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Expressions and Equations MATH 7TH GRADE by Holly Petrone, Doug Ferguson, Janelle Henderson

I. Essential Question: How can we simplify linear equations? A. Key Idea and Questions: How do you apply properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions? How can you solve real life and mat!ematical pro"lems using numerical and alge"raic expressions and equations? #. $efinitions a. %asic &perations

". 'roperties of operations c. 'ercentages

d. (ate of c!ange ). (ules a. *!atever you do to one side of t!e equation+ you ,-./ do to t!e ot!er side.

". 'E,$A. c. .olve for 0x+y1

2. Application a. ,at!ematical and real life word pro"lems

". 'ractice grap!ing

Common Core Standards 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.A.# Apply properties of operations as strategies to add+ su"tract+ factor+ and expand linear expressions wit! rational coefficients. 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.A.) -nderstand t!at rewriting an expression in different forms in a pro"lem context can s!ed lig!t on t!e pro"lem and !ow t!e quantities in it are related. 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.%.2 .olve multi step real life and mat!ematical pro"lems posed wit! positive and negative rational num"ers in any form 0w!ole num"ers+ fractions+ and decimals1+ using tools strategically. Apply properties of operations to calculate wit! num"ers in any form5 convert "etween forms as appropriate5 and assess t!e reasona"leness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.%.6 -se varia"les to represent quantities in a real world or mat!ematical pro"lem+ and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve pro"lems "y reasoning a"out t!e quantities. 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.%.6a .olve word pro"lems leading to equations of t!e form px 7 q 8 r and p0x 7 q1 8 r+ w!ere p+ q+ and r are specific rational num"ers. .olve equations of t!ese forms fluently. 3ompare an alge"raic solution to an arit!metic solution+ identifying t!e sequence of t!e operations used in eac! approac!. 33...,at!.3ontent.4.EE.%.6" .olve word pro"lems leading to inequalities of t!e form px 7 q 9 r or px 7 q : r+ w!ere p+ q+ and r are specific rational num"ers. ;rap! t!e solution set of t!e inequality and interpret it in t!e context of t!e pro"lem.

ISTE Standards #. 3reativity and Innovation ). 3ommunication and 3olla"oration 2. (esearc! and Information <luency 6. 3ritical /!in=ing+ 'ro"lem .olving+ $ecision ,a=ing

Follow-up A ti!ities #. Interactive .mart %oard activity ). Homewor= Assignment: 3!ec= out interactive we"sites and complete word pro"lems from t!e wor=s!eet given out in class.

Assessment #. -nit test in class. ). ;roup activities to create and solve complex pro"lems

Te "nolo#$

i'ad .,A(/ %oard google forms