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[Sex Seduction Dating] Thunder Cat - Art of Approaching

[Sex Seduction Dating] Thunder Cat - Art of Approaching


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Published by: David Herbert Lawrence on Aug 26, 2009
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There are many different kinds of Openers out there. Technically, the first
thing you say to ANYBODY, no matter what it is, can be an Opener. But
the purpose of an Opener is to be engaging. So in that respect, there are a
few categories of Openers that will always be engaging to your target.
They are:

• Advice Openers
• Compliment Openers
• Direct Openers
• Drama Openers
• Insult Openers
• Joke Openers
• Online Openers
• Opinion Openers
• Role-play Openers
• Situational Openers

Throughout the course of this book, I’ll break these Openers down for
you, define them, give you examples of them, and even show you the
structure of each Opener so you’ll know how to construct your own.

But there’s more to each Opener than just lumping them into categories.
Indeed, it can be quite involved. There are four other things you need to
keep in mind other than just what Opener you are going to use. These four
things are: Intruders, Timing, Tonality, and Body Language.

So before we get to the meat of what this book is about, we’ll touch on
these four things which are meant to help make your chosen Opener as
effective as possible.


The Art of Approaching

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