How To Put Pictures Into Microsoft PowerPoint 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint. 2.

Click on the insert icon for you to go to picture.

3. When you see the picture from file click on it. 4. The picture will appear very large and you have to make it smaller by scaling it down. 5. Click on the picture and the white dots in the corner of the picture will appear. 6. Drag ones of the white dots in the corner in order to shrink the picture. 7. If you want to rotate the picture, right click and hold the cursor on a green button above the picture and move the pointer to the position you’d like. 8. Write the reference on the picture. 9. Make sure the picture should be at least half of the slide. 10. Click on the insert icon and choose text box. 11. Another way that you can do is that you can copy some text and paste on the text box. 12. Write two questions next to the picture. 13. To write on the picture, you can drag the text into it. 14. You should choose the appropriate font so that viewers can view and read your text easily. 15. In order to put a colour background in the text box, right click on it and select format shape and fill it with any colours that you wanted. 16. If your powerpoint presentation not clear, there are several reasons such as : - the lighting in the room is too bright . - the screen looks fuzzy due to old projector or picture.

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