to do! Guess what? I don't think that way anymore! I found out, quite by accident really, that you can get a babe to masturbate over the phone even if you've just met!!! Instead of boring you with that tale, let me just say that I now phone sarge quite often now! Before I get into my phone sarging methods, here are some things you might want to consider: 1) IF POSSIBLE, GET HER NUMBER INSTEAD OF GIVING YOURS! Until you know what kind of psycho bitch you're chatting with, it's safer to get HER number first! But don't sit there and argue with her like a child and say, "I'll give you my number if you give me yours first!" What I like to say is, "Let's go ahead and exchange numbers." This works without arguing, and it accomplishes your goal, GETTING HER PHONE NUMBER!


2) GET A VOICE MAIL NUMBER TO GIVE TO BABES! It only costs about $10 a month and I use it because when they call, it appears that I'm not home and they got my answering machine. I like that because for one thing, my angle is that I'm a busy guy who's rarely around and this makes it more credible. Besides, who the hell wants to be in the middle of banging a babe when a clingy, obsessive, psycho bitch decides to leave 20 messages on your real answering machine? (Even if you turn down the volume on the answering machine, the consecutive ringing would make you lose your hard-on!) 3) CREATE THE PROPER MOOD FOR YOURSELF! I light candles, turn off all the lights, then I call her. Now, you might be thinking, "But, Bish, she's on the phone, not there with you." Ah, but my voice is with her! If I'm in a niiiice relaaaaaxed state, my voice will go deeper, I'll... pause... more, and my phone sarging will be incredible! I just happen to love candles, so you might want to try something else to get into that relaxed mood. Like strobe lights, sitting in your boxer shorts, or whatever, as long as it puts you in a relaxed mood. Trust me, I get more women to masturbate over the phone when I'm in a relaxed mood, and so will you. 4) ONLY LET HER HAVE SMALL BITES! What this means is, don't let the call go on for three hours!!! You can get a woman very wet in under 15 minutes (under 10 if you read her my "Warm Fuzzy" among others) so you don't need more than an average of 30 minutes on the phone with her. Granted, there will be babes who either ramble on, or tell you a nice long story (listen to those!!) so you might have to stay on the phone longer. The point is that you want to get her aroused in about 20 minutes or less, then gracefully end the call. By making her wet, you likely got her attention, and by limiting your time on the call, you'll make her value your calls more (Most AFCs stay on the phone with a babe until she ends the call, dumb move, because that puts her in full control) 5) KNOW THE POWER OF PAUSES! When a babe says something to you and you don't say anything for a good 5-8 seconds, that's very powerful, because she can't see your face to know if she said something you disagree with. WARNING: Don't overuse the pauses!!!!! Use just two or three at the most! Anything more than that and she might think you're silent because you're not listening to her! The effect you want is to throw her out of balance, not out of interest. A well placed pause, just after she's told you something about herself, is very powerful. She doesn't know if your silence is a sign of disapproval, or disinterest, or what! And to really throw them out of balance, let out a drawnout exhale from your nose. They won't know if they're boring you, or if you were just relaxing! (Don't do it from the mouth, because that's a definite sign of being bored!) Okay, now that you know these little gems, let's get to my sarging methods, shall we? I have different ways of doing things, depending on if I first met this babe online, or in public. If it's online, and she has just given me her #, I'll wait at least 5 minutes after we've signed off to call her. Why? Because only an AFC would call a babe right away. Besides, according to my ladyfriends, when a guy calls right after getting the number, it comes off as looking desperate. However, if a guy calls 5-10 minutes AFTER he said he'd call, it gives the impression that you have a life and are not desperate to have a babe on the phone.


HOWEVER, don't wait any longer than 10 minutes after, because then the "he's got a life" mysteriously changes to "he's got a problem!" My ladyfriends tell me that if a guy calls beyond the "10 minutes after" mark, they think the guy lost his nerve to call, then changed his mind and decided to call after all. (Insecurity appears to turn them off... who knew???) Another thing this gets babes to think is, "Oh, he thinks I'm just waiting here for his call, like I have nothing better to do!" ' (Another turn-off for some reason) And they also said this gets them to wonder if the delay in calling was because the guy is married, and had to wait until it was "safe" to call! So remember: If she's just given you her #, sign off, wait about 5 minutes, THEN call. Okay, so what about those online babes who send you their # through email? Simple, just do what you do when she gives you her # in public; Wait 2 days to call! And I know at least one of you is reading this and asking, "But if she's online with you, why wait so long?" Dude, if she's online with you, she'll give you her # in an Instant Message, not an e-mail! So obviously she sent you her # while you and she were not chatting! (When I 'get a babe's # in an e-mail, it's usually in a reply she sent regarding a story or poem that I e-mailed her previously) Which leaves us with the babe you sarge in person who gives you her #. As I just stated, wait 2 days. While there is no ONE way to phone sarge, there are some basics that are important nonetheless. For one thing, limit the number of times you say her first name. Why? Because, as I learned the hard way, sales books are full of shit, people DON'T always enjoy hearing their name! To clarify what I mean, look at these two examples: A: "That's a good point. Eve. What I think is that in addition to that what you just said. Eve, it's also a matter of what's best. Because I'll tell you. Eve, there are many solutions but there are also many problems attached to some of those solutions." B: "That's a good point. Eve. What I think is that in addition to what you just said, it's also a matter of what's best. Because I'll tell you, there are many solutions but there are also many problems attached to some of those solutions." Example A is how I used to talk to some women, and it was a method that rarely ever worked. One of the women I talked to like this, seemed pretty into what we were talking about, but after about fifteen minutes she seemed to be uncomfortable. I asked her what changed her enjoyment to discomfort, and she informed me that she Just got tired of hearing her name repeated so often, arid asked me if I did that so I wouldn't forget her name! So unless you're giving a sexual command (It comes from BLOW ME, Eve) don't use her name more than once or twice in a conversation. Note how example B flows just fine even though I only used her name once. Another basic rule to follow is to not sound overly impressed by what a babe tells you about herself She hears all the time about how smart she must be if she made the Olympic team in the Calculus event, so try something else! Personally, if: a babe tells me about an accomplishment that regards her looks, intelligence, or financial status, I make fun of it in a playful way. For example, there was this one babe I was phone sarging who said her parents bought


her a new BMW for graduation. I said, "Aww, and I bet you didn't have the heart to tell them you were hoping for a Ford Escort, with cup holders, right?" This cracked her up, and made light of the situation without offending her. And just to show you other angles to that same example, I could have chosen instead to say, "Too bad it wasn't a Honda Accord, I'd be jealous." My point is, I truly am NOT impressed by expensive cars, so I don't pretend to be. By taking a playful approach, I let them know that I'm not all that impressed, but since I didn't insult them I don't come off sounding envious either! If a babe tells you she has won several beauty contests, tell her, "Really? The corn on my sister's foot has too! Everyone who looks at it says, *Wow, that's a beauty!"' Only the truly vain will really be offended by this remark, especially if you say it in a playful manner. So relax, and be your confident sarging self! Don't try to impress a woman, on the phone or even in person, Just do your thing, and soon she'll "do your thing" for you! Poetry and reading stories with embedded commands works beautifully over the phone, and it just so happens that I have included some in the back of the book!


Dressing for the Hunt
When sarging I personally NEVER dress nicely just for the hope of impressing a babe, I consider it supplication and a serious no-no! The truth is, I believe you should dress however feels good and is consistent with the image you want to convey. But before you throw on those sweatpants and that T-shirt with Mighty Mouse on it and go out sarging, let's clarify some things, okay? If you have an "in-your-face" look (Mohawk, nose rings, expletives on T-shirt, grunge clothes, etc.) you'll attract a specific kind of woman. So if that's fine with you, then go for it! However, if you want to have your pick of babes, a change is in order. If you're unsure how to dress, just notice what most of the other guys in the area you're sarging in have on! I'm not telling you to dress just like them, but it will at least give you an indication as to what is acceptable! For example, when I sarge Beverly Hills, and other ritzy areas, I wear a polo shirt, or a shirt just as nice as that. You have to blend in a little, or you'll stand out too much to get a babe! You don't have to dress like you're accepting a prestigious award, but at least dress better than the busboy! And one last thing; Get a hairstyle that DOES NOT remind people of the 70's, okay? (And I'm not talking about long hair here! What I mean are guys with their hair feathered on the sides! Brrr, they scare me!!!!!)


Bishop's Phone Sarging Strategy
The funny thing is, I used to do very little phone sarging. Why? Because I was a moron that's why! I had this weird idea that phone sarging was weak and a waste of time. I thought if I got her to agree to meet me someplace, that was all the phone sarging I needed to do! Guess what? I don't think that way anymore! I found out, quite by accident really, that you can get a babe to masturbate over the phone even if you've just met!!! Instead of boring you with that tale, let me just say that I now phone sarge quite often now! Before I get into my phone sarging methods, here are some things you might want to consider: 1) IF POSSIBLE, GET HER NUMBER INSTEAD OF GIVING YOURS! Until you know what kind of psycho bitch you're chatting with, it's safer to get HER number first! But don't sit there and argue with her like a child and say, "I'll give you my number if you give me yours first!" What I like to say is, "Let's go ahead and exchange numbers." This works without arguing, and it accomplishes your goal, GETTING HER PHONE NUMBER! 2) GET A VOICE MAIL NUMBER TO GIVE TO BABES! It only costs about $10 a month and I use it because when they call, it appears that I'm not home and they got my answering machine. I like that because for one thing, my angle is that I'm a busy guy who's rarely around and this makes it more credible. Besides, who the hell wants to be in the middle of banging a babe when a clingy, obsessive, psycho bitch decides to leave 20 messages on your real answering machine? (Even if you turn down the volume on the answering machine, the consecutive ringing would make you lose your hard-on!) 3) CREATE THE PROPER MOOD FOR YOURSELF! I light candles, turn off all the lights, then I call her. Now, you might be thinking, "But, Bish, she's on the phone, not there with you." Ah, but my voice is with her! If I'm in a niiiice relaaaaaxed state, my voice will go deeper, I'll... pause... more, and my phone sarging will be incredible! I just happen to love candles, so you might want to try something else to get into that relaxed mood. Like strobe lights, sitting in your boxer shorts, or whatever, as long as it puts you in a relaxed mood. Trust me, I get more women to masturbate over the phone when I'm in a relaxed mood, and so will you. 4) ONLY LET HER HAVE SMALL BITES! What this means is, don't let the call go on for three hours!!! You can get a woman very wet in under 15 minutes (under 10 if you read her my "Warm Fuzzy" among others) so you don't need more than an average of 30 minutes on the phone with her. Granted, there will be babes who either ramble on, or tell you a nice long story (listen to those!!) so you might have to stay on the phone longer. The point is that you want to get her aroused in about 20 minutes or less, then gracefully end the call. By making her wet, you likely got her attention, and by limiting your time on the call, you'll make her value your calls more (Most AFCs stay on the phone with a babe until she ends the call, dumb move, because that puts her in full control)


