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Bellevue College EDUC&205 Introduction to Education Field Experience Log Student Name ____Madison Sanders__ Teacher Name_ Mrs.

Bowen, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Stensland Location__ Seattle Christian School, Shadow Lake Elementary, Rock Creek Elementary

Contact. Email_ Mrs. Williams: Phone Number__ Rock Creek: 425-413 3300 Mrs. Stensland: Mrs. Bowen: Shadow Lake: (425) 413-6100 Seattle Christian: 206-246-8241 x 1300

Date and Time

Seattle Christian 10/30/13 Rock Creek Elementary 11/6/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 11/8/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 11/11/13 Seattle Christian 11/12/13 Seattle Christian 11/13/13 Seattle Christian 11/14/13

# Activity description Hours

3.5 hours 2.5 hours 2 hours Assisted kids with small science projected, handed out papers, and double checked students work; 2nd grade Worked with ESL student who spoke Ukrainian, helped him to stay on task and follow directions; kindergarten Watched Veteran assembly, worked with ESL student who spoke Mandarin; 3rd grade

2 hours

Worked in a kindergarten classroom helping kids work on creating more elaborate sentences of 4-5 words

3.5 hours 3.5 hours 3.5 hours

Pulled a few children outside and helped them with their addition and subtraction by doing flash cards with them; 2ND grade Graded math assignments and observed 3rd graders trip to the library where they learned about the dewy decibel system on how to find books Helped in a kindergarten class where they worked on learning different groupings of the number 8; copied papers for reading assistance teacher

Shadow Lake Elementary 11/15/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 11/18/13 Seattle Christian 11/20/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 11/25/13 Rock Creek Elementary 11/27/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 12/2/13 Seattle Christian 12/5/13 Shadow Lake Elementary 12/6/13

2 hours

Pulled a few kids to the back and helped them work on re doing a math test they did poorly on; 3rd grade

2.5 hours

Worked with kindergarteners on drawing something that they were thankful for and writing sentences for those pictures. Also worked on coloring and cutting project Worked on a light bulb science project with 5th graders and helped cut clay for a 2nd grade art project Kids worked in their writing journals and I traveled around checking up on the students work

3.5 hours 2.5 hours

2.5 hours 2.5 hours

Worked more with ESL student helped him stay on task and practice writing his numbers Worked with 3rd graders on art project helped them draw birds sitting on a tree and paint neatly inside lines; Put together homework packets Worked with students in 2nd grade as they read books in groups Sat with ESL student during class helped him stay focus and made sure he was keeping up with the rest of the class

3.5 hours 2 hours

Journal Entries:
10/30/13: Today was my first day volunteering in an elementary classroom. I worked with a class full of 2nd graders. The thing that interested me the most coming into this class today was how curious these kids were about everything. It is so different from middle school students or high school students. They had more of an eagerness to learn. I loved constantly having kids come up to me to ask a different question or show me the work that they had just finished. It was a great start to my field hours and definitely got me excited about where the rest of this course is going to take me. 11/6/13: Today I worked in a kindergarten classroom with a child who had more of a struggle with his English. His entire family speaks Ukrainian so it has been hard to adjust to this new language and setting. He was extremely shy for most of the time I was with him but towards the end of the 2 hours he began to warm up a little and we were able to make some progress. I helped him understand directions by having him repeat the steps back to me or say the letter sounds together with me. I am interested to see if these strategies will make a difference and help him develop a better understanding of English. 11/8/13: Today was a little different from my other previous volunteer days. Since it was their Veterans Day assembly I was able to watch as the entire elementary participated in singing different songs about America. However, part of my time was also spent working with an ESL student who spoke mandarin. Compared to little Ukrainian boy I had previously worked with Jerry was extremely lively and over energetic in class. He had a hard to keeping his body still or listen when he was told to do something. He was more defiant than he was shy. I was surprised that by sitting down with him, asking questions, and watching him work his attitude changed a little and it looked like he developed more of a desire to prove that he could do it. I think one-on-one attention with this student could be extremely beneficial in the long run. 11/11/13: Today I worked in a class with a handful of ESL students who were struggling. Their assignment was to create a few sentences of their choice so I sat

