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Introduction: Richer Sounds has vary famous in retail industry for most profitable hi-fi Retailor , they have

holding record in the Guinness Book of Records for highest sale per of square foot of any retailer in the world. In 2003, the Sunday times did Survey and they came second among 100 companies to work for, while Microsoft was on first position. According to case study, Richer Sounds is one of the most profitable retailor and that all because of their employees, they achieved these success through motivation of their employees, better Management and leadership, by creating teams at workplace and so on. According to Rayner and Smith (2009), an organisation can get better strategic advantage compare to competitor through behaviours of employees which cannot be copied which is we can see in the case study. Richer sounds motivated their employees through rewards if you give up for smoking as health benefit, profits sharing with employees, paid holidays, typical pay package, performance bonus, career opportunities means they can work in manufacturing companies which are owned by richer sounds if they gained experience in the stores. Motivation plays important role in richer sounds, which enable them to achieved lower staff turnover, low absenteeism, empowering staff which indirectly help to reduce cost and management level. Management and Leadership: According to MacDuffle (1995) Human Resource (HR) practise plays important role in the achievement of financial performance of the organisation, which we can see in Richer Sounds. The organisation behaviour is depend upon the HR practise and policies. However, organisation have to play role on certain variable which includes job design, communication between subordinates and with management, performance appraisal which influence the behaviour of individual, teams and organisation as a whole (Nelson, 1994). According to Reddington et al., 2005) each organisation need to develop their distinctive plan for handling HR issues because there is no such one-size fit for all solution. In case study, they developed so many HR policies to encourage the staff and also policy for social work as we see they involved with Perusal Foundation which is charitable company, mainly involved in helping homeless people, animal welfare and human rights. However, they are some policies which is not in the favour of employees, for instance contract agreement to not eat smelly foods before they turn up for work, strict about working regulation means they strict about timing; no late staying or coming late, recruitment through stores catalogues however they claimed that they tired lifestyle magazine for recruit but most of people did not notice them. The leadership in the organisation also depend on the style of leadership implemented and how is helpful to handle organisation behaviour issues. Each organisation has its own leadership and management style which is depend on the objectives and mission of that organisation. Richer sounds believing on value of money and good customer service, for that they treated their staff with best pay package and motivate them as I discussed above which satisfied internal customer and this will help enable them to achieve their objectives. Foster (2005) mentioned that organisations are more link with their employees which will help leaders to create a strong need of feeling the problems as shared problems. In case study, Richer Sounds not only unique HR policies are followed but also unique leadership is also observed. The case study highlight various management practices and leadership approach are used to motivate the individual as well as team for achieving desired goals. As per case study, employees are encouraged to come up with ideas while enjoying a drink with their team members.

Tichy and Devanna (1986) argued that the role of management and leadership are different in nature, Managements focus on the achieving needs of the organisation by controlling and problem solving, for example, The management at Richer Sounds play a key role in solving low level complain which is corrosive to the morale through employees feedback scheme which will give them chance to bring the issues those are disturb them. Whereas leaders always work on the inspiring and motivate the people, in given case study, all newly recruited staff were invited to attend a Virgin Seminar at Julian Richers house, where he talk with everyone as individual and offer them to use his badminton pool and swimming pool so they encouraged and start thinking about how to improve the organisation. Although there are variation in roles they are related to each other (Cunnigham, 1986) Leadership and Leaderships Theories: According to Northouse P G (2012) Leadership is a process whereby an Individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. As mentioned in case study, employees were encourage to improve the policies and organisation performance through suggestion and feedback both internal and external perspective. Green and Young (2009) explained that leadership style is the consistent pattern of behaviour that describes a leader and also shows how much involvement leaders have with their subordinates. In given case study, employees were encourage to provide their suggestion and ideas, offered them rewards for their suggestion but when decision making about their ideas is worked out by cut the crap committee. This will shows that leadership style is in between autocratic and democratic. As per my concern somehow it is positive in nature means committee examine the ideas or suggestion and which policies they need to cut off or become unnecessary, and discard them because the risk in this approach is that business growth inhibit by new initiatives. On other hand employees might feel demotivated because their ideas are discarded. However, Fiedler contingency model (1997) explained that leaders effectiveness depends upon the situational control. There are two types of leader one is task oriented, main objective is that achieved task while relationship oriented, those complete task by developing good relations with their employees or group. In case study, Richer Sounds has mixer of both style, at the beginnings they tell their employees what is expected from them and while they start working they provided with various incentives, healthcare benefits, and performance benefits and so on, these all prove that they are more relationship oriented. However, these characteristic represents the transactional leadership (Burns, 1978), in case study, employees are encourage to involve in improving policies and performance of organisation and as individual and awarded by the above rewards. On other hand, Richer Sounds where leadership style look like Autocratic or Telling (Hersey & Blanchard), were employees are asked to tie up with contract agreement that they not eat smelly food before they turn up at the workplace. While on the other hand, same leadership transform into Democratic or Participating style (Hersey & Blanchard) where they are shows involvement with them, opinions are valued and encourage to give feedback. However decisions are made at top management which contribute Autocratic Leadership style. Motivation: Mullins (2005) explained that why people behave in a certain way, how that will impact on the organisation. Motivation as a vital concept is hard to understand because one factor is motivating for an individual while the same factor demotivate another individual. According to Timm and