5) KNOW THE POWER OF PAUSES! When a babe says something to you and you don't say anything for a good 5-8 seconds, that's very powerful, because she can't see your face to know if she said something you disagree with. WARNING: Don't overuse the pauses!!!!! Use just two or three at the most! Anything more than that and she might think you're silent because you're not listening to her! The effect you want is to throw her out of balance, not out of interest. A well placed pause, just after she's told you something about herself, is very powerful. She doesn't know if your silence is a sign of disapproval, or disinterest, or what! And to really throw them out of balance, let out a drawnout exhale from your nose. They won't know if they're boring you, or if you were just relaxing! (Don't do it from the mouth, because that's a definite sign of being bored!) Okay, now that you know these little gems, let's get to my sarging methods, shall we? I have different ways of doing things, depending on if I first met this babe online, or in public. If it's online, and she has just given me her #, I'll wait at least 5 minutes after we've signed off to call her. Why? Because only an AFC would call a babe right away. Besides, according to my ladyfriends, when a guy calls right after getting the number, it comes off as looking desperate. However, if a guy calls 5-10 minutes AFTER he said he'd call, it gives the impression that you have a life and are not desperate to have a babe on the phone. HOWEVER, don't wait any longer than 10 minutes after, because then the "he's got a life" mysteriously changes to "he's got a problem!" My ladyfriends tell me that if a guy calls beyond the "10 minutes after" mark, they think the guy lost his nerve to call, then changed his mind and decided to call after all. (Insecurity appears to turn them off... who knew???) Another thing this gets babes to think is, "Oh, he thinks I'm just waiting here for his call, like I have nothing better to do!" ' (Another turn-off for some reason) And they also said this gets them to wonder if the delay in calling was because the guy is married, and had to wait until it was "safe" to call! So remember: If she's just given you her #, sign off, wait about 5 minutes, THEN call. Okay, so what about those online babes who send you their # through email? Simple, just do what you do when she gives you her # in public; Wait 2 days to call! And I know at least one of you is reading this and asking, "But if she's online with you, why wait so long?" Dude, if she's online with you, she'll give you her # in an Instant Message, not an e-mail! So obviously she sent you her # while you and she were not chatting! (When I 'get a babe's # in an e-mail, it's usually in a reply she sent regarding a story or poem that I e-mailed her previously) Which leaves us with the babe you sarge in person who gives you her #. As I just stated, wait 2 days. While there is no ONE way to phone sarge, there are some basics that are important nonetheless. For one thing, limit the number of times you say her first name. Why? Because, as I learned the hard way, sales books are full of shit, people DON'T always enjoy hearing their name! To clarify what I mean, look at these two examples:


A: "That's a good point. Eve. What I think is that in addition to that what you just said. Eve, it's also a matter of what's best. Because I'll tell you. Eve, there are many solutions but there are also many problems attached to some of those solutions." B: "That's a good point. Eve. What I think is that in addition to what you just said, it's also a matter of what's best. Because I'll tell you, there are many solutions but there are also many problems attached to some of those solutions." Example A is how I used to talk to some women, and it was a method that rarely ever worked. One of the women I talked to like this, seemed pretty into what we were talking about, but after about fifteen minutes she seemed to be uncomfortable. I asked her what changed her enjoyment to discomfort, and she informed me that she Just got tired of hearing her name repeated so often, arid asked me if I did that so I wouldn't forget her name! So unless you're giving a sexual command (It comes from BLOW ME, Eve) don't use her name more than once or twice in a conversation. Note how example B flows just fine even though I only used her name once. Another basic rule to follow is to not sound overly impressed by what a babe tells you about herself She hears all the time about how smart she must be if she made the Olympic team in the Calculus event, so try something else! Personally, if: a babe tells me about an accomplishment that regards her looks, intelligence, or financial status, I make fun of it in a playful way. For example, there was this one babe I was phone sarging who said her parents bought her a new BMW for graduation. I said, "Aww, and I bet you didn't have the heart to tell them you were hoping for a Ford Escort, with cup holders, right?" This cracked her up, and made light of the situation without offending her. And just to show you other angles to that same example, I could have chosen instead to say, "Too bad it wasn't a Honda Accord, I'd be jealous." My point is, I truly am NOT impressed by expensive cars, so I don't pretend to be. By taking a playful approach, I let them know that I'm not all that impressed, but since I didn't insult them I don't come off sounding envious either! If a babe tells you she has won several beauty contests, tell her, "Really? The corn on my sister's foot has too! Everyone who looks at it says, *Wow, that's a beauty!"' Only the truly vain will really be offended by this remark, especially if you say it in a playful manner. So relax, and be your confident sarging self! Don't try to impress a woman, on the phone or even in person, Just do your thing, and soon she'll "do your thing" for you! Poetry and reading stories with embedded commands works beautifully over the phone, and it just so happens that I have included some in the back of the book!


"To be, or to pretend to be, that is the question."
I was talking to one of the Brothers online last summer, and he told me about this stewardess he sarged. The story was going very nicely, but then he admitted to me that he lied to her, telling her he was a Tae Kwon Do student! I asked him, "Why did you lie to her about that?" He replied, "She said she was into martial arts." Uh... Guys, if it's one thing I DON'T do when I'm seducing a babe, is lie about my abilities or who I am! Not to embarrass the Brother I was just talking about, but he really could have screwed himself over with the lie he told. What if the babe had asked him where he trains? Or asked him to demonstrate some moves? Or any of a number of things that would have revealed him to be lying? If you lie to a babe and get caught in that lie, you've destroyed any credibility you had in her eyes, which means she's not likely to have coffee with you, much less go to bed with you! I have said this to several of the Brothers, and some have been confused and asked, "But patterns are lies, right?" Patterns are lies???? When I run a pattern, like say the "Incredible Connection" pattern, on women, I tell them about this warmth they will start to feel, and they really do start to feel a warmth! So where is the lie???? Guys, don't fry your brain wondering if "I read this article on... " or "I saw this program about... " classifies as a lie or not! A lie would be if I began a pattern like, "I'm an Astronaut, and the most interesting thing happened in space the other day... " Do you see the difference? A lie is something that carries no truth, which is certainly NOT the case with patterns. So get the ridiculous notion out of your head that you have to lie to seduce beautiful women! And to further hammer home my point, consider this: As crazy at it might seem, the possibility exists that you're going to seduce a woman and make her your girlfriend. When that happens, any lies you told her when you seduced her will be found out! Don't lie to babes, and you'll live a better quality sex life! (I know it's a shitty deal, but do it anyway!)

"Is It 'Excuse me, forgive the interruption... ' or 'Forgive the interruption, but... '?"
When I first got onto the Speed Seduction List and began to post my success stories, one of the first things I began getting e-mail for, was my EXACT wording on patterns and other sarging stuff. People would write shit like, "In one post you used 'Forgive the interruption, but..' and just last week in your post you said you used 'Excuse me, forgive the interruption... " Which one is the correct one?"


My answer to that person, which is my answer to you as well is, BOTH ARE CORRECT! One of the worst ailments you can catch from practicing Speed Seduction, in my opinion anyway, is the "ANDOR" virus. What that means is you get all caught up in, "Is that an AND or an OR you use in the pattern?" While I can completely relate to the anxiety of wanting to get the patterns down perfect, I soon realized that it's more importance to focus on the "Body" of the pattern, not the "hairs." So don't get caught up in the exact verbiage, and instead focus on what state you're looking to put her in and how the pattern can do that. Basically, the "body" of the pattern will include the states you want her to go into, the way you frame it, and the way you want to present it. To better explain this, let's look at my "What Hypnosis Is" pattern, then I'll break it down to show you the "body" parts. (Eeeew, that sounds gross, Scooby!)

The "What Hypnosis Is" Pattern
"As a hypnotist, it's irritating that people think I'm going to turn them into chicken clucking goofballs. Hypnosis is not what the average layman thinks it is. When hypnotized, you will not.. SURRENDER YOUR WILL COMPLETELY. TO ME, that should be understood. Because while... YOU WILL SURRENDER It's only as much as you.. ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. Because you... MAKE IT HAPPEN... it's actually you that's in control. Control to... CREATE AN OPENING..-and allow this (point toward crotch) to come inside, enjoying the process. Like opening a door, a door for this. .NUDE ERECTION you want to take hold of. And when you... ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN... you start to ... FEEL A WARMTH OF PERMISSION... right in... here (lightly poke solar plexus) And since that's happening, you know that... THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT... so you're able to... JUST GO FOR IT." I guess it's obvious that I wanted her to go into some "aroused" states, right? So now that you see what state I wanted her to go into, let's look at the "frame." I framed it as an explanation of what real hypnosis is. With this pattern you are explaining to her what will happen, and how she will be in control of it happening. Others have said it's "framed" as a demonstration, but I disagree, because at no rime does the word "demonstration" or anything like, "here, let me show you." come up! As for how this pattern was "presented," it was presented as "let me clarify what Hypnosis is... " Other ways to present it would have been the tried and true, "I read an article on Hypnosis, and it said... " or, "I was watching the TV program, on the myths about hypnosis... " While it may look like the "frame" and "presentation" are pretty much the same, there is a definite difference between them. The "frame" is what you're saying, while the "presentation" is why you brought it up. That's easy to understand, right? Another question that I get asked a lot is, "How do you create your patterns?" The answer is as simple as putting on your clothes, and walking out your front door.


EVERYTHING I see in my day is pattern materiel, even dog shit on your shoes! And while I don't recommend running the "Dog Shit Pattern" on a babe, I do recommend opening your eyes to all the incredible stuff you are exposed to in your average day, because there are patterns waiting to be found! Hell, I even like to find stuff you don't normally attach romance to, and find ways that it COULD be connected to romance. That's exactly how I came up with my "Television/Relationships" pattern. I took something we all have, a TV, and I created a way to make it similar to relationships. I must confess that when I created that pattern, I did not realize that it also created a tangible anchor! EVERY babe I run that pattern on has basically said to me, "I was watching TV and I thought about you." So you never know when something out of the ordinary will result in a powerful tool. My point in all this is simple; Find something romantic in stuff no other guy has ever put together, and the babes will cream their lacy panties! If I were to emphasis just ONE point regarding patterns, it's that you should NEVER expect that ANY pattern by itself will get a babe in the sack! If such a pattern does exist, I want it!!! I The simple truth is, patterns are but one piece to the seduction puzzle. If I were to emphasis Just one MORE point regarding patterns, it's that you should not make them the only thing you do in a seduction. In partnership with patterns use ambiguities, humor, poems, fiction stories, factual stories, and her own interests, to structure a solid seduction. Because seduction is made by being aware of her interests, and the reactions she has for what you talk about.

