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Pipelines for oil, natural gas, slurry, multiphase, and refined-products systems.

Bechtel has extensive worldwide experience constructing pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, petroleum products, slurry, water, and industrial gases. In fact, over the last half century, the company has built more than 85, !ilometers of pipeline"enough to circle the #arth twice"for government and private customers. Pipeline services include planning, engineering, procurement, construction, and pro$ect management. Overcoming Challenges %ome of the longest pipelines in the world have been built by Bechtel, and many pro$ects have re&uired wor!ing under difficult conditions in remote locations such as mountains, $ungles, desert, marshland, and the 'rctic (ircle. )ot only does Bechtel routinely surmount such challenges, it builds &uality pipeline systems faster than customers expect them to be built. Bechtel is a leader in the logistics and management of constructing pipelines that cross political borders and involve multiple contractors. *he company has one of the most modern and best-maintained construction e&uipment fleets in the industry, and is recogni+ed for its ability to manage complex ris!s. Global Presence In testimony to the global nature of its business, Bechtel has built pipelines recently in *hailand, Portugal, 'ustralia, 'lgeria, India, (olombia, Papua )ew ,uinea, -exico, and the .nited %tates.