Pearson (1982) it can be measure by using human behaviours such as productivity, staff turnover, quality of work and absenteeism. In given case study, mostly concentration on motivation of staff therefore they have lower staff turnover and absenteeism with 7% and 1-2% respectively which is half the retail sector coverage, which will help business to save around 800,000 a year. Motivated employees can provide competitive advantage by offering suggestions and working to satisfy customers, as per case study they are asking to provide suggestion and rewards which help them to self-motivated and do a good job for Richer Sounds. Costley and Todd (1991) stated that organisations in which personal needs are satisfy and helps to contributes in achievement of organisation objectives and goals more effectively. Management and leadership needs to consider that role of motivation as an ultimate importance if they wants to improve productivity and quality work with effectiveness. There are two type of factors which influence motivation of an individual; intrinsic factors which motivates internally while extrinstic factors motivates externally. As in case study many of factors are related to extrinstic factors which includes performance related bonus and incentives, non-financial rewards such as job transfer into manufacturing companies owned by Richer Sounds (it can be both factor). Content theories explore the needs of people and how to achieve them at workplace (Rayner and Smith, 2009). On other hand Maslow of hierarchy explained the basic needs of people. As we compare case study with Maslow of basic needs, Julian Richer took different steps to fulfil those need which contribute the he has understanding about motivation theories by himself. For example, employees are getting paid at a very good pay which covers two needs of Maslow namely Physiological and Safety needs (Maslow, 1943) while on other hand same needs are considered as Existence needs by Aldfer (1972) in his ERG theory (Existence, Relatedness, Growth). Whereas social needs (Maslow) includes were given short holiday to visits around world, paid holidays, they can visit Julian Richers Personal doctor, by creating fun and culture of trust as a norm. On other hand, Process Theories seek to interpret complex relationship and they will help manager to understand what initiate the behaviours and how it can be controlled and maintained over a long period of time (Rayner and Smith, 2009). Employees at Richer Sounds always encourage to give suggestion, new ideas which enable them to involvement process into goal-setting (Locke and Latham, 2002). Julian richer has been paying attention to their employees and he expected that they will pay attention to his and the organisation (Green & Young, 2009). However, in given case study, there are so many factors that are motivates employees. Although, as per literature review I found that there are no many negatives factors or demotivating factors; cut the carb committees might be demotivating factor if the suggestion of employee is discarded even though it will not necessary need to for the organisation or which inhibits the growth of organisation. Secondly if think from the workforce prospective, they have only 10 % female employees which might be demotivating factor for whom those wants to work for Richer Sounds. As we seen that there number as best companies to work for was declined from 2nd to 14th position and the surveyed results saying that they were laughed too much with their teams which could create negative impact on others teams or member of team. According to Clayton, staff are allowed to take cash directly from the till, who win performance related bonus this could be the demotivating factors for other and in future this might create catastrophic damage on the company. Conclusion: There are many different management style and Leadership style adopted by the Richer Sounds, in order to make organisation profitable and keeping their employees satisfied. As I discussed above there is no particular management style to adopt because all of them having their merits and

demerits and also organisation needs to adopt the style based on the current situation otherwise there will be a chance of disappear from the competition. Richer sounds has been successful adopted different style of leadership and management style that why still they are holding a strong position in a volatile environment where competition is at high peak. In todays dynamic world we need leaders to challenge the status quo and also motivate and influence organisation members. Richer Sounds has many advantage over its competitors which includes Low rates of staff turnover, absenteeism, higher productivity with experienced employees, establish norms means what is expected and culture of trust. However, Richer sounds need to think deeply that why there number declined as best companies to work for , it could be the strict management agreement to not eat smelly food or not enough female workforce.