The Wonderful World of ANCHORING
I have known about and have been using anchoring for years, before I even knew of Speed Seduction. That being the fact, I consider this the one area of Speed Seduction that I forgo any modesty and state that I am an expert. I say that not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I have already done all the hard work for you, and what I share here is the most successful anchoring I know. Simply put, anchoring is the glue that holds any worthy seduction together. Why do I say that? Because without anchoring, you're just making her horny for someone else to enjoy. For example: You spend an hour sarging a really hot babe, using your weasel phrases and various patterns, but you don't use any anchors. You think you're doing okay though, because she really seems to be getting into this. You notice her squirming in her chair, and you catch a quick glance at her chest to notice her nipples are very hard. She's sharing some juicy details about her sexual tastes, so you're pretty certain that you're about to close the deal. SUDDENLY she says with heated breath, "I better go, I'm getting awfully horny but I don't even know you." And with that, she makes a quick exit, heads home, calls some guys she DOES know, invites him over, and has hot monkey sex with HIM!!!! Sucks, doesn't it?


The point of anchoring is not only to have a way to get a babe to feel specific feelings, but to have a way to connect those specific feelings TO YOU! You might have the best tonality and the world's best pattern, but unless you anchor her to connect those positive feelings to you, the results will likely not be shared moist release with you! Okay, Just in case you're not 100% sure what anchoring is, I'll be happy to detail it for you. The "30 Seconds or Less" answer is this: "When you're feeling ANY emotion, and something comes along that days or even months later make you recall that memory or gets you feeling that same emotion, that's an anchor." But to detail it; An anchor is pretty much any sound, word, touch, smell, image, or item, that causes you to suddenly feel an emotion or recall a specific memory. Virtually anything can be used as an anchor. Lets'do a brief exercise to prove that.


Think back to when you were in High School, and as you think about that, recall a song that came out around that time. A song that as you hear it in your head right now, makes you smile with some positive feelings. It might even be a couple of songs you can recall right now, so pick the one you like more. Continue reading on when you've done that. (Insert "Jeopardy" theme here) Okay, welcome back! Did you recall a song or series of songs? If not, shame on you for skipping over it. If you DID recall a song and it made you feel kinda nice as you "listened" to it, congratulations, you just experienced first hand what an anchor is. How that song anchored you may be for many different reasons, because it really does depend what was going on when that anchor was firmly placed inside you. With songs, they usually become an anchor due to a very positive event, or a collection of positive experiences around a certain time. For example, couples have "their song" which holds special meaning for those two people alone, thus it anchors the relationship and all it's emotions to that song. For me, the song "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones always puts me in a positive mood. And the reason why, is because it came out at a time when I was clearing over $1,500 a week, and serves to remind me of what I'm capable of. Now, if you can't figure out why the song you thought of gave you such positive feelings, don't worry about it. The only thing that matters is that you now understand what an anchor is. I'm not going to get too deeply into WHY anchoring works, because the truth is, it's not important. I'm confident you'll have anchoring down quite nicely, without being weighed down by the logistics of it all. But suffice it to say that something positive happened in your life, you heard the song, then prestospanko, the emotion was anchored by the song. Want other examples of how you've been anchored, but may not have realized it? Try these: 1) 2) 3) 4) Imagine the sound of a dentist's drill. Recall the way your mom used to say your name when she was pissed. Think about the last time you had a really good slice of cake. Picture the last woman you had great sex with.

Get the idea? What I'm getting at, is that you've had anchors placed on you pretty much all your life, and now you know what the result of an anchor is. Now knowing that, you should have a better concept as to. why you'd want to anchor things during a seduction. (HINT: So you can get her feeling the same way later on) Okay, now that you know what anchoring is, let's move on to how to use it, and when. The "when" is actually pretty simple; Do it when you notice the babe is having the emotion you want to anchor. There are those who say to wait until the emotion is at its peak, but I have a better idea; Anchor the emotion when you first notice it, then if you want to


play it safe, wait a second or two and anchor it again. I personally don't do it that way anymore, because I do several anchors all over a woman anyway. Now, before I get into HOW to anchor, I must first mention the importance of keeping track of what anchors you use on a babe. Imagine squeezing a babe's arm, thinking you're firing off a sexual anchor you previously set, only to find out that you just fired off her "I hate men" anchor?!" Of course I'm just kidding about that last part, but you get the point I'm making, right? In other words, if you use a babe's wrist to place a sexual anchor, use that same location for sexual anchors on ALL the babes you sarge. I've been asked, "What if her right wrist is within reach, but I always anchor the left wrist?" My answer to that is, get her to bring her left wrist within reach, or anchor the right wrist and hope you remember the change. A third option could be to at some point make sure each wrist had a sexual anchor, so you're covered. My belief is that there is no such thing as placing too many anchors on a babe. I average at least FIVE anchors per babe!! So, does that all make sense? Make a habit of using the same location for the same anchor. Okay, now let's get to the HOW. Even though there are virtually unlimited ways to anchor someone, my seductions are almost exclusive to "Touch" anchors and "Verbal" anchors. A Touch anchor is just that, touching the woman. (I'll elaborate on it in a little bit) A Verbal anchor, in my definition, is a word or set of words, that anchors a memory; emotion, or state. I tend to use a Verbal anchor while I have them imagining something, or when they're describing something to me. And if you really get a babe to connect to a vacation (or anything) you had her describe, you can talk to her weeks later, say one key word, and BOOM, she'll feel a rush of the same emotion she had when she was describing that vacation (or -whatever) to you. For example, one babe (with her eyes closed) described to me in fine detail a Jamaican vacation she dreams of taking. I had her verbally anchored to it so deeply, that about two weeks later, I merely said the word, "Jamaica" and she went right into state. Actually, that's another perfect example of why anchoring is so seduction. If I had merely had her describe the vacation, but I anchoring with it, her reaction two weeks later would have been it's also possible she would have forgotten having talked to me all! vital in had done no much weaker, or about Jamaica at

In my personal opinion, the two key elements you need to always remember when anchoring are: 1) Do it in a perfectly natural manner. 2) Make it unique. What I mean in #1, is that if you're laughing with a babe, it would appear perfectly natural to her if you touched her arm as you laughed. It's also perfectly natural to lightly rub a finger she has a ring on, which you are admiring and commenting on. And as you talk to her longer, and increase the level of rapport, you can start touching more areas and get away with it! For example, when I have strong


rapport with a babe, I can put my finger right in their cleavage and they don't mind! (See below under " highly intrusive" to better understand what I actually do) What I mean in #2, is that as you touch her arm, pat the arm twice then hold it there for a second. This still appears natural, but it's unique enough that it's very unlikely someone else will accidentally fire off the anchor by doing that exact same set of touches. I guess a third one would be to insure that you have her in a desired state, but I hope that was a given, right? Before I go further, I want to make sure you understand that anchoring is a very powerful tool, and as such must be treated with respect. And the best way to do that, is to be very aware of when you are anchoring. That might sound like common sense, but we sometimes anchor without realizing it! Think back to the last time someone you cared about was upset with you, and you touched them on the arm, or shoulder, or wherever, in hopes of comforting them. Did it work? Maybe, but it also anchored their feeling of upset to whatever touch you gave them. So after that event, if you, or someone else, physically touches them in the exact same way, they're going to feel irritated (even just a little) and have no clue why that suddenly happened. Are we on the same page now? Cool! I put the body anchors I do into 3 separate categories; Low Intrusive, Slightly Intrusive, and Highly Intrusive. As you can likely guess, my goal is to start with the least intrusive anchoring, and lead up to the most intrusive: And when done correctly, she'll never be offended. For starters, I want to make some kind of physical contact within the first 30 seconds. I like starting with a handshake as I'm introducing myself, though sometimes if I'm playing flamingly gay I'll go for a hug. Getting physical contact quickly is important because it makes ever contact you have after that seem less intrusive. Now, this doesn't mean you should touch her every ten seconds starting with her hand, and after ten minutes you have a finger in her... business. If the babe is giving off a very playful vibe (I can't describe it, but you'll know it when it's there, trust me!) I'll do a variation on what Brother Rick taught me, which is to act like I'm about to shake their hand, but when I have their hand in mine, I turn it over to read their palm. What I do then, is I DO NOT LET GO OF THEIR HAND! I'll start asking them questions about themselves, all the while holding their hand and gently stroking their fingers one by one. Unless the babe has an issue with being touched, every "playful vibe" babe I've met will let me continue to hold their hand!!! As I'm holding her hand, I have instant access to her wrist, which I almost ALWAYS anchor first! No matter if she's a "playful vibe" babe or not, the wrist is my first anchoring spot. Not only because it falls under "Low Intrusive" but also because it just seems so damn natural a motion to do! If I'm asking a babe, "Does that feel like something you agree with?" it just seems like a natural gesture to touch her as I ask that question. The next anchor I like to use, is either on her fingers or on her arm. I like using the fingers if they have at least one ring on, because it's just a perfect way to introduce any of my jewelry related patterns. The arm I'll anchor, but it's actually more of a "state accelerator." (Which means that as she's feeling a certain emotion, I'll run my finger up her arm slowly, as I tell her how the feeling is getting more and more intense.)


I classify the "low intrusive" areas as being the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and top of the head. My favorite anchor for the top of the head, is what I call the "top of the flow" spot, *Which is that one spot at the top towards the back, where most people's hair forms out and away from this small circle. I'll run my "Center of Energy" pattern and anchor that spot. "Slightly Intrusive" would be the upper arm, neck, ears, forehead, eyes, nose, the chest area ABOVE the breasts, just UNDER the breasts and all of the stomach, the legs from the knees down, the ankles, and the feet (including toes). The ears are easier to touch without freaking her out if she has ear rings on. Be careful if you're anchoring the face area, because some women have a problem with ANYONE touching their face. It's not a vanity thing, it's just that some women simply get freaked out by having their face touched. To test to see if the babe you're sarging is such a "freak" start to run the "Center of Energy" pattern, then as you reach your finger up to touch the base of her nose, simply ask, "May I?" Trust me, if she lets you touch the base of nose, the rest of the face will be fine too (Except the mouth! There are some babes who consider their mouth to be a highly intrusive area, so be careful!) "Highly Intrusive" would be the upper leg and thighs (Obviously her crotch, but you'll anchor that with your cock later!) her butt, her breasts, and her mouth. I anchor the mouth by pressing my index finger over her lips like I'm pressing a button, in the middle of my "Inner Thoughts" pattern. When I place an anchor on the breasts, it's actually deep inside her cleavage, around where a sports bra starts to cover. I won't go into all the patterns for this area, because I believe your focus should be on insuring strong rapport by the time you reach this area. You have to be in pretty strong rapport with a babe before you even think of touching any of these spots! Once you're at that level, the pattern is second to being aware of how you'll close the deal! Okay, now I'll share some of my actual anchoring secrets with you! Wrist Anchor- Tap your index finger on her wrist (either one) three times, then keep your index finger on her wrist for two to three seconds, then pull away. Finger Anchor- Hold whatever finger has a ring on it, apply light pressure with your thumb so that her skin moves with your thumb as you make several small circles around the finger knuckle closest to the ring. Ear Anchor- Grip her earlobe (the bottom of the ear) with your thumb and index finger, pinch it lightly for one second, then rub your index finger up and down the back of her earlobe four or five times. (Be advised that I use this anchor Just after she and I first kiss) Table Setting Anchors: Her Drinking Glass • Run your index finger slooowly up one side other glass, then slooowly back down. Then do the same on the other side, and end it by tapping your index finger once on the top of the glass that faces you Her Silverware - Run your index finger down the "stem" of one piece of her silverware in her direction. Do this only on ONE piece of silverware for each emotion. (For example, use the fork for "fascination" the spoon for "sensual" and the knife for "curiosity") The table setting anchors are for when you meet for coffee at a diner, or some other coffee shop that also serves food. The great thing about these anchors, is


that when she takes you to dinner later, it can be at ANY restaurant and the anchors will still work!


