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Dinosaur Project


Kian and Josh matching dinosaurs

I found the ankylosauraus - Kian

Kian playing with the dinosaurs. He is matching the play dinosaurs with the pictures.



Dinosaur play

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth

It looks like a horn -Laliah - Clyde

Look at my Mega Munch tooth! - Kylen

How does the T-rex even eat with this tooth? Kylen

It is heavy - Azria

Our trip to the library - To find out

information about dinosaurs

Three Horns - Clyde

T-rex- Kylen

A long,long tail - Laliah

Dinosaurs with long tails - Karys

Long necks - Thalia

Red dinosaurs - Zeeniya

Long neck, long tail dino book -Chase

A pterodactyl that does this! - Chade

Looking for our books

T-rex- Marcus

T- rex Nolan

Two horns - Josh

Dinosaur - Tenisha

T- rex - Wyatt

T- rex - Connor

Really big dinosaur - Lucien

Josh reading his new dinosaur book.

Kian enjoying his new book

Hadi reading his new book

Clyde learning about the Triceratops

He has three horns - Clyde

Zeeniya reading her new T-rex book

Chade reading about Pterodactyls

Dinosaur Fossils

It feels funny - Lynden

It feels cold - Connor

They feel rocky - Nolan

It feels cool - Lucien

It feels like a dinosaurs back - Kaylyn

Cool! - Marcus

Tenisha investigating dinosaur fossils

It is big -Azria -Laliah

Its like a ring - Hosanna

I think it is for a triceratops - Chade

Dinosaur Play

Playing with dinosaurs on the light table - Hosanna, Maira, and Karys

Hosanna completed the tricky dinosaur puzzle!

Karys colouring a dinosaur picture

Dinosaur dig!

Dinosaur craft

Dinosaur Dig!

Our Trip to the Museum!

Dinosaur egg - Ashmee

Look! A dinosaur fossil Connor


Dinosaur leg