down at a table with them and helped them to sound out each individual letter. It is interesting how some who struggle with the language barrier act out and others become extremely introverted and difficult to talk things out with. It takes a lot more encouragement to get them to come out of their shell and attempt to better their knowledge in English. 11/12/13: I loved working with students one on one it is awesome to see how helpful that strategy can be to those who are having difficulty in a subject. By the time I had called out each child and did about 20 minutes of flashcard review with them they were able to complete them extremely faster than when they first came out. I was impressed with how fast they picked the math knowledge up by repetition and individual attention. 11/13/13: Today I was not as immersed in the class activities but it was interesting to observe students in a new setting other than their classroom and see how that affected them. They seemed enthusiastic for a change in scenery and more excited to participate in the librarians games. I liked how eager the librarian teacher got them about reading and finding different kinds of books. 11/14/13: I really like the teaching strategy that I saw used today. This kindergarten teacher gave her students a great visual aid on how to create the number 8 through calling up different numbers of girls and boys. First, she called up all 8 girls in the class, then made 2 sit down and 2 boys come up. She then used gender difference to teach addition. She did this by having the students count the number of girls and number of boys then put those numbers together. She kept switching the ratio to show that many numbers added to 8. 11/15/13: One of my favorite parts of volunteering so far has been being able to spend individual time with the students, getting to know them, their strengths, and their weaknesses so it was nice today to again be able to work with a small group and help them understand math. I also liked that the teacher gave them an opportunity to re-do their tests even if not for credit just to help them better understand the material and catch back up with where the class was at with their learning. I think this is beneficial for the teacher and the student, keeping them caught up and the teacher able to teach more of the class at the same level.

11/18/13: One thing that I loved getting to see today was the creativity and imagination of a kindergarteners mind. You never knew what kind of picture you would see on what they were thankful for; so many out of the ordinary concepts. It is so exciting to go into a classroom full of kids extremely eager to learn and question everything compared to classrooms of older students who start to seem less enthusiastic. 11/20/13: Today I worked with slightly older students in 5th grade and really enjoyed it. I loved the way the teacher handled her class and everyone was very attentive. She didnt have them just sit while she lectured on science terms but had the students actively get involved by bringing in supplies for them to experiment with how a light bulb works and write their thoughts on why it does what it does. I think group work like that is important in a class. 11/25/13: My task in kindergarten today was to go around giving students comments on what they were doing well in their writing and one thing that they could work on, whether it was the picture that went with the writing, and word spelled wrong, or a slight mishap in sentence structure. This was another strategy that I like from a teacher. I think giving positive feedback with criticism can be extremely beneficial to encouraging a student to want to improve. 11/27/13: Today I worked a little more with the Ukrainian ESL student. It was encouraging to see that when I worked with him the second time he was more open to talk with me and tell me about what he was working on. This made me realize just how important your connection with a student can be as a teacher. By making that connection you are creating a relationship, one that could greatly help a challenged student. 12/2/13: Today I saw just how much younger students look for approval from an adult, even on simple art tasks. As I walked around and helped 3rd graders with their paintings they each wanted to know what I thought of their project, if it was painted in the lines enough, whether they were getting it done fast enough, etc. I feel like young elementary school students fall under the years where it is crucial to provide a good safe environment for learning, one that is encouraging and uplifting giving them incentive that they can be successful in school.

12/5/13: Today I sat in a circle of second graders as they practiced reading. One thing I thought was cool was when it was one students turn to read and they did not know how to pronounce a word another student in the group who did would help them out. I think you learn best from working with your peers. I liked seeing them help each other throughout the entire short story. 12/6/13: Today I worked a little more with they Mandarin ESL student, Jerry. He tends to act out frequently and disrupt the class. I think the cause of this is because he gets frustrated that he cant understand everything and just gives up. I was able to sit next to him today and help him to comprehend what each of the spelling words meant and how to sound/spell them out.