Bishop's Bedroom
Let me first say that I hope you know what to do once you get a babe into bed, right? So this chapter isn't about the mechanics of intercourse. What this chapter is about, is reinforcing in her mind that you're not the same old F#%@! You separated yourself from other guys with your sarging, now do the same in the bedroom! The things I'm sharing here are both a collection of some of my own personal bedroom habits, and some things my female friends say really gets them off. You may be the kind of guy who only cares about your own orgasm, in which case I think you'll want to skip this chapter. If however, you are at all interested in doing more than jacking off inside her, read on my Brothers! 1.) Spend the first minute or two kissing her mouth, face, and neck region. Babes might feel rushed if you go right for the nipple or the clit. What I do, is I slooowly kiss her eyebrows... then her closed eyes... then the eyelashes... then I run my lower Up down the base of her nose..then suck on her lower lip (Don't kiss her yet!) as I embrace her face and lightly massage her temples with my fingerTIPS.. then move my mouth down to her chin and kiss it... then run my mouth to the side of her jawline... then down to her neck. Do it slowly, take a good minute/minute and a half and THEN kiss her lips. She will be "like buttah" you watch! 2.) The neck is my favorite place in this region of the body, because it's got so many nice spots that drive her crazy. Like that spot just behind each ear, where the bottom lobe meets the neck! I actually gave a woman an orgasm by just spending some time on that spot. Another nice neck spot is that area where the side of the neck curves to meet the shoulder. Gently kiss and suck on that area and she will be wet, trust me (But don't give her a damn hicky there! I!!) Yet another nice neck spot, is the back of the neck. Get her on her back, or on all fours, and slooowly kiss and suck up and down that area. 3.) Licking, sucking, and light biting of a woman's ears is a great idea! Just don't be a "waldo" by sticking your tongue in her ear, or blowing air in her ear either. Both are, in the words of one babe, "So unsexy it makes me want to kick his ass!" The only thing your tongue should be doing here, is tracing the outer curve of her ear. 4.) NO HICKEYS!!! Unless she explicitly asks for one, do NOT give her a hicky on her neck, or any other area that might be exposed when she's dressed. That shit was cool in High School, but a woman doesn't fancy having to wear high collars and turtlenecks after sex with you! But, according to my ladyfriends, a gal may not mind having a little hicky on areas that are only exposed in the dressing room or at -the locker room in her gym. 5.) TEASE HER! Undress her slowly. Women love anticipation, so gently tease her! When your mouth is near hers, DON'T KISS! Hover your lips right over hers, almost to the point of touching, let her feel the warmth of your breath on her lips, then pull back! Move on to other areas, then come back later to reward her with a kiss. THIS DRIVES THEM WILD AND THEY LOVE IT!!!! The same with her breasts. Kiss and suck all around the breast, but NOT the nipple. Breathe a warming breath on the nipple, but DO... NOT... TOUCH... IT... YET!!!! Take a few minutes to run your fingers around the contours of her breasts, and make circles around them, making sure to make the circles smaller... and smaller... and smaller... until you're right at the areola, then STOP! Put your hands on each side of her breasts, then slowly push the two breasts together... and hold them


there for about 5 seconds... then slowly let them go back into their natural position. Hold the sides of her breasts, then slooowly run your tongue up between her breasts, all the way to the start of the cleavage, then slooowly run your tongue back down again. Do this a couple of times, then push her breasts together again, and lightly flick your tongue ONCE across each nipple. This will cause her to either moan, suck in a deep breath of air, or both! The "pink palace" needs to properly teased as well, naturally. So what I do, is I hold her ankles up, then proceed to kiss and lick around her inner thigh, but NOT her "palace" at all! They seem to really go crazy when you lick that groove where the inner thigh meets the "palace walls" But do it slowly, there's no rush! I love to then spread her open, breath warmly on her wetness, then I go for the "pearl." 6.) BREASTS! I love 'em!! Being such a breast man, I consider myself pretty skilled at what is best for the breast. And if it's one thing I can guarantee you guys, it's that very few women want to feel as if they are breast-feeding you, or that you're a baker kneading her boobs like dough! Sure, some women WANT you to do those things to their breasts, but those women will TELL you. I guaran-damn-tee you that if you treat her breasts like they were made of fine bone china, she'll get a much deeper orgasm out of the experience, and you'll separate yourself from the "waldos" who were so aggressive her tits hurt for a week! Cup her breasts in your hands and actually take a moment to notice what they feel like. Gently kiss and suck the nipples like they were tips of an ice cream cone. Caress them as if you were a sculptor and her breasts the delicate clay. A light touch goes a long way to getting her a hard orgasm. Oh, and guys, if her boobs are small, don't make reference to that fact: You might think you're complimenting her when you say, "You have NICE little boobies!" but any reference to the smallness of her chest is like her mentioning the smallness of your cock! So instead, leave out the size, and add in the beauty. If a woman is small chested... I won't fuck her! (Just kidding) If a woman is small chested, I'll complement their firmness, if it's true. Or perhaps she has perfect nipples, in which case I'll tell her so! Basically, find anything other than size to compliment, if possible. If not, don't say anything about them. It's better to shut the hell up, than to tell her something she knows is a bunch of shit! Big breasted women on the other hand, LOVE to hear how much you like her size! 7.) Visit her "Pink Palace" often! Every women I have ever had sex with, or talked to frankly, LOVES for a guy to go down on them! But don't just storm the gates, you have to take your time. Start with your fingers first. I personally suck their nipples while I have my fingers down there, they just seem to enjoy it better that way. And by request of some of my ladyfriends, I have been asked to tell the "waldos" out there to make sure you're rubbing her CLIT, and not just her pussy! If you don't hit "the button" she will not be a happy honey! This isn't Sex Ed. so find the damn thing on your own! All I'll tell you, is that it's a nice little "stem" near the top of the where the folds meet. Now, go find the clit. Lassie! And make sure you're clean shaven before you "go down town" because sandpaper is bad for the clit!!! If you want to add a little "adventure" to the deed, try a technique called "The Bishop Butterfly." To set it up properly, you must first make sure you have cut your nails, or else you might scratch the more sensitive areas you'll be exploring.


Okay, now spread your fingers apart, then put your hands together, like you were praying. Now, ONLY fold your ring fingers, and do it so the tips are touching the opposite hand. Still with me? Now, insert your pinky fingers into her anus, your middle fingers go into where your cock normally goes, and your index fingers are keeping her spread apart so you can get to the clit. As for the thumbs, they're for resting your chin on! Play with this technique a little and you'll discover you can do a few things while in this position! WARNING! / advise extreme caution when using "The Bishop Butterfly " as it may cause injury to your fingers when she has an explosive orgasm. l will not be held responsible if you get hurt while performing this technique, so use it at your own risk!!! 8.) Let's Get It ON!! Now that you've got her in bed, she's all wet, maybe had a couple of orgasm already, you'd like to bang her, right? Before you boldly go where someone has gone before, make sure to wrap your rascal. And nothing is more frustrating than to get all the way to this point, and then discover you're out of condoms. So keep one in your wallet, a box in the nightstand, and a few under the mattress. Like a wise man said on TV, "Hey, let's me careful out there." 9.) Playing "Slip and Slide." Okay, now for the hot monkey sex! HOW you bang her is all up to you, and I'm not about to recommend any books on the subject. What I WILL do, is tell you that Kama Sutra is by far the best kind of sex I have ever had! So if you want to have amazing sex, learn all you can about the subject! Be sure to let her know what you're doing though, because she may not want to be in some of the "interesting" positions Kama Sutra has. If she's okay with it, then Kama the hell outta her Sutra! Tantric sex is also very nice, and can make sex last for HOURS! About the only other thing I guess that applies here, is to be aware of the time you spend INSIDE HER. She's going to get pretty damn sore if you spend an hour inside her, so I recommend limiting actual penetration to 20-30 minutes AT A TIME. Anything over that, and not only will she be sore, she might be getting bored too! Dip your dog for about ten minutes, then pull out and go down on her, or whatever fits the situation. Try to keep yourself from cumming for as long as possible, as this will make the explosion MUCH more intense. Women have the advantage of being able to have multiple orgasms in an hour, but try not to make her reach her first one too quickly. Many women I know say they have their most intense orgasms when they are brought to the peak, but not quite taken over the edge for several minutes. 10.) AFTERPLAY! Okay, you've both shared incredible sex, and if you were thorough, she's near exhaustion and so are you. What do you do now? The answer is something 89% of all guys miss, and it pisses women off all over the world! What is that answer? SNUGGLING! That's right, it's not just for AFCs anymore! Women absolutely, positively, and completely love to snuggle after sex. It doesn't necessarily have to be you and her laying together like spoons, but it DOES have to be contact of some kind! Why snuggle? For one thing it'll make her more open for more sex later. But the main reason is because even if you never plan on seeing her again, a two or three minute snuggle will make you stand out among her memories of great lovers! Gently kissing her neck is a GREAT snuggle move! Other Favorites are: Stroking her hair, gently kisses her shoulder, lightly massage her scalp, rubbing her fingers, or any contact OTHER than playing with her boobs or her crotch! A woman's nipples and clit are VERY


sensitive after sex, so be careful! Yeah, cupping her breast is fine, just don't rub the nipple. Rubbing her butt is allowed, just stay out of the crack! Trust me, you do a little snuggling after sex and her girlfriends will hear about it, which might not only get you invited to female-only functions, but will make you a guy light-years beyond a "waldo" believe me! 11.) EXTRAS! Depending on your particular preferences, and the location, you might want to try some stuff that's slightly more than traditional. Naturally if you're doing her in the car, or at a Motel, these items may not be readily handy, so these suggestions are meant to apply for when you're either at your place or hers. Okay, on with the show! I LOVE bringing chocolate syrup to the bedroom! Why? Well, not only does it taste good, but chocolate syrup stimulates the body into producing endorphins, and endorphins are what the body releases during orgasm! (See the connection?) One idea, for AFTER sex, is to make hot chocolate. Brother Rick told me about this one, and it works BEAUTIFULLY! Not the "add water" shit, I'm talking about the REAL stuff that you mix with milk! Trust me, if you make her a cup of this after sex, you are yet another light year beyond being a "waldo" to her. One way you can do this, is to snuggle a few minutes, then have her get a bath ready, telling her you'll be back soon with a surprise: I'm not sure exactly what it is, but for some reason sitting in a hot tub with a babe and drinking hot chocolate with them, really adds some gumbo to my mojo! (And 9 times out of 10 we end up banging away again within the hour!!!) Okay, that about covers that aspect of the seduction, so go play! Oh, and understand that what I've shared in this chapter is just a percentage of the great things you can do to make a woman purr like a cat after sex. So try your own things as well, and let me know what works really, really well!


