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In wisdom you were born; By God’s grace you transformed; With shared vision and mission; You created a niche of your own. 2. Beloved USL to you we sing, Hail to your glorious past! Yet humbly you’ve reckoned, The excellence you’re known. Refrain: Burst forth USL with you we soar! Global competence we aim with you With our faith, hope and profession, Our life, our country transform. 3. Our gratitude to you Oh USL, For Sapientia Aedificat Devotion to mission, Each day you are reborn. Bridge: God bless your forebears, Grant wisdom to your off-springs With excellence and passion, We build, we lead with compassion!

;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 1. Anyone is qualified to submit an original melody for the above Lyrics. 2. The melody should be original, and easy for everyone (including Grade One Pupils of USL) to sing and to memorize. 3. The entry should be recorded in a CD or USB. The voice recording should be sung preferably by one person, and also preferably a cappella. An accompaniment may be present in the recording but this does not count in the

The criteria for selecting the winner are: 1. Submission of the entry should be accompanied by a Waiver provided by the Screening Committee. The USL Administration has the right to re-arrange the winning entry. The winning entry automatically becomes the intellectual property of the USL. Creativity and Originality 3. Mary Ann Baquiran – High School Principal c. Ms. Take note that this is a competition of composing a melody. Please submit your entries to anyone of the members of the Screening Committee: a. Melody Recall (easiness of singing & remembering o o o 50% 30% 20% The winner will receive Five Thousand Pesos price. Anyone can submit more than one entry. Fr. (Submitting a printed score of the melody is optional. 5. The entry should be submitted to the Screening Committee on or before 20 December 2013. Michael Pinto – Library Director . The Judging Committee will select the winner among the entries. Melodic Value 2. the USB will be returned after the entry/entries is/are copied. Submitted entries in CD may not be returned. Mr. and filled-up by the contestant. Rex Salvilla – Executive Assistant to the President b. and not an arrangement competition. 6.judging. For those who submit the entries in USB.) 4.