Patterns and Stories
A Warm Fuzzy
You awake to find a gift waiting for you. A gift that is both out of the blue, and from someone unknown. Cautiously, you look at the gift and it's intricate wrapping. The velvety red paper feels good to the touch, And the golden bow that adorns it is very pleasing to the eyes. Running your fingers across the paper, you feel warmth through your body. You wonder what this texture would feel like wrapped around you. A wave of pleasure fills your body, as you literally FEEL it touching you. Minutes pass while you enjoy this gift given to you. Soon you become aware that nearly half an hour has passed, And you have not yet opened this gift. Your fingers play with the golden bow a moment, And you find yourself smiling. You feel really excited, and eager to find out what your gift is. Running a hand over the velvety red paper again, You take in a deep breath..and begin to unwrap the gift. Delicately, you peel off the golden bow, making sure not to damage it in any way. Gently you stroke the golden bow, as you remove it slowly from the package. Soon the task is complete. Again you run your hands over the velvety paper, searching for the best place to begin peeling it off. To your surprise, the paper has not been taped at all. Instead, it has been carefully tucked and folded, and made to embrace the gift inside. You gently pull one end, and it surrenders to you. Then you take hold of another corner, and find that it releases to you willingly. Soon, the velvety red paper has been removed, allowing you to gaze upon your gift. Your eyes look anxiously, at the milky white box that lay before you. Your fingers run across the smooth texture, and it feels like perfectly carved ivory. You reach down, and smell the box. Mmm, the scent of vanilla kisses your nose, and brings another smile to your face. Images dance inside your head, Thoughts of what may be waiting for you inside the box. You sit for several seconds, Running your hands over the box, Imagining what might be inside. Finally, you can wait no longer! Your eager fingers grasp the box, and slowly you open it up. As you remove the top, a brilliant light fills the room. A light so powerful, yet it does not hurt your eyes. In fact, the light feels.relaxing. You feel as if you might actually be floating at this moment. Weightless. Content. Invigorated.


You wonder what this could possibly be, And how it came to be given to you. As another wave of pleasure fills your body, you glance inside the box. Reaching a hand inside, you pull out a most curious object. It feels so's not solid at all. It at first appears to be shaped like a crystal ball.only to change its shape a moment later. You stare fascinated at this object, uncertain of what you are seeing. Then.suddenly.the object turns into your most favorite color. A perfect hue of that one color you enjoy most. The hand that is holding this amazing object, begins to.tingle. And you feel that tingle move over your arm. Then it reaches your shoulders. Then your neck. Your face. Your chest. Your stomach. And farther, Down, Until, It reaches, Your, Toes. An energy is felt through your entire body. An ecstasy like you've never known before. You feel as though you could.explode.into pure energy. This feeling is incredible to you, and you wish it to never end. With passionate eyes, you glance once more into the ivory box. Inside, you notice a small, handwritten card. Perhaps now you will find out who has given you this incredibly satisfying gift. With eager fingers, you reach inside. And pull out the card. It simply reads: (Her Name), You are the recipient of a Warm Fuzzy. May it fill your days with amazing thoughts. And your nights with incredible dreams. Signed, (Your Name)

The Rain of Desire
High atop a mountain, looking out at the wide-open land, I see the future on the horizon. Dark clouds threaten in the distance, fighting a battle with the determined sun. The lightning looks so small from where I am, though the thunder still earns my respect, even from here. The copper smell of coming rain is around me, warning me. The battle rages between the two mighty forces, both giving their best in this fight. For centuries this grudge has existed between them. When, and why, it all began is not known. Man was only dust back then. The sensations on my body are quite a curious feeling. For I have the sun's heat upon my face, and the storm's chill in my bones, all together. This feeling is quite arousing, as if my lover where with


me. My lover's breath replaced by the sun's warmth, and her fingers substituted by the now falling rain. The cooling wind reminds me of her long flowing hair, as it glides around my body. Slowly, I lay myself down, and shut my eyes. My lover and I are here now, in passion, and in love. Her fingers touch me ever so delicately in some spots, while firm in others. I can feel her breath on my neck, as it moves down toward my loins. The blinding flash of her love, screams, followed by the rumble of her moans. She is so perfect, so thorough. My release is coupled with hers, and we savor it. We lay motionless afterwards, taking the memory in deeply. Then, with hesitation, I open my eyes. The storm has moved on, to the other mountain range. I smile at the pleasure it brought to me. And watch as it continues its’battle with the sun. For a moment I ponder the notion, that perhaps this is not truly a battle at all. That what I am witnessing, is instead a love affair. That nature is simply making love.

The Sapphire Flower
Ancient legend tells of a once in a lifetime love that is so deep and pure, that an incredible event occurs. It's said that when certain lovers meet for the first time, and the love that they share is untainted, that somewhere deep, in the bluest of the ocean, grows a flower of sapphire. The sapphire flower is so delicate and fragile, that it can never be touched. That is, except for the lovers that it bloomed for. Its petals are like silk, and its stem is strong. The mild ocean current gives the illusion that the flower is dancing. Perhaps it is. Legend contends that when the lovers gaze upon the sapphire flower, the faint tone of music can be heard. So soothing is the music, and so intoxicating, that the lovers get lost in a dance. A slow, private, dance. A dance not just through the physical, but through the mind, and the soul. People have said that such a flower is fantasy, and that it does not really exist. Perhaps the reality is, it does not exist for them. It isn't meant to.

"Pondering The Innermost Thoughts of a Butterfly" Story
Today a new adventure begins, filled with countless possibilities. That is the thought, in fact, the innermost thought, of the butterfly who has awakened from her cocoon slumber. And what a perfect day for this exciting new adventure to begin. The sky is the most glorious ever, at least it appeared that way. When you have something truly exciting to look forward to, it can make every single day seem glorious. The trees were alive with rich green leaves, and were only outdone by the lush green grass of the far reaching hills, with the reds and yellows of wild flowers here and there. The majestic mountains in the distance, still cast the coolness of a deep shade on the hills. And Just beyond the mountain range, an awe inspiring ocean flickered and glinted the sun's rays upon its surface. Birds could be heard chirping in the distance, and the faint sound of the ocean's melody against the shore, made the scene a treat for your eyes, your ears, and your mind. The butterfly sat on a tree branch to take a moment and see all these wonderful images clearly, and to hear all those magical sounds. No longer the caterpillar that was unfulfilled in her life, this new butterfly took in a long... deep... refreshing... breath... holding in that wonderful feeling... then exhaled... ahhhhhh, yeah, that felt gooooood. Looking around her environment, the butterfly said to herself "Look at the opportunities right in front of you." And a smile formed on the butterfly's face, adding a brightness to an already bright day. With a soft flutter, the butterfly lifted up off of the tree branch, and began the new adventure that awaited her. higher... . Higher... HIGHER... she flew. From waaaay up here, the blades of grass looked miles away. Onward she flew; her eyes closed and smile on her face, as she could feel the soft embrace of the wind. The butterfly opened her eyes just a moment, and could see a beautiful assortment of flowers just up ahead, loaded with all kinds of good things just right for a butterfly. She let out a pleased moan, and thought, "Mmmm, I've earned ' something as good as this, I deserve to enjoy this, so I'm gonna go for it." The butterfly closed her eyes again, and began to imagine how good this treat will be. She began to imagine... that first... exciting... contact. Mmm, yeah, this will be so niiiiiice. Then she began to imagine... how it would... feel... to... enjoy this... again... and again... and again.


Mmm, and it was all hers if she acted quickly enough. After all, something this good would not stay free for long, and then -someone else would be enjoying it instead of her. She landed on the flowers with the gentleness of a graceful feather, and enjoyed the rewards in front of her. Suddenly, a bee flew next to her and pleasantly asked, "Hi, I haven't seen you around here before have I?" She replied, "No, we haven't met. I just today became a butterfly." The bee looked at the butterfly's wings and said, "Those are very impressive wings, very colorful." "They sure are!" Came two voices from behind. It was a ladybug, and a grasshopper, and they had just arrived. The butterfly smiled and said, "Thank you all. I love my new wings, and the colors that they have." The ladybug asked, "How many different colors do you have on your wings?" The butterfly said, "Well, let's take them one at a time, shall we?" Then she spread out her wings, and began. "There's green, which looks like the lush, healthy grass of the hills." "I think it looks like the long, silky stem of a flower." Said the grasshopper with excitement. "Hmm." said the bee, "To me, it looks like the bountiful leaves on a mighty oak tree." Not to be left out, the ladybug gave her input. "That green color makes me think of the juicy growing tomatoes in the garden of a farm." They all enjoyed playing this fun game, so the butterfly moved on to the next color on her wings. "Then there is blue, which looks like the cool, soothing color of a gentle lake." "I think it looks like a sparkling sapphire." Offered the grasshopper. "Well, " said the bee, "To me, it's like the freshest morning sky of a spring day." Then the ladybug said, "That blue color reminds me of a pair of jeans I landed on, which were hung over a farmer's wooden fence." Next the butterfly said. "Then there's yellow, which has the rich, golden, warm glow like a sunrise." "I think it looks like the yellow of a dandelion." Said the grasshopper. "Well," said the bee, "To me, it's like the sweet, tasty honey me and my brothers make." And the ladybug said, "Ooh, the yellow color reminds me of ripe ears of a corn cobs." Next, the butterfly said, "And then I have white on my wings, which reminds me of a soft, comfortable pillow." "I think it looks like the white of an abundant cotton field." Said the grasshopper happily. "That's a good one." Said the bee, "And to me, it's like the fluffy clouds up in the sky." The ladybug said, "Ooh, white, like the color of a furry, gentle, kitten." And then the butterfly said, "And finally, there's red. And this red reminds me of a big,, juicy apple." "I think it looks like the red of a beautiful Cardinal bird." The grasshopper said with a smile. "Very nice." Said the bee. "And to me, it's like the red of beautiful rose when it reaches full bloom." The ladybug laughed. "That color red reminds me of a big, sweet, sticky, lollipop." They all smiled, and began to imagine... what it would be like... to taste that... right... now.


Mmm... the sensations... of tasting... that sweet... treat... makes your... mouths... water. After taking a moment to enjoy the imagined treat, the butterfly thought to herself "Wow, this is a wonderful experience. I wonder what else there is to enjoy on this adventure?" And what the butterfly experienced next, was beyond her imagination. Never before had she thought such a wonderful adventure could be hers. TO BE CONTINUED (Brothers, keep in mind that there is no real conclusion to this story. It's just a tool to capture her imagination, lead her into some very descriptive directions, and then see just how curious she has beCUM to learn more. When a babe inquires, I tell them the truth, that it's not finished yet. Then I send them another story/poem/SS laced e-mail.)

The Diamond Dragon
As you lay upon your bed, and think about your day. Your eyes then close, your body floats, and you drift away. Soon you are up in the clouds, flying like a bird. And listening to the sweetest sound, you know you've ever heard. Music fills your ever space, and touches you within And you know without a doubt, an adventure did begin. From underneath the fluffy clouds, you see large fields of green No word can express this sight, this truly magic scene. To the right are wild horses, doing what they do And to the left a glistening lake, so vast and perfect blue. Then suddenly you gasp in air, as a shadow covers you At first you start to panic, unsure of what to do. Turning Your head up to the sky, You glance a massive sight And summon up all your courage, preparing now to fight. But then something deep inside of you, waves your fear away And now instead of fighting, you have the urge to play. Flying up ever so high, and higher yet again You greet your massive playmate, a nice big diamond dragon. Rainbows seem to dance about, all over his clear frame. And with tiny smirk you ask, "Hey there, what's YOUR name?" "I was born to the name Googlemon, but you may call me Goo. And since I am not at all blind, an angel must be you." You smile at this compliment, though you've heard it all before And you hope this dashing dragon will not become a bore. Then Goo says with a sly grin, "Let me see your hand. For I am the greatest aura reader, in all of this fair land." You at first think it a joke, and he must be kidding you. But then you stop and ask yourself, "What if it is true?" Lady-like you give your hand, he holds it in his claw Then he makes some "Oh, ho!" sounds, two "Hmms" then an "Ah!" He studies every finger, every digit, every groove. You get all caught up in it, that you hardly move. Finally Goo looks up at you, and says with an impressed grin "You have a nice unique aura, where shall I begin?" He tells you of your little habits, which absolutely no one knows. And before you even know it, your attention to him grow. He talks of fiery adventure, and that time you kissed that geek And of that funny thing you did, to some idiot last week. For reasons you can not explain, you look at Goo with lust He seems so very tuned into you, have him, yes, you must! Without a word, you reach on over and give Goo a big kiss He looks at you with surprise and asks, "What was that for. Miss?" You reply not a word to him, instead you rub his chest Then you let passion take over, and let it do the rest. Two beings soon become like one, no beginning and no end No him, no her. No you, no he, just one erotic blend. You gasp in complete pleasure, he moans in sensual glee Then all at once you both stop time, and explode out happily. What happened next you are not sure, it got hazy at this time But you know for ever more, you'll always have this rhyme


The Whisper of Anticipation
You stand upon the shore of a tropical getaway, and watch as night slips over the sky, like a blanket. The most gentle wind blows upon your face, Caressing you into a contented mood. Closing your eyes, you begin to hum a tune to yourself, and smile the way you do when you feel really.. .you know. Without even realizing it, you've laid down upon the still warm sands. A tingle of.. .adventure.. .begins to rise up through your body. It almost feels like a million tiny candles, each one focused on a part of your body, down to the most delicate feature. And as you listen closely, you can..hear the.. whisper.. .of anticipation. Something is about to happen, something... wonderful. And as you take in a.. .long.. .deep.. .energizing.. .breath, you gently bit your lower lip.. .and I am there. A warming ball of golden light surrounds us.. .and you take my hand. Together we create a new adventure for each star in the sky, new memories.. .experiences.. .far beyond what most people ever get to enjoy. No two adventures are alike, yet every single one is exactly the way we wanted it to be. Every color the perfect hue.. .every scent the perfect aroma.. .ever sound the perfect song. Our time here speeds by rapidly and almost embraces forever.. .all at once. Soon daylight returns, hiding the stars beneath the brightness of the new day, and once again we are upon the shore.. .where it all began. We share a loving embrace, a passionate kiss, then say goodbye. Knowing that come nightfall, for as long as there are stars, we will have a reminder of what we have shared. Be well, and listen always for the whisper of anticipation, when once again we can create something... wonderful.

The Lover's Dance
Come with me, my lovely, as we start The Lover's Dance. Take hold of my hand, and rise up with me. Our wings spread wide, and our passions laid bare. Higher we soar, with each heated breath. And upon the clouds we sit, looking over our kingdom below. Me upon you, for we have begun The Lover's Dance. Words never spoken, yet images abound Time does not hold us here, so we dance without a care And all that you have dreamed, shines brightly into reality Then once we are done, we embrace with just one thought That we have entered the garden, and planted a tree.

The Lover's Dance 2: To The Garden Once More
As I lay down inside me warm water of a soothing bath, feeling those muscles relaxing... surrendering... I sense you watching me. Watching me like a cat-purring seductively... preparing to pounce. My muscles twitch in nervous excitement..and I become aroused. You leap from your hiding place, an animalistic gleam in your eyes. Landing with a splash, you wrap your arms around me. The wetness... the nakedness... of our bodies... is like slippery silk. I thrust my tongue between your parted lips, and we share a. passionate kiss. As I share a deep thought in each others eyes, you put your hands into the water... and explore. You guide the object of your desire to where you want it.and..let out a pleased moan. Our bodies blend into one, as we seem to float... to travel... back. Back to the garden we have gone... another tree to plant. I gently bite your neck, as you apply the pressure from your nails in my back. The Dance of Lover's, we have learned it well together. There are no words to be said, instinct and primal desire make the decisions. You kiss my chest, and I rub your wet hair across my face. Our motions intensify, and you grab my shoulders. You tease my mouth with fleeting contact from your chest... then again... and again. This passion we have created... in this moment... is beyond words... beyond anything... your mind will concoct deep inside you. I pull you down... then under me... in one fluid motion. The Lover's Dance continues. By the time we both... release... and return once again to our shared bath, there is -little water left inside the tub. We take our time exiting, never disconnecting. I carry you... dripping wet... out of the room... and onto the bed. You turn me over, laying me on my back... keeping our connection-and taking the upper spot..the balcony seat. I cannot budge, you have me pinned. You create the rhythm... a bard... long... series of motions. I thrust my head back in pleasure... and the room spins. You shudder with an explosion... deep within you... taking -in the passion. Then you disconnect... and let me taste. With not a single word spoken, we become even more animalistic, flying off of the bed and onto the floor. The passion continues to intensify... as we work... ourselves... up... along... the wall. You continue up... while I linger down. You grab my head and grip my hair between your fingers. I feel the rush of your next


release... and accept it all. Returning to meet you, I turn you around... to face the wall. I reach around and cup you... as we begin our Lover's Dance anew. Our legs tighten in fatigue... but we refuse to relent. The Dance lasts for several more moments... then... you reach around... take a hold of me... and accept my release. We share in our gifts to each other, as we once again fall onto the bed. Laying together, we take pleasure... in the warmth... of our heated bodies. And as we listen closely... for a moment-the twin beats of our hearts... unite as one. Soon, the relaxing wind will put us in slumber... and we will sleep. Within that sleep... our Lover's Dance continues. We will never know for sure... when we were dreaming... and when we were not. The night will give way to day... and our next Dance will begin.

The "Center of Energy" Pattern
(I recommend only using this on babes who are either into the mystical arts, or who exhibit a very strong energy. Otherwise it may not be real for them and they won't connect to it) Have you ever heard the term "center of energy" before? (No matter if she says "yes" or "No" continue as follows) What that's really referring to, is a person's unique ability to draw energy up from the earth, and create a more powerful force through their body. Ancient Druids said they had witnessed this remarkable ability in some people. The ability to.. JUST STOP.. and.. FOCUS ON THIS (s.p.) PRESENCE-that others do not notice. And as.. THAT FOCUS GROWS STRONGER.. a warming begins to start from the soles of the feet. As that starts to happen, without even having to think about it you begin to draw energy up from the earth. (As you say this last part, raise both hands up from your waist, palm upward) And the more you. .FEEL THAT ENERGY RISING... the more you start to ... FEEL THAT WARMTH GROWING deep inside you. But since not all energy is empowering, the druids wondered what did these people do to excise the bad, while retaining the good and being able to... HOLD THIS INSIDE YOU. What they discovered was.. ab.. solutely... amazing. Here, close your eyes a moment. (Wait for them to close their eyes, then lightly brush your index finger UP from the tip of their nose, to the point between the eyebrows, bring your finger back to the tip of her nose and again lightly brush it up to the point between her eyebrows, continuing this three or four times as you say... ) Ancient druids claimed that the nose was like a filter for all the energy these special people drew up from the earth. That in this exact motion you feel right now, all the negative and limiting energies were cast aside, so the positive and fulfilling energies could enter your mind. The negative and limiting energies were thrown out of the body, in the form of a sneeze, or in the exhale of a good laugh. (Begin to rub the sides of the temple as you say... ) The empowering and fulfilling energies would then flow to the sides of the eyes, allowing you to.. SEE THIS OPPORTUNITY that others were missing out on. (She might open her eyes at this point, which is fine) And the more you ..FOCUS ON THIS OPPORTUNITY... in front of you-the more you come over and over to the conclusion that.. THIS IS WORTH EXPLORING. And a burst of certainty fills your mind (As you say this, spread your fingers wide, and basically use the tips of your fingers to massage the back of her head)


because you... HEAR THIS VOICE... and you know, without even having to think about it that-THIS IS YOUR VOICE OF PERMISSION. (Stop massaging her head, take your hands and form an invisible circle all around her head as you say... ) And that warmth inside you starts to build, that certainty gets stronger, and suddenly you realize that a shield of absolute protection has formed around you. A shield so strong that you know with complete certainty.. THIS IS SAFE. And having this shield to protect you, and the earth's energy to power you, you... ALLOW YOUR DERSIRES TO RISE. And as you feel that shield protecting you, and as the earth's energies protect you, and as you allow your desires to rise up from deep inside you, you... FEEL IT ALL EXPLODE... right... through... here (tap three times on top of head near the back) Exploding all that you are, and all that you will be, and bathing the surroundings with your presence. And in doing that, you have willingly chosen to... MAKE THIS (s.p.) YOURS... RIGHT... NOW! (snap fingers)

The Lovers Ring - MASTER'S OF A.S.S. Edition
Your ring reminds me of a story I read a while back. It was set in the 1600's, and it was about a warrior who gave his true love a ring. But not just any ring, this was a ring he had made himself, for his true love. He wanted her to have a symbol of their love, a tangible reminder of him when they were apart. The ring was made of fine silver (Or gold, or copper, if that's what kind of ring the HB has on) and it had a beautiful colored stone set in the ring. The warrior worked on this ring ever day, for seven days, until it was exactly the way he wanted it to be for her. Every tap of the hammer (tap the ring) was like pounding his passion for her deep inside. And every rub of the polishing rag (rub her fingers) was like a loving caress upon her soft skin. And he did this... until every (run finger UP her index finger)... single (middle finger)... feature (index finger) ... was perfect (hold and rub ring finger a few seconds) Upon giving it to his true love, he said, "Look upon this ring when I am not near, and think of only me. And know that a part of me is always with you." Then one day the warrior left for battle. He was pleased that he had finished the ring in time, and that his true love wore it always. And every night, she would look upon this ring (touch ring) and think of this man (s.p.) who has touched her heart. And every night, while the warrior was away, his true love would look at the ring-give it a gentle kiss... and know... that somehow... her lover felt that kiss. And the most amazing thing about this story, is that it's not a fairy tale, it actually happened. And I don't know if you can FEEL THAT (tap anchor) to be true, and accept that such things can happen. I just think it's a wonderful feeling to know that something as small as a ring (touch ring) can connect two people so deeply (motion back and forth) and in such a big way. (Then go right into the "Soul Jewelry" Pattern)

The "Soul Jewelry" Pattern' The MASTERS OF A.S.S. Edition
Do you like Jewelry? (She says "yes")


I'm going to give you something, that's probably going to be the greatest gift you've ever received from anyone. (Let them respond/react to that) Close your eyes. Now, what's your favorite metal? If you could have a ring made out be? (Let her answer) Okay, now what gem stone would you want on this ring? (Let her answer) Niiice. Now, what shape is this "stone?" Is it a baguette, oval, trillium or some other shape? (Let her answer) Very nice. Now, what size is this "stone?" a karat, 2 karats, 5 karats, what? (Let her answer) Very nice. Okay, can you picture that ring clearly, can you see it? (Let her answer) Okay, now I would like you to imagine in your mind's eye, a perfect "metal" ring. Not the stone yet, just the "metal" ring. The most beautiful "metal" ring you've ever seen. And maybe it's crafted in a way that's maybe not possible to make with metal. Like maybe it's disconnected in some way, or maybe it has shapes on it that you've never seen before. Or maybe it's connected in various spots by an energy. This is your unique "metal" ring, so craft it how you most want it, remembering to make a place for that beautiful setting for your stone. And let me know when you can see it clearly. (Wait for her to let you know) Okay, now look at that "X" karat "stone" Notice the shape of it, the way it glitters, the colors it gives off. Can you see that? (Let her answer) Purrrrrfect. Now, see that "X" karat "stone" mounted into the ring ,and notice how beautiful the ring looks. Notice all the features you enjoy most about this ring. And as you see that ring, that perfect, beautiful, inside your mind, I would like "metal" ring itself to represent the feeling you have.. .just before you ... .Mmmmmm... .stop into a hot bath or shower. And feel that same pleasure of when that warm water covers your entire body, filling you up with a warmth deep inside you. Feeling the wonderful sensations that this brings, and the wonderful feelings you have from this experience. Can you feel that? (Let her answer) That's what the "metal" ring represents, that feeling. And the "stone" that beautiful stone, represents that feeling of... You know that feeling you get, when you're with a guy, and you're having a good time, and he looks at you and you look at HIM, and you know that something wonderful is about to happen, something that you both want. And you start to feel kinda nervous inside, and kinda giddy, so you feel like you want to talk a lot, but you're nervous all at the same time and it's kinda exciting? You know that feeling? (Let her answer) Yeah, that feeling is what that "stone" set in the "metal" ring represents. And now, I'm going to give you a feeling that you've never felt before. I guarantee that you're going to experience an emotion and a feeling that you've never felt in your life. And it's going to be so beautiful, you're going to be able to take it with you wherever you go. Now, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to take that ring, and I'm going to slide it onto your finger, which finger do you want it on? (Let her answer) Perfect. Now take a deep breath, because what is about to happen is pretty amazing. (Wait for her to take a deep breath-take one with her too by the way)


Now... as I.slowly... slide.. this ring... onto your finger, you're going to notice those two feelings we talked about starting to mix together. Swirl inside of you. (Start to "put" ring on desired finger) Now notice the feelings mixing together for the first time. Notice just how amazing that feels. Then notice how the color starts to light your whole hand up, and run up into your body, and swirl all through you. Can you feel that? (Let her answer) Now notice something. Notice how now that you have on this incredible ring, this ring that only you can see, the ring is on forever, you can't take it off, no matter how hard you try. Slowly now... open your eyes... and see very vividly that beautiful ring on your finger. Can you see it on there? (Let her say 'Yes") See how it looks exactly how you imagined it would. And how now you have it forever. That is my gift to you.

The Star of Bishop
There were ancient philosophers who believed that everything we did, said, and lived, personified itself in some form or another. Take the stars for example. They believed that every... single... star... represented all the... positive emotions... that you feel. The more... intense the feeling, the... brighter the star. So when you... start to feel fascinated...' a star begins to shine. And that star will only get... as bright... as the intensity of your feelings. It may start off... as a soft... gentle... flicker. But as you... feel yourself becoming more fascinated... that star will... begin to warm... and build... to a strong... and steady glow. The philosophers must have been true romantics as well, because they believed that if you happened to... feel that fascination... and create that soothing glow... while with someone... that you not only... begin to feel an amazing connection with this person... but that the star was now... a combined result... of the energy... that is now shared. They also believed that the same held true for your thoughts. That... if you were to... have certain... thoughts... and ideas... a star would appear... and the connection would grow stronger... with whomever you were with... in that moment. This was an incredibly powerful thing... and served to... connect these two people.. .when one set off on a great journey... or off to battle. The intense connection that they shared... stayed with them even when apart. And it was traditional then... that a warrior give the woman a small bottle... before departing. She would..keep this bottle at all times... and grasps it faithfully... when she would... look up at the stars... the ones that they alone... shared. And when she would cry for her warrior... she would... save the tears... inside the bottle. If the warrior had survived the battle... he would... look upon the bottle. If the bottle were... filled up inside... he knew that she had... continued to feel that connection... just as he had. Should tragedy strike however... and the warrior fall in battle... the woman would... do whatever it takes... to find him. And upon reaching the sight of his burial... she would... open the bottle... and pour out the tears... right onto his grave. This would release his spirit... and make her... feel warm inside... for now when she... gazed upon the stars... she knew... that more than just... feeling a deep connection... the warrior was now in the stars... keeping them brightly shining.

The "Adventurer vs Explorer" Pattern
Which do you think best describes you, being and adventurer, or an explorer? (No matter which one they say, even if they say neither or "I don't know" continue with... ) See most people think the two are pretty much the same, but that's just not true. An adventurer is able to... LOOK AT THIS OPPORTUNITY (s.p.) and immediately. .FEEL A RUSH OF EXCITEMENT. And as that


excitement grows stronger and stronger there is this internal voice that says, "EXPERIENCE THIS... MAKE IT YOURS RIGHT (snap fingers) NOW!" And the adventurer goes out there and is able to... JUST DO IT. An explorer on the other hand, starts to... GET VERY CURIOUS... about things (point to your crotch) they have not seen yet. They start to... FEEL A WARMTH OF DESIRE... to see what this is all about. So as they... CONTINUE TO STAY CURIOUS... and... THAT WARMTH GROWS... they have only one thought, which is, "EXPLORE THIS (s.p.) COMPLETELY." So you see; an adventurer sees an opportunity in front of them and they go for it, while an explorer gets curious about what they have not yet experienced and decides to... SEE WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. So as you think about it like that, can you.. FEEL THAT (tap wrist) TO APPLY TO YOU?

"Amazing Women" Pattern
I was watching the most interesting program on cable the other night. They were doing a week long profile on amazing women in History who were highly influential, and the powerful decisions they made. And this particular night, they profiled Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc. They said of Cleopatra, that when she was able to... SEE AN OPPORTUNITY HERE... she made the decision to say to herself, "MAKE THIS YOURS " (Point to self) She had the ability to.. .FOCUS ON THIS (Point to self) and.. .DELETE ALL OTHER DISTRACTIONS... and was able to succeed, where other women were unable to. All of the women at that time had the same options and abilities, but Cleopatra's famous for it because she was ambitious enough to set her sights on powerful men (gesture toward self) and always believed that... THIS REWARD IS DESERVED (Point to self). And then there's Joan of Arc, who at age 13 said that inside her head she could ... .HEAR THIS VOICE, and as time went on and she began to.. .FOCUS ON THIS VOICE ... .and began to... SEE IMAGES of what was being described. With her able to.. .HEAR THIS VOICE, and.. SEE POWERFUL IMAGES, the people of Prance in 1429 saw her as having a celestial connection with God, and so she was chosen to lead France's battle into England. She made a powerful decision, the decision to BELIEVE THIS VOICE and ACCEPT THESE IMAGES. TODAY, as you know. that decision is called listening to your woman's intuition.-But look at the whole picture. You have a woman who set her sites on a man, then decided to.. .DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.. to.. .MAKE IT HAPPEN. And you have a woman who heard and saw amazing things within her mind. Two amazing people (motion back and forth between you and she) doing amazing things. So if a woman was good enough to have those options then, why can't you.. .HAVE THIS OPTION (Point to self) TODAY? The answer is, you can: If you can. .JUST STOP.. and... FOCUS ON YOUR DESIRES ... .you will realize you have powerful, alternative, options. And from these options, you can make a powerful decision, a decision that will not only cause you to.. .FEEL THIS IS RIGHT.. .but will also add more fulfillment to your life, because you know that you were able to.. .MAKE IT HAPPEN. Take a moment to... LISTEN TO THIS VOICE inside your mind. That's your woman's intuition. So no matter what anyone else says to you, when this voice tells you to... ACT ON YOUR DESIRE S... you know that you're going to (snap fingers) JUST DO IT. Now, with me, as I see it, this gives you more fulfillment in your life.

The "Long Distance Relationship" Pattern
Set-up: Establish rapport, making her laugh at least once, and perhaps do the "Incredible Connection" and "Relationships are like Television" Patterns Pattern: I have this friend, named Rachel, and she's in a rather... interesting relationship. You see, Rachel lives here, but he lives in Chicago. And they've been having this long distance relationship for about a year now, and are very satisfied with it. At first I thought, "No way Rachel and that guy will last more than a few months, they only see each other for a couple of days a month, sometimes every other month." But the way Rachel explained it to me, it really makes sense! Rachel told me, "Imagine the convenience of being with THIS


PERSON (s.p.), do all the things you really want to enjoy, having an incredible romance, yet still having your breathing room." Rachel said, "You don't have to alter your free time beyond a day or two every month or so, which will give you the time to work on other things, without needing an excuse when you want a break for whatever reason. This way, neither person feels neglected." And what really made sense is when Rachel said, "By only seeing each other every once in awhile, instead of daily, or even weekly, makes the time we'll share (motion back and forth) together more special, and fulfilling, and won't be taken for granted." (Laugh) Rachel also said, "By the time we see each other again, the meeting will be so highly energizing, that the sex... will be... amazing." With me, looking at it that way, it makes some great sense. Because every time a get-together occurs, it'll be like you're enjoying a holiday. Can you THINK BACK to when you were a little girl, and you really looked forward to your favorite Holiday? As the time got closer, you got more excited, and began to PICTURE INSIDE YOUR MIND all the things you want to do when this Holiday arrives. And on that special day, you began to GET VERY EXCITED. Because now this (s.p.) Holiday has arrived, and you're going to enjoy all those things you've really looked forward to. You're going to do all those things you've been imagining. Mmm, how does that (anchor) feel? (Let her answer) Looking at it that way, can you (anchor again) FEEL THAT to be an enjoyable experience?

The Iced Tea Pattern
Did you know... there's a little secret... about iced tea? (Wait for her to response) The other day... I was reading the most fascinating article... in a health magazine... a friend of mine had. It said that... if you place a raw tea leaf..just under your tongue... you'll... FEEL A PROGRESSIVE CALM... in YOUR MIND. And that... unlike a harmful drug... which might cause you to... LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR WILL,..the tea leaf simply makes you... FEEL COMPLETELY AT EASE. WITH ME, I take a different approach. Because-the article also said-that drinking some forms of iced tea... will still allow you to... FEEL THE BENEFITS... of what this has to offer you (Point to self). The article stated that... in a 15 year study... those who had iced tea... as their main beverage... got sick less often, and were better able to... LISTEN INTENTLY... when being talked to. I've noticed similar results... in my extended use of it. I have more energy... than when I... used to drink cokes, for example. Plus, it tastes better than coffee to me. Now, there's no reason... YOU NEED TO FEEL THE WAY I DO. I can respect... whatever opinion you have.

"New Technologies" Pattern
I was reading the most interesting article the other day, on our attractions... with new technologies- Like computers for example, the Internet specifically. The article said, that the Internet provides you with everything you need now. Whatever you find yourself desiring, is accessible through the Internet. Like vacations. Suppose you want an exciting experience, you want this amazing adventure (touch palm to chest) to be yours. Now, the opportunity to have this comes in a way you really enjoy. Instead of having to search many different places, to find exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it, you have the luxury of finding it all in one place. With me (point to myself), no question, it's an incredible time saver. Because why should you have to waste your valuable time, weeding through all the choices out there, just to settle for something that ultimately isn't what you thought it was? But through the Internet, you can just relax, and know that you're not going to leave this spot, until you finally find something here that satisfies your desires. The article posed the question, "Can you imagine how less satisfying your life would be, if you never had this?" Then I anchor it with, "Can you feel that to be true for you?"

The "Seduction Land" Pattern
Do you like Disneyland? (If she gives a positive response, which is pretty damn likely, then continue)


I do too. And one of the things most people don't take a moment to realize, is the true magic of what Walt Disney created. Think back to when you were a little girl, and you first went to Disneyland- Can you REMEMBER HOW THAT FELT that first time? The fascination ... .the excitement.. .the absolute certainty that this was going to be a wonderful world of adventure. Because you knew that with this being real (s.p.) and this having everything you want to enjoy, that nothing else could ever compare. And as you FEEL THOSE FEELINGS NOW, WITH ME take a moment to appreciate what tot was like. Then notice how you still have that little girl sense of enjoyment when you visit Disneyland today, as an adult- You still have that feeling of being in a place that is untouched by the outside world, where you can JUST RELAX and HAVE FUN FOR HOURS. WITH ME, you can't help but just let go. And the reason why you FEEL THAT WAY is because Walt Disney did what no one else had thought to embrace. Instead of employees, he had "performers." And instead of engineers, he had "Imagineers" And he took your favorite Disney cartoon character, whoever that might be, and made it possible for that character you really like, that character you have enjoyed for years, and made it possible for that character to be right here... right in front of you. So while other people were trying to impress you with flashy rides, and impressive titles, Disneyland focused on... one... simple... thing. (Pause a few seconds to build a sense of anticipation) And that is... you are in a place right now where your imagination... your fantasies... run wild. All those exciting feelings you had as a little girl, come rushing back as an adult every time you see this (s.p) great escape from the outside world. Looking at it just like that, can you FEEL THAT to be something truly magical?

The "Secrets" Pattern
Have you ever noticed hew some secret affect us in amazing ways? She'll reply with something like: "How so?" Well, there are some secrets that you know you'll never utter to another living soul, and then there are those secrets that you have to really work on keeping to yourself. For example, I recall a conversation I had one day, with a friend of mine, named Rachel. Now Rachel had apparently been told this really juicy secret, and she said that she was ready to explode. The way Rachel described it, it's like this ball of light, or energy. And as you... feel that energy forming inside of you... right... here (touch her just under the breasts, where the two sides of the rib cage meet the breastbone) you can... feel a warmth start to spread. And the more you... focus on this energy... the more intense it gets. To the point where you... suddenly feel it growing... all through your body. And like most secrets, you try your best to keep it in. But sometimes, this (point to self) can be quite an intense experience. You want to hold this inside of you as long as possible, but you're also tempted to let it slip out. So you start to debate with yourself, to keep it in, or to let it out. In, out, in, out, in, out, until you feel yourself wanting to just explode. With me, that can be a most intense situation. (Tap the back of her hand) Can you feel that applying to you?"

"Companionship vs Romance" Pattern
Use after getting some rapport and after using the "Relationships/Television" Boyfriend Destroyer. I was watching the most interesting program on cable the other right, and they were talking about romance and companionship. They had talked with over 26,000 women, from various parts of America, and what they discovered, blew them sway. Because while there were several women who stated that the romance has been strong even after all this time, it seems that more than 70% of the women admitted that the romance has dwindled over time, but stayed with the guy because he was a good companion to them. One of the women said, "He knows all the non-glamorous things about you, yet is still in the relationship. There's not as much romance anymore, but unless.. .HE'S BEING UNFAITHFUL, I have no reason to.. LEAVE HIM" NOW, FOR ME, that makes sense. But I really liked what another woman they interviewed said. Her name was Robin, and she said that she discovered how to find the kind of man who can sustain romance long term. Robin said, "There are those men out there who will romance you with gifts, and compliments, and fancy


dinners, but those guys never manage to keep romance alive long term. Because their reason for romancing you, is mainly to impress you. Once you're impressed they're job is done pretty much, so the romance starts to dwindle. But when you meet the other type of men out there (touch palm to chest), the ones who impress you, not with gifts or elegant dinners, but touch you in a special way simply, .with.. .their voice." Robin went on to say, "You'll know you're in the presence of such a man, because you'll.. .HEAR THIS VOICE inside your mind. And you'll be compelled to.. LISTEN TO THIS VOICE. And if you.. .LISTEN INTENTLY, you'll hear exactly what you need to do. Because it's like a woman's intuition, and whatever romantic information this voice is giving to you, is exactly what you want deep down inside you. Regardless of what anyone else says, when you.. .HEAR THIS VOICE telling you to... SEIZE THIS OPPORTUNITY (point to self) it's because.. .THAT'S WHAT YOU DECIDED. So you know that.-THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT." NOW, WITH ME, that makes perfect sense. Can you. .FEEL THAT to be something you agree with?

The Mermaid and the Blowfish
One day a mermaid was swimming near a beautiful island cove, and came upon an underwater cave. Being the adventurous type, she decided to check it out. As she entered the cave she noticed a nice, soothing glow was filling the cave. A glow that was in the hue of her favorite color, and slowly fading from bright, to dim, bright.. .to dim.. .bright.. .to dim, almost as if the cave had begun to BREATH VERY SLOWLY. As the mermaid continued on her exploration, she began to notice that there were exquisite markings all over the cave walls. And the way the light was hitting these markings, revealed some nice features she hadn't noticed at first. But the more she began to FOCUS ON THESE FEATURES (S.P.) the more she was pleased with what she saw. To the point where she was able to FEEL VERY EXCITED ABOUT BEING HERE. Suddenly a blowfish appeared and asked, "What do you see?" The mermaid looked the blowfish with confusion and replied, "What do I see? I see a cave, with beautiful markings and soothing lights." The blowfish smiled and said, "No, that is what you think you see, because your mind must make sense of what is around you." The mermaid rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, great, you're one of those new age fishes." The blowfish smiled and asked, "What makes you think I'm a fish at all?" And with that, the blowfish exploded into a growing... growing... ball of light, exactly the same color as the glow throughout the cave. The mermaid began to GET VERY FASCINATED by what was happening. Without even understanding how, she began to FEEL A WARMTH enter her body.. .right.. .in.. here.(touch her solar plexus) And that warmth began to grow (extend fingers out in front of her solar plexus).. .and spread.. .(Run fingers up from her wrist, to her shoulders) all through her body. She noticed that her breathing was growing more rapid, and was matched perfectly by the throbbing pulse of the glow within the cave. Slowly... deliciously... she began to feel something happening from within her. Something... wonderful. And as it began to grow more strongly inside her, she began to HEAR THIS VOICE inside her mind. And somehow she knew, that THIS VOICE is the voice of permission. Her own permission, allowing herself to fully enjoy not only the feelings she was having right now, but to continue to ENJOY THIS all the way to it's conclusion. Feelings of untold pleasure filled her from deep down inside, and for the first time she realized... she had never know this kind of pleasure before. She had always thought she had experienced true pleasure in her life, but after this, she realized what the height of true utopia really feels like. The rush of total satisfaction... the peak of personal awareness..the very fiber of what had been missing in her life up to this point. And just like THAT (snap fingers) she was back inside the cave. The glow was gone, the cave was dark and covered with yucky stuff, and the blowfish (s.p.) was gone. It was at this time she realized what had been going on this whole time. What she had thought she wanted when she -entered the cave, personified itself to her. But what the blowfish gave her a taste of, was what would truly make her happy. She had been fulfilled, but also left lacking. Because while she now knew what would truly make her happy, she failed to see what true benefits could be had with the blowfish (s.p.), so she only got a glimpse of what could have been hers.


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